Poroshenko Lost 20% of Ukraine’s Industrial Potential

Thursday night, near Kharkov, the largest warehouses with weapons
began to explode. Kharkov Region, Ukraine Fire and detonation. Explosions. Chaotic launches of shells and missiles. Burnt houses. Tens of thousands of people were evacuated, or simply fled wherever they could,
trying to escape, as best they could. Some by foot, some by car, in panic getting stuck
in traffic jams. Some people, according to an old tradition,
hid in the basement. In the afternoon, the city from a bird’s eye view
looked like this. Here is the video shot by Ukrainian television.
It was broadcast without words. On Friday, tanks arrived in the city of Balakleya,
or, more precisely, in what was left of it, trying to somehow pave the way for those
who dared to follow them. For EOD specialists, firemen, and special equipment. There are simply no reports of the wounded,
or dead and missing. But the authorities immediately stated that
the fire in the warehouses was the result of sabotage. Then, on the level of conditioned reflex,
they blamed Russia. But this is a cheap move made
to remove all responsibility from themselves. We will tell more about the disaster later today. In the meantime, let’s look into this smoke. For me personally, this is
the continuation of Maidan’s char, as if the fire of the burnt tires,
spread to Kharkov’s outskirts. But if you think about it, Balakleya is just a visual aid for the country’s
and government’s collapse. The rest of Ukraine, or what’s left after the first phase
of the collapse, to be precise, is, in fact, in the same condition,
but without smoke. So far. Recently, Poroshenko himself started
talking about the threat of losing statehood, because everywhere there is violence,
often with the use of weapons, and Makhnovism. Poroshenko said this word himself, “Makhnovism.” But it was him who brought it all
back to life in the country. He funded it and encouraged it,
and got carried away playing with it. He looked to Europe,
but now Kiev has lost its orientation. The way to the European Union is closed. There is still no visa-free regime. He got into a huge fight with Russia. Relations with America did not work out. Now, as they say, there is
neither Trump nor tranche. IMF’s tranche for billions, which was expected as an emergency exit, in order to pay interest
on previously taken debts, was postponed indefinitely. Everything because of a small miscalculation
regarding the Donbass blockade. Now, the IMF will recount
all the country’s macroeconomic indicators, since there are new conditions
for the subsequent loans. However, Poroshenko has already
calculated some things himself. According to him, as a result of the blockade,
Ukraine lost 20% of its industrial potential. It’s a lot, but the figure is understated. Much more is lost. The country’s industry continues to nosedive. Here are the latest figures from
the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. Only in February, industrial production fell by 4.6%
compared to February of last year. Before that, January was also in decline. Industry declined by 5.6%
compared to last year. And there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. They are planning to buy coal in America, but it’s unknown how they are going to pay for it. There are still no contracts. All of a sudden, neither Europe nor the US
needs Ukraine. Does Russia need it? Of course, they’re our closest relatives. But love can’t be forced. It’s like this for now. We hope it doesn’t last forever. Do Ukrainians need such a Ukraine? It’s still a question. After all, they’re tired from hopelessness. And this smoke is the result of chaos,
all-out irresponsibility, and the country’s collapse. All-out callousness is causing the sensitivity
threshold to go up. Much has become blunt. And after the fire
at the weapons warehouses in Kharkov, we can only pray that the general
“couldn’t care less” attitude and the recklessness, in combination with the lofty Bandera
self righteousness, and the thirst to destroy, doesn’t spread to Ukraine’s nuclear industry. Kiev’s government, and the state itself,
hang by a thread. The country’s balance is very unstable. The signs of degradation
are literally in everything: industry, financial system, banking, health, education, transport, and energy. Public institutions have collapsed. Corruption rages on. People are demoralized and are getting poorer. It wasn’t by accident that Poroshenko
started talking about the danger of losing statehood, and the epidemic of violence in the country. Crime is off the scale. The judicial system, as a branch of power,
doesn’t work. Violence is becoming
a universal method of solving problems. After the coup,
and the beginning of the civil war, the increase in the number of murders,
kidnappings, and robbery raids is impetuous. To what extent did
the threat of Makhnovism grow, when even the head of state started talking
about the danger of losing statehood? We will lose statehood,
if everyone does not realize, that only the state has
a monopoly on the use of force, that all protests
must be exclusively peaceful, and railroads should be mined
on the enemy’s territory, and not in the home-front of our own troops. Contract murders and bloody criminal quarrels
are a norm for Ukraine. Different people,
completely different motives, but the method of dealing with them
is the same, murder. Nationalist Sashko Bilyi, deputy Oleg Kalashnikov,
writer Oles Busina, lawyer Yuri Grabovsky,
journalist Pavel Sheremet… And recently, runaway
ex-deputy of Russia’s State Duma, with a criminal record, Denis Voronenkov. Four bullets from the killer. Even before the investigation began,
the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine stated that Russia’s special forces were to blame. Senator McCain once again embarrassed himself. Even without trying to understand and not being interested in the truth,
he makes accusations. “Russians!” Russians evoke animal hatred
in the stupefied Ukrainian nationalists, even if those Russians bring them,
as they say in Ukraine, “a dab of money.” Sberbank’s branches have already been blocked, literally,
by concrete blocks in five Ukrainian cities: Kiev, Dnepr, Zaporozhye, Sumy and Vinnitsa. Poroshenko warms up the raiders, imposing sanctions
against banks with Russian capital, that limit their activities. Our bankers already want, as they say,
to take the tail out of this pot of hatred, but it’s not that easy
to sell a business in Ukraine now. The don’t want to buy it,
they want to steal it. Makhnovism. In this condition, Ukraine is preparing for the holiday of European songs,
the Eurovision contest. The picture would be incomplete,
if we didn’t mention the ban by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU)
imposed on our singer Yulia Samoylova, who will be unable to come to Kiev
and represent Russia.

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  • Perhaps if it becomes too lawless NATO can come in a Humanitarian Mission to protect the people and keep the peace. They will obviously need to build a base to enable relief supplies to be flown in, and of course a purely defensive missile system……….

  • Kisiliov…. prapagandist. The inteligencia, students are being rushed to KGB vehicles because they voiced their opinions in public town squares. That is not Russia that great writers envisioned it, is it?

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  • That bank they close in those images and forced out of Ukraine is not because Russia brings "shitloads💩💩💩 of money" to Ukraine as you lie like a pig, but as sign of PROTEST for Russia stealing all the ukrainian apartments(literally their warlords installed themselves in best apartments, took over thei business and resources in the East and supporting mercenaries to install anarchic military kartels, kill citizen and steal their coal.So FUCK your soviet zombies and your piss lies.I do not see one thing that is true in your propaganda televisions of shit.💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • so this was Russian sabotage and if ukrain doesn't do what Russia wants then the next sabotage will be in the nuclear industry.

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