Police say man offered doughnuts to officers for his freedom – 247 news

Police in Maryland say a man who was being detained told officers he worked at Krispy Kreme and would give them doughnuts if they let him go Sgt. Jonathan Shatlock told The Frederick News-Post 25-year-old Matthew Tyler Rosenberg and another man were spotted Thursday by another officer who suspected they were peering into vehicles for anything worth stealing The officer ‘believed the two guys were looking into vehicles to see if there were any items worth stealing,’ Shatlock said in the statement Charging documents state the officer ordered them to stop, but Rosenberg began walking away  They say a struggle ensued and an officer kneed Rosenberg in the abdomen before he was subdued Share this article Share Authorities say a search of Rosenberg yielded an air pistol and marijuana  It was then that Rosenberg began offering officers doughnuts.Rosenberg faces charges including resisting arrest  It’s unclear if he has a lawyer. The other man wasn’t charged.When asked if he believes the offer was a joke about cop stereotype, Shatlock said: ‘I believe that he was serious He also offered another officer money to let him go free.’

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