Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy Advent Children Cloud Strife & Bike

right today I give you guys a detail look at this Final Fantasy 7 FN children set now this is the Carol strife with his motorcycle so there's the box is a massive box came from Japan and inside you can see the in a box is actually protected quite nicely by four well eight of these foam corners and here's what the inner box looks like there's a giant window you see cloud and the car I mean the motorcycle and then some of the accessories and on the back you see a couple of pictures of the figure and motorcycle and here's a little reference for you so here's masterpiece Megatron next to the box you can see how big that is alright top tray you get the figure the ultimate head the extra arm and a bunch of hands and a necklace for some sort and the next tray you get a couple of blades and the slots for the blades and third tray you get more swords and lastly the creme de la creme it's the bike really really pretty and inside back in a box you get the figures stand and our instructions and on the bottom of the book let's see here's where you need a three lr44 lr44 batteries so you would need those get them Walgreens or wherever they should be easily obtainable and then here the compartment there's a screw there's a cover for it too and then also a exterior housing for it and here's the battery cover it's translucent and then the outer housing alright so here's the bottom of the bike so you can see here and I in order to remove these two side pieces in here inside here the instruction doesn't really tell you these things though but in here you can see there's a peg hole right there right in there flip this alright you can see there's a peg hole right there I actually pushed it push the piece out a little bit already but there it should be sticking in quite a bit see how there was a little nub right there you need to push that outward and same with the top there is a piece and up right there and this this whole piece it's on a ball system it's attached right here and the patch bottom right here so that's why it moves but when you're pulling this make sure you're only pulling the black piece off and not not the gold piece so if you don't get a bike from the top here from the front here you want to remove this black piece but not the inner go piece and here's what it looks like when it's removed you can see there are two pegs right here especially the back one here this really really tough this one it's attached to here but it's really really tough to get it out this side is a lot easier yeah goes to that to those two holes right there and then you think the other side and since I'm loosing this up it should be a lot easier to remove now see down so basically just pegs and like that and then you want to attach D D blades blades attachment well I think it's which way suppose go me see and here I attached it on there and I make sure when you're pressing and press the bottom part portion because the top these are very thin plastic pieces here so you don't want to apply pressure over here you want to apply pressure on the bottom so it takes it in there but for me I'm not gonna push it all the way in I don't want to force it in there and I hope you want to take it back out but it is a very very tight joint right there and same with the front slide that in and take that just reattach the outer piece like right there so just like that and not to be honest I don't think this is very sturdy the peg system doesn't really fit in that well and you don't even want to force it in because right here and it's already this piece right here six out is kind of touching the that's this plastic piece already so there's not a whole lot of room for you to push stuff in this is barely touching and the front is also very touching barely touching and just being touching this and you can't really force it either cuz you might break this I guess it's all plastic so it's not going all right then here's what he looks like on the bike and with the attachments so here let's see so men so you guys could see the blades are resting comfortably on these slots right here three of each on each side and then Clow himself I switch out the head so now this one has goggles on oh and this piece right here this piece I was talking about earlier it's not a necklace it's just his goggles to to go over his neck so here you got a Mon and here his hands holding on to one sword and it's best to heat it up with the hair dryer heat up the hand with a hairdryer so you could actually get him to grip the sword otherwise they will be impossible pretty much impossible from the grip the sword so now see the bike again for you right there looking really really impressive and on the bottom you rotate them around so once I flipped it that switch there's the head like right there superb right there very very cool thing that's the only light a feature then actually I stand corrected no no the back you can see there's not a light back here nice very awesome get a good look at the front here three blades really really good rotate them a little bit over on this side so you guys should see the blades on the side as well honestly this is a very very impressive set very expensive to but a very very cool set all right then here I got him riding the bike pretty nicely um you got a cheat a little in order for his butt to plant on that seat you would have to push his his foot actually behind the foot pedal see how I would be able to show you guys on the bottom you might be able to see it I'll see let me focus all right here you can see there's the foot pedal right there and then his foot is actually behind it cuz the foot pedal is actually too high a little higher than I would like for him to look properly so once you slide his foot behind the foot pedal you will be able to get him lower down quite a bit more focus there you go pull back out then here you can see he is situated on the bike pretty nicely actually but another issue is the collar the rubber rubberized collar that he has this piece even though is softer plastic but it's still pretty hard so he won't be able to look up that much I mean here's well how far here's about how far I can look up so if you want his body to even be to lower down like the chest if you want the chance to be closer today to the tank he won't be able to do that if he were to do that he won't be able to be he won't look up at all he'll G he'll just be looking down here so yeah you could cheat a little by leaning him towards one side and then kind of looking towards out and then you have a great shot of him kind of like that from lower up angle that's a great shot so he's looking at the camera and riding the bike which is awesome so as far as the if you own the other version which which came out quite a long time ago I was a about eight nine years ago they made another version with the bike it's a smaller scale that down version cuz yeah appear before the fair sky figure were about what six seven inches tall was seven inches or so and then the bike was a lot smaller but as far as the articulation is pretty much the same it still has a little tilt right there left and right and then the wheels they do move quite nicely actually and it's not a rubber piece which I like is harder it's somewhat harder but it's not like super hard plastic but yeah if you use a hairdryer you can soften up that those tires so same with the back tire right here same thing it's and see I could I get kind of squeeze it but it's not like super soft like a regular tires which I don't like as those those do tend to put out too much oil when you leave it on the on the display on a table or something cuz it does put out a little bit of oil but this is much harder so I don't think that will do that and then that's for the kickstand it's made out of metal actually so that's nice it's really nice so you won't have to worry about breaking that kickstand and then as for the steering and as for the throttle I think that's what it's called not sure but yeah let's move a little bit it looks like it's on a ball-joint there so yeah kind of nice so it gives you a little more room to work with when you have to figure holding that and let's get a decent look at the bike itself now so it's all well a lot of black and some copper awesome gold color finish not happen another wash here and there really nice I think they did an amazing job with this and for the price you're paying I mean it better be really nice but the whole thing it's plastic I don't think they're sending metal pieces other than the kickstand and yeah yeah I don't feel any metal on this thing but it is nice though it's very very nice looking piece and baked I'll give you measurement in a little bit from now why are all the detailing on this bike here so few tank right there a few cap very nice let's take a look at the dash so well a little bit really really good-looking bike and that's what a figure is pretty much identical to the one we got previously same amount details I mean the best does look like it's made out of cloth like material but it's not that's not an actual sweater I mean sweatshirt I guess well short sleeve sweater I guess sure what this thing's called but yeah looks like it because the pattern looks really well done then the only soft good is this lake skirt thingy which has a wire running through it so you can manipulate it however you want when he is on the bike and then joined twice I mean these are ratcheting joints I don't know about these yeah all these ratcheting joints even the wrists chest and the hips are on ratcheting system they'll put you on your knees and then bollinger ankles so and toes articulation looks like and here's the backside of plow strike yeah he slots for the swords very nice and back to the front yeah figure wise it's it's a great figure if you don't worry to have the original this might be your chance of getting it and if you want a bike that's perfect and this is a rubber piece yeah from a piece right so I have to use another camera because my the one that I'm using ran out of memory so no film to wrestle with this one so at the end of the day this thing is very very expensive it's gonna set you back about let's see I got it through ami ami and on the website was shipping shipping goes crazy high because because how big this boxes and then they put this box inside another box when they ship it so makes it even bigger so overall shipping almost cost 100 bucks just to ship this thing and with everything shipping and the figure itself came up to about 355 u.s. still cheaper than BBS because I think B BTS have had it at 360 something before shipping but the only charge $4 for shipping so yeah that's cheap too well I don't know about this one I don't know well I guess maybe they will so yeah but overall a great piece if you don't worry you have this bigger it's definitely I mean it's it's super nice if you love the game Final Fantasy 7 or have you loved the movie fantasy 7fn children you would really look like the set here and poseability the figure is amazing just like all the other clear sky figures they're always get with arranged motion and you can even see it here shoulders there's no restrictions whatsoever except for this shorter page piece here and then that's what the lake's the crotch piece is actually and actually it has a slot here – so if guess you even more range of motion and this is a rubber piece so yeah it could you know definitely give so yeah plenty arrange motion and then the legs same thing for a full range and then the elbows been over 90 degrees about that much so yeah good range even if you just have to have the figure standing posing with the swords he's gonna look absolutely amazing in front of the spiked hair and yeah so over I say it's worth it but it is very expensive so you have to make that decision yourself if you can still find it because I hope EBT as is pure sold out and I me i me I'm not sure whether there's so now or not cuz it's just shipped so they might have some in stock as well so yeah go check out the site and then yeah one thing I really didn't like it's how hard this caller pcs it would have been nicer if it was softer or if it was a little bit wider towards back here so you could actually choked his head even further back so you could actually look up when he's riding the bike but overall great figure a great bike love it I'm definitely happy with it see I'm rubbing it so yeah oh wow good mmm I wouldn't say a great deal but it's ok deal so yeah there you go there's Play Arts Kai clothes right with this motorcycle thanks for watching all right actually I want to show you guys this piece as well skunk dark but the shoulder pad is actually on one of those orange joint too so it doesn't really impede with your articulation too much at all and then here you pull this arm off and replace it with the other and here's what it looks like with the other arm I just want to show you guys before in this video so there you go again thanks for watching you

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  • Sorry if my question sounds stupid ^^ But how do you change the head? I mean, was it easy to take off the head or you also have to warm it up with a hairdryer? Thanks! I hope you reply to me

  • Nice review man! This is a really cool piece. But it's crazy expensive. $100 for shipping?? Even from overseas that seems a bit steep.

  • ..brooo,you have to remove the cover part also on the sides of the bike so that the sword holders will fit..on the animation,its supposed to be hidden inside the sides of the bike, so what happens when he opens it is the covers slides open and the sword holder will come out..

  • What happend to the pak cloud u had previously?Actually,the head sculpt for the first release and fenrir release differ abit,and IMO the first release is better.You should do a comparison between the first release and fenrir release.

  • Did you got a new camera? Your vids are always nice, but this one seems better. Pretty nice piece but at what price lol.

  • Looks really nice and I really want it but I've got a lot of my collecting budget tied up with Hot Toy orders and I don't really want to cancel any.

  • I feel for such a high price this piece carries, there are a great deal of compromising you have to live with, nevertheless it does look good. I have the older Fenrir version that has so much die-cast metal parts (only cost $80) and after seeing your video, I think I will stay with it. The new version just doesn’t translate to $300+ dollars. I hope you are happy with it, if you ever sell this piece… get the older version. It is bang out of your dollars.

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