Politics is Toxic, Marianne Williamson Can Fix It

Um, and let’s go next to our caller from the
eight 62 area code. Who’s calling today from eight, six two. Oh yes. Hello? Yes, that’s you. Oh my God. Really? Yes. And we’re not on speaker phone, right? Uh, no, it’s the connection. Spell that. Oh, and it just sounds a little echo. What’s your name? Hi, I’m a child from New Jersey. Sorry, what was your name? Ciao. Ciao. Okay. Short for Chelsea. Okay. All right. What’s on your mind today? Okay. Um, I have, um, I have one, uh, an observation
that I just kind of want your take on. Okay. Um, I feel like, uh, I am like a progressive
in general. Like, I don’t even know, like I, I’m a Bernie
Sanders ordinary supported in the 2016 and I’m, I’m supporting him now, but I try to
see like, I want Marianne Williamson to come in and give us all some political therapy
because I don’t know, I like this we anger and like really talked to the city. Then I feel like a lot of the presses on them
caters. I like kind of avoiding discussing like what
the root cause of it as. And I, I’m trying to decide whether it’s like
the hatred that people have for who he crazy. So strong or is it like a love for Bernie
Sanders that is causing like so much chaos? I don’t know if you would’ve thought I owe
like, right. Well listen, I definitely notice anger in
the political world. I think a lot of the anger is warranted because
we’ve had ideologues and corporations and their lobbyists basically take over and control
every aspect of life and you know, rape and pillage the lower and middle classes, uh,
for their benefits. So like I get the anger, we look at other
countries that are as rich as ours, and we see that they have things that for whatever
reason we’re told we can’t have at the expense of having this completely overinflated military. Uh, so I get the anger. I think that what you’re pointing out where
I would agree is that there is a degree of toxic infighting on the left. And I’ve talked about about it myself, where
if you’re not on 100%, uh, with the people who set the litmus test, you’re sort of thrown
out as if you’re not even a valid person on the side that we’re all on. And I think that that is the problem on the
left that I would most identify these, these kind of, you know, if you’re not with us on
everything, you’re, you’re, you might as well be against us. I’m sniffing. Yeah, I’m sniffing. I mean, you know, the left person’s right
thing, if some are going, going to happen. But I’m specifically talking about fighting
among progressive. Yeah. You know, I see it in, in, in politics, in
politics to wake up the whole Russia issue, which I guess I don’t want to get into because
like it, I’m tired of talking about it, thinking about it. Yeah. Yeah, I know. But there was a lot of infighting around it. You’re right. Yeah. Yeah. I’m there. There are people that I work with you and
I really respect, I like a lot of attention from you and see like secondly, coming off
anyway, people I really respected who ignore one part of the mall for it because they think
that it will somehow validate it. It’ll show me why I’m being more than Sa.
[inaudible] yes. Rush that did in her hands in some way, you
know? And then they, they just shame on the part
where, you know, they feel like Trump was exonerated. Not because they went from things like his
presidency or what he’s doing, but because they ate chili cookers so much. Like they don’t want to like think about any
other possible reason for her life other than herself. But I would marginally agree she lost because
of herself. I didn’t know Kennedy, you know, people who
have put [inaudible] conservative hello? You can serve. Yes. Okay. Well, alright, Chow. I think she said her name was, uh, thank you
for the call. I agree with you about some of the internal
infighting just being really, really bad. All right. That’s all the time we have today. We will take calls again. Uh, that’s it. We’ll go to a break. Sorry to everybody. I did not get to

100 thoughts on “Politics is Toxic, Marianne Williamson Can Fix It

  • I love that David couldn't pronounce her unnecessarily self-convoluted name. "It's Chel. Short for Chelsea." Sure thing, Chow.

  • Lolll David is clearly enraged she didn’t just say Chelsea. I’ve never seen someone who seems to hate taking calls so much. I enjoy watching it

  • I’ll never understand why people call in and ramble on & on without ever really asking a question or making a clear argument. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this call was mysteriously cut short lol.

  • The Dayton shooter has being burried over redirectof all this white supremicy and Danger .and the EL Paso shooting . .the Dayton seems an Eliot Rogers kind of Incel . Failed Manginas . Who feel betrayed lied by left everything the Believed. Who feel used lied to. .the Dayton shooter had liberal leaning views

  • Oh my goodness David I just realized that this is the first woman I've ever heard call into your show you've got to try to work on getting more women listening😂😊

  • Listen, I don’t mean to be a curmudgeon or an asshole, but does anyone else seize to take someone seriously when they talk with the cadence that that caller does?
    How the inflection goes up at the end? Like it’s a question? And every other word is “like?”

    Am I being sour asshole, or do most of us millennials talk like children?
    (David, myself, and I’d imagine many of you are the exception, of course… but I hear a good portion of people in their 20’s and early 30’s speak with this inflection. Maybe it’s totally normal, and I’m just tripping.

  • havent we heard that before…honestly i think people from the outside that come into politics and think they can "fix" it are probably the ones mostly bound to not achieve anything because they just get swallowed by the system

  • lmao caller here. my connection was horrible omg. David must have the patience of buddha. No more calls from my samsung note 8.

  • The right wing thinks saying "hello" to foreigners is too radical…NOTHING will get done until the GOP is minority or gone

  • Get the fuck out of here with this nonsense. She is a charlatan who is literally thinks AIDS and cancer can be prayed away with love fuck OFF.

  • You should be angry. 40k die from lack of HC. 70-100k die from addiction aka another lack of HC and mental health issue. Another 30-40k die from guns principally suicide. Aka another mental health issue. You see the picture? America is sick, and you should be angry about for profit interests against fixing it

  • 😂Please stop picking on this woman. I think she would have a nice fit, in a Warren or Sanders Administration.

  • Williamson is an antivaxxer. Any leftist who votes for her disqualifies themselves from ever being taken seriously on anything ever.

  • Still don't understand why David is willing to waste time with candidates that have no chances of winning and continue not to give tulsi any mention and insist he wants to win in 2020. You are purposefully leaving a candidate from your stories that could get more people to vote Democrat, if you can dedicate a part of your show to john Delaney, you can put up tulsi gabbard's policies.

  • Again I like how David at least tried to have the audience and listeners in mind and tries to ensure people who call in are prepared and actually speak up when they get on the show. It's like when he chooses them they are caught completely off guard or were half doing something else and they suddenly are talking to David. It's like call in and wait for him to choose you or don't call at all.

  • Did she coin a word…"Trumpxicity"?! I heard "Chow" at first, but then (I think) she said "Chel". Short for Chelsea… WAIT! She WAS talking about Hillary.🤔

    I think she was talking through an Metro Piece of 💩 By T-Mobile "Smart" tin can with a string…

  • She will beat republicans with love 💕……
    2020’s gonna be a doozy. Good luck democrats, better be praying Michelle Obama makes a late entry cause that’s your best shot 👍🏻

  • Chel is talking about Kyle Kulinski and probably Dimmy Jore. Both are SO invested in the Russian interference being not a big deal and the Mainstream media is so stupid to talk about it. They just choose to ignore that the media WAS right about Trump's Russian ties and their interference… The only thing the MSM got wrong was about the fact that Mueller can't do anything about it even if Trump was guilty.

    They could have saved a lot of people a lot of heartache had we known that. They should have made clear that even if Trump is guilty as sin, we would have to then hope the Congress would do something about it. Then, most of us would have known not to get our hopes up.

  • Dunno if we need Williamson’s ‘political therapy’ is needed. Perhaps we just need to read more books and not rely on YouTube to educate themselves

  • Politics is toxic because of division on the left? I think you're blaming the victim? We could have unification on the left around the truth… But I guess in order to have that We'll have to keep doing more education to expose the Jesuit order, the Illuminati in America and abroad, and they're evil co-opting of world banking, our Federal Reserve Bank, our intelligence agencies and all of our walks of life virtually. They are throughout the educational system and put their Jesuit groomed implants into important positions of power over and over. You think we could get our heads around this stuff? America alike Israel, are no more than Vatican Bulldogs protecting the biggest Mafia in history. Netanyahu is a very high degree Jesuit Mason who answers directly to the Vatican, and the Jesuit Pope and Jesuit black pope. So was Shimon Peres. It's just the way things have worked and do work for them not us. Remember the Carnation revolution in Portugal 1974. They expelled fascism without a shot fired

  • All I got from this convo was that this chick thinks anger can be banished by Williamson's good vibes, rather than by fixing the bad stuff that caused that anger to begin with.

    It reminds me of that old man/woman divide. The one where a man wants to fix the problem, while the woman wants emotional support so she can keep enduring it.

  • I like the Orb caucus although "'Chele' is short for 'Chelsea'" is definitely something I'd expect from a Williamson supporter.

  • David, we don’t need a video posted on every single phone call you take…not sure if you do that or not but I’ve started skipping these videos all together because they’re becoming more and more uninteresting. Especially when it’s a bad connection and we can’t even understand the person on the other end.

  • Williamson has no shot at being the nominee so she should get the fuck off the stage and give more time to serious people.

  • There’s a difference between supporting 90 percent of the right policies that we’re talking about, and being joe Biden, who kind of seems like doesn’t even want to get rid of the trump tax cuts

  • As a Bernies supporter, after having been slandered and gaslighted by centrists, Hillary supporters, MSM, etc ever since 2015, it is difficult to be nice, but I do try

  • One thing I always notice is how often someone says "like" when they're talking. It's very distracting and makes it difficult for me to talk them seriously.

  • Those other channels don't "ignore" Russia as a reason for Hillary's loss. They just know it's irrelevant. Blaming Russia is kin to blaming traffic for being late to work. Yeah…traffic was a little heavier than normal, but the reality is you stayed up late partying, hit the snooze a billion times, overslept, and decided you needed to still hit Starbucks before you clocked in. Understand where the blame belongs and focus on fixing that instead of making excuses.

  • The fact that we are even considering Marianne Williamson shows how low the bar is. She made her living peddling alternative medicine quackery, and said that you can cure HIV by having positive vibes, and that vaccines are toxic. And, she isn't even for Medicare For All! Why the heck are any progressives saying they are voting for her? Are the braindead?

  • Come check out Warren. Her supporters, myself included, are playing a different game. We are not attacking other candidates or their supporters. We believe in her policies, and have long wonky debates with each other about them. But we do not lose sight of the whole Democratic Party and how we all have to come together in the end to beat Trump, which is much harder if we are all mad at each other to the point of lowering trust within the party.

  • So, David, explain to me why you've posted this on YT. And, more importantly, explain what it has to do with Marianne Williamson. You have click-baited us by putting a positive sounding title with MW's name in it only to post a non-sensical call from an incoherent MW supporter, as if your real intention is to get us to associate a really stupid, meaningless video with Marianne herself. I have always liked you because I felt you were very objective, but now I'm beginning to wonder as you seem very biased against her. Why don't you actually have her on your show and let her speak for herself instead of calling her a "kook" in one video and posting this video in what looks to me like an attempt to make her look stupid by association?

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