Phoenix Attorney Marc J. Victor Interviewed CBS 5 Investigates Gun Sales on Valley Streets

This is an ordinary parking lot in North
Phoenix but it’s about to become an open-air gun store the seller just
pulled off this in a white truck in the distance they’re for sale a five
thousand dollar sniper rifle guns being sold on our streets no ID required and
no background checks tonight we use hidden cameras and cold hard cash to
show you how easy it is for anybody to get their hands on firearms here in the
valley the nine-millimeter is among the most commonly used crime guns in Arizona
so how long did it take me to buy this one out on the street the answer to that
question and whether the president’s executive order on guns will affect
these gun sales that’s all coming up in ten minutes I looked at the gun I had the money out
and that’s really all he’s concerned about is the money this is a 50 caliber
sniper rifle it’s bullets are so powerful they can
penetrate steel plates and you can buy this out on the street with no
background check thanks to the folks here at the State Capitol all you need
is a cell phone with a good internet connection and you can get a gun like
this one or like this one in hand in just a matter of minutes this is one of
the most commonly used crime guns in the valley a nine-millimeter semi-automatic
pistol hold 16 rounds it’s the service weapon for the US military how we got
our hands on this one here’s a Taurus nine-millimeter shows how easy it is to
purchase deadly firearms in Arizona from handguns to sniper rifles off the
internet in the streets no background check no ID in just minutes
I appreciate the ammo too and guess what it’s perfectly legal here in Arizona you
can sell without a license you can buy without a license
just do Don Earl’s son a bunch of guns this morning we’re standing in the CBS 5
parking lot looking at guns for sale on a phone Brett and I know they’re brand
new gotta stick to 600 we’ll toss in box of ammo thanks we chose a 9-millimeter
because police tell us it’s the gun most often used by crooks we want to see how
fast we can get one on the street what time did he put it on for sale at 11:26
a.m. Hello Jess Torres is a former DPS SWAT
officer and is helping us today I’m on my way I should be there in about 10 12
minutes the seller is ready right now the only delay is how long it takes to
get us from North Central to the Northwest Valley it’s now 21 minutes and
we’re right around the corner we meet at a gas station and make the deal in the
back of our pickup truck god it’s brand-new ahh the entire transaction
lasts less than two minutes the seller doesn’t even ask for IDs all right man
thank you so much I appreciate were you surprised that it only took us 20
minutes to get this gun not at all did he break the law on doing what he
did he should have at the very least asked for an Arizona ID just to make
sure I was an Arizona resident that was the most common crime gun but
now we want to see if we can buy something more exotic and a lot bigger
he’s selling a 338 Lapua sniper rifle the Lapua sniper rifle is currently in
use in Afghanistan and Iraq it holds the record for the longest kill shot the
target more than a mile and a half away like the 50 caliber rifle the Lapua can
shoot a bullet through two cinder block walls how much does this guy want he
wants 5,000 as we’re driving to meet the seller we
talked about one of the dangers in buying guns on the street this guy
thinks we’ve got five thousand dollars on us is there a safety issue here yes
when you’re dealing with cash in that amount of cash there’s always a safety
issue we meet the seller in a parking lot he’s alone and appears legitimate the rifle weighs almost nothing but it’s
deadly accurate and again there is no background check or mention of ID
required to buy it no I appreciate you meeting me I really do I’ll be in touch
with you yeah 4500 we don’t go through with the purchase and although this is
really high-end Torres says it’s just as easy to buy cheap guns on the street you
can buy some brand names that are not as well known not as well constructed for
one hundred and fifty dollars nine millimeters I took us 20 minutes from
phone call to gun in hand but is that the way that crooks get their hands on
guns well we all know a lot of the criminals the nature of being a criminal
is you don’t follow the law so mark Victor is a defense attorney who
represents people accused of gun violations at the end of the day there
are well over 300 million guns already out in society they’re floating out
there and so if you want a gun in the United States it’s pretty easy to get a
gun Wow Morgan the president recently signed
an executive order that would require more background checks so will that
effect these kind of gun sales no it won’t because these are private sales
and what these people did was perfectly legal and by the way this handgun that
we bought we’re gonna turn over to a law enforcement agency for disposal back to
you Chris very eye-opening all right Thank You Morgan

14 thoughts on “Phoenix Attorney Marc J. Victor Interviewed CBS 5 Investigates Gun Sales on Valley Streets

  • why dont they straight up say that they want to ban private sales? you can buy a gun from a neighbor or coworker without the need for the Internet.

  • If what these people are doing is "perfectly legal" then what's all the fuss about?
    People have the right to sell their private property to whom ever for how ever much they want!
    The Constitution garners Government no jurisdiction and no authorities in these maters!
    What we need is less Government intervention is our lives!

  • Funny how this news report seeks to create fear 😱 yet doesn't mention how Eric Holder sold this stuff to the Mexican Cartels in an attempt to frame Arizona gun dealers which resulted in death of a border agent.
    And then this IDIOT news reporter says he's going to turn over the gun he bought, legally, to be destroyed.

    Time to bomb the shit out of their facebook page.

  • BTW, I've used Phoenix Backpage a few times for guns and gun accessories.
    Bought my 9MM for my daily carry and two .22 LR for my daughters.
    Buying, selling and trading guns has been part of the American way since the early days.
    These reporters can go move to the UK and live with idiots like Piers Morgan before we give up our God given rights to buy, sell, trade and possess firearms.

  • The only risk I see in this (other than the one mentioned about carrying a large sum of cash to a meeting with someone you don't know) is that you may wind up buying stolen property.  But that is true no matter what you buy if you are buying from a private party.I'm going to write the CBS5 news reporters and point out that background checks are themselves illegal under our Constitution; they violate our 4th Ament right to be secure from unwarranted interrogation, search, and seizure, our 5th Amendment right to due process before our rights can be restricted, our 9th Amendment right to rights not enumerated, and our 10th Amendment right to be secure from federal government exercise of power not delegated.  They should be abolished without further delay.

  • Hahaha, Crisp Pickle went up to Phoenix?… guess she's "shooting" (pardon the expression) for a Fox newsreader job in a major market… but she's too old and dumb to make it.

  • Hahaha, that shit cop thinks private sellers should ask for ID from a guy who handed them cash in a street deal? He must be smoking what he denied everyone else a right to.

  • At least Marc was on here to tell it like it is… though they pretty much just used him to make this piece "balanced". Not sure how I would feel about participating in that, but then again, I'm not a lawyer.

  • Has anyone contacted Channel 5 and voiced their disapproval about this.   No one needs a drivers license or id to purchase a car either.  And drivers kill more people then guns do.  This announcer also gives bad information about the weapons.  Did he make up all of his information?

  • This news piece was presented to me as an even-handed look at Arizona's gun laws. It seems to me the piece actually came out as a one-sided piece in favor of gun control. My comments, as always, were totally pro-freedom and pro-gun. Although the interview was almost half hour, only a very few comments of mine were used in the piece; and those were totally out of context. I made the point throughout this interview that the proposed gun control measures were mostly irrelevant as criminals generally don't follow the law. I continue to believe the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. I remain committed to the concept that competent and peaceful adults ought to have easy access to firearms; even my favorite defensive weapon the AR-15.

  • Why does it seem that journalists and the media present the same biased, cancerous views regardless of area? Are they brainwashed to have no critical thinking or questioning skills? Maybe they are just devoid of intelligence all together. This 'investigation' is nothing more than a hit piece on individual freedom and sovereignty. And from the most pro 2a state in the union. Disgusting.

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