Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife Figures & Sets Comparison

all right today I'm gonna give you guys a comparison video between three Play Arts Kai sets first we have the Cloud Strife figure then on the front here we have the Cloud Strife with the bike set which came out I want to say over five years ago and then back there we got the big box which is the newer version and you can see the difference between the two boxes it's quite a huge difference between the two boxes so let's get into it alright so before I put it pull everything out I just want to show you guys a box off the old set and originally I think yeah I paid $65 for it so here's the set that's what it looks like inside a box and here's the back of the box yeah pictures back here and then other figures they're available and a picture of the set alright and here are the two cents the left one it's the more the more expensive one of course and the right ones did small us it and I see the difference between the bytes and the figures and the sheer amount of accessories that once that and compared to the other one and somehow actually on the figure to yourself he doesn't only come with four swords there are I think four on his back as well so let's get a closer look at them alright so here's that smaller set the easin is $65 set let's get a close-up look at the figure and there's a Cloud Strife and here's the back of the figure and from looks of it I think this set came out over nine years ago and there's two bike and the extra alarm and the sword and here's a comparison of the two figures and there's the extra head see the likeness it's definitely a lot better than what they accomplished not over nine years ago here's the large frizzle come the large version has cloth skirt which the old one doesn't do one uses a rubbery Creek rubbery skirt right here on the side alright so let's take a good look at the articulation for the old set head ball joint shoulders on a ball hinge joint so full range there is a bicep swivel and cinco join elbows so i can only go up to about 90 degrees but as far as rotation still works ok because it has the bicep swivel so it helps and then wrists are actually on the Oh actually the glove section it's on a swivel and you want to replace this whole piece there and then that's for this arm shoulder pad it looks like it's on a ball joint there appear somewhere it's like it's on a little ball joint swivel as well and then little funny put the hand there nothing around the torso absolutely nothing and then the hips on ball joints and single jointed knees so I could bend all the way it's over 90 degrees and then ankle looks like well there's a pivot nothing where I put it then yeah that's about it so for what it is I mean serves its purpose and very decent and still I like this figure the likeness is not as good as the new one but still for what it is it came out over nine years ago I think it's really good in let's do a comparison that's two bytes of course one is much bigger than yet alone and even the paint job is different looks like the oh one uses more of a champagne color while the new one is more of a go copper or light colors for the exhaust and stuff this one is more of a champagne color it's very light the shading this one's much heavier you can see the shading is much heavier than the new one and the new one has they light a feature just the the headlight and the taillight as far as the design I mean there has to be pretty accurate to the movie but the oh one doesn't have any accessories that comes with the bike but the new one does it has those open panels where you could store the the swords do one does not and here's a side view of two bites when your side doesn't look that different you know one this little bit taller than the other one not by a whole lot and then as far as the kickstand they're both made out of metal and then the tires are both made out of a little softer plastic and overall oh you can see actually you can see a lot of difference between it to you as far as the paint job see a lot of go color for a new bike and then a lot of silver color for the old bike but looking at it up close it's not rice over it's just more of that champagne color it's really light so Nokes kind of so rich but it's not it's very very light shade of a champagne color a good-looking design for sure and here's a look at the new bike and from the top view you could clearly see the length difference between the two bites when it's much much bigger than the other one yeah all right and here we have both of them writing and uh yeah they both look kind of cool I have to say but one of course is much more natural-looking on the bite than the other one and I will show you a close-up of them and here's the old one for the life of me I cannot get both legs and so I had to cheat a lot also it looks like he it's it's what he has one foot off and if I rotate to the other side and this foot is in that's nice but I think this figure does need a thigh swivel there to help help navigate those legs better and I think ankle articulation they would have been a little bit better eh if it has a rotation a little bit better too but overall I think it's still really really impressive now the head does look like he's looking way down in comparison with the other set you see that's how high up it looked so if I rotate him from side you see he's not looking up at all and he's not looking straight at the front he's actually looking towards tire on the ground there and here's his eye view to see it's looking way down and the set he looks much much better much more natural he's still looking towards the ground a little bit but actually not too bad he's looking onward not straight though I wish she could tilt all the way back so he could be looking straight so that I could actually put his body down a little bit more while riding the bike but yeah this is far as he'll go gorgeous piece doll and here's a side view of him and you can see both Lakes are in this one that's definitely in and the other one is also in and if you look at where he's looking at he's his eye level was about right there he's probably looking downwards about at that angle which is fine because most people will look about right there when when they're driving but I wish he could look towards that way straight on that would have been nice because if you could actually tilt his head up even more then I could lower the body further down like touristy the tank and he would be looking well like right there beside people and right there and straight that would have been awesome but I'm fine with how he's looking right now alright and here's a comparison between the two player Sky Cloud Strife figure one that came out one two years ago I think basically the exact same figure but to me they look very very similar only there's so many minor differences between the two would be the paint application the new one which is the one on the left right here that came with the bike has a little more shading then do one and the hair color is a little different this one it's brighter the old one is a little bit brighter and the new one it's a little hmm yeah a little less saturated but as far as the face sculpt it's exactly the same but the paint job is definitely different the old one has less shading the new one looks to have a little bit more shading it's kind of hard to tell the Sun let me see here cover up the window a little bit so yes it's Tennessee know better I see right there yeah they're very very similar I mean barely see the difference between the two yeah but as far as everything else they don't almost identical yeah I really couldn't tell the difference between two they both have soft goods yeah everything else is exactly the same except for the new one has a little bit more accessories we got the UM the head with the goggles on and then there's the one with the bike comes with another pair of hands so you could grip the handlebars yeah that's about it I mean sword rides they're both exactly the same or the two swords me pause all right then and uh so that the handle it's definitely different deal one that's a little more shading no crime on the on the handle go further down I'm gonna see the paint is definitely different but which is better I mean I can't really tell you you'll have to be the judge that has a little bit more the new one has a little bit more wedding on here on these little rivets there yeah everything else yeah this one here has a little bit more shading than the new ones but that's about it I mean it's just a personal personal preference as to which like more but to me either one is fine you

17 thoughts on “Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife Figures & Sets Comparison

  • Hi, can you please check the packaging of the boxes and confirm the following for these three sets? Do they say Made in China or Made in Japan?

  • Got mine yesterday I love it its huge bigger than I expected I have cloud just sitting up straight holding the phone and the head with the goggles got it setup just like he was in the beginning of the move 😎

  • I'm looking for a 6'' Cloud figure, for my ssb collection. What's the height of the smaller figure?

    Great work, thanks for the comparison.

  • Just ordered this set,  liking the new hair color, and better paint on the head, but as others have said I like the shoulder pad Wolfs head on the old one better, so I will be switching those, and while both look great, I like the weathering on the new swords better, plus we get the base sword in closed mode, witch is just awesome.  Great video as always man.

  • I have the small game version as well as the movie version.
    The big version is just too big for me, the scale is just crazy not 6" or 12" but 10"??

  • I always prefer the first Cloud print. There's an annoying difference between the 2 Clouds. And I cant believe SE missed it. Look at the wolf emblem. The first Cloud has the emblem painted silver (just as it supposed to be made from metal). But on the 2nd Cloud, SE forgot to paint it silver….-_-

  • Alright, the video I been waiting for 🙂 What's the differences between die-cast contain for both of the Fenrir bike?

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