President Park checks up on Korea′s Antarctic station while in Chile 박 대통령, 칠레

President Park Geun-hye is now in Brazil,
the fourth and final leg of her South America tour.
Before departing Chile on Thursday, local time, she checked up on Korea′s Antarctic
research station by speaking on the phone to its leader.
Choi You-sun reports. Connecting to Ahn In-young, the head of
Korea′s Antarctic King Sejong Station by phone in Santiago, President Park Geun-hye
acknowledged all 17 researchers′ hard work in such unfavorable conditions. ″You are all putting up with a lot in trying
conditions. I thank you for your hard work in doing the best you can in carrying out
your mission.″ The president then asked about the team′s
well-being. ″I′m also concerned about the health of
all the members in such frigid conditions. How are they?″ Thanking the government and Korean people
for their support, Ahn said they mostly spend the winter season indoors, during
which the wind chill drops temperatures to minus 40 degrees Celsius, but that they
try to stay fit and active. The Sejong station, which first opened on
Antarctica′s King George Island in 1988, studies climate change and organisms′ ability
to adapt to cold temperatures. A day earlier, Korea and Chile signed a
deal to jointly study the Antarctic. ″I′m glad Korea and Chile have initiated
talks on Antarctic policies.″ The president then asked Ahn to successfully
lead her team′s mission and ensure the team return home safely after wrapping up their
work. Later on Thursday, President Park arrived
in Brazil, the final stop on her South America tour. ″Meeting Brazil′s first female president,
Dilma Rousseff for the first time, President Park plans to discuss strengthening their
bilateral cooperative partnership and seek more business opportunities for Korean firms
in the world′s seventh-largest economy. Choi You-sun, Arirang News, Brasilia.″

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