People Who Prove You Can Always Be Dumber

she was waiting in line for like five minutes and then she realized that those are mannequins there's no line go you can just go ahead oh man I'm laughing but this could be me this parking cop gave a ticket to an art piece because he thought it was illegally parked you thought a car could do this did not sign up for the police force to be judged like that here we are judging me honestly if anyone parked their car like this I wouldn't give them a ticket I would just be impressed he's like that arted Stallman never paid up when your hair is more important than your $2,000 laptop she's like oh it's raining don't my hair to get ruined though so she puts her laptop over it I feel like most people would put it in their jackets and they would save the laptop but you know what girl I feel you I wouldn't waste a two thousand dollar laptop but I feel you installed on the ceiling I believe they were asking for the date it was installed on February 2018 so they know if it works stuff most of these and I would be so bold to say all of these get installed on the ceiling can someone explain to me how they got all the ice through the small hole no the cat can't really defend this person I'm trying though okay sometimes you know we're just having a day I'm trying to be nice here guys now this person was not try to be nice imagine being this stupid okay that's a little mean but I think you're missing the point of hiding the key under the doormat and don't get me wrong the execution is great but your use of materials leave a lot to be desired this person is smoking next to propane explosion you know this one is just stupid because you're putting everybody's lives in danger let's not do this like you couldn't find anywhere else the smoke people that this just shouldn't smoke I don't think anybody should smell like you know that's just my opinion just good it's bad for you and I care about your mommies I'm sure place is good okay just realize that these little bumps on the steering wheel are written in Braille so that flying the drivers have no trouble finding the horn first of all this isn't true second of all if this was true this would be stupid I mean do I really need to explain it like I don't need to explain this this this was this is my manager taped a piece of paper to a clipboard he's totally missing out on the power of clipboards they clip you don't need to use tape but maybe he just wanted to be extra secure and like maybe he does not believe in Clips he is a clip non-believer y'all know this happened if you microwave foil for three minutes somebody did it if I can tell you anything about microwaves never put anything metal or metal like into the microwave no spoons no knives no foil nothing okay because this is what's gonna happen it's gonna explode also don't always trust the internet always do your research okay even me you know sometimes I get things wrong I am only human okay so always do your research no matter what okay Cara but while we're on the topic of microwaves things to not put into the oven are plastic cutting boards because that plastic it's good at first when I saw this I thought it was cheese and I was like why did they put the cheese in the bottom of the pizza right it looks so good then I realize it's Plus Pizza still looks great well you can't eat it cuz it has melted plastic on the bottom now also your oven is ruined for forever I don't know if you can clean this maybe not it maybe you can fill it off once it gets cold hey you dropped your phone running out of my store with the slushie you stole the police will be at your house shortly smiley face Wow I hope that slushee was worth it not only is she getting in trouble by the law but also she's getting hella embarrassed everybody like everybody dunno everybody and having a criminal record is not something to be proud of this fake hundred dollar bill this co-worker accepted ah this one's fake this one's real like look at look at his face like Franklin he'd be having he'd be having his eye bruh all the way to the sky I like you thought that was real it even says coffee over here oh I look crazy but I saved a baby shark girl you got catfished like literally that's a catfish the Internet is so funny now I know it's done but you can't argue with the logic if it fits it's its first time posting please be gentle how can I flip this image so my son is facing the camera I've tried using the flick canvas horizontal and image invert but nothing seems to work please help I'm pretty sure this isn't an iPhone problem this is a new problem that's not how pictures work you know like you kind of just need to take it from the side you want to take it you know unless you're hella good at Photoshop your son will stay fixing that way in that photo kim kardashian playing poker with mirrored sunglasses oh I love Kim but like this you couldn't have picked worse eyewear like you couldn't everybody can see your cards because you literally reflecting them to them we all make mistakes sometimes also like clothes don't be too hard on Kim I'm sure I've got many stupider things I'm stupid why is there a zero birthday candle like it's not like you turn zero times buddy it's called a combo you know for when people turn ten or twenty or thirty you need the zero there I got you don't worry the many bite marks on the bowl of fake fruit in the place I'm renting look at how many people failed and nobody could put two and two together nobody who looked and was like oh somebody else try biting this maybe it's fake no I'm just gonna try the other one all of these have bite marks in them the sad she's my queen he's my king okay they got the wrong shirts then they put them on they saw it on each other they took a picture together they put it into Instagram they posted it they had multiple opportunities to figure out that something was wrong but they didn't Trump may build a see-through wall made out of steel also known as a fence I got you don't worry this teacher is attempting to cover the answer to this question coming from a projector and it's just projecting on the piece of paper because it's projector it projects under things but to be fair I think she's doing a great job because I don't understand what any of that says I don't know what the answer is still why did attend a code so long guys my code doesn't work anymore mmm they screwed up they just gave their code to the whole internet rip I wanted to cook my wife a fancy meal for her birthday so I started with a slow-cooked homemade chicken stock after simmering for hours the recipe said – oh yeah you're supposed to save the liquid like you're making chicken stock you just poured it down the drain like you spent hours are you poured it down the drain oh man I just kind of feel bad throwback to when the car insurance lady asked my mom for front rear and side views but she didn't get the memo no she just sent front side and rear views of her head and she goes that felt weird thanks Ava hope those work should go Susan you look very nice but I need pictures of your vehicle no but that was awkward like why would your car insurance person ever need pictures of your face like clearly talking about your car upon arriving to help get my keys out of my car the Triple A guy locked his own keys in his car and had to call triple-a the triple-a have a service that they call like Triple A plus I hope he didn't charge you for your keys because it shows that you human – they all human we all human we all make mistakes we all done sometimes you know it's true can't be a genius 24/7 I bro so I know this is a bad situation but it's got to stay between us yeah man we cannot let the boys know about this my brother asked since when is there a Christmas squint I mean it's off Saddam he gave me an idea Disney are you ready for a Christmas movie that will knock your socks off we can mean how I get this number now I'm not interested in Christmas Queens she's reindeer anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video I love you all so much stay awesome stay Smee and don't forget me neither

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