Portraits of Strength – Alfredo Fuentes

after the North Tower the second tower
to collapse I was given transmissions to the 911
dispatcher that we were trapped
and that we needed immediate assistance I was buried and trapped for about two hours
and they heard my radio transmissions and they looked in the hole and they were able to see
one of my yellow stripes
from the bunker gear they took me to the Jersey City shorefront there were paramedics there
and there was a priest there and he gave me the last rites there was so many young individuals that died
there was friends of mine that died that just had new kids
they never even saw their babies and so I was feeling kinda guilty
I felt like why couldn’t they survive it and possibly I could’ve went to a better world so I think a lot about that a lot
and my mission is to keep their memory alive what I witnessed that day
they were hand saluting as they went in knowing that they might not come out and what the 343 guys
sixty guys weren’t even suppose to be there I get a lot strength from them you know
they’re talking to me all the time so I try to make them proud you know and I try to tell them
the good things that I saw
and we move forward you know
we move forward to make this world a little better

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