Peoples views on what FREEDOM is

Hello guys! Today we have something different for you guys Exactly! We are going after people people from different countries To find out what they think freedom is. Isn’t it Rosa? well yeah! People have different point of view on what freedom is. so we are going to find out what they think about freedom. People come with us cause its going to be really interesting Hello everyone, my name is Cleide and I am Francis And today we will be answering the question “what is freedom?” Well i would define freedom as a human right. is our free will to make our own decitions Based on what we believe in and not what society says we should believe in And there is different types of freedom. There is freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom os religion even Yeah and when and when it comes to freedom of religion there are people that believe in God and theres the don’t and thats their right … they have their freedom Exactly thats what freedom is all about is having that free will And alot of people should understand it and respect it more actually Yeah! It is important that we respect peoples thoughts and opinions and give the a chance for them to be themselfs. Exactly thats what freedom is so…. Yeah! thats pretty much our thought what we would define freedom as hope you enjoy the video and will see you next time. Bye For me freedom is us being able to do what we desire in other words is the power to exert our free will go after our desires our vanity, our fantasis taking everything that deprives us aside is being able to do what we want without anybody thinking that its bullshit However as long as it doesnt disturb the other person or as long as it doesn’t hurt the other person.
That’s freedom. So as for me I have grown up in a strict family You will be going to school and you will be going to … and freedom for me is an opportunity to choose what i want freedom can be in studies … freedom can be in family … freedom can be in love … and also in friendship. So freedom in family for me is some kind of trust because if your parents trust you they will give you alot of freedom For me you have freedom when you are able to do something or anything that you want without passing the borders that you made yourself or other people make Hi! my name is Hilma Tomas and what I believe to be freedom is when you leave in your own light without having to leave under somebody elses rules or under somebody elses believes having to make choices that you feel are good for you Freedom for me is the feeling I get when I am able to choose what I want without fear of being judged by a neighbor or another person or even a group of people. Am I free now??? ??? At the moment I think I am free. I am free to choose what I want … but sometimes there are situations in which I am judgedd by outsiders This is an unpleasant fact. Of course it gets to me but … This is life and … apparently this is the way the things are. Speaking about the concepts of Freedom, as well as the concepts of Love or Life It’s necessary to understand that these are all very big great concepts And of course everyone will have their own meaning. We must understand that Freedom is here in our mind And it depends on the limits that we set ourselves. So … A lot of people say I can’t do this … I cant do that … And this is what limits their freedom and their opportunities. When we talk about freedom … It’s usualy synonymized … Freedom is the synonym of opportunity The more opportunities a person get the more free he is. Of course, when we speak abou freedom … we have to consider the things around us The state in which a person is plays a big role on a persons freedom Many states including Russia where I live limits human rights and freedoms and therefore it limits his freedom. Basically, freedom for me personally is the availability of opportunities and for me the opportunities are determined by the goals that I set! I believe that you need to set ambitious goals which you can strive for all your life. And it will give you a wide range of opportunities and … from this moment you will be free Freedom is … first of all … an opportunity to choose cause not everybody has a choice and … if you have … then you are free. It may not be a lot … 2 …3 … But … it exists … and it’s great! Hello everyone! am Edson Freedom for me is having the capability to express feelings and ideas or some other type of emotion in a clear way and without submission freedom is expressing what we feel share ideas as long as this ideas comes specially from us from Freedom for me Freedom for me Its when you can utter your thoughts in all its fullness without filters. Thats why God invented languages thats why God invented the language to show this incarcerated world here in our skull Freedom is choice chosing what to believe with whom to be with when and why be happy That’s what freedom is

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