Practical Freedom 101

So, a word that gets talked about a lot is this word of freedom. And, freedom is as unique
to every individual as can be. There’s no two people
who experience freedom in the exact same way. And yet, there are some basic freedoms that every one of us values on some level. And, from my experience in
working with lots of people and observing my own life experience until you have these five basic freedoms, then you really can’t do much else. And so, if you don’t have
these, I would suggest get to work and have these
five freedoms in your life. And, if you do have these five freedoms, look for where you can
continually expand them. Because if you’re continually
expanding these freedoms, then you’re always on the
leading edge of your own growth, you’re never bored, you’re
always contributing, you’re always creating
value for other people and that’s kind of what
makes the whole game of life a lot of fun. So, these five freedoms really simply are number one, freedom of
money, freedom to do whatever you want to do in
your life without being worried that money is stopping you. And, that might seem
complex, but trust me, there’s plenty of people in the world that have figured it out and if you don’t have
it right now, you can. It starts with a simple choice. So, number one freedom
is freedom in your money. Number two is freedom of your time. We are coming out of one of
the most restrictive periods in human history where people are chained to this desk or chained to a job and they’re trained to
a factory and they’re, I said trained (chuckles). Chained, trained, what’s the
difference when you’re stuck in the cog in the machinery
of somebody else’s vision, then come on, your time
doesn’t belong to you. So, get free in your time. Your time is your life. And so, that’s the second freedom really worth exploring so that you can, in my own life right now, I look at my day’s calendar, and if I see nothing on the calendar, that’s my dream (chuckles). So, that I can live in
flow and take advantage of the opportunities that come up and the chances to give and grow and gain. Like, to me, having a
blank slate for a day, that’s a dream come true. Your dream’s probably different. But, the point is freedom of time is absolutely essential. So, freedom in money, freedom in time. Next is freedom in location. Now, your idea of location freedom might not be traveling
all around the world, to going wherever you want. That’s cool. Your idea of location
freedom might be having an amazing sanctuary of a home and making that place so
infused with your own soul and your own energy and your own style and being a host and having
lots of cool gatherings there. That might be your idea
of location freedom. But, the point is whether
it’s to be a total luxury nomad and be
going all over the place or to have your own little
sanctuary, doesn’t matter. The point is make your
location feel like you. Okay, so the first freedom
is freedom in money, next is freedom of time,
third is freedom in location, totally worth going for
and then you can get onto the juicy stuff. Then you can get onto
freedom of relationships. Now, some people hear this and they say, “No, but I want relationships.” Yes, of course you do. We are relational beings. Man, human beings get
along really well together. What I’m talking about is
not having a single person in your life that you have to deal with who doesn’t absolutely bring
joy and energy to your life. And, at the risk of being
incredibly judgmental, (chuckles) which I’m
going to do right now, you could categorize
relationships in your life into batteries or black holes. Every single relationship in your life, every friendship, every
personal relationship, every professional relationship, that connection with another human being, either energizes your or
it takes energy from you. And, yes it might be the same relationship on different days. But, you deserve to have as much joy and as much energy in your relationships, all of them, as your heart can imagine. So, if you are currently tolerating and putting up with people in your life who actually suck energy from you, just remember, that’s a choice and you can begin to make some new choices at any time. So, that is the fourth freedom, freedom in all of your relationships. And, the final one, freedom of purpose. Getting to express you,
getting to express yourself in a way that feels
right to you right now. And, there’s such a push
right now in the world about appearing a certain
way and acting a certain way. And, even a lot of people who
are in the messenger space, you know, authors and
teachers and they say, oh, I have to be polarizing, you know. I got to get people to argue. Well, if that’s what makes
you happy, go for it. Personally, I think the
hater is just a lover who forgot what they really are and so I don’t perceive any haters. I just every once in a
while see somebody who’s, you know, having a bad day. So, having a freedom of
purpose means getting to say what’s on your mind. Getting to express your
thoughts and your ideas, your vision, your values,
in your own unique voice. And, so instead of
appearing to other people, you know, instead of
dressing in a certain way, and I got to dress so that people can tell that I’m really smart and
I want people to like me. Well, how ‘about instead of
dressing so that other people like you, what if you just start dressing in a way that people can tell
you actually like yourself. Something interesting there for you. So, I highly suggest,
if you’re into having a life of freedom and power and purpose and (grunts) all the
good stuff that life has, if you want to connect
deeper with other people, be an example and go
for the five freedoms. Freedom in your money,
freedom in your time, freedom in your location, freedom within all your relationships, and freedom of purpose. Leave any one of those out
and all the other ones suffer. Grow all five of them simultaneously and watch as just maybe your life becomes a little bit of heaven on Earth.

17 thoughts on “Practical Freedom 101

  • Great message Jesse!!!!…. here in Madrid, Spain we support the Freedom of Americans
    to Vacation MORE uniquely their way & Work & Worry Less!

  • I think freedom of money is the main one I struggle with, and I have no idea how to improve in this area, without further sacrificing my other freedoms.

  • I must've found out about you and your videos, and this particular one in the very right moment for me. Thank you, freedom of purpose is what matters the most to me, yet I have been chained my whole adult life. Watching you and your words and both your passion and calmness are helping me connect with parts of me that I haven't been in touch with for decades. Thank you.

  • Your high energy & clear concise way of speaking makes what you say entirely worth listening to. Some concepts seem far above me

  • I believe I’m free I might be very poor but truthfully I’m richer than most people I have no debt to my name I own my own car I pay ahead on everything I possibly can yes I’m careful with money so I am free from debt slavery time I have more time than most people so I am free that way to location I live on my own with my girls it’s a little tiny apartment maybe it’s about to fall down around me but it’s my own place and it’s wonderful in every way so I am free my friends coming go on my life I don’t need people to make me feel better so when they’re in my life that’s wonderful when they’re not it’s OK and I have disabilities so my most favorite thing in the world is going to my dance and I surround myselfWith the ones that have the best energy mostly my down syndrome friends they are the most amazing people and they love me to death so yes I have all those freedoms six years ago I was in the worst prison I was in a controlling marriage that treated me so bad and abuse I remember the first day I was free and I got free air and free or overtime I love the growth I’ve gone through and maybe people that would see how I really live would not think I’m free but I am in my own wayYou really don’t need a lot of money to be free with money you just need to not be in debt is the problem that most people have with that

  • Thank you, Jesse. I've found this new definition of Practical Freedom to be immensely useful. And it has actually created some crucial clarity within a now-critical time in my life as a young adult. Thank you for sharing this. It's been a great help. 🙂

  • Am Working On Imbuing My Space, (Location), With My Soul, And Living, My Life Purpose, More & More! ~ ~ I Am Fortunate, To Have Enough Money, For My Needs, And Time, To Pursue, My Passions! ~ ~ Ref. Relationships: Every One In My Life, Supports Me! ~ I Only Allow People Close To Me, Who Love & Appreciate Me! (As I Do, Them). ~ ~ ~ But Yes, Good To Have It Spelt Out, Like That! ~ ~ ~ Love & Blessings ~ Ruby*X* ~ ~ ~ (Please Turn The Music Off! Your Voice, Is 'Enough,' On Its Own!).

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