Prairie Dog Hunting Armageddon! Tannerite Explosion – Beyond the Grid

Launched em, we’re going to make some
prairie dog coats. My wife been wanting one for a long time
how many prairie dogs you got to kill to make that? About 450 we’re going to blow
some up tomorrow, head shots only head shots I was gonna say be patching lots of hide have fun stitching those up. Launched em! I know maybe I can borrow my wife’s sewing machine
when she’s not at home. What is all about for us makes memories
in the mountains. I want to see some good explosions today.
Prairie dog city so magnetic speed it just chronographs between this point and
this point right try it out. 60 grain VMAX HSM ammo out of steals
Villa Montana heavy gun that’s a sniper rifle. Hey you guys ready? Yep. Twenty nine
sixty four. This is a Hornady factory 55 grain VMAX. I have a custom 223 wild
barrel seven hundred action this year. There you go okay, here we go 3078 that’s good,
I still need about 400 more the skins for her coat but I got the rough yesterday. Today is a nice calm beautiful day
and we’re going to hit every prairie dog we see so what’s today
oh Memorial Day and if you’re not shooting guns and blowing something up
on Memorial Day you’re pretty much not American in my opinion pretty much yes so
with that being said I think we’re gonna have some sort of tannerite explosion
today actually I can guarantee there will be some sort of tannerite explosion
today. Nice shot! You got em. Kill em, shot him in the head I think. Naturally, easy to say that when you make a hit. Got one! Reload the big ones still there. 200 yards, shoot em. Shot left, inch left, he’s still there. Shoot him again. Good shot. Now after 800 rounds I’ve dialed in.
Well we’re going to move locations you know we’re getting some good shots in
from 150 to 350 but it’s pretty tough shooting there’s bunch of prairie dog
at the base of this hill. You’re a really good vantage point I
think we’ll have a good shot at really stacking them up so packing up and
moving, Hornady VMAX does it again. Two for one right there. Good shot Kearney. Launched em. Head shot right in the head good shot there’s still another one there shoot the other one. It’s a better shot. So Daniel to show your appreciation to
use my private home for your hunting lodge I think I need one of these
chronographs for Christmas or something. It’d be really
sweet, yeah but I changed a lot of your diapers, I’ll be changing a lot of yours.

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