People With SUPER POWERS Caught On Camera..

have you guys ever wanted a superpower if you said no what do you Fred what why what the heck well of course you want a supervisor don't why'd you say no you weirdo I just kidding no one probably said no because having a superpower would be dope leave it in the comments would superpower you would want I personally would like to fly alright now i'm gonna test it out so let's go outside real okay so we're outside alright i've always wanted to fly flying would be the coolest thing ever and so that is what i'm gonna attempt right now guys I need everyone and I mean everyone twosome Asha like one like Eagle one prayer for me to fly here we go in three two one oh my god I'm so high up oh my god oh my god oh my god help help okay I need to go back down how do I do this how do ideas uh-oh it's working it's working oh oh oh that was insane oh my god I just flew yo okay that was sick but yeah guys let me know in the comments what you would want as your superpower we're actually gonna be looking at superpowers that were caught on tapes so you probably thinking superheroes are fake oh no they're frickin not because we're about a look at some right now let's freakin go let's go back into the studio real quick though okay we are back guys hi my name is infinite or Kahless if you guys don't know who I am what the heck did just get the red button you see that don't hit Jerry all right do not hit Jerry hit the red button subscribe to the channel turn on those notifications and make sure to cop the brand new merch alright so we got this much all this merch is so this this is my favorite it's so nice we got the blue on the front we got the nice frickin cool we got the nice design on the sleeves is so nice so go cop link grounded ring but without further ado let's get right into the video guys superpowers caught on tape proved that Ella Joe's a man appearing out of nowhere wait wait was it this guy cuz I was just watching a clip he looked like he was in the road for some reason why though wait ok let's just continue but ron has seemed to be going on the highway nothing seems weird about it at first okay man just appears on the road wait is it that good no that was the driver wait okay I'm confused hopefully it replays it okay okay watch closely wait wait wait I don't know if you guys saw that this guy there's a guy right here right that's a guy right there right now let's just watch that in super slo-mo guys but this guy just appears out of nowhere right by the truck like he literally teleports from inside the truck to outside the truck on the street like so super slow-mo where's the guy there's no guy and then all of a sudden there's a guy right there there was no guy before and then he just walks out what who is this guy and what is he doing why was he in the middle of the street like if he didn't teleport then why was he in the middle of the street this is some really strange footage and what is he wearing that's like a doctor's lab coat like what is this hair maybe get a different barber I don't know that's such a weird clip this was taken in 2012 so it was quite a long time ago but I'm gonna guess he frickin teleported I don't know why so frickin weird but in this next clip guys we have someone who literally walks through a door doesn't open the door you see this is how you normally open doors right you just open it close it open it close it well this guy doesn't need to do that cuz he could just literally walk through it so that's nice I wish I could do that I wouldn't have to open any door like you know when there's a pull door but you accidentally push it and you look stupid I wouldn't have to worry about that anymore with this power oh my gosh that would be amazing let's check it out guys in three two one okay why did it get all glitchy though first of all that's a little suspect let's watch that back in slow-mo that was really interesting okay look at this guy's this guy right here apparently is a superhero you see the lights all crackage flashing everything's a glitch and stuff what are you that was so smooth I don't know if that was editing I don't know if he actually have superpowers like we don't know the store says it's closed so obviously you can't get in the store so this must be a superhero it must be a superpower I don't know this guy just teleported this guy just basically just walked through the door it doesn't make any sense dude I wish I could do that like one of my favorite stores closed you could just freaking walk in grab an ice cream cone walk out you got ice cream yes okay probably wouldn't be good and it's probably not legal so don't do that if you have superpowers I'd probably still dude because ice creams freaking good all right don't judge me okay what's happening there he keeps he keeps flashing inside there's a guy right here by the way this is a homeless guy he's just watching this happen you just probably was like ohhhh chases what the heck of you so scared to see this happen and then he just walks back whitey does it twice the homeless man doesn't cut everything is so smoothly transition like how did they do that dude if this isn't edited this is real and I don't know how they did it but Wow good job we got a frickin teleport did and we got a fricking guy who can walk through doors without opening them that's a great superpower I would love that next clip this is getting weird okay so this next clip is really really trippy these cars are just driving right and then out of nowhere a car it just appears right in front of the other one it almost gets in a wreck let's watch it okay so this car is it has a green light right they're both going you're both going and then what do you mean where did that car come from and then it stops watch it in slow mo guys there's no cars there's literally nothing there's a green light where's the car there's no car all of a sudden where's it come on up here already boom there's a frickin car that doesn't even make sense there's no car like it just teleported out of thin air dude what do you mean look at that dude let's watch that in real-time again that was the most confusing clip ever green lights it's their turn to go this cars just like you know dude this is a great Drive and then break it up all government have you seen this clip because if you haven't proofs that frickin ghost paranormal whatever superpowers I don't know what's that thank you that is so scary imagine being that driver you're just like being legal I'm really good driver and the know there's a frickin car right in front of you dude know what side on to the next look guys whoa whoa okay what what is this sorcery this guy has a card it's a magician I'm guessing how is he doing it is there is there a wire is there strings how did he just do that if you know magic let me know how he's doing this I don't think this is possible unless he has some sort of frickin string I'm guessing it's a string like if it's not actually legit magic it's a string what's he doing now he's putting the money on the ground is he gonna do with the money no no way no way dude this is just a random person's money are you kidding me wait white hello if you don't believe in magic you should because that was magic I'm sorry but what else could that be he just took a random person $20 bill and then just like a juggler watch this he'll god it's my $20 bills now Hank she ate it on to the next clip guys okay so we got this grandpa and his grandson walking around what what was that hello they just disappeared wave wait I need to see that in slow-mo wait what is that oh why I don't even see that it was so fast what is this is it like the flash some really fast thing just took them I thought they just disappeared white and then there and then they're gone and then that thing shows up whatever whatever that was okay let's watch that in real time again that was the weirdest thing ever okay so grandpa and grandson or just chilling well I want to try to pause it if I can oh dude look right here it took them it literally took them and then there's nothing here right there's literally nothing here and out of nowhere there's just these weird like what is that can someone explain this like this was two years ago 2017 I don't get it was that the Bosch did the flash just come and eat them dude just took them on to the next clip this is getting an intense man quick little little mission guys if you haven't followed my Instagram what are you doing look at that picture bo freken's sick picture right I post some pretty cool pictures like that too look at that pretty dope make sure you go follow me on my Instagram guys ads Kahless see ayo us thank you appreciate it you're the best okay so apparently this guy's an earthbender white look okay ever all of his friends were like what the heck Timmy how you freaking do with this this is amazing and then what is he doing he's like doing this and he's touched a guy's like like he's he putting his own life into the ground and he's like it's transport I don't even know dude what is happening dude he's lifting something out of the ground what is it earthbender guys this is an earthbender I didn't know that was a thing in Avatar yeah he's a thing but that's just a cartoon man he pops out like a treasure chest and he's like hey here's a million bucks that'd be dope what is in the ground I want to know please lift it up and now he doesn't even need his hands he's just going hmm dude that's sick I wanna be able to do this actually I would want to be like a firebender so I could be like whoa one world water bender dude what is that he's stepping on it he's gonna raise it wall B okay how he just stood on it and it's still rows up dude there's no way unless they like planned this and set it off I guess we'll never know wander fall on to the next clip whoa wait did you guys just see that what was that the guys running now wait please show more please show more oh this is such a potato quality camera okay we have to watch that all over again watch closely okay you see this guy keep a close eye autumn like a really close side oh freakin halo appears above them and then for some reason what is that why does that appear is that editing effects or is this an angel is this a freaking angel just walking around and his halo just actually popped up and he's like get out of here and then what happened at the end look at him he's running right that's him running and then he's gone he jumps into a frickin portal the government probably knows already guys in this next clip this is probably the most insane thing apparently Skai he disappears into thin air on camera it looks like they're in like a library or something I can't really tell hello okay well he literally just disappeared and the book dropped like a movie can we just get that in SuperDuper slow-mo please oh he's just standing there right there's multiple people around him so many different witnesses and then both disappears whites how does he just disappear he's there he's John he's just looking at this dude right there there's having a stare off her into thin air the only explanation could be maybe he had like a green screen I don't know it could be like an editing effect like this like I could disappear watch this see it's that simple like I can just teleport two feet or I could do this no that really just make me shorter what the heck no I wanted to be taller maybe it'll redo it if I snap again oh okay cool it worked sweet anyways I don't know I don't understand this clip he disappears no one moved it's not like it just transitions into another clip it was a super smooth clip I don't understand dude we have one more clip so watch the van obviously got a giant frickin red circle okay wait wait so you could watch this van right but also watch this fan and then also watch this car keep your eye on this car as well because this car does something weird to watch this so the white van obviously something happens I don't know and then those two vans get like what happened in this car that car even did it to wait we gotta watch that again so watch all three cars this van this fan and this car what is happening here why did that car what happened there I was gonna guess maybe it was like like a clear line let you can't see like an invisible rope or something that did that but there's three cars that did it like there's no explanation to this it's probably between these clips can't be explained all right but guys if you did enjoy this video make sure to smash a like and comment down below your superpower that you would want mine would obviously be flying alright put anyways guys I will see you guys all in another video make sure you are subscribed with those notifications let's go it cops but yeah guys I'll see you guys all in tomorrow's video peace

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