People Sign Petition To Replace Church With Casino!

It is to build a grand casino instead of sagrada
familia. Great idea
Yes, and… So we just need your signature here
Great idea, great idea And then we can make it happen, thank you. It’s stupid really
Hello I’m Niles Fairhair Freddy Fairhair’s more conscious twin brother
I make social justice videos cause I really, really care
and today we’re going to Barcelona to look at Sagrada Familia
One of the 7th World Wonders Do I have something in my noes? The nose is fine? Yeah…no, maybe you have something in this
side I’m here with Richard, Ricky Del Sexto
And he’s… I’m drawing Sagrada Familia
Yes, I want a grand casino… … if we get enough signatures
We think that’s kind of blasphemic when people are standing there
and just using it for instagram likes to affirm their own egos
and that is gonna suck spiritual energy into the church
which is ran by dark entities that are using spirituality
as a way to suck spiritual energy from the people visiting Barcelona
and that’s why the church never gets done because it’s just gonna grow itself, more
and more dark and we want to stop that. We can’t talk about it
Because the dark entities will follow us But now that you’re watching the video
maybe enough people will wake up to the truth and it’s gonna be harder for them to follow
all of you guys It’s a spiritual war
Spiritual revolution… See ya
Hi, uhm… I have this passion project
… big casino… instead of church
Why? So we can have…
fun… Okay
and I just need a hundred signatures for this idea? yeah, for this idea
Hah. I don’t know
It’s a crazy idea, I believe Yes, and crazy ideas move and shake the world
Not for this one I’m Christian, so… You’re Christian? Sunday meetings in one of the rooms
Okay, this idea is already in Vegas Can you help uphs… (stutters)
I’m nervous because I care so much That’s a nice project
But it just doesn’t go with our ideals I don’t want casinos
No? It’s fun
And the reason why we wanna build a casino there’s gonna be actually more praying
in the casino a lot more than in the church
we have put 500 euros on the line it’s…
my rent (no more bed please)
Please, please, please Dear
Lord I’m grateful for your…
existence for my existence
that is… —- up
But, money is not everything here in life In fact, it’s in the way of
our connection to God and my connection to God
so, I already feel his grace… landing upon me. Are you in? Yeah man, of course
I support your dream bro Thank you
Yes, I want a grand casino instead of Sagrada Familia
You are forgiven We’re not trying to offende you
I’m not trying to offende you either We can still live in the same city even though
we have different views Yeah. Respect everybody, yeah yeah
Okay we got a handful of signatures here which gives me a lot of hope
All we need to do is spread this video around and let’s build a big, social justice viking
army and take out this dark force
so that I can be embraced be viewed as a hero
because i care so goddamn much Hey everone
Hi… I have this passion project
I wanna build a grand casino instead of La Sagrada Familia
All I need is a hundred signatures so, I will start with yours
Uh I will… build this… casino…
ehm… I got one! I hope you have success with this show
and everything with your project he’s from here
do you wanna explain? I understand your ideas, guys
but replacing this with a casino I mean guys it’s just too much, you know
Yeah, but you understand me right? Yes, I do understand
Thank you Name of channel? FreddyFairhair
He’s a Youtuber too He’s also a Youtuber? Oh really, what do you do? So you’re super famous…
kind of… In Croatia
Five percent of Croatia is subscribed to this guy here
Yes Like the video and…
share He knows how to say it
Okay bye Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you

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