Polish Ramen Review #113

Food I’m so hungry I got schab with potatoes You always get a salad Potatoes are very common too My nalesniki are ready And I got kompot and here’s the retro Polish soda Schab is like a sirloin and it’s in mushroom sauce Bar mleczny translates roughly to milk bar and they’re traditionally very cheap Why is it called a bar mleczny? Because primarily they were selling milk based products so like yogurt, crepes with cheese, anything that’s not meat Milk soup Yeah and it’s also popular amongst the older people because A) it takes them back to the time of their youth when they had such things more often, and it’s also cheap. These are like crepes, but I think they’re called blintz when you translate them and there is cheese inside It’s just rolled up dough with sweet cheese These taste really good and actually, these taste like my childhood I haven’t had a lot of time to vlog the last few days And also Kasia’s exploration of Poland is super interesting, also to me So I can’t really compete with these parts With that said, yesterday Marcin and myself, we explored something interesting This is what you do when you want to save money. You go to a supermarket around 10pm And everything is discounted It’s a very foreign thing to do but everybody does it There’s a nervous atmosphere, like a race against the clock and other people who want to get these discounted things before you 10 pieces of sashimi, less than 2 dollars This is ten dollars worth of sushi But that was yesterday Today I spent the entire day editing videos But I’m going out now And I’m taking you with me I have to quickly go to an electronic’s store to buy a new camera 360 camera, but actually, the quality really sucks on this one but I want play around with the concept Did I mention that Poland’s a very homogenously Catholic country There’s a lot of Catholic symbolism all around While I was out shopping yesterday I picked up two drinks that are apparently trending right now in Poland Birch tree juice and sea buckthorn juice Copernicus Museum of Science? I was going to show you guys a really awesome museum but I fucked it up so we’re going to probably a less awesome museum No it’s still awesome Still awesome We’ll see I’m going to see my friends for a cheese festival See Fromages Village First stop, I got a mojito So this place has like ten restaurants All of them offering cheese specials today Wow, some of this stuff looks really good Got lots of cheese themed food Here’s Malgosia This is a hotdog with avocado cheese, amazing And a potato with cheese and a steak with cheese Cheese everywhere Cheese village They have so many kinds of cheese So these are all the specialties of the cheese village Amazing Yeah, and a mojito This is really good but the black bun is freaking me out We just finished at the museum We understood nothing Oh we understood something A little bit A guy was playing with his penis Yeah, dicks, moving dick And then war stuff, there was war stuff And then the space stuff and the beach stuff That was kind of freaky Guys, I bought shoes because shoes here fit me Unboxing of this It’s amazing This looks like a very good idea Oh yeah, it’s getting light, yeah it works right now My brother works at Canon How do you feel right now? It’s beautiful And then we will eat ramen Then we will eat ramen, best cameraman in the world Krzysiek and Zusia over here Hi! Have tried many ramens in Warsaw And they decided this was the best one so Cheers! We’re really cultured people here Our ramen just arrived and it actually looks totally legit Like it looks pretty damn good The soup is totally good The macaroni is a little overcooked and other than that, it’s actually good Pretty damn good ramen for Poland, in my opinion Gotta find an ATM

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