PGA Tour announces tournament coming to Detroit in 2019

all right new here at 5:00 we’re following some pretty big sports news in the city today after years of speculation it looks like the Motor City is finally finally getting a PGA Tour event and birdies here with the beasts done deal is a done deal yeah the city of Detroit getting a PGA event for the first time ever an event will be played in the city will be played at the Detroit Golf Club the dates June 28th through July 1st and it begins next year we’ve got highlights of DGC which is a hundred and nineteen years old they have two courses their tournament will be played on the North Course with some changes for the pros Quicken Loans will be the events title sponsor it’s the first PGA event back in Michigan since the Buick Open ended and two ended in 2009 the state will now have five stops including three on the LPGA Tour one Champions Tour event in Grand Blanc and this will be the first time the city as I said has hosted a PGA Tour what a great way to show off the city to the world and its revitalization at a Golf Club that you said is a hundred and nineteen yeah they’re gonna play it on the North Course but there’ll be a few changes because the the pros hit at eight miles from when it was first built

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