People Who Got Called Out For Lying (Part 3)

well look a picture of me my grandma side by side so this is a picture of her and then that's the picture of her grandma oh you know how you know it's the picture of the grandma because back then they couldn't take photos in colors so it's black and white you're not fooling anyone I don't think that's your grandma I think that's you Oh people call lie on social media again look at this dude all the time this is like a standard I have to live up to so there's gonna lie to get here how's it going you know welcome to reaction time super excited to do this again kiss one of my favorites people who get caught when they're faking things on social media can be Instagram Facebook Twitter but then they get exposed hope you guys I don't enjoy this compilation before we begin to forget the socials are gonna be right here if you don't hold me on Instagram or Twitter and I want to know it's a brand new piece for those of you who already have timeless pieces want to add to your collection a brand new drop the LA west coast palm tree totally new design guys we have limited stock this is my favorite hoodie right now so if you guys want to get one it's gonna be timeless or first thing in the description super thankful for anyone I guess one right now also like I said limited quantity so we're gonna try to restock as much as possible but if you guys don't get it no it's very possible you won't be able to get any more since this is a pretty unique print they're not easy to produce so I hope you guys like the design I've known the comment video but moving on we're gonna get right into this compilation so dive deeper into this ready let's go someone post it on Facebook oh my god y'all I'm down 14 pounds and only six weeks how-to video coming soon stay tuned huh it's like a foreshadow you know I stay tuned cuz you facetune your face stay tuned turn your face I'll show you I do it let's see it ready are you sucking in your cheeks to look thinner no I never ever do that are you so defensive relax I tell me to relax I'm just asking it just looks that way ok then I don't believe you but we'll see ok Hello Kitty girl showing a heart guys obviously there's nothing wrong this photo you don't need to expose her she's just an adorable girl who took a little selfie but guys please don't Photoshop or at least don't try to turn into things like this oh man what I supposed BAM down pat down 1 2 3 4 you just got exposed it's unfortunate how does your body curl like that like look at this that's so blatantly obvious especially if there's lines in the back and things are just dis morph just more these are morphed like this yes ok guys so this time no edit you gotta love me right push wow this looks photoshopped just sayin no it's not okay this is me beautiful you just hate her come on now really for real you just hate her this is the same girl like we're just haters guys no honestly it's okay people make mistakes dude like your hand your hand does not look like that okay how does your hand look like that how does it go like that I love us even more here on the side it says hey look guys the walls move winky face it's normal WTF I think II – get your eyes checked like what do you do to make it normal just hit the gym um did your door hit the gym – oh yeah I think the door hit the gym you got a little old thicker it's the type of door I like the ones that open can close the one that make little squeaky noises I'm getting excited thinking about it Oh God it's hot it's hot that my girlfriend is always trying to sneak pics of me dan nice job too bad you can't check your background remember we need to always check our backgrounds well first of all you shouldn't really try to lie on social media and second of all you're not gonna check your backgrounds and you're just gonna expose yourself no one else caused this except yourself don't get mad anyone else congratulations you played your show they just stopped taking photos of me I know I'm sexy but you can't no spot guys I'm a part-time makeup artist okay okay someone said you a full-time lie Wow it's kind of mean yes honestly okay we got a guy with a really nice beard in fact it's a little too nice really nice I've never seen a beard that nice although it was photoshopped something obviously can't be photoshopped a bottom right what's br-2 fine you guys can see this right here oh no no no no no I think someone caught you blah what do you mean they always pretend like they don't know what they're talking about that's what I would do probably I turned my head because I needed to make sure I would win I ended up winning so it's all good dude you didn't win this race I did you literally see me and Link to ahead of you by at least 20 yards Wow oh my god that's embarrassing what the what what what who said girls with depression can't wear tube tops right I agree literally nobody has ever said that now that I think about it I don't think anyone has ever been that specific it's like who said guys can't wear sunglasses when they're depressed who said guys can't wear sunglasses when they're depressed what does it make sense chilling at the beach snapchat thank you if someone's asking what is this guy doing I think it's like a little sandbox literally there's dock right where you put your towel like dude how I dressed when I was 14 first how fourteen-year-old girls dressed now I agree it's insane huh seriously quit trying to grow up so damn fast this is you have 15 we all did a girl you're just getting old now I'm sorry but she just got exposed in front of everyone do you feel you feel bro Oh God that's embarrassing Wow Wow I got pics of me at 15 looking fine as hell too oh wow that doesn't even make sense to all guys who rejected me in sixth grade dang that's a really good transformation cuz I have braces too everyone goes to the process of puberty and I think her glow up was amazing but the gospel rejected oh my god so it says uh you rejected me girl is playing guitar saying therapy session someone's saying it's upside down Elon Musk a Kanye West and Kim Kardashian a custom silver Tesla oh no someone new on musk Amelie respond saying this is false damn fake news just ran into Harry Styles of the Tigers game and gave me $100 to get him two beers that's with the money left hash tag swear to god I'm not lying at all oh yeah bet J yeah Harry saw says I wasn't a Tigers game cool story though in Germany the government has increased fuel prices in one hour people abandoned their cars in the streets and walked home there was over a million abandoned cars yeah that never happened this picture is a traffic jam in China Congrats yes yes hey look close got him it's my first full day off to myself in four weeks what in the world will I do oh when you post a publican on Facebook you are known but your friends also read it and then they're gonna comment and saying you were just on vacation for a week well mom we were busy and a didn't get to sleep in so shush I know honey's hard going Disney World for a whole week damn dude I like your mom keeps it real guys honestly accomplishing people getting exposed we had it in the past you never want to get exposed yeah you would never want to get exposed girlfriend she drew this photo and so she gets exposed hundred-dollar bills with 20s yeah you took that image from tumblr but I'm telling you guys be careful what you posts because you gonna be on this compilation and I want you guys to be this compilation because I'll do another part to this in this video can get 50,000 likes we're gonna do another part because this is honestly one of my favorite series on here and also like I said if you guys don't follow my socials they're gonna be here wait on me which one is craziest and if you have any more as well look what I got some bang energy ah rainbow unicorn flavor you guys bang energy will give you the energy you need when you're feeling low when you're feeling down and you think this is a cool flavor rainbow unicorns well check out all these other flavors but you never tried blue razz o add a little jazz purple guava pear champagne and even citrus twist Oh bang energy guys get yours today use code tall twenty five or twenty five percent of your purchase it'll be a huge support to this channel bang on Instagram follow a bang energy go dance rampage more informations gonna be down below Oh guys try them all my favourite energy drinks right fingertips again don't be afraid to use my code so you can get your twenty five percent off try all the flavors and tell me which one's your favorite there's even the pina colada flavor there's nothing they don't have so go check them out huge thanks to bang for sponsoring this video now we're gonna get right back into it are you guys ready let's go thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see you guys soon until next time have a great ones and

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