People Who Hate Hugs Face Their Fears

(playful music) – I hate touching. – Makes me anxious. – I don’t like touching people and I don’t like touching things. – Ever since I was little, I hated it. – I’ve learned to pretend like
I don’t know what a hug is. – If you stay out of arms
reach, they can’t get ya. – I see somebody I know,
and I’ll smile from afar, and then hide. – It’d be nice if I could come out of this and be less anxious about
having to touch other people. – This is a problem of mine,
I should probably fix it. – I’m sure that’ll change once
I continue to go to therapy, but as of right now, I
just like to be alone. Some people just don’t
like each other’s smells. If people thought I needed a hug, people gave me a really good hug. – Every person was so excited to hug. I think people like hugs. – [Woman] And they told
me I was a good hugger. – It was nice to see sort of an outpouring of support of people being
like, oh yeah, I’ll hug you. – [Brunette] It was just horrible, it’s just too much. – [Man] I hugged my best friend, who I’ve known for 12 years. – [Woman In Striped Shirt] That was sweet. – [Man] Right foot, blue. Now we’re twistin’. – [Woman In Striped Shirt]
This is my nightmare. – [Woman] Oh, God. – People love this game. – [Woman] Oh, God, I’m getting dizzy. I’m so uncomfortable. – Got pretty lucky. – I just don’t wanna do it. I am one spin away from quitting. (laughing) – [Brunette] This is like yoga. – [Woman] Yeah. – Yeah this is good stuff. – No, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it. – I thought I was making great progress. – I would like to not hate it so much. – I wanted to quit from the beginning. – If I were to practice my
social skills a little better, I’d be a lot more willing to hug more. – I hope after this,
I’m a huggy kind of guy. – Maybe one day. (upbeat music)

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