POLICING FOR PROFIT: Feds try to take innocent elderly couple’s Mom-and-Pop motel

My name is Russ Caswell, I run Caswell Motel in Tewksbury, MA. My father built it in Nineteen Fifty-Five. It’s been in the family ever since then, and I took it over in Nineteen Ninety-Four. I’m sixty-nine, my wife seventy-one, and we had hoped at this stage we’d be
able to retire and do what retired people do, but instead we’re left fighting a federal government that is trying to
steal our property for things that we have done nothing wrong. Civil Forfeiture laws represent one of
the most serious assaults on private property rights and our nation today, and the Motel Caswell case opitimizes everything that
is wrong with our nation’s civil forfeiture laws. The Caswells
stand to lose their entire property, something they have worked for for their entire lives,
even though the police make no allegation that the Caswells have done
anything wrong. And indeed the Caswells have no criminal
record whatsoever. Under civil forfeiture laws, people who
were not convicted, or even charged with criminal activity, can face the loss of their property. I
think it’s quite obvious at this point why the federal government has gone
after me and not other businesses. We are a mom-and-pop type operation, and we have no mortgage and anything they
get here, they get to keep for themselves, where the other places are big corporations and so on, and they have the vast resources to fight this sort of thing. It’s taken a huge financial toll on our
family. We just can’t afford to fight it, and the Institute for Justice thankfully came along and helped us with this thing when they saw how ridiculous
it was. And it’s also taken a huge physical toll on our family. My wife has
been very ill, and we’ve been planning on retiring, and then all of a
sudden we get hit with this. The week of November fifth, we are going to be going to
trial on behalf of the Caswell family, and we are going to do everything in our power to make
sure that the Motel Caswell stays and that Russ in his family’s rights are
vindicated. I’m fighting this so that the younger people that are coming along don’t
have to go through similar things that i’m going to at this point. You know, working
all your life to get somewhere and then have the Government just come along and
take it fro+m you.

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  • Time to repeal these types of laws.. What a huge waste of resources at tax payers expense..U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, Carmen M. Ortiz and the DOJ should be held accountable for this type of behavior.. its embarrasing to the Commonwealth.

  • This place is fucking JUNK. I installed cable there in Tewksbury and it is just disgusting. I had to take a shower after being there for 5 mins. All that is there is druggies and addicts that live there for a good 20 years and just don't leave. If I were the owner. I would push them all out. The back area of the caswell is a tiny big more upgraded with jacuzzis but that is about it. It is nothing but scum there its pretty insane.


  • why we have not witnessed another armed revolution is beyond me. All the necessary ingredients are here.

  • Wow, talk about serendipity or kismet or whatever you want to refer to it as, i was just reading, today, a review of Great Basin National Park, and in that review, the man was saying that a park ranger threatened to write him a ticket, the threatened to arrest him, impound his vehicle, leave his family (wife & young son & daughter) on the side of the road, because (you're gonna love this one, trust me),..


  • part #2

    the kids were playing with sticks in the campsite the family occupied. Shoving the tiny sticks in the ground, making like it was a tiny forest, playing as kids will do. Now mind you, they weren't ripping limbs off of healthy, or even dead trees. They were simply using the sticks found in the campsite to make (see also: create), their own little "forest." The kids felt the "creation urge" as so often happens when kids are out in nature. But there was no law being broken.


  • part #3

    The man's review was PRICELESS, as the whole thing was very positive, and then in passing, poof!, the comment about the nazi ranger. he even went on to say that he didn't remember the ranger's name, but wished he had gotten it, and then said "but if you want to find out who he is, just do a Google search for "POS" and you'll be sure to find him.


  • part #4

    He then signed off with more positive comments about the park and their overall experience, and even rated the experience a 5+ out of 5, not counting the nazi ranger,..LMAO!
    The guy definitely had a sense of humor about the whole thing, but did make clear – in very concise, succinct & few words – that the VERY abusive & threatening nazi POS ranger was the ONLY negative in a very rewarding and enjoyable Nat'l Park experience.



  • part #5

    The things we have to concern ourselves with most in this country, as STILL FREE, LEGAL American citizens, is, the one-sidedness of our civil forfeiture laws, and ALL law enforcement & court/judicial systems at ALL levels, especially where police at ALL levels are raping people for their property, with little to none in the way of protection for those people being victimized by this "Policing for Profit" and the general abuses of our SUPPOSED law-enforcement agencies,..


  • part #6

    Do a Google search for "Inequitable Justice: How Federal "Equitable Sharing" Encourages Local Police and Prosecutors to Evade State Civil Forfeiture Law for Financial Gain" – just copy and paste that into a Google search, and it will be the first link at the top that you'll want to click on, and then do yourself a HUGE favor, and READ IT! And READ THE REPORT that is available on the page that the link opens.

    (continued),..sorry this is SO long,..

  • part #7, and HOPEFULLY, the last part

    This rot will curl your hair, if it isn't already.

    It's utterly disgusting.

    For those who haven't taken notice yet, or are in denial,WE THE PEOPLE are being fleeced & will soon be known as "the other class" when people of "the elite class" are speaking of us.
    Soon, if we don't do anything to stop it & if it isn't already too late, there will be "the haves" & "the have nots"

    Be ready for when the SHTF!


    (dot) shtfplan (dot) com

    Don't delay!

  • epilogue:

    By the way, just for those who don't know computer or internet/urban lingo, "SHTF" stands for "STUFF HITS THE FAN", only substitute another commonly-used & much more appropriate word for the word "STUFF" and you'll know what i'm referring to.

    Do yourself a favor, visit the website.
    It's full of clear, no nonsense, non-doom & gloom, straight-shootin' facts & LOTS of information.

    I'm not affiliated with the site, but i use it.

    shtfplan (dot) com

    Do it for you & yours

    God Bless


  • this elderly couple can't do a strip search of every customer, it infringes right of privecy of every customer, or do the government suggests that they should start policing the property inside or outside on the basis of some rare "accidents" or "not so accurate decisions"?

  • War on Drugs is such a huge scam. They also use it to get slaves to fill up their private prisons contracts with CCA etc. In the real world the US Govt (and especially the CIA) are very deeply involved in the trafficking and cultivation and distribution of narcotics.

  • A BAD Crime on Good U.S Citizens" HOW EVIL ARE FED'S THAT THEY CAN ROB THEIR PROPERTY. Why aren't they going after the BANKS that have stolen $9.1Trillion from the U.S Defence Budget from 1997 to the Present Day = 2001" 9/ 1O DAY BEFORE 9 /11 Rumsfeld told the U.S Senate that $2.3 Trillion missing" Well it was $9.1 Trillion" This was done to kill America as the Richest Country On Earth" COMPUTER FRAUD" What Company SOLD The Pentagon Doctored Computers That Stole Your Country's Wealth = LIKE USSR

  • This is happening in Australia also. Corrupt Police are targeting low income people with fabricated charges because they know full well they cannot afford good lawyers.

    These criminal Governments make me physically sick.

  • Same also in malaysia . But different is all the property(land) we own before independent or live there over 15 or over all belong to government…..

  • If we not have legal document or have it….. if we out from there.. gov give us transit home made from asbestos.. and plywood…

  • The world has never seen a more corrupt and morally bankrupt group of degenerates come to power in a once great nation. There is nothing new under the sun, but these shysters take the cake when it comes to the outright lack of any decency whatsoever!

  • The rabbit hole just keeps growing deeper. I would say what immediately comes to mind – "this is unbelievable!", but that is, sadly, no longer true. It is altogether too believable and it's time to wake up and realize that this and other insults to justice and fairness aren't going to stop because the government (and don't kid yourself, I'm Canadian and it's everywhere) – because the government decides "hey, we shouldn't be doing this." Ain't gonna happen.

  • Yeah, and that is just one of the consp,….,iracies! Rob people of their property is an Illum,….,inati sub-objective! I had to space the word, so they won't erase what I type out on YouTube. They arrested Veterans at the Vietnam Memorial in NY too, but mainstream media doesn't mention that. These trends like in the above video will continue unless people stand up. This is not the only instince I'm hearing about of gov theft. Message by the[]tea[]party[]truther[]dot[]com

  • Two words. Allodial title. Your lawyers won't tell you about it. With it you could just tell the gov to go pound sand and to GTFO of 'your' property.

  • This is happening cause the Police is just an extension of Big Maffia Government that is hijacked by Elite Globalist that have their mission statement on their Goergia Guidstones (American Stonehenge) . Put simply the end game, they want to kill 9 out of every 10 people on earth & bring in a One World Government NWO, go google it & research this stuff cause it's all true. Eminent Domain & Civil Forfeiture & Forclosure all a part of their same scam same as what Tennesssee Police is doing on Hwy.

  • Did u know Israel controls us here in Australia, they shot 2 of my rellies in Tassie 1996 along with 27 others, also Brendon O Connel in WA doing 3 years prison for verbally defending Pallestine against jews & the NSW Government has a Whole depot for these criminals that went on record to say we don't have freedom of speech here in Ozz. Also Ju-Liar Gillard was put into PM possie by an Israeli Jew called Albert Dadon & that Rupert Murdoch's main headquaters is in Israel cause he's also a jew.

  • Thank god they won! I can't believe this was even brought to trial. It must have cost more to prosecute than the profit that would have been made had they been successful in their efforts to seize the motel.

    But, if the prosecution had simply folded at the show of resistance from another law firm, that would be akin to admitting that they WERE doing something unconstitutional, and potentially illegal, after all. So I can understand why they would go ahead and make their case anyway.

    This has interested me enough that I think I will go look up the particulars and see what settlement was made.

  • U know why their are laws against these type of things?That way those who create the laws can write them in such a way to get away with theft.

  • The mofos that do this to people like the Caswells deserve to be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on rails,…with the rails firmly planted up their nether regions. They're all frakking unethical & immoral thieves!
    They are going to do this one too many times,..to one too many people,..or to the wrong people that we can all rally around, and/or they are going to create a list of people that have nothing left to lose, and a person or group of persons with nothing left to lose, and those who are willing to stand with and by them, are a VERY DANGEROUS lot to be dealt with.
    When the "stuff" really does hit the fan, cops and anybody else that does this kind of thing to innocent people are going to be the first ones dealt with, and i hope that they die a SLOW, agony-filled death, just like the death they try to perpetrate on innocent people like the Caswells.

  • The real problem here is that those people working in the government that committed this crime will never be punished. This amounts to terrorism committed by our government against our citizens.

  • It is upsetting to realize that the Police at all levels are nothing but filthy stinking thieves. Hey you scumbag gangsters, if you find a criminal, charge them in court, don't just rob people.

    And on top of that, they shoot every family dog they see!

  • If they can take their property because a few people did drugs in their motel, then every single motel and hotel should be seized. The reason they don't do it to everyone of them is because the majority are owned by corporations.

  • I am so glad that the caswell's finally won a victory over tyranny. In their shoes had I lost all Appeals I think I would have been renting a bulldozer for the day. It is so hard to imagine that things like this can happen in our country. In reality though, this is only one of the worst examples of many many many such up uses by our government. I hear all the time the phrase a few bad apples especially related to criminal behaviour amongst police. Unfortunately though, it takes much more then just a few bad apples to allow for so many such evil instances of abuse on American citizens. Many people in the system had to initiate process and defend such a obvious abuse of power in the Caswell case. This isn't the result of one overzealous bureaucrat. Typically in activities such as this if they've abused their power once in such a manner, they've done it many times too many people.

  • The best thing to do if you lose a civil forfeiture case and the Feds or the State takes your property or business knowing you are innocent , I would burn it down in the middle of the night .

  • If patrons using drugs is the reason the Fed can seize this motel then every hotel and resorts (even the high end ones (Ritz Carlton, Green Briar etc) are at risk for civil forfeiture

  • They probably set the arrest cases up. ( C ompartmentalized I n A gendas ) This place is more corrupt than you think.. GIVE CEASAR WHAT IS CEASARS AND GIVE GOD WHAT IS GOD'S.

  • All this greed, lying, racism, murder,corruption in this world we are coming to the end of days. This shit needs to change and change fast.

  • You should be able to sue the fed gov and get every pennie and for suffering, this is complete robbery, and the feds wonder why no one trust them, crooked as they come

  • And how about all the drug users that do it on pubic property, do we get to sue the gov and take that land? Its our land anyway, tax payers bought it

  • Boston has turned into a police state with all brand new FBI buildings in surrounding cities the liberal mind set has allowed these government entities to get away with murder and anything else they want Garnetted the CIA brought all the heroin into the state when bush was President and killed generations of people all over Massachusetts. Also the non stop chemtrailing of our skies

  • The government is behind all these and we have to fight to win back our property but when we win meaning they lost, I was right and they were wrong there's punishment on their part. There's no incentive for them to not do this with out just cause. What's to lose I take their stuff and I might have to give it back only if they win and if they do big deal no harm to me. Other than on case by case and simply defensive basis, how do you fight something like this? Has there been any offensive litigation on this with civil forfeiture as a whole and if no why not?

  • The "government" isn't just some magical ball that issues lawyer's and officers to carry out such orders. There's people behind this that are making these decisions. And when such gross negligence in these cases happen and if these responsible people can't be held civilly liable then they need to be held morally liable. They need to be identified asked by the media or just citizens why did you do this? Does your family your friends know you do this? Your church members the people in your community your neighbors? This starts to need to be done to hold people accountable, people always refer to the govt as just some magical invisible entity controlling our world, it is in a sense but in reality its flesh and blood people who do this and while this magic invisible govt can't be hurt influenced or compelled, flesh and blood people can.

  • Government corruption puppets will continue to steal from the innocent. It's time to organize your militias America, We the people have the 100% Constitutional rights to take down corrupt government officials and policies.💪😎

  • ya the covernment is becoming more curropt over the years. where the world goes to hell. the evil cops will get killed first then most of the polictions will go second.

  • They are attacking this guy knowing he cant afford to hire lawyers and fight a drawn out court case. Thank god that law firm is helping him. That is a retarded law. Now if the cops could implicate the owners in the crimes then I could understand, but for people not charged with any crime to be threatened with loss of their family business is not right. Pure policing for profit, disgusting law that needs to be removed. At the very least rewritten to protect the innocent, without them having to go through an expensive court case.

  • The question is, "Why is this not an issue in any political race?" Six years later and neither democrats nor republicans have taken it up.

  • Leave it to our government to steal from the people,as if taxes are not illegal too,the government are nothing but thugs and bullies,what's sad is they arrest and put people in the mafia away for the same thing the banks can charge rediculous amounts for loans but a mafia person goes to prison,just rediculous

  • The greed and corruption of Corporate America is beyond belief! It's about time the Judges, Leo's etcetera were held accountable. Where are all these 2nd amendment supporters? All the ones who say they need their guns to fight corrupt government?

  • This literally turned my stomach!! Then they wonder why people end up becoming radicals!! Imagine losing your lives work to the fucking Feds for nothing!!

  • Civil forfeiture should be called what it is, the theft of property from American citizens . Or robbery !
    I've heard police say it's a good way to boost the income of officers and there have been things like tractors and nice cars taken from citizens that have never committed a crime, the police merely say they think it's possible that you purchased your car or whatever with drug money, hell they can take your home just as easy and they know you did no such thing but if they really need that tractor on there property and they can't afford one then your tractor will fit the bill and what once was yours because you worked for years to obtain is now the police chiefs new tractor. It's just that easy, I live in Oklahoma now and the state police had machines installed in there cars that make it easy for the trooper to take all your cards out of your wallet and clean out your checking or savings accounts and even gift cards you got for X-Mas or whatever, they are encouraged to rob you!

  • This isn't going away and because it's been presented to police departments all over our country and they tell these police departments that it's legal not moral but as long as it's legal you can take anything from anyone by simply saying I think you got this from drug sales, that's it and I've heard that they have hearings that your not told about so when you don't show up for the court date you automatically loose and they keep it and I was told if you show for the court date your not allowed to speak or say anything to defend yourself! Really it true , and of course you loose because the court doesn't want to hear from you. This is corruption and if you did this it would put you behind bars but it's A OK for law enforcement to do to you, Robbing you.
    This is the kind of thing the second amendment was created for and made a right of the people, tyrannical , corrupt government ! It's going to get worse by the way, way worse !

  • hmmmm, that's interesting. The Government never seized Google, Amazon, Comcast or Verizon Headquarters for hosting criminal enterprises?

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