42 thoughts on “Poland crushes the Soviet invasion on Europe, 1920 * Europe saved from the nightmare of GUlag

  • Hatred to Russia called Rusophobia is a psychological pathology of today's world. The most violently ill are Europe and USA. Alas, any treatment is useless. To put an end to the irrational existence of the latter is the only remedy to save the rest of the world from that paranoia.

  • that was a great patriotic war… those valiant soldiers that stood their ground in the face of overwhelming enemies deserve respect.

  • Russian communism was trying to free the world from oppression, capitalism and starvation.
    Pity the bolschevists didn't take Warsaw in 1920!

  • Русофобская хуета , хотя красные те ещё скоты , но так обобщать простого красноармейца с чекистким пидором ……

  • This movie I read was filmed in 3D, and it's among the most expensive film in the history of Polish cinematography. Obviously, it's a movie with characters, plots, etc. Good job in choosing the appropriate scenes to convey a narrative, whether people agree with the intent or not is a matter of opinion.

  • As a Romanian i respect the Polish People,they fighted against the tyrannical soviet army,Respect to the Polish Soldiers who died not for only saving Poland,and for saving The Whole europe from Gulag

    Thank you Poland

  • Look at the description this guy fucking hates Russia and it's people. What has western propaganda led to.

  • Помнят псы-атаманы,
    Помнят польские паны
    Конармейские наши клинки.

  • Please, don't rewrite history. In begin of 20 century, Poland was a part of Russian Empire. New Soviet Russia wasn't going to capture West Europe, at least it wasn't possible. And you should understand, idea of comunism wasn't born in Russia, in every country of Europe was adepts of "red" revolution. There wasn't question to capture some country. Idea was in theworld revolution!
    Poland, Finland, Lithua and other got a large assist from England, so they wasn't one. The West Europe really recreate Poland to have new border zone with Russia. I think, it is true. I understand, people in the Poland wanted to live alone, but they saved Poland only. Russian Empire didn't kill them when it was possible, for example. Say thanks:)

    Okay, you may not love Russia, but don't be stupid, please) It was a bad time for all, actually for Russia.

  • Where was these guys during the time the Soviets saved their asses during WW2 😂 pretty stupid as fuck people, traitors and cowards that's what poland really is.

  • Why does people hate Poland? They saved Europe from the Red Plague… Without Poland, Europe will be communist

  • My country cannot be peaceful and western, first we go to communism, then set formal monarchy from president republic now and what next? I am from Russia and we fucked up, our government don't like us and russian people are scared and weak to save their own country?

  • u mean poland attack on russia and after 20 years spit a blood out of teeth when stalin and hitler divided poland for this?

  • Anyone complaining about Poland taking undue credit for saving Europe hasn't seen enough British WW II documentaries.

  • Занятно… Польша напала на РСФСР с целью захвата территорий, а как получила по соплям, так сразу "стала защищать Европу". Если бы не продажная шкура Тухачевский (хорошо, что его расстреляли), то этот фильм снимать вообще было бы бессмысленно ибо не о чем с польской точки зрения.

  • Poland saves Europe from Muslim and yet Poland were ransacked by Swedish, Hapsburg Empire, Prussia and Russia. Poland saves Europe from Communism and again Gt Britain, French, Russian and American saves Poles from extinction.
    blab,blab blab…….same old bull shit narratives.

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