President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure

The President: So, the
economy is doing very, very well. We’ll see what happens
with the Federal Reserve, whether or not they
finally get smart and reduce interest rates,
like many other places around the world that we
have to compete with. But our economy is the
strongest in the world, by far. Nothing even close. And a lot of good
things are happening. We had some very good
retail numbers this morning, as you saw. And I guess the stock
market is quite a bit up. The Press: Are you
demanding that Jay Powell lower interest rates? The President: No,
I don’t demand it. But if he used his head,
he would lower them. In Germany, they have
a zero interest rate. And we do compete. We’re much stronger
than Germany, but we do compete
with Germany. In Germany, they have
a zero interest rate. And when they borrow money
– I mean, when you look at what happened, look
at what’s going on over there. They borrow money, and
they actually get paid to borrow money. And we have to
compete with that. So, if you look at what’s
happening around the world, Jay Powell and
the Federal Reserve have totally missed the call. I was right, and
just about everybody admits that. I was right. He did quantitative
tightening. He shouldn’t
have done that. He raised interest rates
too fast, too furious. And we have a
normalized rate. I – you call it that. And now we have to go
the other direction. We’ll see if he does it. If he does it, you’ll see
a rocket ship; you’ll see a boom. If he does it, we have
a very strong economy. But we could have – we
could be – we could be in a place that this nation
was seldom at, if we had interest rates cut by
the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve
has let us down. They missed the call. They raised them too fast. They raised it too high. And they did
quantitative tightening. They shouldn’t have done
the tightening and they shouldn’t have raised
them to the extent. We could have had some
raises but nothing like they did. The Press: What happened
to the strong appetite for background checks? The President: Oh, I
have an appetite for background checks. We’re going to be doing
background checks. We’re working
with Democrats. We’re working
with Republicans. We already have very
strong background checks, but we’re going to be
filling in some of the loopholes, as we call
them, at the border. And speaking about at the
border, it would be really nice if the Democrats
would indeed fix the loopholes, because it
would be really nice. But despite that, I
want to thank Mexico. They have 26,000 soldiers
at our border, and they’re really stopping people
from coming in. The Press: But what does
that have to do with background
checks for guns? The President: So what
happens is – with background checks, we’re
dealing with Democrats, we’re dealing with
Republicans, we’re dealing with the NRA, we’re
dealing with gun owners. We’re dealing
with everybody. And I think we’re going
to have something, hopefully, that’s
meaningful. The Press: Did you tell
Wayne LaPierre that you would not pursue
background checks, yesterday, in your
call with him? The President: No, I
didn’t say anything about that. We had a great talk
with Wayne yesterday. Didn’t say anything
about that. We just talked
about concepts. Wayne agrees things
have to be done also. And we have areas where
we can close and – for instance, we did
Fix NICS last time. We have a lot of – we
have a lot of background checks right now. Gun owners can tell you
that; others can tell you that. But there are certain
weaknesses, and we want to fix the weaknesses. And I think
that’ll happen. Let’s see what happens. I’m concerned that no
matter what we agree to, when we get there, I’m
concerned the Democrats will say, “Oh, well,
we now want this and we want…” And, you know, it’s a
slippery slope, and that’s what, actually, your gun
owners and a lot of other people are concerned with. But assuming that that’s
not going to take place by the Democrats,
assuming they really want to get this done,
we can get it done. The Press: Mr. President,
you’re speaking with AMVETS today. Organizers are saying they
remain concerned about veteran suicide. The President: You
got to speak up. The Press:
Veteran suicides. AMVETS says it’s
their top priority. Talk with me about what
the administration’s task force has done
since its creation. The President: Well, we’re
doing a lot having to do with veteran suicide. We have a task force
that’s set up. There’s a product that’s
made right now, that just came out by Johnson &
Johnson, which has a tremendously positive –
pretty short term, but nevertheless
positive – effect. I’ve instructed the head
of the VA to go out and buy a lot of it. And we are buying
a lot of it. Hopefully, we’re getting
it at a very good cost. And this is a – I guess
it’s a form of a stimulant where, if somebody is
really in trouble from the standpoint of suicide,
it can do something. It’s pretty well known. Just came out. It’s made, I believe,
by Johnson & Johnson. And we have calls in now
to Johnson & Johnson. Those calls – we’ve been
dealing with them for two months, on buying a lot. The Press: Mr. President,
can you explain your decision not to
go to Denmark? Is it really because
they wouldn’t talk about selling Greenland? The President: No –
Denmark, I looked forward to going, but I thought
that the Prime Minister’s statement – that it was
absurd; that it was an absurd idea –
it was nasty. I thought it was an
inappropriate statement. All she had to do is
say, “No, we wouldn’t be interested.” But we can’t treat the
United States of America the way they treated us
under President Obama. I thought it was a
very not nice way of saying something. They could’ve
told me “no.” This is something
that’s been discussed for many years. Harry Truman had the
idea of Greenland. I had the idea. Other people have
had the idea. It goes back into
the early 1900s. But Harry Truman, very
strongly, thought it was a good idea. I think it’s a good
idea because Denmark is losing $700 million
a year with it. It doesn’t do
them any good. But all they had to do
is say, “No, we’d rather not do that,” or “We’d
rather not talk about it.” Don’t say, “What an
absurd idea that is.” The Press: Sir – The President: Because she’s
not talking to me – The Press: Mr. President – The President: Excuse me. She’s not talking to me. She’s talking to the
United States of America. You don’t talk to the
United States that way, at least under me. Now, President Obama,
when they wouldn’t land – let him land in the
Philippines, when they treated him so badly
in so many places – the Philippines is one
that comes to mind – that’s different. That’s different. They can treat him
any way they want to; that’s up to him. But they can’t treat the
United States with a statement, “How absurd.” The Press: Mr.
President, a question – The Press: Excuse me. Excuse me. The President: Let
your wife do it. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. The President:
Who’s the boss? Who’s the boss? The Press: I am the boss. Thank you, Mr. President. The President: I agree. She’s the boss. I agree. Go ahead. The Press: Is
Melania the boss? The President: You
got a lot of people. Yes. She’s got a lot of
people watching. Go ahead. The Press: Mr. President,
with regard to background checks, why shouldn’t
anyone who wants to buy a gun go through a
background check? What’s wrong with that? The President: Well, what
we’re doing is I want guns to be in the hands
of people that are mentally stable. And those people, I want
them to easily be able to get a gun. But people that are
insane, people that are sick up here, I don’t
want them to be able to get a gun. The Press: So wouldn’t
a background check be a good idea for anybody
who wants to buy a gun? Wouldn’t a background
check be a good idea for anyone? The President: If a person
is sick, if a person is mentally ill, if a person
has done things in their past that are a horror
– like, in the case of Dayton, except it got
expunged because, I guess, he was 17 years old. When he wrote a list out,
and the list said it was a death – not about guns. He had a kill list and
he had a rape list. But it was 17. And one of the things
we’re talking about is getting rid of
the age limit. He was 17, so when
he turned 18, it was expunged. So we didn’t find
out about that. And a big percentage of
the school, the parents wouldn’t let their kids
go to that school because they heard about it. Okay? It was a very big thing. When he was 18,
it all went away. We can’t let that happen. The Press: Mr. President,
a hundred people a day die from guns. Do you see that as a
public health emergency? The President: I do. I do. Yeah. I do. And they die for a lot
of other reasons, too. But they do. And as I’ve said – and I
think I’ve said it very loudly and plainly, and
I don’t think I’ve changed positions at
all: We’re working on background checks. There are things
we can do. But we already have very
serious background checks. We have strong
background checks. We can close up the gaps. We can do things that are
very good and things that, frankly, gun owners
want to have done. But we also have to
remember the gun doesn’t pull the trigger,
a person does. And we have great
mental illness. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. Does your Justice
Department plan to dust off the H. Rap Brown law and
prosecute the Antifa demonstrators under the
law that makes it a federal crime to
cross state lines? The President: We’re
looking at – right. We’re looking at a lot
of different things relative to Antifa. Antifa, in my opinion, is
a terrorist organization. You see what
they’ve been doing. We’ve had great
support on that. We’re looking at various
different things. The Press: Sir, why did
you come up with ways to hold migrant
families longer? To hold migrant families? The President: Go ahead. Behind you. Behind you. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. I appreciate it. So, with Greenland, it
seems to be entirely off the table. Are you looking at any
additional lands for potential expansion? The President: No. We’re just looking. Greenland was just an
idea, just a thought. But I think when they say
it was “absurd” and it was said in a very nasty, very
sarcastic way, I said, “We’ll make it
some other time.” We’ll go to Denmark
– I love Denmark. I’ve been to Denmark. And, frankly, we’ll
do it another time. Respect has to be shown
to the United States. Go ahead. The Press: Yesterday you
said that Jews – American Jews who vote for
Democrats are disloyal. To whom are they
being disloyal, sir? And that’s a well-known
anti-Semitic trope. The President: So, I
have been responsible for a lot of great
things for Israel. One of them was moving
the embassy to Jerusalem, making Jerusalem the
capital of Israel. One of them was
the Golan Heights. One of them,
frankly, is Iran. Iran is a very far
weakened nation right now – much different. Hopefully, if
something works out. We’ll see. If it happens, it happens. The Press: But sir – The President:
Wait a minute. Wait. Wait. No President has ever done
anywhere close to what I’ve done between Golan
Heights, Jerusalem, Iran – and other things. The Press: But American
Jews are Americans, sir. The President: Excuse me. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. No President has
done what I’ve done. We have a group – I call
it “AOC plus 3” – you can call the person
Representative Tlaib, you could say Representative
Omar, you could go anywhere you
want to do – go. They are anti-Semites. They are against Israel. She had a plan to greatly
embarrass Israel by going there with the fact
that she wanted to see her grandmother. I assume that’s true. I hope that’s true. But it was very bad. Very bad -the things that
she, and others of that group, and other
Democrats have said. And they have become
the face of the Democratic Party. And I will tell you
this: In my opinion, the Democrats have gone very
far away from Israel. I cannot understand
how they can do that. They don’t want
to fund Israel. They want to take away
foreign aid to Israel. They want to do a lot of
bad things to Israel. In my opinion, you vote
for a Democrat, you’re being very disloyal to
Jewish people and you’re being very
disloyal to Israel. And only weak people
would say anything other than that. The Press: Mr. President,
your critics have said that is an
anti-Semitic remark. What – how do you
respond to that? The President: I haven’t
heard anybody say that; it’s just the opposite. The Press: People have
said that over the last 24 hours. The President: I think
that if you vote for a Democrat, you’re very,
very disloyal to Israel and to the Jewish people. The Press: What do you say
to the Republicans who want to primary you? The President: Well, I’m
at 94 percent now in the Republican Party – the
highest in history, the highest of any Republican. So, I think they’d
have a hard time. The Press: Sir, you said
Russia was kicked out of the G8, because they
outsmarted – you said Russia was kicked
out of the G8 – The President: Yeah. The Press: – because
they outsmarted Obama. In fact, it was because
they annexed Crimea. You know that. They’re still there. Why would you
let them back in? The President: That
was outsmarting Obama. So, Russia outsmarted
President Obama. They took over during
his term, not during mine – Crimea. The Press: They’re
still there. Why let them in now? The President: They
took over Crimea. If you’d stop being an
organ of the Democrats – I mean, you know, if you’d
let me answer the question – The Press: Listening. Please, sir. The President: – I’ll
answer it very easily. It’s a very
simple question. The fact is, President
Putin totally outsmarted President Obama on
Crimea and other things, including the red line
in the sand, all right? He outsmarted – he made
a living on outsmarting President Obama. And frankly, because of
it, Obama was upset and he got Obama out of what
was the G8 into the G7. It’s come up: Should
we put Russia back in? We spend a lot of time
talking about Russia at those meetings. And they’re not there. I think it would be a good
thing if Russia were there so we can speak directly,
not have to speak all the – you know, by
telephone and other things. So, here’s the thing:
It’s a vote of what’s now the G7. They were taken out
because Putin outsmarted – on Crimea, on the red
line, on other things – totally outsmarted Obama. Obama was upset;
they took them out. I think Russia should be a
part of it because we’re looking for world peace,
and it’s – and other things – trade
and other things. And it would be a lot
easier to have Russia in, where they had
always been. The Press: But they’re
still there, sir. But sir, they’re
still there. So why let them in if
they’re still there? The Press: Yesterday, in
the – yesterday, when you were talking to us in the
Oval Office, you said you had the executive
authority to index capital gains funds, but –
capital gains taxes. But a 1992 Office of Legal
Counsel opinion from the Treasury Department says
the administration can’t – The President: I read
the same report as you. I’m not looking
to do indexing. I’ve studied indexing
for a long time. I think it will be
perceived, if I do it, as somewhat elitist. I don’t want to do that. I want taxes for the – the
middle class, the workers, the people that
work so hard. That’s what I’m
looking – I think indexing is really,
probably better for the upper-income groups. I’m not looking
to do that. But if I wanted to do
it, I believe I could. But I’d need a letter from
the Attorney General. The Press: Mr. President,
so taking America into a recession: Is
it worth it? And do Americans
need to back that up? The President: So, the
fake news, of which many of you are members, is
trying to convince the public to have
a recession. “Let’s have a recession.” The United States is
doing phenomenally well. But one thing I have to
do is economically take on China because China
has been ripping us off for many years. President Clinton,
President Bush, and President Obama, and
others should have done this long before me. My life would be much
easier – although I enjoy doing it – but my life
would be much easier if I just said, “Let China
continue to rip off the United States.” All right? It would be much easier,
but I can’t do that. We are winning
against China. They’ve lost two and a
half million jobs in a very short period of time. They want to make a deal. It’s got to be a deal
that’s good for the United States, where they want to
make a deal – probably, we will make a deal. But if I didn’t do that –
and I’m not doing this – somebody said it’s
Trump’s trade war. This isn’t my trade war. This is a trade war that
should have taken place a long time ago by a lot
of other Presidents. Over the last five or six
years, China has made $500 billion. $500 billion. Ripped it out of
the United States. And not only that – if you
take a look, intellectual property theft. Add that to it. And add a lot of
other things to it. So somebody – The Press: (Inaudible.) The President: Excuse me. Somebody had to do it. I am the chosen one. Somebody had to do it. So I’m taking on China. I’m taking on
China on trade. And you know what? We’re winning. Because we’re
the piggybank. We’re the one that
all these countries – including the European
Union – wants to rob and takes advantage of. European Union
– $200 billion. China – more than
$500 billion. Sorry. The Press: So it sounds
like a recession is worth it – The President:
I was put here – The Press: – is that
what you’re saying? The President: I was put
here by people – I was put here by people to
do a great job. And that’s what I’m doing. And nobody has done
a job like I’ve done. Now, would China rather
wait for a little more than a year and try and
get Sleepy Joe Biden to negotiate with, instead
of President Trump? Maybe. But I don’t think so. You know why? They’re losing too
many jobs too fast. They had the worst year in
27 years, but I think it was actually
52 or 54 years. It’s the worst
year they’ve had in a half a century. And that’s because of me. And I’m not proud of that. But you know what? They want to negotiate. And Sleepy Joe
doesn’t have a clue. Sleepy Joe said, “Oh,
China is wonderful.” Well, China is
wonderful for China. But I’m wonderful
for the U.S.A. The Press: I’m
from Danish TV. A lot of Danes are
disappointed today. You – the Prime Minister
said the invitation is still open. What will it take
for you accept it? The President: Well,
we’ll meet at some time. But the Prime Minister
used a terrible word when describing something
that we’ve been talking about for years
with our country. President Truman said,
“What about Greenland?” And he talked about it
very openly and it was a big deal at the time. And I brought it up again
and it was discussed many other times. And I thought it was not a
nice statement – the way she blew me off –
because she is blowing off the United States. And we’ve done a
lot for Denmark. We’ve done a lot. I know Denmark well. I have many friends
from Denmark. I have many people
from Denmark that live in the United States. And we treat countries
with respect. She shouldn’t treat the
United States that way by saying, “What an abs-…” She said “absurd.” That’s not the right
word to use: “absurd.” The Press: Mr. President,
why is it acceptable – why is it acceptable to lock
up children indefinitely? The President: Louder. The Press: Why is it
acceptable to lock up children indefinitely,
which is what the result would be of rolling back
the Flores Agreement? The President: Well,
if you remember, President Bam- – Obama
had separation. President Obama
built the cells. He built the cages that
you people always talk about and attribute
them to me. President Obama, in 2014,
built those cages and you were very embarrassed when
the New York Times, as usual, and others, put a
picture of a cage and they said how bad Trump was,
only to find out that it was President Obama
that built those cages. So President Obama
had separation. I’m the one that
brought them together. This new rule will do
even more to bring them together. But it was President Obama
that had the separation. The Press: How worried are
you about the long-term traumatic effect that
children might face if they’re – if they are
detained indefinitely because Flores is ending? The President: Well, we’re
being very strong on the border. You see the numbers
are way, way down. The Press: Are you worried
about children, though? The President: I want to
thank – I want to thank Mexico for that. The United States could
make your question – could make that problem go
away very easily if the Democrats would meet and
we could fix the loopholes and asylum, which is what
you’re talking about it, to an extent. The Press: (Inaudible.) The President: But let
me just tell you: Very much, I have the
children on my mind. It bothers me
very greatly. People make this horrible,
2,000-mile journey – one of the things that will
happen, when they realize the borders are closing,
the wall is being built. We’re building tremendous
numbers of miles of wall right now in
different locations. It all comes together
likes a beautiful puzzle. But one of the things
that’s happening – when they see you can’t get
into the United States, or when they see if they do
get in the United States, they will be brought back
to their country; it won’t matter if they get in or
not because we’re doing that – they won’t come and
many people will be saved. And many, many women’s
lives will not be destroyed and ruined. The Press: Will we see a
payroll tax cut, which is aimed at the middle class? The President: I’m not
looking at a tax cut now; we don’t need it. We have a strong economy. Certainly, a payroll tax
cut – President Obama did that, in order to
artificially jack up the economy. President Obama had
zero interest rates. I don’t have
zero interest. I have real
interest rates. And despite that, I
have a strong economy. President Obama did two
payroll tax cuts and, despite that, I have a
much stronger economy. And if you look at my
numbers from November 9th – you look at them,
November 9th to present – the stock market is
up over 50 percent. The Press: Sir, Joe
Biden’s gaffes. You like to attack – you
like to attack Joe Biden for his gaffes, but – The President: This guy is
the most biased reporter. NBC. You know, I made a lot of
money for NBC with “The Apprentice” and I used to
like them, but they are the most biased. Peter is such a bias – You
should – you should be able – The Press: Let
me ask you about Joe Biden’s gaffes. The President: You should
be able to ask a question – same question –
in a better way. The Press: I’ll
ask a question. The President: You are
so obviously biased and that’s why the public
has no confidence in the media. Go ahead, come here. Go ahead. The Press: Sir, I just
said – Sir, I just said “Joe Biden’s gaffes.” I’ll ask my question. The President: Joe
Biden doesn’t have it. The Press: Let
me just say – The President: Let me just
tell you about Joe Biden. The Press: You said that
the mass shooting happened in Dayton – The President:
Joe Biden doesn’t have it. The Press: You said that
the mass shooting happened in Toledo, when it
happened in Dayton. So is that fair game? The President: Joe
Biden doesn’t have it. Go ahead. The Press: Is that fair
game, sir, for you? The Press: So, speaking of
that, what do you think about the leaked tape
of the New York Times planning for a racist
narrative ahead? The President: Well, I
think the New York Times now has totally
lost credibility. They’ve given up on
the Russian collusion delusion, and now what
they’re doing is they’re trying the racist deal. And that’s not going to
work because I am the least racist person ever
to serve in office, okay? I am the least
racist person. But the New York Times,
they’re trying everything they can. It is a totally
dishonest newspaper. It’s a paper that really
has lost tremendous credibility. And let me tell you, in
six years – or maybe ten or maybe fourteen, right? In six years, when I’m not
here, the New York Times goes out of business
very quickly. And you know who
else goes out? Like NBC News – NBC News
has less credibility, in my opinion, with guys
like you, than CNN. I think CNN has more
credibility than NBC News. The Press: Mr. President,
what’s your response to a U.S. drone – The President:
Did you hear what I said? I said you have more
credibility than this guy. Go ahead. The Press: I think
Peter has credibility. The President: And
that’s not saying much – The Press: I have credibility
and Peter has credibility. The President: – because I
don’t think you have – I don’t – you know what? You know why? The Press: What’s your
response to a U.S. drone – The President:
Because I don’t think you have very much
credibility. But I – I will tell you
this: NBC, I think, has less credibility than CNN. That’s not saying much,
but that’s the way I feel. The Press: You’re focused
on mental health issues – The President: Yeah. The Press: – with gun
control, but – The President: Mental
health – very important. The Press: But other
countries have similar levels of mental illness
and not the same gun violence problems. Can you really deny that
the incredible access to guns in the United States
isn’t part of the problem? The President: There are
many, many things in play. People are talking
about videos. People are talking about
lots of different things. But we do have a way of
bringing what we already have, because we have
many, many – as you know, we have many, many people
that are unable to buy guns right now. Many people are
unable to buy guns. We have background checks,
but there are loopholes in the background checks. That’s what I spoke to
the NRA about yesterday. They want to get rid of
the loopholes as well as I do. At the same time, I don’t
want to take away people’s Second Amendment rights. I don’t want to take away
the Constitution – having to do with gun ownership. And you know, we can’t let
that slope go so easy that we’re talking about
background checks, then all of a sudden we’re
talking about, “Let’s take everybody’s gun away.” People need weapons,
unfortunately, for the protection. The Press: But, sir,
that word – “slope.” That is an NRA talking
point: the slippery slope. The President: No, that’s
a Trump talking point. You approve one thing,
then another thing, then another thing, then all of
a sudden you’re on that slope, and all of a
sudden nobody has any legal protection. We have a Second Amendment
– The Press: (Inaudible) that term. People are concerned that
the NRA is pressuring you. The President: Let me
just tell you this. We have a Second
Amendment, and our Second Amendment will
remain strong. The Press: Mr. President,
you put – The Press: Are you concerned
– are you concerned – The President: Go ahead. Jeff, go ahead. The Press: Are you
concerned about the potential reemergence
of ISIS in Afghanistan? And is that affecting your
decision-making at all? The President: Well, you
know, at a certain point, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran,
Iraq, Turkey, they’re going to have to fight
their battles too, okay? We wiped out the
caliphate, 100 percent. I did in record time. But at a certain point,
all of these other countries where ISIS is
around – they’ve been decimated, by the way
– badly decimated. But all of these countries
are going to have to fight them. Because do we want to
stay there for another 19 years? I don’t think so. So at a certain point,
other countries – and that includes Russia and it
includes Iran and Turkey and Iraq and Afghanistan
and Pakistan and India. Look, India is
right there. They’re not fighting
it; we’re fighting it. Pakistan is
right next door. They’re fighting it
very little – very, very little. It’s not fair. The United States –
we’re 7,000 miles away. We have decimated ISIS. You haven’t been hearing
much about ISIS. And we took the
caliphate, 100 percent. When I took it at 98
[percent], I said, “All right, maybe
we go home now. Let these other
countries handle it.” Everyone went crazy. They said, “Do
100 percent.” They said it was
going to take a year. It took me a month
and they’re gone. The caliphate is gone. And, by the way, we’re
holding thousands of ISIS fighters right now, and
Europe has to take them. And if Europe doesn’t take
them, I’ll have no choice but to release them into
the countries from which they came, which is
Germany, and France, and other places. Because we beat them. We captured them. We’ve got
thousands of them. And now, as usual, our
allies say, “Oh no. We don’t want them.” Even though they came from
France and Germany and other places. So we’re going to tell
them and we’ve already told them, “Take these
prisoners that we’ve captured because the
United States is not going to put them in Guantanamo
for the next 50 years and pay for it.” The Press: What’s your
deadline for that? The President: It’s moving
along, my deadline. They know. The Press: By how long
– one week, two weeks? The Press: Are you talking
to the victims of mass shootings to ask
them what they want? The President: I did. I went to the hospitals – The Press: What are
you hearing from them about what they
want from guns laws? The President: I will
tell you this: I went to the hospitals. It was totally
falsely reported. There were beautiful,
beautiful, very sad, you know, horrible moments. But there were beautiful
moments, in the sense that these people – the
families and also the people that were so badly
injured that I was with – they love our country. The Press: But what to do
they want in terms of gun laws? The President: And,
frankly, do you want to know the truth? They love their President. The Press: What do
they want in gun laws? The President: And
nobody wrote that. Nobody wrote that
because you didn’t write the truth. The New York Times doesn’t
like to write the truth. But – but they love – they
totally love our country and they do love
our President. So when I went to Dayton,
and when I went to El Paso, and I went into
those hospitals, the love for me – and me, maybe, as
a representative of the country – but for me –
and my love for them was unparalleled. These are
incredible people. But if you read the
papers, it was like nobody would meet with me. The Press: What did they
tell you that they want in terms of gun laws? The President: Not only
did they meet with me, they were pouring
out of the room. The doctors were
coming out of the operating rooms. There were hundreds and
hundreds of people all over the floor. You couldn’t
even walk on it. So, you know, there’s
a lot to happen. The Press: You’re
talking to the NRA, I’m wondering what – The President: The
people in Dayton – let me just explain. The people in Dayton,
people of El Paso – these are incredible people. And those victims and the
survivors and the families – I love those people. The Press: Mr. President,
you just said – you just told us that you aren’t
looking at doing – The President: Louder. Louder. The Press: You just said
you aren’t looking at doing indexing. Yesterday, you
suggested you were. Which is it? The President: I’ve
looked at indexing for a long time. It’s not something I love. I think it’s probably
better for the high-income people and I’m not
looking to do that. I want to do – I want
to do for the workers. I’m looking to do for
middle-income people. I think indexing – now,
I’d have to get a letter from the Attorney General
or from the Justice Department, which I think
I might be able to get, otherwise they’d have
to go through Congress. But I’m not looking
at doing indexing. And I haven’t been
seriously looking at it. But certainly, it is an
option if I wanted to. We have such a
strong economy. If the Fed did what they
were supposed to do, they’d drop interest rates
by 100 basis points. They maybe would do not
only not tightening, but they’d do some loosening
or leave it alone. Do nothing. But they dropped interest
rates by 100 basis points or more, nobody – nobody
would be able to compete with the United States. Right now the Fed is tying
our hands because we’re paying interest rates,
and Germany and other countries that aren’t
like us are not. It should be the other
way around, in a sense. But why should they be
paying no interest rates and even have an incentive
beyond that, and we’re paying interest rates? The Fed has missed the
call for a long time. The Press: Mr. President,
are you saying that you’re not pursuing any tax cuts
at all at this time? The President: I
think we have a very strong economy. I don’t – I just don’t
see any reason to. I think the Fed has been
very late and very early. They were very early to
raise and they’re very, very late to cut. But the Fed can do
the whole thing. Yesterday, we had the
strongest dollar in the history of our country. Yester- – wait. Yesterday, we had the
strongest dollar in the history of our country. Now, in one way, I’m
honored by that. But in another way, it
makes it much harder to export goods. You understand. So in two ways –
one, I love it. But in another way, I
don’t like it because it’s much harder to compete. But we had literally the
strongest dollar in the history of our country. The Press: Mr. President,
are you going to do an executive order on
birthright citizenship to follow up these rule
changes over the last couple weeks? The President: Say it. The Press: Are you going
to do an executive order on birthright citizenship
still to follow up on these rule changes? The President: We’re
looking at that very seriously – birthright
citizenship. Where you have a baby on
our land – you walk over the border, have a baby. Congratulations, the
baby is now a U.S. citizen. We’re looking at it
very, very seriously. I don’t know how
you found that out, but that’s very good. We are looking at
birthright citizenship very seriously. It’s – it’s,
frankly, ridiculous. The Press: Mr. President,
do you favor unlimited detention of
migrant minors in the Flores changes? The President: Do I what? The Press: Unlimited
detention of migrant minors in U.S. custody. The President: I am
the one that kept the families together. Okay? You remember that, right? Just remember I said it. And now it gets even
better: President Obama and others brought
the families apart, but I’m the one that kept
the families together. With what we’re doing now,
we’ll do even more of that but it’ll make it almost
impossible for people to come into our
country illegally. Plus, we’re building large
sections of the wall. I won the lawsuit
two weeks ago in the Supreme Court. We’re building large
sections of wall and lots of other
things are happening. The Press: What about
your relationship with Apple, sir? You seem to have a
good relationship with Tim Cook. You seem to have a
good relationship with Tim Cook of Apple. The President: I do. The Press: But why more so
with him than with other (inaudible)? The President: Oh, I have
it with everybody, but he’s the one
that calls me. You know why? That’s why he’s a great
executive because he calls me, and others don’t. Others go out and
hire very expensive consultants, and
Tim Cook calls Donald Trump directly. Pretty good. And I would take their
call, too, but the only one that calls
me is Tim Cook. He calls me – whenever
there’s a problem, he’ll call. Now, the problem was that
Samsung, a competitor – a good competitor – wouldn’t
be paying tariffs and Tim Cook would. I’ve got to help him out,
short term, with that problem because it’s a
great American company. Samsung is in South Korea. Not fair that Samsung
isn’t hit, while he’s hit. Right? But the reason I speak to
Tim Cook: He’s the one that calls me. The other ones don’t call. They go out and hire –
for millions of dollars – consultants that have
less power than you do. The Press: If Jews – if
Jews vote for Democrats, would they be
disloyal to Israel? Is that what
you’re saying? The President:
Oh, I’d say so. Yeah. Yeah. The Press: Isn’t that
anti-Semitic to say? The President: No, no, no. It’s only in your head. It’s only anti-Semitic
in your head. If you look at what Tlaib,
Omar, Cortez – if you look at what these people I say
– if you just – AOC plus four or plus three. If you look at what they
say, what they are – they are so bad for Israel. They are so bad
for Jewish people. You take a look at the
horrible, anti-Semitic statements that
they’ve made. You take a look at what
they want to do to Israel. Take a look at the fact
that they want aid – all of the aid – almost $4
billion – all of the aid cut from Israel. You take a look. You know what? The Democrats
have to own it. And I say this: Anybody
that votes for Democrat, they’re voting for that. That’s the face
of your party. And that’s very
bad for Israel. The Press: A U.S. drone was
shot down over Yemen. What is your response? The President:
You’ll find out. The Press: When? The President: You’re
going to find out. The Press: Did Hong
Kong give you leverage in the China talks? Does Hong Kong give you
leverage in the China talks – in the
negotiation? The President: I don’t
view it as leverage, no. I hope Hong Kong works
out in a very humane way. I don’t view it as
leverage or non-leverage. I hope it works out
in a humane way. And I think that President
Xi has the ability to make sure that happens.

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