People Read Their Biggest Fights Through Text Message

when we moved out I guess he didn't notice that he took some of my boxes with him so I texted him listen here bitch have you ever gotten into a fight through text message yeah sometimes I shouldn't say what's on my mind but I usually do and I think that sometimes that can start altercations yeah it's like a little I guess argument between me and my girlfriend okay so she had a show that night she's a comedian I was gonna go to her show and then sleepover you know classic relationship oh no baby I'm forgot tonight two of my friends are doing a bday thing at a bar after the shoot after the show I said guess I don't really get an invite it's cool she's like – what's the bar I figured you wouldn't want to go because you won't know anyone of course you can come maybe I'm being sensitive but sometimes I feel like you don't want me to come places with you you can flaunt me on Instagram and to your friends but like you never want to bring me out in place it oh my god I feel like like what's wrong with me so basically I used to live with him and when we moved out I guess he didn't notice that he took some of my boxes with him I feel like he did that on purpose so I texted him listen here bitch I don't know who you think you are but I know you have my fucking Gucci bags in my LV bag if you can give it back to me or I'm going to choke you and he responded what they Kanye emoji and said are you okay lol and I said mind your business when he responded to me like lol it kind of got me mad cuz I was actually really mad but he thought I was joking around I have one friend that he thought it would be funny to go back in Facebook and like some of the comments that my ex-girlfriend made on my wall she said your friends are children Daniel literally went out of his way to go on your photo and like my comment from months ago it's so rude and annoying and immature I'm dating someone new I moved on I would love to be left alone thanks I just didn't respond we were at a restaurant and my sister has social anxiety and so she wanted to know if her dish came with potatoes but she didn't want to ask the waitress so she told my dad like never mind I don't want to ask and then when the waitress came by my dad asked like does this dish come with potatoes my sister got mad and my dad for asking but she was just acting really aggressive towards him I said I'm disappointed in you I apologize for bringing it up in front of everyone that was not cool with me but I also want you to recognize that what you said was not cool – she said all I said was that I was uncomfortable with what he did like I could thank him for asking but I'm not gonna thank him for putting attention on me and asking her a question when I said that I didn't want him to and I said I didn't ask you to thank him for the negative thoughts that you put into his actions he had the right intentions and that's all I want you to recognize she put like spaces between each letter so just imagine this the intentions don't matter when the actions have a negative impact and I said yes they do and eventually we just decided to agree to disagree um she because she has social anxiety she just isn't able to communicate things face-to-face as much and so texts just made it easier for her but I do wish that we could have had the conversation like verbally because I think the texting made it worse this kind of happened when I first moved to LA one of my friends was helping me with my move and then he and I are supposed to meet up after I was meeting with a recruiter I was telling him I'm done and then I said sorry about that the recruiter was also running late so he pushed our meeting back but now I'm done hello 20 minutes later hey what's going on where are you called me he says I decided to go home because I don't want to wait two hours don't be confused it was just terrible planning and I'm just like I apologize I'm sorry about that I was with the recruiter he's like writing of course but I also set at Starbucks for two hours and then we just go at it Bree isn't going to go your way if you don't try to be civil maybe this is why you have problems with other people you don't try to see where they're coming from and I took I was so upset with that because if I tell you something in confidence don't use it against you only argue I apologize and you keep going and you say these things that just hurt and upset people this is not what friends do but that's fine we're all different and we all respond differently we're not we're not friends anymore which sucks I miss him sometimes yeah like a lot actually sometimes I'll think about it I'm just like that was a friend yeah you know how things get misread via text and you get so heated that you just go at it with your thumbs and you don't have a chance to really think about what you're saying and yeah I think if we were in front of each other or even just over the phone I think it would have been much better situation hey guys Jason from jubilee here we hope you enjoyed another episode of text from how we'd love to hear from you so if you've ever had a difficult conversation a heated fight I know I've had some send it to us on Instagram to our Instagram handle Jubilee media as a DM it's an awesome way for us to connect with you and hear some of your stories too as always make sure you like subscribe I'll see you guys next time

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