People who are Seriously Confused About Fashion !

imagine spending $1,400 for sneakers that look like they've been through a shredder this is them brand new they're supposed to have that worn yep worn in is not stapled together worn in is not half the sneaker missing like your foot is gonna be cold I feel bad for your toes and they're like hella expensive I don't know do you like this I don't like this fashion is objective so I'm not judging but I'm also not gonna wear these next for a cheap price of $2,000 you can get this Balenciaga bag like I've seen it somewhere I've seen that oh yeah you get it for free and IKEA $2,000 free fashion free I'm not hating on it guys I love fashion i if you don't me I have a little bit of a shopping problem but I'm not gonna like not laugh at this cuz it's so funny you can like laugh at something that not really hated on it okay but just low-key I hate this I love but like some stuff is so questionable and that's how they became famous I guess so good for them but what is this it looks legit like this like a McDonald's fry container on your foot I mean this is a perfect option because you save like five hundred and forty five dollars and then you get it filled with delicious french fries before you put it on your foot it's vicious and uh I'm a genius don't have to tell me twice Oh what no one's saying that okay fine Prada came out with a paperclip shaped money clip for a hundred and eighty five dollars couldn't you just use a regular paperclip does it need to say Prada and like the tiny is writing on the side this thing better not just hold my money together it better hold my life together for that price like paper clip and life sandwich when you got the new watch and have to show it off before you guys think that this person just like ripped their suit by accident think again I'm gonna tell you that you're wrong unless you didn't think that then you're right this is actually just a design like Gucci was just like let's just make it look like somebody ran into a tree branch and ripped their jackets just so that they can show off the really fancy Gucci watch in the watch hooks cool but I'm not feeling the jackets I say that now but like two years so now you're gonna catch me with like a rape hole to show off like my not watch because I don't really wear watches so yeah ladies you know when you get a pedicure and you just like really want to show off your toes unfree well I got you clear shows now these have been in style since Kim Kardashian wore them out with that one night and the world went wild and honestly I just can't get behind this you know what I think when I think about this is my feet are gonna get hella sweaty in there cuz like shoes without socks and this is what's gonna happen it's gonna be a steam bath like look at how gross this looks like you can see her sweat sticking to the boots that's gonna be me now if you're a dryer person and you're one of those lucky people who don't sweat then this is for you but if you're like me and you sway imma warn you you're gonna become a sauna and I only like the sauna when I want to go to the sauna his shoes and pants are one imagine if one of your shoes became untied I would literally give up on everything and go home for the day like nobody got time for this nobody got time for this I don't got time for this I don't have time to tie up my whole leg I don't even got time to tie up a regular shoe like can you imagine having til I take these on and off I can't I could never lace up them Gucci what you doing horse big detailed goat hair slippers okay not only are these expensive but it looks like you're wearing Chewbacca on your feet in a galaxy far far away this is probably fashionable I want to rename them to shoe bacchus I mean they look kinda like soft and comfortable that's the only place where I'm gonna get them some points but he just makes it look like you got like hairy Hobbit feet is that a look am I out of the loop should I start growing hair on my feet this is the ugh sandals guys it looks like a medical device it looks like you broke your ankle and the doctor put a cast on your foot well really it's a sandal is that a look do I know nothing of fashion okay I mean a clearly I don't I'm not the most fashionable person fashionable whoa that's a weird word but this ain't it not for me at least you're not gonna catch me in these in this lifetime this is a shoe that's a shoe not only on the front but in the back why I'm not sure maybe so people behind you can finally see where your shoes look like like you really want to flex with your shoes like you want everybody to see your shoes that or you don't want people to follow your footsteps you know you're going north but you want people to be confused like you should go in south or she going north like you're just like a very mysterious person and you're like can't have anybody follow my footsteps that or you're a murderer and you're hiding let's not do this what's let's keep this nowhere Fashion Week is going wild for her saachi's new line that screw it we don't even care anymore people are inflatable pools now lime you know guys sometimes it gets hot in summer and you don't just go to the pool you become the pool this was an actual look on the runway everything I'm showing you guys was actual fashion that people tried to sell to us and I respect the creativity I really do but I'm also not gonna spend thousands of dollars on it because I have a little bit of like common sense like I say that lightly because I have very little amounts of common sense but even I don't want to buy a dress that looks like an inflatable pool that's saying a lot I buy a lot of questionable things okay I'm looking at this for too long I might actually buy it okay let's stop I'm a pretty big Disney fan but even I don't know what they're trying to look at up there maybe it's a whole new world maybe it's not guys this is the evolution of fashion we start with regular jeans jeans with just holes on the knees jeans with a little more holes on the knees jeans with even more more holes on knees and not even just the knees you don't want this girl to send up also like where do we draw the line like isn't gonna get to the point where you're just gonna pay a fortune for like a small string of denim and it's just like a string and you're like how do I put this on and they're like figure it out also like I I don't really like jeans with holes in them because I get cold and the wind goes into those holes and it's not pleasant like I think they look nice most of the time but I'd rather be warm they turn her trade into a beat they say you know you just know when you see your perfect wedding dress you just know guys and I think I found the one I want a pizza wedding this it's for when you can't decide if you should wear skinny jeans or flare jeans why settle why not do both you know versatility is the flavor of life that anyone say that or did I just say that also like I I can't ever decide what to wear is this perfect just wear everything all of it every sleeve can be developed oh I'm kind of mismatched – I was like I can't decide if I want sleeves or no sleeves so I'm just like a little bit of both that was not intentional but like I wish it was okay guys I'm not sure if the first two words that you want people to associate you with is ball pit I mean that's just me but you do you boo this is an arm bag I'm kind of okay with it I'm not hating on this one judge me all you'd like but I'm not holding any more bags you know my arms doing the holding this is so convenient I am so down for this convenience why is this not a thing this is just ridiculous like she can't even use her hands look how long these sleeves are like what if she gets an emergency phone call oh shoot she like will miss it and be like I couldn't pick up my sleeves too long too strong Chanel made a bag that was also hula hoops you know so you got two hula hoops and the bag in the center this is a real thing that happened guys and they actually sold it and people actually bought it I just don't see how this is convenient like can you even get into an uber with this thing around your shoulder can you even fit through doors with this thing your own shoulder and the worst part about it is you can't even use the hula hoops properly and hold who like what's the point and it's Chanel so you know this is just a bajillion dollars like it ain't cheap Chanel doesn't do cheap if I were to guess I could be off could be more could be less I'd say this was probably 10k but it does look like it will fit a hell of a lot like I can fit my makeup I can fit my teddy bear I can fit my boyfriend I can fit my kitchen sink all into my bag convenience and also inconvenience at the same time yeah this has to be fake because this is how people die like you're never supposed to put a bag over your face not even for fashion next are these shoes for cows because this looks like a hoof there's no way this is comfortable it's not aesthetically pleasing it was what I'm trying to say and I'm trying not to be too mean here but it's definitely not aesthetically pleasing and also there's no way this is comfortable imagine your poor toe in here by itself lonely can't talk to the other toes if you're the type of person who wants to look cool and you know keep your floors clean at the same time I got you covered whatever situation you need I got you these shoes I told you I got you floors clean looking cool okay maybe I lied about the second part but your floors will be clean what's the point of even wearing a shirt at this point like that thing ain't keeping you warm at all also you kind of just look like a cheese grater I'm never like woken up one day been like I want to look like a cheese grater never has that crossed my mind and the worst part about this circles look like somebody did this at home it looks like big DIY this shirt and I'm not here for this and so this part is really bothering me like at least keep the circles even okay this just makes him look like he's really really short legs and like a long torso but I mean at least he can hold all your CDs for you it's exactly what I look for in a best friend someone who can help hold the weight of my CDs that's deep say what you want but this is top level fashion right here shoes on heads I don't even know what to say anymore they say you should always dress for the job you want I want to be a professional Napper you can do it guys have to get her hair to stay up like that girl crazy why is man wearing a carpet for a scarf I mean as long as he's worm that's what I say if you need to bring your carpet up for coffee just so you can stay warm then you bring that carpet out don't let anyone judge you don't listen to the haters just look at them you're like but they cold without their carpet big shoulders are so hot I mean look at them take this seriously oh and you got a visitor but you also got a tackle people for football after 13 12 and maybe we can get a refund you know in my June of this shirt was like $11 okay it says 13 for the neck says 12 and then it's $11 10% off for nine days only see what I did there this is definitely where people wear watches and if it's not we should start a trend knees weak arms are heavy I wear spaghetti around my neck because it's trendy okay guys I'm to Queens why does this guy look like he's about to snap his fingers and delete the whole universe Loki I'm down for this I want to wear the butterfly dress wow I'm 12 oh I love it though I know I'm here supposed to be hating on these fashion fails but this is not a fail in my eyes I'm here for this yo why they cultivating larvae on on their feet what's going on here okay they're plastic but like there's no way stepping on this comfortable why is this a thing make it go away okay I couldn't just make it go away Wow my only issue with this is that you know you step in a puddle and your gameboy is ruined I think that thing is water-resistant no it's like it's ancient if I am no way this is not a safe place for a gameboy I can attest to that also like what are you trying to prove like wearing this I just really want people to know you're a gamer guys I just want to make a note that fashion companies have worked so hard to get to where they're at and while some of their stuff is a little weird and out there you know taking those risks is what has made them get to where that they're at you know not many people get far just living you know comfortably and doing things exactly the other people are doing it so I really commend like all the risks they take and some of their risks are questionable you know like we look at things like this and we're like what is that is it a monster no it's just fashion but then they produce things that are truly pieces of art and it's just like so beautiful and you just don't know how it was created some that's fashion so I'm here laughing at some of the what I thought were fails what some other people might think are beautiful masterpieces masterpieces that took years and years for these companies to get to where they're at well anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video I love you all so much stay awesome stay sweet and don't forget to be nice other

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  • 1.) u look 60s lol
    2.) lol what if some sold a walmart bag WITH A HOLE IN IT and sold it for lots lol

  • I stayed up till 2:42 watching you you are amazing can I get a shout-out?๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค—

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  • 1:36 when I buy that money clip… Iโ€™ll have no money that the clip can hold! ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ’ต #moneyproblemslol

  • Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป. Random stranger ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป hope you had a good day ๐Ÿ˜€

  • That pic of the dog wearing a shoe on its head THERE'S A MEME that say that its fashion Brendan look it up

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