People Who Believed Their Gut Feelings

hey guys so today I'm gonna be looking at people who trusted they got feelings see out let's just get right into the video I would always walk down the hallway in the night without turning the lights on one night I get to the end of the hallway and have a sudden urgent feeling that I need to turn the lights on I go all the way back to my room and turn the hallway light on and go back just in front of where I had decided to turn around was a huge and deadly Taipan snake making its way from one room to another across the hallway if it had bitten me in the dark they wouldn't have been able to get me the correct anti-venom yes this happened in Australia that is scary but always without turning on the lights that's scary like I need to have light in my room even when I'm sleeping there has to be an area where there's light coming in so that I can see my room clearly you know even if it's dark at least I can still see things you know I honestly can't sleep if my room is just completely dark because then I'll just be I don't know like maybe it's because I ever think but then I'll just be so scared because I don't know I like thinking like someone's gonna come out or something I don't know how or am i I'm ready oh now but I still think about that do that's honestly crazy though like where do they live I mean yeah I live in Australia as well but like I've never had a snake come into my house like I don't even think I've ever seen a snake how did I just get that feeling though like oh oh not putting up not stepping in this area something feels odd in this area I'm gonna go back that's crazy thank us to have that feeling in there trusted of the feeling and they weren't lazy I was mowing my backyard with a ride on mower and I began to get an overwhelming feeling of being watched I started looking around and I thought I saw a figure in the upstairs window I tried to ignore this as no one was home and continued with meringue when I started to feel an unbearable sense of dread this made me immediately stop as I did say the ground in front of me gave reforming a 15 foot wide 12 foot deep sinkhole if I hadn't stopped immediately I likely would have been crushed by the tractor Oh I thought this was going to turn into like a story where there was someone in the house and that they didn't go into the house because they saw someone and then they called the police and they caught someone in the house but not I was just um I was just thinking I had it yeah so there's nothing about the thing that they saw I guess that thing gave them a warning I guess that thing made them feel uneasy and they'll like oh this is weird I think someone's in my house and they just stopped counting years ago in college in the very large building in downtown New Bedford MA in a computer lab doing some sweet sweet programming or in all of a sudden I thought I smell gas natural gas then he went away every second sailor and I got instinct I jumped up and proclaim to the class that ice not to gas and that I was evacuating and they should too my teacher asked me to sit back down and asked everyone if they smelt gas – no one did I internally said I'm not dying here and just straight-up left the building I walked a couple blocks down stopped and started calling 9-1-1 on said hunch lo and behold after maybe seconds or maybe 1 to 2 minutes of standing on this corner I hear all kinds of sirens and alarms and such going off apparently there was some road construction on the other side of the building that I couldn't see and the work has had a huge ghastly teacher later told me I blew their minds and thanked me for acting so fast I don't think I impacted anything other than me being first out but I'll take it anyway yeah they all of us fun though just like not why I'm out now I believed him I would believe you because it's basically people's lives on the line so I'd be like okay I'm out too I'll follow you you know because it doesn't hurt anyone to just go right but it's so risky if you just take the chance and you're like nah it's ok we're gonna be ok no you're not because I feel like even if one person can smile and no one else can't smell it I will still believe the one person because what if everyone else has a block noise you know this teacher this past spring semester some friends and I were going to an off-campus party and needed someone to drive us there and back this guy we sort of knew offer to take us if we gave him some gas money we all just had a bag Nevada and just figured we should have a night in watching movies instant I'm finding this funny because I like we need someone to give us a ride but not you not you you you you you there's something off about you not you no mind we don't need you anymore huh wow that feeling must have been strong everyone must have been like oh this guy's weird we don't trust him that's crazy the guy struck the same deal with some other people going to the party after your left and it turns out he got drunk at a party without telling them drive back drunk and got in a hurt car wreck whoa I'm glad I had a feeling about him not you why would he offer to drive people when he was going to get drunk don't do that people don't don't drive if your child just threat couple of mates and I were really lucky in our last year of secondary school UK we had a massive changing room for physical education split into two sections farther side of the year we'd always used the B Block but this time about 20 of us decided to follow the lead of one friend that said why do we use a block we questioned why and he just replied I don't know this side is so old and Mankey compared to a block we were really le so we were guaranteed space to change etc once most people started filtering through the changing rooms they noticed most people were at a block so they all hopped on the bandwagon and dish to be a block B Block ceiling collapsed 10 minutes later whoa think that one person who got one person was just like we should use a block today amazing you're amazing and I love how everyone just followed him like no one doubted him everyone was just like okay cool we'll follow you well and the people who were in B Block they were like mmm since everyone's in a block let's join them and have fun too that's nice everyone seems very friendly in this group you know my mom tells this story a lot she was working in an office and she suddenly had a powerful urge to leave her cube just to leave and be somewhere else for no reason not a minute later a 15-foot wide section of the ceiling collapsed burying the floor in metal and plaster she would have been crushed one of the chances of series collapsing what what are the ceilings made out of like that's just so scary to think about like most people are under a ceiling you know that's so scary one time I really had a bad feeling about unusual driving car and asked my girlfriend to work faster over the street she laughed and said astronaut Rory the car crashed into the woman next to us whoa that's crazy well how do you look at a car and just be like this car it's going to do something mad I've never had that feeling about a car I mean sometimes when I walk across the pedestrian crossing I would look at cars to see if they would stop you know because you can kind of tell if the car is gonna stop or keep their speed and just keep going like you can tell so every single time when I do walk across a pedestrian crossing I will still look for cars just in case you know and like I wouldn't just look straight ahead I would still be looking both ways you know just in case because of course cars should give way but you never know my mom had a crazy one when I was homesick this was 18 years ago I was home sick from school my little brother who wasn't old enough to go to school was outside playing in a backyard at the playset my dad built who was standing on one end trying to throw rocks up into the top of the playset my mom was watching some dishes in the kitchen and had this feeling that was almost a voice say tell your son to come inside she looked out so he was playing and was fine and shouted off a minute later she gets the same impression get your son inside again shrugs it off but start thinking about how strange it is finally after another couple minutes she had one of the most insane experiences of her life she swears she heard an audible voice scream get your son now she was so startled she dropped what she was doing and just instantly reacted she ran outside and yelled and my brother to come inside his slowly started making his way over she went down our deck stairs whenever I grabbed him and put him back in the house I remember all of this part because I was watching her be frantic and thought something horrible was happening like someone was trying to kidnap my brother two minutes after she gets my brother inside we hear a massive crack and a tree about 35 feet tall with 30 feet diameter trunk fell exactly Remer brother was standing whoa he had a guardian angel something like that whoa I thank God for the voice I don't know maybe it's just her feeling it I mean sometimes I feel like I do hear myself talk inside loudly most other times I'll just hear myself quietly but sometimes I would like he myself talk louder than usual have you guys ever heard that it's so weird to me because I'm just like whoa I just heard myself talk something like it was louder than my usual thinking voice and I don't know what it is maybe that's what she heard I don't know thank God for my instincts I swear I feel like mom's have the best instincts my grandmother had a dream or her sister who had already passed away told her that she had to have a gab that I removed the dream was so vivid to my grandma that she went to the doctor's got some tests done doctor had insisted everything was fine one way or another she managed to convince them to remove the gallbladder and after the biopsy they found a cancer in it thank God for the sister well thank us for those radium I mean sometimes I do feel like dreams have warnings or like dreams do you mean something sometimes like those me dreams now those V dreams are weird I don't know what's going on in those be dreams but like a powerful dream but you saw something after you wake up I feel like those means something honestly I've had 73 dreams so you're like I don't know what I dream about honestly I could literally have like five dreams in one night like I'll just be doing this in this dream and suddenly it'll switch into this dream and then it'll switch into another dream and then I wake up and I'll be like well so much happened I don't know what happened but it thought so normal during the drain like in the gym I thought fine I was like cool you know cool cool cool but when I woke up I was like that was an odd dream this is so crazy to you because the doctor said everything was fine but not everything was fine not everything was fine that's so crazy like what would have happened if she just went home and didn't do anything right my husband boyfriend at the time and I was saying goodbye at the end of the night and I suddenly thought judge I didn't say anything since we had only been dating a few months and I didn't want to be a crazy person he left and maybe five minutes later came back he said he had an over me feeling he shouldn't leave me alone for the night the next day there were a man's footsteps in my snow on the back porch which weren't there earlier I moved shortly after that Oh so they both had that feeling they both had a feeling that something was going to happen oh my gosh thank God she was there back when I was six my mom brother and I were crossing the street pedestrians were signal to cross but upon reaching halfway somehow I had an urge to hold on to my mum and brother's arms and stop them from walking seconds later a car zoomed past us probably going 80 km/h I ran a red light this is what I'm talking about like sometimes just don't care whether it's a pedestrian crossing or not they just don't care so yes you should always just you know be safe and just check both sides in case you know you never know which car is gonna run the red light you never know well that's the photo video hope you guys enjoy it tell me in the comments down below what your thoughts are and as always thanks for watching hope you guys liked it and I'll see you guys next time bye

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  • The tree trunk thing, God was telling the lady to get him inside. He said it urgently so she obeyed. We all have God looking after us, giving us our gut feelings.

  • Me and my god sister were jumping on our trampoline once and I got the sudden urgency that someone was watching me so I turned to my neighbor’s fence and saw his son looking at us,I told my god sister to go inside and close our curtains.two months later it turned out he was suspected for being a peeping Tom before and was caught on the deer hunting camera.I never saw him again after that.

  • I only know this because my mother told me this story.

    When i was about 4-5 years old i was in a screen room outdoors drawing with chalk. The room was in the front yard btw. Soon an older man went up to the screen door and started telling me that my parents wanted him to mow the lawn but he needed them to sign the contract. He told me to let him inside and right at that moment our dog ran outside. My mom was chasing after our dog until he stopped and attacked the man. My mom told me to let the man get attacked because she had a really really bad feeling about him. She called 911 and when they got there they praised my mom beacause this man had been charged for murder and rape of children and has also escaped prison a few times. A few weeks later my mom wouldnt let me outside one of the day's. But i had been outside the whole week, my mom had a bad feeling about me being outside that day and she didnt know why. Our dog began whimpering and yelping. We heard a loud scream outside and when she opened the door our dog had been attacking the same man. The problem was that he had a gun in his hand and had shot it but he clearly had no more bullets left because he tried shooting our dog and nothing happened. My mom called police again but this time the man was sent for death sentance. Thank god my mother had a bad feeling that day because our dog was old and wouldnt have been able to help me.

    Mothers instict man. If that hadnt been the story than you wouldnt be reading this comment right now.

  • I kinda think it's sad that nobody mentions the people who died instead of the people with the feeling

  • I sometimes hear someone say: go to your room and lock the door.
    Mom:*gets sandle*tries to break in the room*

  • my brother had this crazy dream once:

    one night i decided to sleep in my brothers room, normal. i wake up and head to my living room, and say good morning to my mom, normal. and so does my brother we have a conversation about something i forgot. then my brother says, “i had a dream last night that we (friends) were playing outside and you (my mom) were carrying a trash bag outside and said “its gone” but never said who”. i brushed it off, dreams are dreams. my brother goes to his room and i go there too to get my phone. i come out with my mom on the couch and i hear something scream…my cat is sitting in front of my front door and starts throwing up…fast forwarding later we find out his legs started not to work. we take him to the vet and find out he had a stroke….. he was in pain. my mom decided to put him down, we didnt want our baby in pain. weird thing is is that dream represented my mom putting him down…. and also yesterday, june 27 marks the day he passed from 2 years ago, he should be 17 this year…..😓

  • One time I got a weird feeling on the road so I told my grandmother 👵🏾 to stop 🛑 driving then a super fast 💨 car 🚗 that was moving side-to-side.
    It almost crashed my grandmas car 🚗

  • When I was 8, I was at an amusement park. I went into a fun house alone. I normally would go into the house alone, but I would go straight in, and just skip the first obstacle. This time, i had a weird gut feeling, so I stayed on the obstacle for a few mins. Less than a minute later, the first alarm went off and there was a fire next door, if I would have gone in, I would of been stuck in the house, and maybe burnt, injured or even killed, Thank god gut feelings exist,

  • there's a man at my school i don't know who he is but he's alway's at my school for no reason no one know's him and he's always pretending to talk on the phone but i've never heard his voice me and my mom found out that we both feel badly and have a gut feeling to stay away so we do and nothing has happend yet but i think he's a serial killer but if anthing happens i will comment it on this video

  • My mom has really bad insomnia. One night she thought she heard some noise in the ceiling. My dad hadn't heard anything. A few moments later she heard it again and immediately felt something was wrong so she turned to my dad and insisted something was wrong. They finally turned on the bed side lamp and saw that ceiling was broken as if someone had been cutting it out with a box cutter. They got up, shocked, and just as they did, the ceiling collapsed on top of their bed.

  • I got a scary story for you. I was in my room with the lights off and tv off. I was on my phone watching vines then I paused it and heard someone whisper yell my name “AdRiAnA” I came out of my from to see if my sister called me she said no, I asked my parents and they both said that they’ve been in their room (across the house from me) the whole time. I checked my phone to see if anything was weird and it’s just been normal after that but I still think about it😬

  • Ok so I’ve predicted the future, more then once. It’s nothing really big but it still blows my mind. I really like watching movies, cartoons, tv shows, anime (Japanese cartoon), etc and I also really enjoy story telling so I would come up with little scenarios of characters from actual series doing things that weren’t canon (for example, people who would get into a huge fight and whatnot even though they may not have even met, things like that) and one day I was reading a manga (book version of anime) and it was about this girl who becomes an actor out of revenge and slowly grows to love it. Anyways, I finish reading all the chapters that had been released at the time and went to listen to some music (I like to pair my non-canon scenarios with music, I fact it’s were I get a lot of inspiration from). In this scenario the girl (or the main character) would go to work over seas for a few years and whatnot. A few weeks later and the next chapter comes out and it turns out that the main characters best friend had been offered a job overseas and was going to work overseas for five years. There was no previous mention of this fact either so it was extremely out of the blue. Things like this happen a lot to me and it’s even saved my life once or twice. I can give more examples if you guys want.

  • I have another story of gut feelings.

    My moms friend worked in the World Trade Center, one day she got up very early with a huge pain in her stomach. A voice In her head said do not go to work today. The day happened to be 9/11 and she would have died for the plane crashed into her floor.

  • when I was around 4 or 5 i kept having nightmares of a monster (yes a monster) killing my grandpa. A month passes and so does he. As a kid I was horrified and didnt want to go back go sleep for a long time. I really miss him…it drives me crazy that why didnt i tell anyone for years.

  • I once had a spider in my sock I didn’t notice until I put my sock on.
    Poor spider I nearly killed it 😭

  • Dis one time I was at school and I had a bad gut feeling…telling me to leave…I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom.He said ok and so I left.When I came back the whole class was horrified.I Looked at the wall,where they were looking.A knife was on the floor and there was fraction on the wall.Right where I sat.If I ignored my gut feeling and sat there The knife would cut my face.

  • The fact that I know that Me and Ellen are both Gemini, I have a reason to still live in this world XD

  • We will all die!
    Don't worry,we are all going to heaven!
    That's what I said in class when my classmate said you're all gonna die

  • My hallway light is broken. ._. But my dad won't get a new one, but eeeehhhhhh. I really don't care. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • When I was nine my mom had a dreadful feeling that I should stay at home. She shrugged it off and took me to school anyway. Later that day was sent to the hospital because there was an accident in the parking lot of the school. I got 20 stitches that day and almost lost my left arm. Because I fell and grabbed the old fence for support and it had these old rustic spear heads on the top. One of them went through my arm. Not a fun day. Now when ever mom says I got a bad feeling. I demand she listens to it. Because 99% of the time her gut is right.

    My left arm hasn't worked properly since… and I don't blame my mom. Blame the school that allows kids to play with rusty fences with spears in the parking lot because they couldn't be bothered to allow our shoes to get dirty in the muddy play ground…

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