Petzl Volt LT Tower Harness – GME Supply

Hey Alex with GME supply and this is the Petzl volt tower LT harness. This harness features easy fit design which ensures the harness will keep it’s shape and makes donning and doffing easy with fast connect buckles on the waist and leg straps the Volt seat is also included and is easy to attach the harness for use in long periods of suspended work there are dorsal, side d-rings and sternal attachment points made from a stiff webbing which actually decreases weight versus having metal d-rings the harness is anatomically designed for a close-fitting wear while still giving great freedom of movement. It’s also very lightweight and breathable due to its construction of light mesh and thin webbing. Leg foam position can be adjusted to the perfect fit and side slots remove pressure points that you may find on other tower harnesses a unique storage system is located on the shoulder straps to hold your lanyards in the event of a fall the system releases the connectors and the shock absorbers can deploy also fall indicators on the sternal and dorsal connectors and lots of tool attachment points to store your tools while you work. This harness meets ANSI z359 compliance and there’s also a CSA version of this harness as well if you’re looking for other petzl videos we’ve done a bunch of them you can click right there to see the entire playlist then head over to gme to see all tower gear from petzl also please subscribe to our YouTube channel that way you get these videos as soon as we post them and like us on Facebook and follow us at gme supply on instagram and twitter

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