PKK – Terrorists or Freedom Fighters – Statistics and Analysis

Some say PKK are terrorists, some say they are freedom fighters But which are the facts? Today we go through worldwide statistics of PKK terrorists recognition Their motive? and also some other effects regarding PKK to finally figure out if they are terrorists or not If you don’t know anything about PKK we suggest that you watch our Abdullah Achon documentary The link is in the description of this video So this video will describe all the recognitions of PKK if any changes would be made after 2017 when this video is made we will update these with country and date in the description below In Central America all independent countries and self-governing islands stands with PKK All countries in South America is also recognizing PKK as not being terrorists Examples of these are big countries as Brazil Argentina and Peru South America consists of 14 countries In the rest of America Mexico is also not considering PKK as terrorists Now moving on we go further through Africa Africa is the world’s second largest continent Now this big continent has 54 countries all of the countries in Africa denied PKK of the terrorist mark Countries as South Africa Congo and Egypt are not seeing PKK as terrorists Now this large continent has 54 countries Meaning at all of these consider PKK as not being guilty for terrorist activities Moving on to the Middle East 15 out of 18 countries stands with the PKK Countries as Pakistan Saudi Arabia and Lebanon and in the rest of Asia Only one country sees PKK as terrorist the rest among them India China and Japan denies this mark Other countries worldwide is Switzerland, Russia New Zealand and a few islands here and there 152 countries are not recognizing PKK as terrorists Now let’s go over to the countries that are recognizing PKK as terrorist group Interesting is that most of the European countries are recognizing them as terrorists a total of 46 countries Now outside of Europe where we can mention USA, Canada, Australia Turkey Israel Iran and Kazakhstan among the countries who do recognize PKK as terrorists So we have 50 countries calling PKK terrorists and 152 countries denying it To add on, PKK are also recognized as terrorists by the European Union However, United Nations are not recognizing PKK as terrorists Now the interesting part is why some countries have recognized them as terrorists and why some haven’t? The first motive is enemies of Kurdistan or the PKK Now we have two countries in this list that is occupying Kurdish land and in some way is in conflict with Kurds Iran and Turkey now both Iran and Turkey have had a long history of oppression against the Kurds and Have their own conflict with their own history with the Kurdish people The second motive is NATO Now turkey became a NATO country in 1952 During this time PKK didn’t exist. But the Kurdish conflict with the Turks have been since World War one So that doesn’t really matter as turkey became a NATO member they signed the mandatory agreement with other NATO members Making the country automatically allied with the other countries of NATO In theory, this means that if any country would attack Turkey other NATO countries Have a duty to help them now. PKK was formed 26 years later in 1978 and after a short time of conflict Turkey looked for the opportunity to seek world opposition against the PKK which they directly got from other NATO countries There is no coincidence that all NATO countries are recognizing PKK as terrorists Now these are all total of 27 countries So we have 27 NATO countries and two enemy countries explained. Let’s look at a rest the third motive is European Union negotiations Now Turkey is already a member of Council of Europe Since 1987 Turkey are candidating to become a member of the European Union With this regular contact between Turkey and other countries in the European Union Relationships was built and also a opportunity to back talk against the PKK in discussions Now the leader of PKK was arrested in 1999 and very soon after his capture He urged his organization to lay down weapons and find a peaceful solution However in 2002 three years later European Union suddenly marked PKK as terrorists. Now why would that recognition come in a time when peace are developing between PKK and Turkey? It is similar to the situation between Öcalan and the ex-president Turgut Ozal Who was murdered after trying to solve the conflict between PKK and Turkey? Now if we look at today all the treaties between PKK and Turkey have been smashed down after that turkey Restarted the war Turkey also mixed themselves into the war against Isis by using the war against PKK as an excuse They also use PKK as an excuse to bomb Rojava. Now people may have different opinions about this But our conclusion is that turkey needs the war against PKK alive In order to grow as a country without the rest of the world complaining about it It was like that in 1993. It was like that in 2002 It was like that in 2014 and it is like that today now a few years after European Union recognized PKK as terrorist The European Court ordered the European Union to remove the pkk mark from European Union terrorists due to the fact that European Union failed to give proper justification For listing PKK as terrorist in the first place However, the European Union officials answered by saying PKK will remain on the list regardless of the legal decision So this means that European Union officials denied the orders by a rank above them This also means that European Union didn’t have any justification of their decision in the first place giving more room for the theory about that this recognition of PKK only had to do with relations and negotiations now we have another seven countries explained because there are seven countries in the European Union that Aren’t in the NATO The fourth motive is historical cultural and religious relations Now there is a lot of Turkish countries even though you may only think of Turkey and Turkmenistan due to their names countries as Kazakhstan Azerbaijan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan are all of Turkish people and Turkish language at least if you ask them today now Kazakhstan is one of the 50 countries that have recognized PKK as terrorists and It only makes sense that they would back their Turkish brothers in a war between Turks and Kurds But the fact that Turkey has a good relationship with all Turks speaking countries is also convincing Now to countries that are determinated of PKK terrormarks are Bosnia and Kosovo now both these countries are Muslim countries, which both Turkey and Kurdistan also are however PKK was until early 2005 an organization that highlighted itself as a Marxist Leninist Organization, which doesn’t work well with any religious ideal at all Making it natural for both countries to back up Turkey in that conflict now both countries has also been part of the former Ottoman Empire and sees Turkey as an Islamic role model a breakout country from what used to be Ottoman Empire When Kosovo became independent from Serbia in 2008 Turkey was one of the first countries to recognize them Kosovo has a population of 20,000 Turks and the Turkish language is also a recognized regional language in Kosovo Now the name of the national anthem writer of Turkey is Mehmet Akif Ersoy, and he happens to be from Kosovo All of these points should have some kind of affection on the choice to terror mark PKK or not now as mentioned before the European Union has recognized PKK as terrorists. As my own personal guess could this affect the country that are likewise turkey negotiating for European union membership to recognize PKK as terrorists Serbia and Macedonia is just like turkey negotiating for becoming a part of the European Union Also Cyprus is a country who has Turkish hand in all political Decisions due to the fact that northern part of the country is inhabited by Turks microstates as San Marino Vatican Monaco and Andorra needs political and economic relations with Turkey and other countries in Europe in order to survive Armenia and Georgia May have recognized PKK as terrorist due to the Kurdish involvement in the Armenian Genocide now unlike Turkey Kurds are recognizing the genocide and apologizing for some tribes involvement in the genocide Even though many Kurdish families help rescuing and hiding Armenians and other Christians from the Ottomans There is no doubt about that most of the countries claiming PKK as terrorist has relation economics or other interest in their decision It is not even serious to put PKK in the same category as the Islamic state or other terror organizations PKK are actually fighting Isis They are actually being one of the most effective forces against them on the other hand Turkey is funding Isis So who are the real terrorists? Now what about the fact that PKK rescued thousands of people in Shingal? What about the fact that PKK saved thousands in Kobani. together with the ally YPG What about the fact that Turkey is bombing Kurdish cities? Bombing Kurdish children calling them terrorists who are the real terrorists Consider these facts before you make your judgment about PKK Now note that everything about Kurdistan is not a PKK channel This video is based on facts and some own theories about different subjects in Kurdistan we are however a Kurdistan Channel and PKK is a part of Kurdistan to Understand more of PKK you can see our documentary about Abdullah Ocalan and also the comparison between Öcalan and Nelson Mandela

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