Planet Coaster – Elemental Gardens (Part 1) – Modern Observation Tower (PAX East 2017)

[Music] hey everybody welcome to Elemental Gardens this is a small park which I’ll be working on throughout this week and I’ll be releasing one episode every day basically in preparation for PAX East in Boston which is happening at the end of this week now what’s going to happen at PAX East if you might have guessed or you might know already is that frontier is going to go out there to showcase planet coaster and there is going to be some super exciting stuff happening where can I get some developer streams with some glimpses of the new update and some streamers and youtubers also coming up I’m trying not to be too obviously plugging the events here but obviously it is actually what I’m making this part for basically I got approached and asked if I could make a park that could be used to showcase the game at PAX not just for anybody who’s right there at the booth and wants to play it but also for the streamers for instance and that is basically what I’ll be doing in this series that’s also why it’s somewhat short and definitely a bit different from what I’m usually doing since there are quite a few conditions that I have to keep in mind here and I’m really trying to work around the limitations as much as I can but still it’s a project it’s got a few episodes we’ve got time lapses and stuff being built and I think it’s fun to have a sort of themed week in that sense so without further ado let’s get into it all right now as you might have guessed from the opening shops in this episode I’ll be working on an observation tower this thing is going to sit right in the middle of the park kind of like the Disney Land Council or the Eiffel Tower in Kings Island I believe and it’s basically going to be the main wing of the park and a really the only icon that it has going for it and sort of large structures that will be visible from the entire park but also you can see the entire park from the top of the observation tower now there are a few things that I definitely have to keep in mind here for one there is no observation tower in the game itself so I just had to kind of make it out of puff kind of make it functional that way it doesn’t mean that in the end barely anyone is actually going to use this observation tower even with a attraction point on the top of it for entertainers it doesn’t really get people to the top of it but realistically you could walk all of these stairs and get to the top of the observation tower and actually look at the rest of the park what’s more important though is then I’m trying to sort of circumvent some of the limitations that I really had to keep in mind in this point one of them was not using too many pieces since this is a park that’s meant to show of the game and if anything most of my parks break the game and use thousands of pieces in buildings in a way that you’re not supposed to and totally destroys the frame rate I wanted to actually keep this gameplay friendly and make sure that I wouldn’t have to sacrifice on any performance so the entire park is going to not use too many pieces and because of that I wanted some kind of central very detailed building which is unique to sort of make up words like that I can’t really have a very immersive or detailed theming around the park as a whole so this structure in a sense with a very unique shape and quite some detailing should hopefully make up for that a little bit and that is part of the idea there’s also the fact that I simply had to make this Park in kind of short amount of time and it really consists of only just a few episodes as build an entire park and in terms of playtime almost half of that was making this building and the main street the entrance in the entrance area so a lot of the detailed and important building is just in one spot here and the rest of the park is just going to be very generic just rides with foliage but not so much scenery otherwise so I just wanted to make a statement I guess with this tower and make it as visible as possible and like one way to make sure that the plug stands out without having to spend too much time on all kinds of scenery and all kinds of detailing because there was no way I could actually do that so onto the design of the actual tower itself that they met quite interesting well what I always found super weird about this tower is that I never quite could place my finger on it like why it seems so familiar but it always seems like a very familiar building to me and in hindsight I think it has a very striking similarity to the Pearl Roundabout in Bahrain which doesn’t exist anymore but it’s a roundabout centerpiece and it kind of has a very similar shape to it I’ve also heard many people kind of refer to it as something that’s similar to the Olympic flame though I’m on the olympic torch I guess but I’m not entirely sure which one that is and I haven’t really been able to find any that look like this my initial inspiration was the what’s it called in Seattle Graham the Space Needle my initial inspiration was kind of having a Space Needle a scrolling with these pillars on the bottom and actually observation deck with glass windows and everything on the top but that ended up becoming like an idea that was both a bit too bulky and also just seemed like a blatant ripoff so I wanted to do something that is very different from that so I also took some inspiration from the Canton tower in China which has a sort of similar silhouette to this tower and in the end kind of came up with this design and it was also for practical reasons a design that’s quite easy to make because all I had to do was make one sort of curved side pillar and copy that one around six times make sure it’s rotated right and that basically makes the entire design of the tower the spiral staircase is also just really simple to make with some paths and doesn’t consist of any pieces so everything is quite quickly built and of it well it has a very small amount of pieces but still I’m actually really happy with the way that the tower came out it’s kind of difficult to come up with an observation tower that is both unique and somewhat sleek I guess and could also still in terms of skill fit into a theme because I also didn’t want to make it too big and this power is already quite sizable at 196 major store but in the end I am actually really happy with how it turned out and the rest of this episode will just be some very general detailing and making sure that the area around the tower itself is all right so one of the things that I wanted to do was to get some lights in on the side of the building I remember a while ago I made the accelerator coaster and this was until have a sort of similar style to it I think it definitely could fit together with it but I saw somebody on reddit take the accelerator and add some things to it because at the time when I make the accelerator it was still in alpha I think it was alpha 2 but in Monaca number 3 is well yeah I think it was alpha 3 but any case we only had a thousand blueprint pieces so basically blueprints weren’t allowed to go over a thousand scenery pieces and I hit that xx border with accelerator but somebody later picked it up and added some lights to the sides and was something that looks really amazing like having this sort of neon light to it and I reckon that was something that I could try with the tower over here as well so I took some inspiration from that and made sure that all of like the the outlines of the building so really the main pillars but also the observation deck on the top of it have the sort of neon stripe ESCA lights on the side of it to kind of make sure that the silhouette of the tower is all lit up like that I think I might in the future also line it up a bit more with actual slot lights or area lights but I quite like the sort of neon look that the tower has to it with these kinds of lights and it is practically impossible to use the planet coaster spotlights to light up an entire room 106 meter tall building so that might still take some kind of experimentation but really the main lighting and decoration for the tower are those sort of neon strips now what I also wanted to do and this is something that was sort of a way to try and cope with the fact that this almost seemed like it was inevitably going to be a tower that is just awkwardly put into the middle of a park and I really wanted to make sure that the park sort of develops around the tower and the tower at least is incorporated in the park design as a whole so because because of that I wanted to make sure that I had some kind of buildings within foundation base esque thing and that could connected and really all that I could come up with that was both kind of fitting the design of the tower so far and easy to build would be to build two sort of quarter circles of buildings around each side of the tower and make those a different heights though just make it a little bit more interesting and keep them very simple they’re really just sort of neoclassical ish very minimalistic modern sides that should hopefully give some sort of some sort of body to the building of the tower and not just make it a tower that is standing in the middle of nowhere and I really like this technique of building buildings like being able to rotate things like anything that isn’t a wall can be rotated in descent and being able to rotate things like that allows you to do so many things and save you so much time when it comes to building anything beard from domes to run the buildings like this or anything else wherever you need a circular shape inside a building it is usually actually quite easy as long as you keep in mind through every step of the building process how everything connects and make sure that everything seamlessly connects when you copy it but as long as you do that all I really have to do at this point was make one very small wall section and make another copy of that slightly change it raise it up a little bit to make the higher section and as you can see after that was done I just have to copy these things around and I had the entire base of the round building and it’s pretty much a perfect part of the circle and all you have to do at this point is just filling the bits that are looking ugly and add some extra detail to it then at this point I thought I could add to it as well but it’s a very easy way to build stuff in a way that is very off-grid as well and in a way that is also very time-saving very often and it doesn’t use too many pieces I do one of my main goals with building this tower was to make sure that you can actually build it as a blueprint so I’ll also be releasing this thing because it is under 2,000 pieces it is actually easily under 2,000 pieces and I’ll put it on the workshop and you be able to download it in the description of this video or you’ll just see it on my steam page but it’s um it’s something that is glue principle and that is actually quite quite an achievement for me because usually my buildings consist of thousands of pieces and as much as I wish I could put them on the workshop for most of my most of the buildings that I’m most happy with I just can’t upload them to the workshop this was also one of my worries about this park in general because I was told along with it’s really ranked amel who was also told to make a park and actually link that as well because he’s also making a really cool Park basically we’re both making a park for PAX East but what we were told was that we could probably use some blueprints of ourselves to make sure that we can show off what you can do in planet coaster and to save ourselves from crime again of making me Park but there is no way I can actually feature all of the things that I’ve made before as a blueprint which is kind of a shame because it means that all of the buildings and theming in this build I’m going to have to do from the ground up that said I will be featuring some of the planet coaster college courses in here so they’ll be quite interesting and receiving and recoloring some of them as well so there is something that’s gonna come back but that aside I’m afraid that I’m going to have to make all of the buildings myself and what I also kind of did is I didn’t so much go for a building style that shows off what I’ve done so far because to be very frank that was just something that I didn’t want to do I much rather just experiment a bit even if I was in a hurry and even if I just had to improvise everything I still wanted to experiment a lot with stuff so I ended up going for a theme which well I’m not even sure if you can call it a theme and I ended up going for a sort of building style which I haven’t really tried before which you can clearly see in this tower it isn’t exactly futuristic it is definitely not sci-fi it’s just a modern sort of style it’s a bit of a mishmash of different things though you’ll see that in the the next episode when I get to the main street that there are all kinds of different styles but it’s a very general sort of modern style in a sense I haven’t really done it before which is kind of handy in a sense that it often doesn’t take that many details and if you’ve got a clear idea of what you want to build at least you can do it somewhat more quickly then say your building is super huge detailed castle and also I guess it just takes away less pieces in game but modern is is always very a very difficult kind of theme to go it and I already know how that some of my response to what I’ve done in the park so far has been kind of mixed it especially in theme parks where usually a theme park is kind of a throwback to a better time some kind of age when everything was cooler and more interesting and when we didn’t have this stupid modern arts or things like that maybe I’m being a bit salty about that but it’s basically it kind of goes against the idea of the theme park and even if you have a modern theme in many theme parks it is either very hyper modern kind of like a cinema related Park in from somewhere or a sci-fi is usually actually an older vision of what the future would be and this part is very much just a model modern kind of style to it but yeah we’ll see how it turns out it’s just I wanted to do some experimentation with this style and I figured I might as well try it because the best things that I have to offer in terms of workshop at this point are just my roller coasters and so that is also what quite a lot of this series will be focusing on anyway with the building of the tower almost done with a sort of simple quick round building on both sides and also a bunch of like pillar archways that I wanted to get just to close it up a little bit more I wanted to get into the pass system because this will also be quite interesting I haven’t taught this yet but I was also told to leave of five open spaces where people could build so that the idea of the park is kind of that you can build your own stuff but at least you’re building inside the context of an already existing theme park you don’t have to worry about making the guests happy or about having the right rides that people actually go into the park but you sort of have that safe environment to which you can build your own courses so I have to kind of offer that with the pike as well so there had to be some open spaces and for that reason the past layout is also going to be quite wide and open with all of these large grassy areas between it and that’s also sort of the set up of the path area around the tower here I didn’t want to set it up in a sort of Disney style where there would be a lake and some forests and just a small pathway and no other space but the tower will just kind of sit in an empty area with much more grass and open spaces because that’s just where people are going to have to be able to put in their own things that said and this is something that I kind of wanted to keep order in the last part of the video there is an idea behind this park and there is an idea behind the when I’m laying out the parks here and this weird pond with rocks right here and that refers back to the title of this park which even though it’s not very imaginative the elements to have earth water fire and I guess air I guess that would kind of work I’m not too much into Avatar as my apparently people have been drawing the language avatar quite a bit but that’s not the inspiration at all I just kind of wanted to give four different kinds of areas that you could build in so for example we have the area on the right bottom corner with the water and that area is also just going to have some lakes and that’s going to have some empty spaces where you can interact with the water and the earth area is going to have some caves and a ravine and a canyon stuff like that where you can interact with going you know below the the regular sea level and so that’s really idea behind the park and then the four sort of areas around the tower are going to be a reflection of that and that is why I have the small pond on the side of the tower here and then the the earth section is going to have like a small lower section of ground the the air section is going to have a mountain because I didn’t want to have actually floating stuff and Fire is actually going to refer to some trigger effects that I wanted to show off over there obviously flamethrowers because you know we have flamethrowers in the game might as well use them I still remember the first time they were showing off in like a flame throwing mermaid I believe something ridiculous like that but yeah that idea behind the park it is not necessarily a theme but it is more a way to show off the various sort of context in which you can build rides and planet coaster and to just show off how the terraforming and everything looks and planet coaster so basically the design of this park kind of makes functionality more important than the way it actually looks but still I think it can be quite interesting in the end anyway that is it for this episode so thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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