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sometimes in the defensive world I hear people say real-life gun disarms just don’t happen I disagree and here’s proof if you want to keep your shooting skills primed you have to regularly Drive fire mana sex is the best dry fire tool available to help you to stay sharp all the time I use it every week hi everyone this is John with today’s active self-protection lesson out of Atlanta Georgia in the United States here we’re going to see a couple of armed robbers who try to victimize a guy who just ain’t havin it go read the news story in the description actually has a an interview with the pharmacist here you see these three women walk in and they cloak their intentions until the one in the red shirt pulls a gun on the pharmacist and he’s like nah man you got a go but he realizes his daughters in the back of the pharmacy and when the one tries to pepper spray him he grabs the gun of the other and wrestles the gun away from her and that causes them all to run off he wasn’t hurt that’s how this one ends boy that manager had a lot of guts and he handled his business but I have a pull question for you out of this one do you think that the wise thing to do was to go for the gun here or should he have just complied and given him the money and lived to fight another day in my opinion he had the skills he had the attitude he had the plan he made it happen gonna give him a thumbs up for that but I’m curious if you think that was a wise decision or not out of this particular video I want to talk about the importance of understanding firearms disarms and particularly in an armed robbery how the counter might affect that I want to talk about having emotional fitness the ability to fight through things and how awareness can give you some time and time can buy you some options so let’s start our lessons here with thinking about the transitional space that this pharmacy is now they’re able to cloak their attack and ambush this pharmacists because they’re able to hide their intentions so when they’re walking in here again they’re not walking in in this instance with guns out or whatever sometimes we see Roberts do that that they use the entrance and they run in guns drawn but other times we see what happens here that they cloak themselves as legitimate customers and just kind of wander in and see what’s going on that’s part of what makes a transitional space they can attack with an element of surprise they also can get away quickly there’s a parking lot here with easy access to get away and able to get to the car quickly that’s what makes a transitional space now as they come in here again the pharmacist asked them for a prescription but now you can just barely see the woman in red is pulling a firearm and so you always recognize that you were at an initiative deficit but I loved the interview with this pharmacist he said he knew he had his daughter in the back and he said he was not gonna go out without a fight he said you either got to just recognize and and you know that you gotta fight for what is the right thing and you gotta fight for your life and so he just decided in that moment when he saw now you can’t draw from the drop here even if you had a gun you’re like well what am I gonna do you got to wait for your opportunity and he is waiting for his opportunity here and that’s great and that lasts right up until this point where this woman is going to pull the mace on him but before that you got to recognize that attitude is the primary agent in self-defense emotional fitness and the willingness to say I am not willing to be a victim now that said you recognize that you got to find the right time and the right way to protect yourself and multiple attackers make that significantly more difficult so you got to recognize if one pulls a gun on you and there’s two there what kind of firearm does she have what kind of weapon does she have that’s a real thing now we do see gun men and grab person but there are three of them now he’s compliant here right up until this woman starts to mace him and you recognize that she’s getting out to Ossie mace I’m not sure exactly which one it was that that at this point they are diminishing you and you either got to just give them anything that they want or you got a fight with everything you have attitude is the primary factor in self-defense and when it’s time to go it’s time to go with everything you have and that’s exactly what this pharmacist did and that’s the primary agent in our self-defense you got to recognize you got to get that stuff away from you and he does an interesting thing here pushes both away grabs the gun and pushes the mace away now I want you to recognize here we talked about the five DS plus 1 all the time controlling distances first but because of the the counter there he’s not able to control the distance as well as he wants now after that plus one the first D is deflect and that’s very difficult here because you notice he’s got a hold of the gun now he may have been able to deflect it a little bit hard to tell with the angle but the very fact is he’s gonna grab this gun with both hands and so the deflect and then dominate is incredibly important now notice that he has the gun by the the here but the attacker has it by the handle that’s why he actually has a hold of it with both hands but he has a hard time getting it away from her she’s holding onto it by the whole dyani part he’s holding on to it by the shooty part and that makes it very difficult which is why we say dominate the arm or the hand with the gun in it first rather than just the gun itself now once he’s got ahold of that with both hands I’m just about gonna guarantee you that gun is pointed at him and I’m grateful this woman isn’t a murderer because she could have easily pulled the trigger in all likelihood and hurt him but now when he’s got that gun dominated now he’s got a distract and if he can’t distract that’s why he’s got to just muscle the gun away from her when we say distract you got to do something to get her to think about something other than the gun now he was able because he was bigger and stronger to finally pull that gun away from her and use the counter top as a distraction and as a leverage point now he has got her disarmed and once it’s got her disarmed the last one that we have to worry about is disabled and to disable here he runs away and now once there their advantage has evaporated in surprise in force and in numbers they run off and I’m very grateful for that so let’s learn the lessons that we have here about awareness being of knowing when when it’s our time to go of recognizing that the transitional space is important of having some empty handed skills and more than anything else the attitude to cover our ASP [Music] [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Pharmacist Rips Away His Freedom | Active Self Protection

  • She violated a rule, well besides a few laws, that would apply to a defender with a gun. Dont extend the firearm within reach of the aggressor.

  • I think his parental drive toook over logic we don’t know why verbal threats were being made but if they were involving his daughter they F’ Ed up he wasn’t having that

  • I see your old videos and see you on the bigger size and see you now and stay speachless on how diffrent you look awsome work man way to change your life for the better👌

  • Definitely would give it two thumbs up a lot of contributing factors in that altercation the fact that they were women helps the scenario. When lady with pepper spray launched her attack she shot High missed his eyes and he kept with my two main fundamentals. speed and aggression he had speed when he grabbed for the gun and diverted the pepper spray and aggression with taking the firearm never go in to a dangerous situation without those two fundamentals.

  • This guy had it right. Given his appeared size in reference to my own. I can say from experience that his hand would be big enough to have a firm grip on the receiver, but more importantly his hand will block the hammer from releasing or the cylinder or to rotate. That's why you grab. Not to stop the slide. The only thing I see wrong here is that instead of bringing the weapon across his body while turning. He say directly in the line of fire, but proved the effectiveness none the less. Say 7/10 covered his ASP

  • I think it was a good idea to disarm her she most likely has no experience with a firearm. However I think he should have shot all three of them fucking dirtbags.

  • I believe ANYONE should take whatever advantage they can take against ANY aggressor. It's our duty to ourselves and our fellow citizens. Freedom comes with risks we should be willing to take. I don't mean to say it's ok to do something that you know won't work, but we would have less criminal behavior if ordinary citizens were encouraged to act instead of to wait for the authorities to respond to a crime already committed.

  • again NOT skills. Hes an older man. Older people especially men will fight back. Its in their DNA – maybe they are former military or they are just grumpy old guys. He's very lucky he caught the woman by surprise why she didn't shoot or the weapon wasnt loaded or it wasnt a real gun or she wasn't prepared to shoot. Whatever the case he was LUCKY!

  • 9 times out of 10, criminals are looking for compliance and will bolt at the first sign of resistance. Based on their appearance: unmasked, brightly colored clothing, and one fat bitch, they weren't in any way experienced or prepared. This seemed spur of the moment. They were looking for a quick payout and weren't anticipating someone calling their bluff.

  • When you pull on a gun like that, if their finger is on the trigger….you cause them to fire it.
    He's pretty lucky he didn't take a bullet in the guts.

  • In this instance he did the right thing who knows if he complied they wouldn’t have had just wasted him anyway he did see there faces not like they were trying to hide that , I think it came down to they came in to rob not looking for a fight as soon as he did they got scared because the gun was the only intimidation factor they had …. besides that fanny pack 😂

  • You get put in that situation and your by yourself attitudes counts in this day and you allways be readygo from 0 to 100

  • Even with a 3X weight advantage and huge grip advantage (did you notice how he could probably wrap his hand around a 2-liter the way most people grip a 16oz bottle…) it still wasn't decisive and overwhelming. There was a struggle for a bit. Had the attacker been a male with more comparable size, this would have went very badly. The lesson is it's harder than you think to do a disarm when someone has the drop on you.

  • I do not know if trying to take the gun was wise or not, but I think the way he did it was not great, once he went for the gun I think he should have used both hands not pulled away, and if maced, keep fighting. To me, it was bad disarming technique that made it terribly risky. Once he grabbed it he needed to point it away from himself while twisting her hand hard, pulling her towards him, and pu ching her face with the other hand.

  • The only reason the pharmacist didn't get shot during the struggle was because the assailant didn't have the heart to pull the trigger.

  • Terrible decision. But if you are going to go for it, at least step aside from the barrel rather the pulling the gun and her finger firing the gun right into his stomach

  • I've only disarmed 1 person in my life.. He was an armed home invader in my own home.. (Yes the store owner in this video made the right choice) lucky armed intruder was lucky his pistol was not loaded.. He got 5 years in prison having 1 prior. That was 2013 and he's lucky to be alive and just recently released…I hope he changed his life

  • Never ever do what the pharmacist did. Give them the money and let them go. What if the third party had a backup gun.

  • Did he see something like the safety was on? Did he have some knowledge of the person? Not knowing what he knew it's pretty tough to second guess him.
    But, Despite his skills, as long at that gun is pointed in your general direction and the person has the finger near the trigger – the man's move was pretty high risk.
    The good news is he succeeded in disarming the would be robber.

  • I know we can say all say we would do this that and the other in hind sight…but I would have tried to get out of the barrels way he kinda stood in spot while he tugged that gun.

    If I were him I would have used that partition to get away from the gun and get her arm separated from my body.

    However he was a bad ass and did his thing he saw his shot and didn't hesitate a bit.

  • Too bad he didn't kill all three of those pieces of shit. There's no room on this planet for trash like those criminals/would be murderers.

  • Will you please stop using the goddamn term transitional space the world is a transitional space outer space is a transitional space Jesus f**** Christ

  • After two robberies in under a year, you'd think this dude would start carrying, regardless of company policy. I would bet that trigger probably did get pulled and it was on an empty chamber.

  • In this very particular scenario, I feel that grabbing the gun was the right thing to do. His size, compared to hers (the one with the gun) was a considerable advantage. Also, men have more upper body strength on average, than most women. She was at a disadvantage from the start reaching over the counter. Now his has control, and the room to move, in order to better his position. Like he did on the final tug that ripped it out of her hand. Plus, they're criminals, so I'm sure their planning was very well thought out.

  • That was a foolish choice by the pharmacist. Even if she wasn't a murderer, when you pull a gun toward you like he did, she easily could've instinctively pulled the trigger. He was very lucky.

  • If it was me behind that counter I would have handed over the cash if my daughter wasn't there. But with my kid in the back, game on.

  • I am a pharmacist and I will not do that , just give them what they want . Call police and be sure to keep your customers and team in safe area .

  • I honestly think it would have been better for him to comply in this situation unless he had a CCW and could turn the tables, but like you say never draw from the drop. However that being said he was protecting his daughter, there is no sacrifice to great or price to high when protecting your children

  • Very wise I'll say!! , Pulling a gun towards your chest, while the robber holds it with hand on trigger! Yeah, I'll say very wise!

  • I applaud the guy for bravery, being able to disarm her, but if she knew how to use that weapon, hell of a chance cud have got a bullet or two & his daughter too. Still very brave guy.

  • I disarmed a guy with a knife when I was 17 years old (43 years ago). I was hanging out with some friends, and there was this guy that would show up occasionally and always talking trash. He announced that he was going to "cut someone", looked at me and said, "you're it". He flipped open a blade and by the time the sound of it locking open had finished it's "snap", I had grabbed the knife by the blade and yanked it from his hand. Yes, it cut my fingers a little. He looked like he was going to shit a brick. In a flash, I had his knife and he had barely finished making his tough guy threat. The knife was a hawk's bill blade, and I think the shape of the blade helped me to pull hard and fast, instead of it just slipping through my fingers and slicing me. The cuts were minor, but with the tip of the blade curling out from my fingers and dripping a little blood off the tip, I shoved it up in his face with the handle close between his eyes where he could see the blood dripping. Acting totally unfazed by it, I said, "motherf*cker! if you ever pull a knife on me again, I'll f*cking kill you!" Then I glared hard at him as if I was crazy as hell and after a brief pause, I closed the blade and handed the knife back to him and continued to stare hard at him as if to say, "I dare you to try it again". That weasel put his knife away and never f*cked with me again. The funny part of it all was that at that age, I looked more like Peter Brady of the Brady Bunch than some bad ass, but that punk realized quickly how looks can be deceiving. I've always had quick reflexes in tight situations, and the one thing I have realized is that quick and decisive action almost always wins out, even if it seems like a lame decision if you took time to think more about it first. If your instinct says do it, then just do it. That's pretty much what happened in my situation. I couldn't believe my mind even works that fast. I had already processed a number of outcomes, and my instincts said, "grab the knife, or this guy may keep his word and cut you,…and you don't have any better options at the moment." I can still picture the whole scenario in my head today, and I can still see that guys face. I also remember how surprised I was at myself, getting out of that situation with just minor cuts to a couple of fingers.

  • John, I think you skew the poll results when you give your opinion right after asking the question. I think it might be better to wait until the end of the video and then give your opinion. God bless.

  • Hope they all go to jail for life. If you attempt to rob a pharmacy you deserve life in prison imo.

  • Amazing that the Pharmacist was able to deflect both the firearm and the pepper spray at the same time and also grab the firearm. This guy is a super hero.

  • real gun disarmements happen, but, only when a) a woman or very weak guy happens b) a very very skilled person is involved or v) lots of stupid people are involved

  • How did he rips away his freedom? I didnt think you guys needed to use bait titles to get views….smh….unsubscribed

  • That was some bravery. I was a defensive tactics instructor years ago and the only thing he did wrong was to not keep the muzzle turned away his body. That said, awesome and no one got badly hurt. Pepper spray suck ass though so glad he’s ok.

  • Not a smart move he was successful but could have been shot. Get shots on first with one in the chamber. Reach under the counter and say here’s the oxy here’s the cash here’s the lead

  • Of course that was dumb. Because he had the gun pulling towards him. And the thug had the hand on the trigger. It could shot him. He should of grab the gun with two hands and twist her wrist with the gun not pointing him. But here im just a not expert with using logic

  • Did these trollope's get caught? Some times you would rather die then stand there and take the crap people are dealing out, and that decision don't come easy. This guy doesn't want to die but would rather die then let these scanks get away with this.

  • It's possible the clerk was holding the gun out of battery when he was grabbing it and that might be the reason he didn't get shot. I don't necessarily recommend trying to push a gun out of battery as a defense tactic but it CAN be very viable if done correctly in the perfect scenario

  • "She is holding on to it by the holdy-ony part and he is holding it by the shooty part"

    You are such so much professionalisty with your wordy words.

  • The criminals clearly do not watch or take your advice. The gun would have been equally effective one more step from the counter, but the good guy would not have been able to reach out.

  • I’ll Use A Poker Analogy. He Called Their Bluff And Won The Hand Because They Folded…..But When It Comes To Poker, They Aren’t Always Bluffing…

  • Grabbing the gun is the best way to show you have guts.
    Both inside and out. BAD IDEA unless the bad guy is stupid enough to press in toward you. Even then. It's a deadly tug of war.

  • I would’ve pulled her over the counter and do some street justice first before I call the cops. I hate criminals.

  • Two handed method.
    Grab gun with your right, don't yank, but TWIST.
    With your left hand, pull her over the counter while holding on to her wrist and STOMP repeatedly until her weave is red & sticky.

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