so I decided to join a poke haters roblox profile and I found they had a poke hater home that was against me you had to be a poke hater to get inside this home guys so I decided to go undercover and get inside this home as a poke hater make sure you want to tell the end because you guys will not believe what this person is doing inside this house what is up guys it is poke your welcome back everybody to another rOBLOX video on the channel guys we are here back on a Foxfire traumas page now if you guys do not know who this is she is a poke aider and well we got a screenshot sent from us from a fan and I'm a brand screen right now and that is this girl in build mode building what I believe is a locator only home you guys could take a look at the screenshot and see that there's literally a poke hating sign inside through the window so guys make sure to watch until the end because we are gonna join this profile and see how crazy this poke hater only house really is all right guys we have gone into Fox's game now we are actually on Jenny basket rabbit it is a person that I have made that is pretty much of fake moly basket rabbit so I pretend to be a gold digger slash hater on this account I'm gonna pretend to be a PO cater and I'm gonna get into this house now I got to see what they're saying okay wait a minute what the Fox has been saying come to my mean people house do you hate poke blank PO caters blank they're all saying I'll let the heck they like a car do you hate poke I'm gonna say I hate poke I'm gonna say I'm humming okay wait a minute what is that wait is this it right here oh there's literally us oh my goodness guys oh there's literally me xed out inside of there holy okay I just showed up here okay wait what is this wait Jenny bez grab your hater um guys what is happening here I'm gonna say hi I'm gonna say I hate poke so much I want to go inside it's a nice outfit oh thank you it's got a young Gucci so we have somebody so we have a few people here I wonder if anybody's gonna pretend to be a po cater to get inside this house okay so I'm gonna say so how do we go in which thing I don't know if I believe you wait a minute there's a sign inside of that wait a minute guys is there oh my there's a scanner inside just like that last one bro literally the gold digger only lets rich people and there was a scanner in that one says well blank things we'll need to verify that you're a hater I'm gonna say okay I'm gonna say I'm definitely a hater I'm gonna say I hate poke hey hey hey I'm Lilly to say the most random stuff right now bro okay I hate poke since you think Tony are you app okay door – I'm gonna say – oh my god Tony just said I hate poke – okay is that way then it said no really wait a minute oh my goodness man we just got an actual pole Gator here this is actually a real deal so I'm gonna go I want to go inside wait a minute it says oh my god there's a sign in there I want to read it when you get inside said Jenni I'm gonna let Tony in first I'm okay I'm gonna say okay to that it says will verify Tony oh my good I think it's actually by the scale they're literally asking of your PO cats look I'm poke obviously That's not me so let's see what's happening here I'm just gonna come on in since well do you follow me right now oh my goodness guys I'm so nervous right now man what is going on this little severe there's a sign it says if the light goes green you are nice if it goes red you are a PO Kader don't be nice okay guys wait a minute so they're literally right over here through the scanner I believe wait a minute wait wait wait wait so Fox is standing at the edge so is Tony wait why is Tony sitting in wait what's going on right now said sit down oh my goodness wait a minute is is he gonna verify it it's a PO cater or not oh my goodness I'm floored is a screen pay right here is this where nice people go calibrating if he's nice and he gets sent in that pit and we got it came up green Tony what you a liar all I'm gonna say what said you like poke I'm gonna say what I'm gonna say OMG way to make eyes something is happening right now literally they're saying follow me again I don't know what's happening way way way whoa whoa whoa whoa is he actually bringing it to the pit wait a minute walk into that wait a minute guys I'm really really nervous right now is that you nice person wait you said if he goes in that I'm really scared right now what is this is this okay it's in the nice pit guys I literally cannot believe this video right now holy okay I'm gonna say okay I'm up next I'm gonna say I hate poke so much he's the worst he sucks okay all right so says are you prepared to be a hater okay I'm gonna say I'm gonna say I hate him all right I'm gonna just say I hate him all right I'm really nervous it's saying lots of blanks are you roasting poke I'm gonna say yes a lot of mean stuff even though I literally am poke guys this is just literally so funny look at my face I'm like yeah yeah I'm really under come right now saying get in the chair okay I'm gonna get in the chair I guess I need to get guested Oh God I'm really scared I'm gonna say guessed me Oh thinking she just casted me I'm gonna sit down oh god I'm in I'm in the sitting chair what is it gonna be please oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness I'm not even no hands here I'm really scared what's going on calibrating calibrating I am a pole cater to her yes oh my goodness guys it's gotta be just me on the new account or something man a fellow hater okay I'm gonna stand up I'm gonna say ah yes I told you I hate him I literally hate him and then this guy loves me so he must be sent with a nice fit this is insane saying now Jenny Rose Tony roast the nice guy this is like I'm gonna say okay let's improve your meanness I'm gonna say okay I'm gonna say Tony I'm gonna say you like poke I'm gonna say such a click Boehner I don't know the last time I click baited such a blank I'm in click Boehner oh my goodness guys I'm gonna say you like a dumb youtuber okay I don't want to Rose Toni because I'm a nice girl but I'm just gonna try to save stuff about that and I'm gonna say you smell all right thank Tony Blanc they're all just what is what it's a nice guy is lame this is insane all right guys what do you guys think is inside this house though that's the big question all right so anything could be inside this house we already saw a few decals but I do not trust since you said are you ready to enter the exclusive hater house I'm gonna say yes let's enter oh my goodness let's go all right hop inside all right oh my literally haters United what is this like the company name oh my goodness there's the decal of me another decal of me oh my goodness there's literally somebody so you can literally just see through the windows what this is it says this is the meeting room okay nice to hear I wonder what's over in these two rooms I'm a little bit nervous right now I'm gonna say nice I'm gonna say I mean bad if I say nice maybe you still think I'm nice I was I'm the head of the board the hate is united I'm gonna say this room looks okay Lowell I just got to be a little bit rude okay got to be a little bit rude to show I bet you a bit take it as a compliment man all right can't be nice to want to see the other rooms like what what do you I'm just gonna go into this one immediately I'm just gonna kind of walk on and what is okay this is nothing too crazy I kind of just bust it on in here but it's fine we're fine I'm gonna say nice rooms that it's a suite okay pretty cool I wonder what's in this okay this is just a nice bathroom well this bathroom is sick well there's got to be more to this room guys okay there has to be another crazy thing oh god I'm really nervous to go inside this room man well well I have to read this all running from his fans clickbait island his boss is pointing at the sloth real poke as in real poke what is it what is real real poke I think is actually a food I think well guys this is literally just a giant rose boards that haha you like this is just a bunch of roast bug clickbait Islands and you like this I'm gonna say I'm gonna say I'm gonna say it said I got a custom painting done by another PO cater I'm gonna say uh yeah it's not bad I'm gonna say looks pretty mean hahaha you know that's all I'm gonna say it took yeah I know right yeah it looks pretty mean groups yeah that's pretty very wild man she's really just really being mean right here man I said it so I'm gonna be like I miss appealing in I'm gonna say in the end I'm gonna say I don't wanna roast poke so much he's not though actually I don't even know what I'm saying wait I just messed up I think guys I think I just messed up big-time I I literally just I don't want to roast poke that much but why would I say that if I'm not a poke aider she just said you don't want a roast poke oh god guys wait a minute what is why do I wait a minute why am i why do I feel like there's a door behind wait a minute guys I see another room in this house I'm really scared are you some dumb nice grandma to say um no no what um why would why would I be no no why would I be some nice girl no no no that no no that's your your you're not even you don't know making any sense what you just said I just realized wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute I know who you are wait wait wait wait I'm gonna say what a PO cater obviously I'm gonna just say I hate poke lull obviously it's a Jenni basket rabbit Oh God oh sweet jeez it's a poke no no no no no no it's not me I know it's you no no no no what's happening guys what's happening I I could just oh god oh god I'm really scared right now we just said get ready to lose everything guys it doesn't matter I'm gonna run for the door let's go no no no no no no no no you kidding me no no no this actually is not real this is not real she really does locked me now you're stuck here oh god what's next guys what's next what's next I'm really scared oh no I don't like this at all I'm look you in the pit oh god guys I don't wanna go to the pit I don't want to go to the pit I think the pits down there I think that's where the pit leads dude oh no no no no no okay guys he just said come here I'm really really nervous right now oh god oh god oh god I think oh my god that's where the pit is that's where the pit is holy I don't like this at all oh god oh god oh god no no no saying this is reserved oh god what the heck all those two cells down here Oh God way what cell do I want oh my god what's all do I want I got a look at both really fast hold on um um um guys guys guys I have a really big hunch wait a minute wait a minute I think there's a different design wait a minute I think there was a secret I think there's something secret in this one yes she's actually letting me in that's what I knew it okay guys oh my goodness there's a secret door in this but I don't have permission oh God okay I'm gonna have to really convince her prefer permission I really have to convince her that I'm good man okay get in now oh my goodness this is not happening I'm trapped okay we're fine I'm gonna say I'm gonna say listen to me I'm gonna say you may think I'm poke then now I'll guess you so you could sleep Amissah wait wait what she's gonna guess me she's gonna guess we said the door's locked wait did she actually just guess me oh my goodness guys if she gives me guests she is the dumbest poke a door I've ever seen so don't try to escape Lowell guys you already know what's going down here all right I'm gonna say I'm gonna say honestly I'm gonna say honest honestly I hate poke and I'm gonna sleep this off say poke I know it's you I'm gonna sleep this off good night I'm gonna say good night I don't even argue with her I'm just gonna try to sleep guys we haven't escaped it Lily the eyelid I have the open key on that thing guys I'm gonna literally Dwemer to leave okay let's see stay in there all right guys oh my goodness this is it we are going up she's leaving right now okay as soon as she leaves like she's just so dumb man all right guys wait oh god oh god I'm stuck all right here we go guys all right let's open the door oh my goodness is this actually a thing okay I'm gonna close the door real quick holy no way this is real oh my goodness oh my I'm gonna behind the house I want to troll her so bad I'm gonna look through the window and I just wanted to look right at me where is she guys oh my goodness I'm gonna head right over into the room all right wait a minute um hello where are you yo turn around turn around oh I'm gonna say nice then escape literally guys some people just always have Plan B's are you stupid I'm literally out of your guys make sure to leave a like right now and to make sure to subscribe if you have not guys we just escaped a poke haters home I literally cannot believe stuff like this exists guys make sure you start code poke when you guys do purchase road bumps I love y'all so much peace out and good bye

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