President Trump Hosts a Press Conference

The President: Thank you
very much everybody. We’ve had a great three
days at the United Nations in New York. And this is quite
a gathering. Wow. It’s a lot of people. A lot of media. (Laughter.) We’ve covered a great
deal of territory. Just left, as you know,
Prime Minister Abe of Japan. We’re starting trade
talks with Japan. They were not willing, for
years, to talk trade, and now they’re willing
to talk trade. And I’m sure we’ll
make a very good deal. Just concluded, as you
know – two days ago, signed a deal with South
Korea – a trade deal. A tremendous deal
with South Korea. It means a lot of
business for our farmers. We’re opening
up for farmers. We’re opening up for a
lot of different groups. We’re going to be able to
sell much more than double the number of automobiles
that we were allowed under a deal that was totally
defective that was there before. And so we’re very
happy with that. That deal is
actually concluded. We’re very well along
the way with Mexico. The relationship
is very good. And with Canada, we’ll
see what happens. They’re charging us
300-percent tariffs on dairy products. We can’t have that. We can’t have that. With China, as you know, we put out an announcement today. They would like to see me
lose an election because they’ve never been
challenged like this. But I want to open up
China to our farmers and to our industrialists
and our companies. And China is not open,
but we’re open to them. They charge us 25, 35, 55
percent for things, and we charge them nothing in terms of coming into the country. Cars, they’re
at 25 percent. And we’re at 2 percent and
2.5 percent, and don’t even collect it. But we collect it now. So we’re doing very well
in our situation with China on trade. I have a great
relationship with the President of China,
President Xi. But it’s got to be
a two-way street. It – for 25 years and
longer, it was not. And trillions and
trillions of dollars was taken out of the United
States for the benefit of China. We just can’t have that. We have to make it fair. So we’re at $250 billion
now, at 25 percent interest. And a lot of money is
coming into our coffers. And it’s had no impact on
our – absolutely, by the way, no impact on our economy, which I said it wouldn’t. In fact, steel is like the
hottest industry there is. If you look at what
happened with steel, we’re charging a 25 percent
tariff for the dumpers. They dump massive
amounts of steel. They want to put the steel
companies out of business. And after they’re out of
business, they’ll come in and charge five times more
than you ever thought possible. And we need steel
and we need aluminum. And those industries
are doing well. But steel is incredible. U.S. Steel is opening up a minimum of eight plants. Nucor is opening
up plants. And these are big plants –
$750 million and a billion dollar plants,
in some cases. So what’s happening with
the steel industry is very exciting to me. It’s being rebuilt
overnight. If you look at the miners
in coal, if you look at energy, LNG – Japan just
gave us some numbers that are incredible. They’re doubling the
amount that they are going to be buying for Japan. They’re taking the LNG and
they’re doubling it up. I said, “You have
to do me a favor. We don’t want
these big deficits. You’re going to
have to buy more.” They’re buying massive
amounts of equipment and military equipment, and
other countries are doing the same thing. Because we have trade imbalances with almost everybody. It’s a rare exception
that we don’t. So we are doing
great as a country. Unfortunately, they just
raised interest rates a little bit because
we are doing so well. I’m not happy about that,
because I know it’s going to be a question. I am not happy about that. I’d rather pay down debt
or do other things, create more jobs. So I’m worried about the
fact that they seem to like raising
interest rates. We can do other things
with the money. And – but they
raised them. And they’re raising them
because we’re doing so well. You know, we’re doing
much better than I had projected in terms of –
when I was campaigning, I said we were going to do
this and we’re doing much better than anybody
ever thought possible. And, I will say, if others
got in, it would have been just the opposite because
they were going to put restrictions on. They were going to
put regulations on. They were going to choke
the economy as it was already choking, but it
would have been worse. And they were going
to raise your taxes. That’s what they want to
do now if they ever got control, which I don’t
think they’ll have control for a long time. So, with that being said,
we’ll take some questions and – yes, please. John, go ahead. We have plenty of time. The Press: Mr. President,
thank you very much. Of course, what you’re
looking forward to tomorrow is the hearings
with Judge Kavanaugh – The President: Yes. The Press: – before the
Judiciary Committee. In 1991, when Joe Biden
passed along to the Bush 41 White House the
allegations that Anita Hill had raised against
Clarence Thomas, the Bush White House asked the FBI
to look into it as part of Judge Thomas’s background
investigation – not a criminal investigation, but the background investigation. The President: Right. Right. The Press: When these
allegations were raised, why didn’t this White
House do the same thing? And with all of the
allegations that are coming out now about Judge
Kavanaugh, was there an opportunity missed here to
have investigators look into this and get some
sort of clarity one way or the other? The President: Well,
the FBI told us they’ve investigated Judge
Kavanaugh six times, five times, many times
over the years. They know him very well. But here, there was
nothing to investigate from at least
one standpoint. They didn’t know
the location. They didn’t know the time. They didn’t know the year. They didn’t know anything. And it’s like,
where do you go? Also, it’s not
for the FBI. If you look at what Joe
Biden said, he said, “They don’t do this.” And he said it
very clearly. So I think when you really
look at it all, it’s not going to change any of
the Democrats’ minds. They’re obstructionists. They’re actually con
artists because they know how quality this man is
and they’ve destroyed a man’s reputation and they
want to destroy it even more. And I think people are going to see that in the midterms. What they’ve done to this
family, what they’ve done to these children – these
beautiful children of his – and what they’ve
done to his wife. And they know it’s
a big, fat con job. And they go into a room
and, I guarantee you, they laugh like hell at what
they’ve pulled off on you and on the public. They laugh like hell. So, it wouldn’t have
mattered if the FBI came back with the
cleanest score. And you understand
that very well, John. If they would have come
back with the most perfect – “We found everything,
and he’s perfectly innocent of everything.” It wouldn’t have
made a difference. You wouldn’t have
gotten one vote. Now we will get votes from
the Democrats if we win. You’ll have three, four,
or five Democrats giving us votes, because they’re
in states that I won by 30 and 40 points and they’re
going to give us votes. But other than that, you
probably won’t get any, John. Yes, go ahead. Please. The Press: Mr. President,
there are now three women accusing Judge Kavanaugh
of sexual misconduct. Are you saying that all
three of those women are liars? Is there anything that can be said at this point tomorrow – The President: Yeah. The Press: – that could cause you to withdraw the nomination? Anything at all that – The President: I won’t
get into that game. I’ll only tell you this:
This is one of the highest quality people that I’ve
ever met, and everybody that knows him says
the same thing. And these are all false
– to me, these are false accusations in
certain cases. And certain cases, even
the media agrees with that. I can only say that, what
they’ve done to this man is incredible. You know, it’s very
interesting – I pick a lot of judges. I have 145 judges I will
be picking by the end of a fairly short period of
time because President Obama wasn’t big
on picking judges. When I got there, I said,
“How is this possible?” I have 145 – including
court of appeals – judges. And they just
didn’t do it. You know why? They got tired. They got complacent. Something happened. I have 145 judges. Everybody wants to
be a federal judge. Not just a Supreme Court
judge, I’m talking about court of appeals; I’m
talking about district court. I don’t think they’re
going to want to so much. I’ll be calling people,
and we’ll have people calling people
that do this. And people are going to be
scared because we could say it about you,
“Thirty-five years ago, you met some…” – and you might know –
you might not know what’s going on. What is going on? Why did they wait so long? Why did Senator Feinstein
wait until the hearings were over and
make this case? Why didn’t she bring it
right at the beginning? When you ask about, as an
example, the FBI – why didn’t they bring this
right at the beginning, during the hearing? You would have had all the
time in the world for the FBI. It would have been fine. Now the FBI, as you know,
did investigate this time, as they have five
or six other times. And they did a very
thorough investigation. But this is a big con job. And I would love to be
in the room with the Democrats, close the door
– you guys are all away, outside, waiting. And Schumer and his
buddies are all in there laughing how they
fooled you all. Let’s just stop them. A big fat con. Yeah, go ahead. The Press: But Mr.
President, if I could follow up. You have daughters. Can you understand why a
victim of sexual assault would not report
it at the time? Don’t you understand – The President: By the
way, I only say this: thirty-six years – no
charge, no nothing. Everybody – The Press: But – but
that happens often. I mean – The President: People are going to have to make a decision. Thirty-six years,
there’s no charge. All of a sudden, the
hearings are over and the rumors start coming out. And then you have this
other con artist, Avenatti, come out with
another beauty today. I only say that you have
to look at the facts. The senators are
very capable people. They’re very good people. I know many of them. They’re friends of mine. These are very talented,
very good people. And they’re going to vote. They’re going to believe
what they believe. I can – when I look at
what’s happened to the reputation of a great
gentleman – a great intellect; a brilliant
man; somebody that has a chance to be one of our
great Supreme Court Justices in history,
intellectually – I think it’s a shame. Yes, please. The Press: Yes
Mr. President. My name is Tomás Regalado
from Radio and TV Marti. Mr. President, yesterday
at the speech at the U.N., you spoke about how
Venezuela’s problem was because of Cuba and the
Castros – how they went in there and they brought
socialism and communism to Venezuela, and now to
Nicaragua as well. Mr. President, are you
going to be more proactive now against Cuba as well? The President: I’ve been
very proactive against Cuba. I don’t like what’s
happening in Cuba. As you know, President
Obama gave them a pass and I didn’t like it. Neither do Cuban people
based in Miami and based in our country that came
from Cuba and suffered in Cuba. I don’t like what he did. I’ve ended much of
it – most of it. I don’t like what’s
happening in Cuba, and I certainly don’t like
what’s happening in Venezuela. Yes, please. The Press: Mr. President. The President: Go ahead. The Press: Mr. President,
just to finish really fast. You said also that you had
a call-to-action to ask the leaders around the world to also end socialism. Would you like to
be recognized as – The President: Well,
I wouldn’t say that socialism has bene working
really well around the world, okay. You can take a look at
Venezuela as your number one – your number one –
I guess, the one that is most obvious. But you take a look around
the world, socialism is not exactly riding high. Please. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. The President: Go ahead. The Press: Thank
you very much. If you don’t mind, after
I’m finished, if Weijia, or Hallie, or Vivian,
or one of our female colleagues could go after
me, that would be great. Mr. President, just
to follow up on these allegations against
Brett Kavanaugh – The President: What
does he mean by that? Explain. What does that mean? The Press: I think it would be great if a female reporter – The President:
What does it mean? No, what does it mean? The Press: I think it
would great if a female reporter would ask you a
question about this issue. So if you don’t
mind, I would ask – The President: I wouldn’t
mind that at all. No. Wouldn’t mind it at all. The Press: All right. Well, let me – if
I could call on – The President: Wouldn’t
make any difference to me. The Press: All right. The President: Go ahead. The Press: If I could
follow up on John, and John’s question. Why is it, Mr. President,
that you always seem to side with the accused
and not the accuser? You have three women
here who are all making allegations, who are all asking that their stories be heard. And, you know, if you look
at the case of Roy Moore, if you look at the case of
one of your staffers, you seem to, time and again,
side with the accused and not the accuser. Is that because of the
many allegations that you’ve had made against
you over the years? The President: Well, first
of all, I wasn’t happy with Roy Moore. Let’s get that straight. But Roy Moore was a
Republican candidate – The Press: But
you stood by him. The President: – and I
would have rather had a Republican candidate win. I was very happy with
Luther Strange, who was a terrific man from Alabama,
but Luther Strange had a lot of things
going against him. As far as women, whether
it’s a man or a woman, these are – you know, it
can happen the other way. Allegations can go
the other way also. You understand that. And whether it was a man
or a woman, 30 years ago, 36 years ago – in fact,
they don’t even know how many years ago because
nobody knows what the time is. That’s a long time. And I could pick, as an
example – hopefully I won’t have to do it as
a replacement because hopefully this is going to
go very well on Thursday. It’s going to go very well
on Monday, or Saturday, or Sunday, or
whenever they vote. But I could pick a woman
and she could have charges made from many
years ago also. The Press: But don’t you
understand, sir, that many of these – The President: And I would
look at the character – The Press: – many
of these accusers – The President: No,
what I have to do – The Press: – are reluctant
to come forward. You’ve raised doubts
about these accusers. Many of them are reluctant
to come forward. The President: I don’t
think people are reluctant to come forward. They’re going to have a
chance to speak at a major – they have a major
chance to speak. The Press: But you’re
saying why (inaudible) – The President: Excuse me. Excuse me. They have a major
chance to speak. And it will be
tomorrow, I assume. We’ve delayed this –
meaning the Republican senators, not me. The Republicans senators
have delayed this for weeks now. They’re giving the women
a major chance to speak. Now it’s possible I’ll
hear that, and I’ll say, “Hey, I’m
changing my mind.” That is possible. We want to give them
a chance to speak. And they’re given – The Press: Do you think
all three should have a chance – all three should
have a chance to speak? The President: Well,
whoever is given a chance. We’ve delayed
it a long time. But they’re going to have
a big shot at speaking and making their case. And you know what? I could be persuaded also. Okay? Yes. Please. Please, go ahead. Go ahead. I would like to go
– yes, go ahead. Please. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. The President: Thank you. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. And a couple of questions
for you to follow up on some answers that I didn’t
quite hear from you, if you would allow me a
couple of questions. First of all, do you think
these women – all three of them are liars? Yes or no? The President: Have
they been what? The Press: Are they liars? The President: I
can’t tell you. I have to watch tomorrow. I have to read. I just heard about one
a little while ago. I can tell you her lawyer
is a low life, okay? So I can’t tell you
whether or not they’re liars until I hear them. I don’t know what happened
today because I’ve been very busy with Japan, with
South Korea, with China, and about seven other
countries, as you know – and I chaired the
Security Council. So I don’t know about today’s person that came forward. I do know about
the lawyer. And you don’t get much
worse – bad reputation, too. Take a look at his past. So, as far as the other
women are concerned, I’m going to see what
happens tomorrow. I’m going to be watching
– you know, believe it or not. I’m going to
see what’s said. It’s possible that they
will be convincing. Now, with all of that
being said, Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been, for many years, one of the most respected people in Washington. He’s been on – I guess
you’d call it the second highest court. And every single person
knows him; a lot of people know him well. And those people don’t
believe what’s going on. I can always be convinced. I have to hear it. The Press: It sounds like
what you’re saying is, there is a situation,
there is a scenario under which you would withdraw
Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. Is that correct? And have you talked
about that with him? The President: If
thought he was – if I thought he was guilty of
something like this, yeah sure. The Press: And you will
wait until tomorrow to make up your
mind about it? The President:
I want to watch. I want to see. I hope I can watch. I’m meeting with a lot of
countries tomorrow, but I will certainly, in some
form, be able to watch. And I’ll also rely on some
very fair and talented Republican senators who –
look, if we brought George Washington here and we
said, “We have George Washington,” the Democrats
would vote against him, just so you understand. And he may have had a bad
past, who knows, you know. (Laughter.) He may have
had some, I think, accusations made. Didn’t he have a couple
of things in his past? George Washington would be
voted against 100 percent by Schumer and
the con artists. I mean 100 percent. One hundred percent. So it really doesn’t
matter from their standpoint. That’s why when John asked
about the FBI – if the FBI did the most thorough
investigation in the history of the FBI, and
they found him to be 100-percent perfect, he
would lose every single vote. Now, if the Republicans
win tomorrow, I think you’re going to get some
votes from the Democrats. You know why? Because – we all know why
– because it’s called politics. Then you’ll probably
get some votes. Okay, let’s go. The Press: And my
final question, sir, The President:
One more question. Yes. The Press: Just
to follow up – The President: She stands
up: “I’d like to ask about three questions.” It’s not really fair
to everyone else. The Press: This will
be my last one – The President: Should
I let her ask another question? (Crosstalk.) The Press: – to
follow up on – The President: Go ahead. See? The Press: – to follow
up on a question that a colleague asked as well
about the benefit of the doubt that you have given
to people like Roy Moore, to Roger Ailes, to Bill
O’Reilly, to Brett Kavanaugh. They’re all men. Why is that? The President: It’s not
a benefit of the doubt. I’ve – The Press: Has there ever
been an instance when you’ve given the benefit
of the doubt to a woman? The President:
I’ve known them. Hallie, I’ve know them for
a long time and – a lot of these people. A lot of people. And some I’ve been
disappointed with. I have been
disappointed with some. Others, like – you know,
there are charges that are pretty weak. But I’ve known people
for a long time. I never saw them
do anything wrong. I never saw them
do anything wrong. And there are some that
probably – I agree. I can tell you there are
some that I – I’ve been watching for a long time. And in a couple of cases,
they weren’t Republicans. In a lot of cases, they
were not; they were exactly the opposite. But I’ve been watching
them for a long time. And I knew for a long
time these were not good people. And they were
never brought up. Okay. Yes, ma’am. Go ahead. Thank you very
much by the way. Thank you. The Press: Thank you very
much, Mr. President. The President: Thank you. The Press: When the
allegations first surfaced, you initially
said how important it was for Dr. Ford to testify
and that you wanted to hear from her. The President: I do. The Press: But – The President: I wish it
could have gone quicker. The Press: Well, you also
said that if what she said were as bad as she claims,
surely her or her parents would have reported it. And just today, you
said, you wouldn’t – The President: Well,
there is a truth. I mean there is a chance
that her parents could have reported
it 36 years ago. The Press: So
my question is – The President: It doesn’t
mean they had to report it because, in some
instances, people keep it quiet. It’s a very tough
situation for a woman, there’s no
question about it. And in some cases,
they do report it. Frankly, had they reported
it, it would’ve been pretty amazing,
wouldn’t it? But I guess they didn’t,
and that’s okay. I’m not saying they had to
report it because it’s a very personal thing. It’s a very big problem,
there’s no question about it. Go ahead. The Press: But do you want
to hear her story before you draw a conclusion – The President: I’d like
to hear her story, yeah. Well, we’re
giving her a time. The Press: – or have you
already made up your mind? The President: They
would’ve given her time last week. This is the United
States Senate. This is the most important
position that a President can give out, I think
we can say, by far. I’ve actually heard
it’s the most important decision a
President can make. I disagree with that. War and peace – I always
say, “War and peace.” And after that,
Supreme Court Justice. Right? I look forward to
hearing from her. We could’ve heard from her
last week; we could have heard from her
for a long time. It’ll be interesting to
hear what she has to say. Okay? The Press: And let me
follow up on Jim’s question. Mr. President, let me
follow up on Jim’s question that I don’t
think we got an answer to. The President: Which one? Which question? Who? The Press: How have your
personal experiences being accused by more than a dozen women of sexual misconduct – The President:
I’ve been accused. I’ve been accused. False accusations. The Press: – right,
how have those – The President: Excuse me. I’ve been accused. And I was accused by – I
believe, it was – four women. You can check
with Sean Hannity. You can check with Fox,
because they covered it very strongly
– who got paid. The Press: And how
has (inaudible) – The President: Excuse me. Excuse me. I was accused by four or
five women who got paid a lot of money to make
up stories about me. We caught them, and the
mainstream media refused to put it on television. They refused to
even write about it. There were four women, and
maybe more – I think the number is four or five. But one had a mortgage
paid off her house, $52,000. Another one had
other things happen. And the one that reported
it, I believe, was offered $750,000 to say bad things
about me – and she is the one that reported it. This woman is incredible. She reported it, instead
of taking the money. So I’ve had numerous
accusations about me. The Press: Right. The President: I mean,
they made false statements about me, knowing
they were false. I never met them. I never met these people. And, what did they do? What did they do? They took money in order
to say bad things. I’ve had stories written
in the New York Times – front page –
about four women. The whole top center front
page of the New York Times. I think it was
four big pictures. I said, “Wow. That’s a big thing. What’s that?” These were women that were
quoted saying bad things about me. Not the worst things
about me, but bad things. And I said, “Gee,
that’s too bad.” I knew them a long time
ago – 15 years ago, 20 years ago. I said, “That’s too bad. I’m surprised at them.” And then all of a sudden I
see them on television – nothing to do with me. The next day or a day
later, they were incensed. They said, “Donald
Trump is a nice guy. We never said this. The New York Times
did false reporting. They’re fake news.” And you know what? The New York Times would
not report that their story was fake. These women said
great things. Not only did they not say
the bad stuff, they said great things about me. Front page. And those women – they’re
incredible women – they went on television – and
they didn’t want to, and I didn’t ask them. And they said, “The New
York Times made it up. They gave false quotes.” And they went on
a lot of shows. They were really incensed
and they couldn’t believe it. That’s why people know
that a lot of the news is fake. And a lot of the people
sitting here are fake. But 20 percent of
them are wonderful. Okay? The Press: If I could just
actually ask my question, Mr. Trump. I – you didn’t let
me ask my question. The President: You’ve been
asking a question for 10 minutes, all right? The Press: No, you
interrupted my question. The President:
Please sit down. Please. The Press: I’m
asking you – The President: Go ahead. Go ahead. The Press: – how did those
impact your opinions on the allegations against
Judge Kavanaugh? The President: Well, it
does impact my opinion. You know why? Because I’ve had a lot of
false charges made against me. I’m a very famous
person, unfortunately. I’ve been a famous
person for a long time. But I’ve had a lot of
false charges made against me – really false charges. I know friends that
have had false charges. People want fame. They want money. They want whatever. So when I see it, I view
it differently than somebody sitting home
watching television, where they say, “Oh,
Judge Kavanaugh…” this or that. It’s happened to
me many times. I’ve had many false
charges; I had a woman sitting in an airplane
and I attacked her while people were coming
onto the plane. And I have a number-one
bestseller out? I mean it was
total phony story. There are many of them. So when you say, does it
affect me in terms of my thinking with respect
to Judge Kavanaugh? Absolutely. Because I’ve had
it many times. And if the news would have
reported these four people – I couldn’t believe it. When I heard that they
caught these four people, I said, “Wow. That’s a big story.” And it was – for Fox. Okay. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. Earlier today and
just now, you made a significant allegation
against the Chinese government. You suggested
that the Chinese – The President: I did. The Press: – had meddled
in or are meddling in – The President:
That’s right. That’s what I hear. The Press: – the 2018
midterm elections. The President:
That’s what I hear. The Press: What evidence
do you have of that, sir? Is there a national
intelligence estimate, for example, that you’re
prepared to put forward? The President:
We have evidence. We have evidence. It’ll come out. Yeah, I can’t tell you
now, but it came – it didn’t come out of
nowhere, that I can tell you. Now, if you – they’ve
actually admitted that they’re going
after farmers. I mean, I think most
of you can cover that. I like that you’re
shaking your head, “yes.” I’m going to ask you the
next question because of that. Okay? It’s probably going to
be the killer of all questions. (Laughter.) But let
me just explain – The Press: But why
make the charges now – The President: No, no, no. Let me – The Press: – if you’re not
prepared to come forward with the evidence, sir? The President: China, now,
put on $250 billion, and they’re paying 25
percent on that. They’re paying
billions and billions. This has never
happened to China. And I like China. And I like
President Xi a lot. I think he’s a
friend of mine. He may not be a friend of
mine anymore, but he – I think he probably
respects – From what I hear – if you
look at Mr. Pillsbury, the leading authority on China
– he was on a good show – I won’t mention the name
of the show – recently. And he was saying that
China has total respect for Donald Trump and for
Donald Trump’s very, very large brain. He said, “Donald. Donald Trump. They don’t know
what to do.” It never happened. Well, one thing they are
trying to do is they are trying to convince people
to go against Donald Trump. Because a normal, regular,
political person that has no concept of what the
hell he’s doing would let China continue to take
$500 billion a year out of our country and
rebuild their country. I mean, they were building
29 massive bridges like the George
Washington Bridge. They’re building things
that we don’t build anymore. But we’re starting
to build them again. And our economy now is
hotter than it’s ever been. I don’t know you if you
saw the confidence levels this morning that
just came out. Fantastic. And in all fairness to the
Fed raising rates, they’re raising rates because
we’ve never done like we’re doing now. And one of the things that
is nice about the rates – the people that were hurt
the worst by these zero interest rates
and, you know – When President Obama had
an economy that was – it was the worst comeback
since the Great Depression and all that – you’ve
all heard that. But remember, he was playing with zero-interest money. He was playing
with funny money. That’s easy. I’m playing with fairly
expensive money. So when he does that, the
people that benefit are people that actually – in
their whole life, they would save 10, 15, 20
percent of their salary and put it in the bank. Those people got killed
because they put their money in the bank. They were going to live
off the interest, and there was no interest. Now, those people are
starting to get interest. And those are the people,
frankly, that deserve to – you know, they
did a great job. The people that did it
right, the people that did the best job got
hurt the most. So in one sense I like
it, but basically I’m a low-interest-rate person. I hate to tell you. Yes. Yes, ma’am. Yes. Yes, go ahead. The Press: Mr. President,
you have another meeting tomorrow with
Rod Rosenstein. The President: Yes. The Press: Are you
planning to fire Rod Rosenstein? The President: I’m
talking to him. We’ve had a good talk. He said he never said it. He said he doesn’t
believe it. He said he has a lot of
respect for me, and he was very nice and we’ll see. And he’s a member of the
Trump administration, in that sense; it’s the
Justice Department. I would certainly
prefer not doing that. There was no collusion. There was no obstruction
– I mean, unless you call obstruction the fact
that I fight back. I do fight back. I really fight back. I mean, if you call that
obstruction, that’s fine. But there’s no
obstruction. There’s no collusion. I’m going to meet
with him tomorrow. I may call Rod tonight or
tomorrow and ask for a little bit of a delay to
the meeting, because I don’t want to do anything
that gets in the way of this very important
Supreme Court pick. So I don’t want it
competing and hurting the decision – one way or
the other decision. Again, I want to hear
what she has to say. But I want to do –
so I may delay that. I’m going to see. I don’t want to do
anything that’s going to conflict with that. But my preference would be
to keep him, and to let him finish up. You know, I call
it a “witch hunt.” And it is a witch hunt. If you look at the FBI
statements with Strzok and his lover Lisa Page. If you look at all of the
things that have gone on in the FBI. If you look at McCabe
taking $700,000 from a Hillary Clinton-PAC
essentially run by Terry McAuliffe, who’s her best
friend in the world, and he gives them hundreds
of thousands of dollars. And he’s in charge of her
campaign, and his wife is getting all of this money
to run – she lost – to run. I mean, what’s going on? If you look at the
horrible statements, like “Way to go, Page. Great story you put
into a newspaper.” Essentially, now we’ll
go and investigate that group. It’s terrible. We have caught people
doing things that are terrible. I would much prefer
keeping Rod Rosenstein. Much prefer. Many people say I have the
right to absolutely fire him. He said he did not say it. He said he does
not believe that. And nobody in this
room believes it. By the way, I deal with
the people in this room. I was with Mike Pompeo
before, and we were dealing, at a very high
level, with Japan. And I was saying things
that nobody in the room even understood. And I said them a long
time ago, and I was right. He said, “That’s not the
25th Amendment that I’m looking at.” I think I can say
that from Mike. The Press: So you don’t
think anyone in your administration has ever
discussed using the 25th Amendment against you? The President: I
don’t think so. Well, yeah –
enemies, sure. You use anything you can. The Press: Was it in your
administration or your Cabinet? The President: Hey, you
use anything they can. They’re not in
love with me. They’re not going to beat
me in the election; they know that. They’re not
going to beat me. The people that I’m
looking at are total lightweights. I dream of running
against those people. The Press: But within
your administration? The President: Maybe
they’ll come up with somebody that’s not –
they’re not going to beat me. I’m against what
they want to do. I’m in favor of
law enforcement. I’m in favor of safety and
security, and low taxes. I want low taxes. I want borders. We’re getting another
$1.6 billion in borders. I want borders. We’ve spent $3.2 [billion] and we’re getting another $1.6 [billion]. And then eventually, we’re
getting the whole thing and we’ll
complete the wall. They don’t want that. They don’t want that. They don’t want the
things that I have. Now, I must say, I know
many of the Democrats. They’ll say things
and then wink at me. And again, it’s
the same old story. They’ll say things;
they don’t mean it. Its politics. The reason they don’t want
me is because they want to run the show. They want it. It’s power. It’s whatever you
want to call it. But what they’ve done
here is a disgrace. A total disgrace. And what they do – I know,
it’s sort of interesting – in one case, they
say, “He’s a fascist. He’s taking over
the government. He’s the most powerful
President ever. He’s a horrible
human being. He wants to take over the
entire government, and he’s going to do it. We can’t stop him.” That didn’t work. The next week, he said,
“Uh, he’s incompetent.” I said, “Well,
wait a minute.” In one case, I’m
taking over the world. And in the other case,
“He’s incompetent.” They tried that
for a week. That didn’t work. Look, these are very
dishonest people. These are con artists. And the press knows it, but the press doesn’t write it. Wow. That’s a lot of hands. That’s a lot of –
oh, Steve, go ahead. He is a very high quality
person, this man. But he’ll probably
hit me with a bad one. (Laughter.) The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. Why – The President: Go ahead. Give it to me. Give it to me, Steve. Reuters. The Press: You’re getting
letters from Chairman Kim. Why do you need a second
summit with the North Korean leader so soon? And what do you – The President:
Because he’d like it. The Press: What
would it be for? The President: So I’ve
received two letters from Chairman Kim. At some point, I’ll, you
know, give these letters – they’re incredible
letters. They’re letters that are
magnificent in the sense of his feeling for
wanting to get this done. I really believe he
wants to get it done. I may be wrong. I heard somebody on a
certain network last night – I won’t mention which
one – say, “Why has President Trump given so
much to North Korea?” I said, “Wait a minute.” I asked Sarah Huckabee,
“Please call this person.” I gave nothing –
other than I met. What did I give them? I didn’t do what Obama
did: Give them $1.8 billion in cash to get
back four hostages. I got back our hostages; I
never paid them anything. I haven’t paid
them 10 cents. But he wants to make a
deal and I’d like to make a deal. We actually have a very
good relationship together – a lot different than the
last time I was at the United Nations. That was a
little bit rough. Don’t forget, that time,
they said, “Oh, Trump is saying these
horrible things. He’s going to get
us into a war.” You were going
to have a war. If I wasn’t elected,
you’d be in war. And President Obama
essentially said the same thing. He was ready to go to war. You would have had a war,
and you would have lost millions, not thousands. You would have lost
millions of people. Seoul has 30 million
people – 40 miles and 30 miles from this very
dangerous border. If I wasn’t elected, you
would have had a war. President Obama thought
you had to go to war. You know how close he was
to pressing the trigger for war? Millions of people. With me, nobody is
talking about that. Nobody is talking
about that. We have a very
good relationship. He likes me. I like him. We get along. He wrote me two of the
most beautiful letters. When I showed one of the
letters – just one – to Prime Minister Abe, he
said, “This is actually a groundbreaking letter. This is an incredible
– this is a historic letter.” And it is a
historic letter. It’s a beautiful – it’s a
beautiful piece of art. And I think we’re
going to make a deal. Will we make
a deal, Steve? I don’t really know. But I think
we’re going to. In the meantime – and I’ve
said it a thousand – I don’t want to bore you: no
rockets, no missiles, no nuclear tests – you know,
for over a year, where you haven’t seen. Before I got here,
everybody in this room thought you were
going to war. And then what happened –
it was funny – they said, “He was terrible. He was so rough with
Chairman Kim – Kim Jong Un. He was so rough. It’s terrible. He’s going to cause…” Well, I had a great
meeting with President Putin. And on that one, they
said, “He was too soft with President Putin.” I had a great meeting
with the President. It lasted for two hours. We discussed everything:
Ukraine, Syria, Israel and Israel’s protection. We had a great meeting. They wanted me to end
up in a boxing match. And you know what? If I was killer-tough with
President Putin, they would have said,
“He was too tough.” You can’t win with these
people, but you just keep going. In the meantime,
we’re doing well. Go ahead. The Press: So how do
you – how long do you – The President: Wait. One second. The Press: How long do you
think it should take North Korea to denuclearize? The President:
I don’t know. I don’t want to get into – The Press: We’ve seen estimates of one year, two year – The President: Steve, I
don’t want to get into the time game. You know why? I told Mike Pompeo, I
said, “Mike, don’t get into the time game.” We stopped them. They’re taking
down plants. They’re taking down a
lot of different testing areas. They’re going to
take down some more. You’ll be hearing
about that very soon. I don’t want to go ahead
of myself, but you’ll be hearing about it soon. They have no interest
right now in testing nuclear. You know, we had a case
just about when I was coming into office – you
all remember it – where there was a massive – they thought it was an earthquake. A mountain moved over
an inch and a half. We’re talking
about mountains. You know, North Korea
is very mountainous. Beautiful land. Beautiful. This mountain
actually shifted. It shifted. And somebody thought
it was an earthquake. And then they found out,
no, this was nuclear testing. Shifted a mountain. Now I’m talking
about serious stuff. Serious size. When I came in, and
certainly before I came in – and even at the
beginning of mine because when I was having
rhetorical contests – you know, contests, really, I
guess you could call it – with Chairman Kim, which
we both smile at now and we laugh at. But everybody thought that
was a horrible thing. We’ve had – many
Presidents were unable to do anything, anything at
all with North Korea. We now have a good
relationship. We have a good
relationship. And most importantly, all
of the things that you’ve been hearing about -the
horror stories – in my opinion, they’re gone. Now, could they
start up again? Yes. I’m a deal guy. Could they start? Yeah. Could be that we
don’t work it out. I think – I have it right
here – I think that what we’ve done behind the
scenes, which nobody really knows about – and I don’t blame you for not knowing about, you know, personal letters, private letters. But saying they
want to get it done. We know much more than
the media for a change. Much more. But if you saw what’s
going on behind the scenes, I think
you’d very impressed. We were a country
going to war. I really believe that
President Obama would admit that he said it’s by
far his biggest problem. When I sat with him, prior
to going to office – going into office, he said to me that’s by far the biggest problem. And he said to me that he was very close to going into war. And millions of people –
not – you know, I – they say, “Oh, thousands
of people…” No, no, no, not thousands. Millions of people
would have been killed. And that could have left
– you’re right next to China. You’re right – that could have been a world war very easily. Right now, we’re in
a great position. I don’t want to
play the time game. I told Mike Pompeo, “Don’t
let them do that to you.” I haven’t given anything. And all of a sudden – we
got back, it was a few weeks ago. I think we were back like
two and a half months from the summit, which
was a great success. And people are screaming,
“What’s taking so long?” I said, “Oh, I get it.” You got to
understand the media. I’ve been dealing with
the media all my life. Too much. Too much. They’re screaming
and I saw that. And our guys were – and
not Mike – but our guys were being, “Oh well,
we’re working as fast…” I said, “I got all the
time in the world. I don’t have to rush it.” There’s no – you know,
secession of sanctions. We got the sanctions on. I didn’t take any
sanctions off. I did see a reporter last
night – a guy I like, personally, a lot. And he asked a question to
President Moon of South Korea. He said, “Why did the
President give so much?” I didn’t give anything. I gave nothing. What have I given,
other than some time? Yes, I flew to Singapore. We had a meeting. Now, giving would be if I
took the sanctions off. I didn’t want to do – if
you asked General Mattis, for a year and a half, I
said, “Why don’t we stop these ridiculous,” in my
opinion, “the military games?” I call them the
“military games.” If I told you how much
those games cost – and, frankly, I told South
Korea, “You should be paying for these games.” We pay for them. They say, “Well, we fly
the planes in from a short distance away.” I said, “Where is that?” “Guam.” “Oh, huh. How long a trip is that?” “Seven hours.” “Oh, great.” We’re flying these massive
bombers and everything. I’ve wanted to stop
this for a long time. I consider that an asset. But we’ve done – we’re
saving, by the way – just for the taxpayer, we’re
saving a fortune. And if we need them, we can start them up immediately. If I think we need them,
I’ll start them before the generals will start them. The fact is, this
reporter said that. I said, “What
have we done? I haven’t given anything.” And we’re really
onto the cusp. I think we’re really going
to do something that’s going to be
very important. But we’re not playing
the time game. If it takes two years,
three years, or five months, it doesn’t matter. There’s no nuclear testing
and there’s no testing of rockets. Yes, ma’am. Go ahead. Go ahead. Please. The Press: Thank you. The President: This is the
one that was nodding with every nice thing I said,
so watch this question. The Press: It’s
a habit of mine. Hannah Thomas-Peter
from Sky News. The President:
You’re with who? The Press: Hannah
Thomas-Peter from Sky News. The President: Okay, good. Sky News. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. The President:
Congratulations on the purchase. (Laughter.) The Press: Nothing
to do with me. The President: I
hope you benefited. (Laughter.) Go ahead. The Press: Are you at all
concerned at the message that has been sending –
being sent to the women who are watching this when
you use language like “con job” in relation to
allegations of sexual assault? The President: Oh, I’ve
used much worse language in my life than “con job.” That’s like probably the
nicest phrase I’ve ever used. I mean, con job – it is. It’s a con job. You know, confidence –
it’s a confidence job. But they short – it’s a
con job by the Democrats. They know it. The Press: What about the
message that’s being sent to women who are watching? The President: They did
the same thing with the Russia investigation. They tried to convince
people that I had something to
do with Russia. There was no collusion. Think of it. I’m in Wisconsin. I’m in Michigan. I say, “Gee, we’re
not doing well.” I won both those states. “We’re not doing well. Uh, let me call the
Russians to help.” Does anybody really
believe that? It’s a con job. And I watch these guys –
Little Adam Schiff, and all of the guys. He takes a call from a
Russian who turned out to be a faker. You know, he was a
comedian or something. “This is so-and-so
calling for…” – he took the call. Why is the taking a
call from a Russian? Senator Warner took a
call from a Russian. He was a comedian or
something, but he said, “We have pictures of
President Trump.” “Oh, where can
I get them?” If we ever did that, it
would be like a big deal. Yeah, it’s a con job. And it’s not a bad term. It’s not a bad
term at all. The Press: Are
you worried – The President: I’ll tell
you one thing I can say: I’ve had a lot of people
talking about this to me, with respect to what’s
happening, because it’s a horrible precedent. I’m going to have to get
other judges and other Supreme Court
judges, possibly. I could have a lot of the
Supreme Court judges, more than two. And when I called up Brett
Kavanaugh – spoke to him and his family – and told
them that I chose them, they were so happy
and so honored. It was as though – I mean,
the biggest thing that’s ever happened. And I understand
that – U.S. Supreme Court. I don’t want to be in a
position where people say, “No, thanks. No, thanks. I don’t want to.” You know, “I spoke to
somebody 38 years ago, and it may not be good.” We have a country to run. We want the best
talent in the world. But I’ll tell you this:
The people that have complained to me about it
the most – about what’s happening – are women. Women are very angry. You know, I got 52
percent with women. Everyone said, “This
couldn’t happen – 52 percent.” Women are so angry. And I, frankly, think that
– I think they like what the Republicans are doing,
but I think they would have liked to have seen
it go a lot faster. But give them
their day in court. Let her have her
day in court. Let somebody else
have a day in court. But the ones that I find
– I mean, I have men that don’t like it, but I have
women that are incensed at what’s going on. I’ve always said women
are smarter than men. I’ve said that a
lot and I mean it. But women are incensed
at what’s going on. Yes, go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead, in the back. The Press: Sorry. It’s me? The President:
Who are you? Or where are you from? The Press: It’s me? It’s me? The President: Yeah, you. (Laughter.) The guy looks
– guy looks like he’s shocked. That’s not – this is
going to be not good. The Press: It’s going
to be good, sir. The President: The guy
looks totally like stunned that I – have you ever been picked before for a question? (Laughter.) The Press: Yes, sir, but not from President of the United States. The President: Go ahead. Go ahead. Give me a question. The Press: Thank
you very much. My name is Majeed Gly
from Rudaw Media Network. I want to, sir, ask you –
you always talk about – The President: Excuse
me, you said where? From where? The Press: Rudaw Media
Network from Kurdistan region, north of Iraq. The President: Okay. The Press: I’m a Kurd. Sir – The President: Good. Good. Great people. The Press: Thank you, sir. The President:
Great people. The Press: (Inaudible.) The President: Thank you. Thank you. The Press: Mr. President. Mr. President, I want to – The President: Thank you. Are you a Kurd? The Press: (Inaudible.) The President: Good. The Press: Mr. President – The President:
They’re great people. They’re great fighters. I like them a lot. Let’s go. I like this
question so far. The Press: Mr. President,
you always say you support your allies. Kurds right now, after the
defeat of ISIS, are under a lot of pressure in
Syria and in Iraq by many adversaries. The President: It’s true. The Press: What will
you do to elevate their position to support them
in order – after they help the United States
to defeat ISIS? Thank you very much. The President: Well, we
are helping them a lot and we’ve been very
friendly with them. And, as you know, we’ve
fought side-by-side. And we have defeated ISIS,
essentially, a very short while ago, in
the Middle East. And we did it with a lot
of help from the Kurds. And they are – they’re
great fighters. You know, some people are
great fighters and some people aren’t. The Kurds are
great fighters. And they’re great,
great people. And we’re going to be
working – we’re discussing that situation
exactly right now. The Press: What will you
do to support them, sir, (inaudible) Syria? The President: Well, I’m
just telling you, we’re going to be discussing
that situation. We have already started
discussing that situation. But we have tremendous
support from the Kurds in defeating ISIS. Okay? The Press: And about
Syria: Sir, in your speech you did not mention – The President: Uh, yes. Go. Uh oh. The Press: Here we go. (Laughs.) The President:
You don’t need it. The Press: Mr. President,
Susan Li from Fox Business. Did you reject a
one-on-one meeting with the Canadian Prime
Minister Justin Trudeau? The President:
Yeah, I did. The Press: Why? The President: Because his
tariffs are too high, and he doesn’t seem to want to
move, and I’ve told him, “Forget about it.” And frankly, we’re
thinking about just taxing cars coming in
from Canada. That’s the motherlode. That’s the big one. We’re very unhappy with
the negotiations and the negotiating
style of Canada. We don’t like their
representative very much. They’ve taken advantage –
I love Canada, by the way. I have so many friends. I have everybody,
and so many friends. But that has nothing
to do with this; I’m representing the
United States. Mexico was totally – I
mean, they were great. By the way, the new
President has been great. The deal is done. Now, it has to go through
Congress and, you know, a lot things have to happen. But we’ve done – Bob Lighthizer, who’s here someplace. Where’s Bob? Bob. Bob Lighthizer has done a
great job of negotiating, as they have. But the deal is done. It’s up to Congress. The Press: And
Mr. President – The President: But Canada
has treated us very badly. They’ve treated our
farmers in Wisconsin, and New York state, and a
lot of other states very badly. Dairy products
– 300 percent. Three hundred percent. How do you sell a dairy
product at 300 percent? The answer is: You don’t. What it is, is a barrier. It’s – basically, they’re
saying, “We don’t have any barriers. By the way, it’s
300 percent.” So you don’t send it in,
because you can’t compete. So Canada has a
long way to go. I must be honest with you,
we’re not getting along at all with their
negotiators. We think their negotiators
have taken advantage of our country for
a long time. We had people that didn’t
know what they were doing. And that’s why we had –
over the last five or six years, if you average it
out, we had $800 billion a year in trade losses. It’s ridiculous. It’s not going to happen. The Press: What
about NAFTA? Sir, Mr.
President, NAFTA – The President: Go ahead. The Press: What does
that mean for NAFTA? Will you be pulling
out of NAFTA? The President: I
don’t like NAFTA. I never liked it. It’s been very bad
for the United States. It’s been great
for Canada. It’s been great
for Mexico. Very bad for us. The Press: But will
you pull out of the – The President: I’m not
going to use the name “NAFTA.” I refuse to use it. I’ve seen thousands of
plants and factories close. I’ve seen millions of jobs
lost to auto companies that moved. I mean, Mexico has 25
percent of our auto business now
because of NAFTA. Under our deal, it’s not
going to happen anymore. I hate to tell
you, it’s not. We’re going to
keep companies. And I told the Mexicans,
I said, “We have to keep companies.” But they’re getting
a lot, also. They’re getting
other things. They’re getting a
lot of good things. Mexico made a
very good deal. But with Canada,
it’s very tough. What we’re doing is if we
made a deal with Canada – which is, you know,
a good chance still. But I’m not making
anything near what they want to do. We’re going to be fair. The Press: But you’re –
are you going to notify Congress of pulling
out of NAFTA? The President: What we’re
probably going to do is call it the “USMC.” Like the United States
Marine Corps, which I love. General Kelly
likes it even more. Where’s General Kelly? He likes that. “USMC” – which would be
U.S., Mexico, Canada. But it’ll probably or
possibly be just “USM.” It’ll be United
States and Mexico. The Press: Yes or no,
are you going to – The President: Canada
will come along. Now, if Canada doesn’t
make a deal with us, we’re going to make a
much better deal. We’re going to tax the
cars that come in. We will put billions and
billions of dollars into our Treasury. And frankly, we’ll be
very happy because it’s actually more money than
you can make, under any circumstance, with
making a deal. Okay? Good job, too. You do a very good job. Really good. Yes, please. Mr. Kurd. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. (Laughter.) (Inaudible.) The President: Go ahead. The Press: Thank you
very much for your time, Mr. President. Two, quickly, questions:
What will be the U.S.A. relations with the Kurds – The President: Oh, I
thought I just answered that. The Press: – post-ISIS. Post-ISIS. The President: Okay. We’re trying to get
along very well. We do get along
great with the Kurds. We’re trying to
help them a lot. Don’t forget, that’s
their territory. The Press: (Inaudible.) The President: We
have to help them. I want to help them. Go ahead, what’s next? The Press: Then, what – The President: They
fought with us. They fought with us. They died with us. They died. We lost – tens of
thousands of Kurds died fighting ISIS. They died for
us and with us. And for themselves. They died for themselves. But they’re great people. And we have not forget – we don’t forget – I don’t forget. What happens someday later
– but I can tell you that I don’t forget. These are great people. Okay. Yes, ma’am. Please. Please – The Press: About
Iran, Mr. President. About Iran, one question:
What is your clear plan to stop Iranian influence
in Iraq, in Syria, and especially in
Iraqi Kurdistan? The President: Well, I
think you’ve seen that. I must tell you, it’s – I don’t mind your question because – The Press: Raheem Rashidi,
from Kurdistan TV. Thank you. The President: I think
there’s been no greater change – other than maybe
China, because China – unfortunately, their
markets have dropped – would you say, 30 percent
in the last four months, right? I think I watched you
recently when you said that. I said, “I think
she’s wrong. I think it’s actually 32. But that’s okay.” But a lot. There’s been no – other
than maybe that, but even that. Because China is a
very special place. And Iran is a very
special place. But I think there’s been
no country that’s changed so much as Iran. In the last six months,
since I took off the horrible, horrible Iran
nuclear deal, as they called it – one of the
dumbest deals ever made. As an example, why didn’t
they take care of Yemen in the deal? Why didn’t they take care
of Syria in the deal? You know what Kerry
said – the reason? “It was too complicated.” We’re giving $150 billion,
we paid $1.8 billion in cash – cash. This whole room would
be filled up with hundred-dollar bills. And you’d need probably
five rooms like this. But you have $1.8
billion in cash. Why didn’t we take
care of Yemen? Why didn’t we take care
of Syria and other? And he said, “Because it
was too complicated.” Well, you just gave
all your cards. You gave them
$150 billion. And now Yemen’s a mess,
but it’s getting better. And Syria’s a mess. And I was responsible –
and I hope it stays that way – when I put out on
social media, a few weeks ago, about Idlib Province. I said, “Don’t do it.” And I’ll tell you, it
happened – where I was at a meeting with a lot of
supporters, and a woman stood up and she said,
“There’s a province in Syria with 3
million people. Right now, the Iranians,
the Russians, and the Syrians are surrounding
their province. And they’re going
to kill my sister. And they’re going to kill
millions of people in order to get rid of 25,000
or 35,000 terrorists or enemies of theirs.” But I think we can
call them terrorists. And I said, “That’s
not going to happen.” I didn’t hear of
Idlib Province. And I came back to New
York, and I picked up the failing New York Times – I
hate to admit it was the New York Times, but it
was the failing New York Times. And I opened it up – not
on the front page, but there was a
very big story. I said, “Wow, that’s the
same story that the woman told me that I found
hard to believe.” Because why would – how
would anyone do that with 3 million people? And it said that they were
being surrounded, and they were going in and starting
– literally, the next day, they were going to drop
bombs all over the place and perhaps kill millions
of people in order to get 35,000 terrorists. And I put out on social
media and elsewhere – I gave Mike Pompeo, John
Bolton, everybody these orders: “Don’t
let it happen.” I said, “Don’t
let it happen.” That doesn’t mean they
can’t be selective. They can’t be – you know,
go in and they’ve got to do what they’ve got
to do with terrorists. I assume they’re
terrorists. But don’t kill
millions of people. And it stopped. You saw that. Nobody’s going to give me
credit, but that’s okay. That’s okay. Because the people
the people know. I have had more Syrians
thank me for that. This was about four weeks
ago, I put that out. I said, “They’re
surrounding a city of 3 million people. They’re going to start
bombing the city. Don’t let it happen.” And I meant it, too. I meant it. And millions of people
have been saved. And I gave, today,
great credit to Iran. I don’t know if
you heard that. I gave great credit to
Iran, to Russia, and to Syria for not doing it. Now I hope it’s going to
be surgical – meaning go in and do – it’s lengthy
and everything else. And they possibly
have to do it. But I think millions of
people would have been killed. And that would
have been a shame. And hopefully – and I have
to tell you, Turkey has been a big help. Turkey has been great. Turkey has helped us very
much with that whole situation. The Press: Mr. President. The President: Yes. Yes. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. The President: Good. Thank you very much. The Press: Touching back
on Iran: Of course, this week, you put out a
call to action to other countries to rally with America, to put pressure on Iran. Rouhani is still
calling for the U.S. to come back into
the old deal. But after meeting with
world leaders this week, did you make any progress
towards a potential new deal? The President: Doesn’t
matter what world leaders think on Iran. Iran’s going to come back
to me and they’re going to make a good deal, I think. Maybe not. Deals – you never know. But they’re
suffering greatly. They’re having riots in
every city, far greater than they were during
the green period with President Obama. Far greater. When President Obama stuck
up for government, not the people. You probably would have
had a much different Iran had he not done that. But I’m sticking
up for the people. I am with the
people of Iran. But here’s the thing: The
have rampant inflation. Their money is worthless. Everything is going wrong. They have riots
in the street. You can’t buy bread. You can’t do anything. It’s a disaster. At some point, I think
they’re going to want to come back, and they’re
going to say, “Hey, can we do something?” And I’m very simple; I
just don’t want them to have nuclear weapons. That’s all. Is that too much to ask? I don’t want them to
have nuclear weapons. I want them to have
a great economy. I want them to sell so
much oil so that the oil prices – I’m not
happy with OPEC. I told them, “I’m not
happy with OPEC.” We take care of all these
people, we defend them. They wouldn’t be there for
two weeks if it wasn’t for me, and the United States,
and a much stronger armed forces than it was. Because our armed
forces was depleted. We had old equipment. Now, we have – hey, you
know better than anybody – $700 billion and
$716 billion. We have the most incredible new jets and everything. We need it. Not that I want to spend
it, although it is jobs. It’s all made in
the United States. But Iran has to come back,
and they have to talk. And I’m not doing this
from strength or weakness. I’m just saying, at some
point, I think they’re going to have
to come back. If you look at what’s
going on, companies are leaving left and right. Mercedes Benz just left. They’re all leaving. They don’t want
to be in Iran. Because they have a
choice: Do they want to be with Iran, or do they
want to be with us? And we have, by – we
picked up $10 trillion since my election. We were being
caught by China. Now it’s going
the other way. People can’t believe it. People have never seen
this situation with China. Everything’s always been –
for 20 years, “Oh, China is so great. China is so great.” You don’t hear that
so much anymore. I love China; I
think they’re great. But you don’t hear
that so much anymore. You know who’s great now? We’re great now. Okay, how about
just a couple more. Now, I could be doing – I
could be doing this all day long. I could be doing
this all day long. Should we continue
for a little while? It doesn’t matter to me. A couple of more. I don’t care. New York Times, come on. New York Times. The failing
New York Times. Stand up. Go ahead. The Press: You’re talking
about me, but (inaudible). The President: No, I’m talking about the Times is failing. You are far from failing. Go ahead. The Press: Okay, but
you’re not – you were pointing to me,
so you meant me. But I – The President: The Times
are very interesting, though. The Times, I think they’re
going to endorse me. (Laughter.) I think that
ABC – I think – well, Fox — and I like Fox. I really do. The Press: Just
to be sure – The President: But I think
ABC, CBS, NBC, the Times, the – they’re all going
to endorse me, because if they don’t, they’re
going out of business. Can you imagine if
you didn’t have me? Go ahead, what would
you like to say? The Press: Just to be
sure, I know you were pointing to me, but I
work for PBS NewsHour. The President:
I know that. No, I know that. The Press: (Laughs.) Okay. So, I want to ask you:
Yesterday, you were talking about your
administration’s accomplishments at the
United Nations, and a lot of the leaders laughed. Why do you think
they were laughing? The President: Well,
that’s fake news. The Press: And what was
that experience like for you? The President: Yeah. It was fake news. And it was
covered that way. Okay. So, I said that, since my
election, our economy has become the hottest
in the world. Tax reductions,
regulations, confidence levels are the highest in
18 years – really, soon to be historic. Unemployment is the lowest
in the history of our country. You look at Black
unemployment. You look at Asian
unemployment. You look at
women – 65 years. The unemployment numbers
are among the best we’ve ever had ever. The numbers of new
companies pouring into our country, which nobody
thought was possible. And I said this. And I was in front of a
large group of highly professional people, most
of whom are from either other countries or the
United Nations – people that aren’t big into
clapping, applauding, smiling. And I heard a little
rustle, as I said our country is now stronger
than ever before. It’s true. I mean, it is true. And I heard a
little rustle. And I said, “It’s true.” And I heard smiles. And I said, “Oh, I didn’t know there there’d be that kind…” They weren’t
laughing at me. They were
laughing with me. We had fun. That was not
laughing at me. So the fake news said, “People laughed at President Trump.” They didn’t laugh at me. People had a good
time with me. We were doing it together. We had a good time. They respect
what I’ve done. The United States
is respected again. The United States
was not respected. Everybody was taking
advantage of us. From jobs, and taking our
companies, and not paying the price – to so many
other things, even military protection. I told a number of
countries over the last few days, I said, “Listen,
you’re a very rich country. We protect you. Without our protection,
you would have real problems. You would have
real problems.” The Press: And
I – I want to – The President: I said,
“You should reimburse us for this protection. Why are we
protecting you?” And do you want to know
what they said after about two minutes of talking? They agreed with me. And you can ask this group
of very talented people – they agreed with me. But they said – one
of them said, “But Mr. President, nobody
ever asked us for that. They never asked
us for that.” Nobody has ever said,
“You should pay.” These are really
wealthy countries. I mean, I’ll be honest,
I just asked Japan. I said, “We’re
defending you. You’re a very
wealthy country. You’re sending us
millions of cars. You’re making a fortune. We have a tremendous
trade deficit with you. And we’re defending you,
and we’re subsidizing your military with a massive
amount of money.” I said it to South Korea. We have 32,000 soldiers
in South Korea. They’re a very wealthy –
these are great countries. These are very
wealthy countries. I said, “Why aren’t you
reimbursing us for our costs?” And you know what? They look at me, and they
can’t even answer it, because there’s no answer. If they’re a poor
country and they needed protection, and people
were going to die, I’m all for protecting them; I
don’t want 10 cents. But when wealthy countries
that have massive trade surpluses with us –
massive – and then on top of that, we’re paying
for their military? Or we’re paying for a
lot of their military? That doesn’t work. How about two more,
and we’ll call it? The Press: Mr. President,
really quickly. Mr. President, you said
you feel a kinship – you said you feel a kinship
with Brett Kavanaugh and you – Mr. President,
really quickly, you said you felt a kinship
with Brett Kavanaugh. You said that you also –
your false allegations that you feel like were
made against you make you feel like you don’t want
to believe these women. What message do
you think that – The President: No,
I didn’t say that. Why do you say that? The Press: So,
please explain – The President: Fake news. The Press:
Please explain – The President: Why
– did I say that? The Press: Well, can you
please explain then what you’re talking about
in your own false allegations? The President: Excuse me. And by the way, I think
you do a very good job, but I didn’t say that. I do watch you. And I think you do
a very good job. But I didn’t say that. The Press: So could you
explain what you meant? The President: I said,
exactly, “I look forward to watching her.” I do want to hear
what she says. And maybe she’ll say – I could be convinced of anything. Maybe, if she’ll say
something – but in the meantime, I have to tell
you, he’s one of the highest quality
human beings. He’s a tremendous man. He’s a tremendous genius. He’s a great intellect. He was, I believe,
number one at Yale. Is that a correct
statement? Number one in his
class at Yale. The Press: So you don’t
feel a kinship with him? The President: He was a
great student in law. He was – you know,
I’ve heard his name. I didn’t know him. Didn’t know him. Until this whole thing,
I didn’t know him. But I heard his
name for 10 years. And you know how
I heard his name? Everybody was saying he
should be on the Supreme Court. I said, “Who is he?” “His name is
Brett Kavanaugh. And he should be – he’s
the most brilliant person. He’s the most
brilliant lawyer.” They were talking about
him on the Supreme Court 10 years ago. With all of that, I want
to hear what she has to say. Okay? The Press: But you said
that you don’t feel – but you said that you feel
like there have been numerous false allegations
against you, and that because of that- The President: Oh,
I’ve had many false – The Press: – you feel that
you understand what he might be going through. The President: I’ve had many false statements against me. And if the press would
have reported it, I would have been very happy. I think John Roberts
would tell you that – you covered the story where
the women were paid to say bad things about me. Sean Hannity covered it. I will tell you, when I
saw that on Sean Hannity, I actually called him. Believe it or not, I don’t
speak to him very much, but I respect him. I called him. I said, “This is
the biggest story. This is a big, big story.” He agreed with me. The next day, I
picked up the papers. There wasn’t one
word about it. The next day, I
watched ABC news. John, I watched NBC. I watched CBS. I didn’t watch CNN, but,
next time, I’m going to. (Laughter.) The Press: And are
you okay with – The President: I
watched everything. There wasn’t one
story other than Fox. And it’s a big story. It’s a shame. Okay. Enough. Thank you, though. The Press: And is it okay
if I give it to the New York Times? The President: Thank you. Thank you. The Press: Is it okay if
I give it to the New York Times, Mr. President? The President: Go ahead. That’s enough, please. The Press: I’m just
going to – okay. The President: Good job. Good job. The Press: Mr. President,
could I ask a question, since I am from the
New York Times – The Press: Mr. President – The Press: – before
this gentleman? The President:
Since you’re where? Since you’re where? The Press: I’m actually
from the New York Times. Yamiche is my former
colleague, and we miss her. But I was hoping I
could ask a question. The President: I
don’t blame you. But I’ll let you do
it after he does it. Is that okay? The Press: That’s
perfectly well. The President: I will do
that in honor of a paper I once loved. (Laughter.) The Press: Thank you. The President: Go ahead. The Press: Mr. President,
my name is Edward Szall, with TruNews. Today, you met with Bibi
Netanyahu, from Israel. And you brought up,
actually, that you support a two-state solution for
the Palestinian-Israeli crisis there. The President: I do. The Press: Can you give us
any more preview of what this great deal, the
peace deal (inaudible) – The President: Well, I’d
love to be able to make a deal with the Israelis
and the Palestinians. You know, my whole life,
I was told that’s the toughest deal. And I disagree. I think healthcare is
probably tougher, okay? You want to
know the truth. But it is tough. But we’re going to take
care of that, too. And that’s going to
get taken care of. We’ve already taken
care of a lot of it. But the whole – my life,
I’ve always heard the deal between, as you
know, Israel and the Palestinians, that’s
like the toughest deal. Every possible thing
is tough about that. I think we’re going
to make a deal. I think we’re going
to make a deal. So, at one of our many
meetings today, I was with Bibi Netanyahu, a man who
I have a lot of respect for. A man who has been
extremely nice to me – very happy that I did the
whole thing with Jerusalem and the embassy, which, by
the way, we’re going to open in four months for
less than $500,000. And the budget was
over $1 billion, right? The Press: Yes. That’s correct. The President: So we
saved, let’s say, a billion dollars. That’s not so bad. And it’s open. And it’s beautiful,
by the way. Jerusalem stone, one
of my favorite stones. I will tell you, the
question – somebody said today, “Well, this is the
first news conference in a long time.” I said, “What do you mean? I did like, five today.” Every time I sit, I take
a lot of questions from people that are screaming
like maniacs in the back of the room –
meaning, reporters. And one of the reporters
– I won’t say that it was John Roberts that
said that, I refuse. But one of the – it
was, but that’s okay. Don’t feel guilty, John. But of the reporters that
was screaming asked about the one-state, two-state. And I said, “I think the
two-state will happen. I think it’s, in one way,
more difficult because it’s a real estate deal –
because you need metes and bounds, and you need lots
of carveouts and lots of everything. It’s actually a
little tougher deal. But in another way, it
works better because you have people governing
themselves. So, they asked
be about that. I said, “Well, I think the
two-state will happen. I think we’re going to go
down the two-state road.” And I’m glad I got it out. And Jared, who is so
involved – he loves Israel. He loves Israel. But he’s also going to
be very fair with the Palestinians. He understands it takes
two people to be happy – two groups of
people to be happy. Everybody has
got to be happy. And that’s why it’s so
tough, because there’s been so much hatred and
anger for so many years. That’s what, probably, the
number-one ingredient of toughness is. But they asked me – I said
I think it’s going to be a two-state. And you know
what I did today? By saying that, I
put it out there. And if you ask most of the
people in Israel, they agree with that. But nobody
wanted to say it. It’s a big thing
to put it out. It’s a very big
thing to put it out. Now, the bottom line:
If the Israelis and the Palestinians want one
state, that’s okay with me. If they want two states,
that’s okay with me. I’m happy if
they’re happy. I’m a facilitator. I want to see if I can get
a deal done so that people don’t get killed anymore. When we had – in Saudi
Arabia, we had one of the great conferences
in history. Many of you were there;
probably all of you were there. It was one of the most
beautiful two days. That, and China – two of
the most incredible events I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen
anything like it. And we had, I believe, 58
Muslim countries – the leaders. The kings, the emirs, the
absolute leaders from every – there was
nobody in second place. They were the leaders
of the whole thing. And unbeknownst to anybody
else, people would come up to me, individually
– it wasn’t a setup. They’d come up to me and
say, “Sir, you can’t have peace in the Middle East
without peace between the Israelis and the
Palestinians.” I said, “Why? What difference? Why does that
matter so much?” They said, “It just is
impossible to make peace in the Middle East unless you have between the Israelis…” So, I heard that from
one – the King of Saudi Arabia, who is a great
guy – King Salman. And then, somebody
else came up. And he wasn’t told,
“Oh, go up and say it.” I know where they’re
coming from. And I must have had
12 leaders say it. And they just said it. And I started to realize
that peace between Israel and the Palestinians, for
the Middle East, is a very important thing. And we’re trying
very hard to get it. I think, probably,
two-state is more likely. But you know what? If they do a single, if
they do a double, I’m okay with it if they’re
both happy. If they’re both happy,
I’m okay with either. I think the two-state
is more likely. Okay, how about
one – go ahead. The Press: New York Times? New York Times? The President: Oh, okay. The Press: Thank you, sir. The President: I would
have gotten bad story in the New York Times. But I will anyways, so I
guess it doesn’t matter. The Press: We’re –
we’re kind of, uh – The President: Okay,
we’ll do you after that. The Press: We’re
kind of, uh – The President: And then
we’ll call it quits. The Press: We’re kind of
thriving, not failing these days. The President: You’re
doing very well. The Press: Yeah. The President: Say,
“Thank you, Mr. Trump.” (Laughter.) The Press: (Laughs). I think I’ll stop
short of that. (Laughter.) The President: I wonder
how you do – you know, all my life, I’ve had very few
stories – but I’ve had some on the front page
of the New York Times. Now, I think I think I
average about three or four a day, right? The Press: That is – The President: And, of the
three or four, they’re all negative. No matter what I do,
they’re negative. But you know what? That’s okay. I still love the paper. Go ahead. (Laughter.) The Press: I wanted to
come back to China, because I think what you
announced today was really important. The President: I agree. The Press: You talk about
this friendship you have with Xi Jinping, and yet,
essentially, what you did today is accused
his government – The President:
That’s right. The Press: – of
interfering in our internal affairs – The President:
That’s right. The Press: – subverting
our Democratic process, and doing it to hurt you,
the Republican Party – The President: Doing
it to help them. The Press: – and
your backers. The President:
You know what? Yeah. Doing it to help them. The Press: So how can a guy who does that be your friend? The President: I think
that we are able to – and maybe he’s not anymore. I’ll be honest with you, I think we had a very good friendship. I think we had a very
good relationship; we understand each other. They are doing studies
on Donald Trump. They’re trying to figure
it all out because this has never happened
to them before. It’s never happened. Think of it, you’ve never
seen – you’ve covered very well – you’ve never
seen this happen. They’re having
big problems. I don’t want them to have
problems, but they got to make a fair deal. Just like Canada has got
to make a fair deal. I believe that he and I have a very good chemistry together. And I can tell you that
about many leaders. I can also tell you a few
where I don’t feel I’ll ever have a
chemistry with them. I don’t want to have a
chemistry with them. And for those people,
I’ll have Pompeo, Nikki, Bolton, Jared. I can go – our general;
I’ll have our general. Or if they can’t do it,
I’ll have Sarah Huckabee do it. Right? But for the most part, I
have very good – very good with Prime Minister Abe. Very good with
President Moon. By the way, what President
Moon said last night – I know you won’t report it –
but Bret Baier interviewed him last night and he
asked him about me. I can’t say – because
you would say I’m too braggadocios – but what he
said about me last night was an unbelievable thing. “Couldn’t have happened
without President Trump, and it never would happen
without President Trump. And nobody else
could do it.” You know, I mean,
you’ll take a look. But I will tell you,
China is very special. Very special. They’re incredible people. It’s an incredible
country. What they’ve done
is unbelievable. The Press: How would – The President: And it all
started with the WTO. It was a defective deal. And it all started –
without the WTO, China is not China as we
know it today. And then it started also
by – our people that are standing right in this
position, that are in the Oval Office – another way
of saying it – allowed them to get away
with murder. Allowed a lot of countries
to get away with murder. I think we still probably
have a very good relationship. But you know what? In honor of you, I will,
tomorrow, make a call to him. Say, “Hey, how you doing?” Okay? The Press: Can I
– can I just ask – The President: “You don’t
mind paying billions of dollars a month
in tariffs.” The Press: I just had
two small follow-ups. One is, how would you
compare the level of interference you see today
from the Chinese to what Russia did in 2016? The President: Well, I
think it’s different. If you look at the Des
Moines Register, I mean, they have ads that are made to look like editorials. Saying about, “Oh,
you got to stop Trump. You got to stop him. You got to vote
against him.” My farmers are
so incredible. These are patriots. You know, on a network
that doesn’t like me very much – which is most of
them – but a network that didn’t – doesn’t really
treat me very good, they interviewed farmers. And they got hurt because,
you know, all of a sudden China stops buying. By the way, they’ve
started buying again. I don’t know if
you’ve noticed. And soybeans are going up,
and things are going up. And we’ve had very little
hurt from what I’ve done. In fact, the markets
have gone up. And the farmers are
going to do great. But, ultimately – but they
had farmers, and these guys are amazing;
I love them. And they voted for
me and they love me. And they said, “We don’t
care if we get hurt. He’s doing the
right thing.” And, you know, a lot of
people – it’s a complex game. A lot of people don’t
know exactly what it is. They don’t know how
to define “tariff.” They don’t know it is
really different than a tax, although it’s
getting close. But they know that for the
first time in many, many years, they have a
President that’s fighting for them; that’s not
letting their jobs be taken to other countries;
that’s not allowing the kind of abuse that we –
I mean, when you look at what happened, as an
example, with NAFTA. And for years – because it
was never changed – NAFTA was defective deal
the day it was signed. You know why? Because they had a VAT tax
of 17 percent and nobody from this country
knew that. And by the time they found
out, which was about a week later, nobody
went and changed it. So you went many years and
they never changed it. There was a VAT tax
that Mexico got. So we were 17 or 16 points
behind, before we even started. NAFTA was a
horrible thing. So the farmers and – by
the way, the steel workers – you know, I
stopped the dumping. The dumping was horrible. And now if they want to
dump, that’s okay, but they’ve got to pay the
United States of America 25 percent on
everything they dump. That’s okay. But as I told you
before, steel is doing phenomenally well. But the farmers say, “This
man is fighting for us. No President has ever
fought for us before.” And you really have to
study what’s happened over the 15 years
with the farm. The farmers have been
decimated over a 15-year period. They’ve been decimated. The farmers are going
to come out great. These are great people. They’re great,
great patriots. I think we should
finish with that one. Is that okay? (Cross-talk.) The President: Okay. Go ahead. Let’s go. Fast. The Press: Sure. The President: I always
like – always like to finish with a good one. Elton John said, “When you
hit that last tune and it’s good, don’t go back.” (Laughter.) I’ve seen
– have you ever seen? They do great. They’re great. They hit the last tune
and everyone goes crazy. Then they go back
for an encore, right? And they don’t hit it. And they leave –
everyone leaves. They said, “That wasn’t
a very good concert, was it?” Let’s go. The Press: Well, I’ll ask
you one final question – The President: You –
don’t make me wrong. Go ahead. The Press: – ahead of
tomorrow’s hearing. Because you were asked
earlier in the news conference about Brett – The President:
Say it again. Say it again. The Press: About the
hearing tomorrow. The President: Yes. The Press: You were asked
earlier in the news conference by my friend
from Sky News about the message that you
are sending to – The President: Yes. The Press: – the
women of the country. The President: Right. The Press: What about the
message that you may be sending to young men? You’re a father. What does this moment that
we’re in – the cultural moment – The President: It’s a
very big cultural moment. The Press: Right. So what messages do you
for young men of America? The President: It’s a very
big – it’s also – you’re right. I think it’s a
great question. This is a very big moment
for our country because you have a man who is very
outstanding, but he’s got very strong charges
against him – probably charges that nobody is
going to be able be – to prove. So I could have you
chosen for a position. I could have you, or
you, or you – anybody. And somebody
could say things. And it’s happened to me
many times, where false statements are made. And honestly, nobody
knows who to believe. I could pick another
Supreme Court judge – Justice. I could pick another one. Another one. Another one. This could go on forever. Somebody could come and
say, “Thirty years ago, twenty-five years ago, ten
years ago, five years ago, he did a horrible
thing to me. He did this. He did that. He did that.” And honestly, it’s a very
dangerous period in our country. And it’s being perpetrated
by some very evil people. Some of them are
Democrats, I must say. Because some of them know
that this is just a game that they’re playing. It’s a con game. It’s at the highest level. We’re talking about the
United States Supreme Court. This can go on forever. I can pick five
other people. At a certain point, the
people are going to say, “No, thank you.” This is the most coveted
job, probably, in the world. And you know what? I would honestly say –
because I interviewed great people for this job. He’s great, but I
interviewed other great people for this job. I could conceivably
imagine going to one of them and saying, “It’s too
bad what happened to this wonderful man, but I’m going to choose you, number two. I want you to go.” And I could conceivably be
turned down by somebody that desperately wanted
this job two months ago. The Press: With
respect, sir – The President: So this is
– this is – and this is beyond Supreme Court. The Press: Right. The President: There’s
nothing beyond Supreme Court; this is beyond
Supreme Court. This has everything to
do with our country. When you are guilty until
proven innocent, it’s just not supposed
to be that way. Always I heard, “You’re
innocent until proven guilty.” I’ve heard this for so
long, and it’s such a beautiful phrase. In this case, you’re
guilty until proven innocent. I think that is a very,
very dangerous standard for our country. With that being said, I
look forward to what she has to say. I also look very forward
to what Judge Kavanaugh has to say. I think it’s going to be a
very, very important day in the history
of our country. The Press: And – The President: I want
to thank you all. We’ll do it again. The Press: Sir, the
message to young men? Sir? The President: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

100 thoughts on “President Trump Hosts a Press Conference

  • 32.55 the DemoncRATS are the left overs from the Nazi’s (Operation Paperclip) that infiltrated the US government in about 1952 onwards… and will be stopped once and for all… in my lifetime

  • 43.00 the “Con Job” is a disgrace of every woman who has been genuinely mall treated by a male. But, when a crime has been committed, it has to be reported THEN, not years later. So the truth can be seen at the time of the crime and the perpetrators can be arrested THEN not years later. And the perpetrators DO NOT do it again… period

  • 1.14.08 President Trump, we wouldn’t be in a place of change, if it wasn’t for you & Co. Thank you President Trump & Co… for a more positive, peaceful future…

  • President Trump a great man and straight talker. He’s 10 steps ahead of his enemies. Indictments are forth coming for the corrupt and treasonous. Countries are running to him for bilaterals. They realize his authority and position given him by God Daniel 4:32

  • President Trump should get the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his work to revive our economy and make international trade more fair

  • I just Love President Donald J. Trump!
    I envy US-Americans for their Citizenship.
    The Greatest POTUS EVER.
    God Bless the USA and Him!

  • Why cant the Trump rallies be covered by this White House channel so we can get good coverage? Tired of interruptions by other channels during the rallies smh. #45KAG!

  • I just can't believe that a man who speaks the way he does, is the leader of this country! Total embarrassment. Looking forward to the day he is no longer in office.

  • You did a great job at this press conference, President Trump! Thank you for your service to our country! President Trump, I am a Floridian and I'm asking you to please visit Florida in October and campaign for Ron DeSantis. Ron needs your help. I am very concerned that Andrew Gillum (A Democrat Socialist) could be our next governor! Please President Trump, come to Florida and campaign for Ron DeSantis. Also, I ask my fellow Trump supporters to please pray for Florida. Please pray that Ron DeSantis wins! I fear that Florida will become the California of the east coast if Andrew Gillum wins. Thank you for your prayers for the state of Florida!

  • Donald is simply the best president we could have asked for!
    The public should give him a favorable look a lot more often.
    Look at the way he manages to get through tough days with grace and strength. Serving our country is his priority, I say we help him though by always showing support.

  • you see the problem with this channel is it only has 1 million subscribers, it needs more and needs to be spread more for the people who follow politics and news without buying into contracts or getting cable

  • I quote, "I'd rather pay down debt and do other things" Didn't he just get 700 some odd billion dollars for the military industrial complex? Call me crazy but that's not paying down debt, it might be "other things" but it's the antithesis of paying down debt.

  • Im so proud of you… and yes many knows what you have done, just like the movie Angry Birds…when ALL the baby birds that were rescued KNEW who REALLY rescued them….
    : ) PRAISE GOD!!! FOR revealing the love and truth.
    : ( Fake and FALSE NEWS…people know they are not good.

    President Trump….continue to fight and defend false statements…we know YOU are there for us…thank you!!!!!

  • LOL like watching a 5th grade playground"Did you call her a liar,I'm gonna tell!!!"….no doubt president Trump was watching Ted Kennedy for a long time.Mind you, Trump was good friends with John Jr.,and John Jr suggested one time Trump should run for president.John Jr was the best thing to come out of the Kennedy family.
    This was outstanding btw.

  • How can a reporter sitting there not pretend there is a HUGE problem with bringing these accusations when they did. I'm not Republican or Democrat, I'm Canadian. I just want the USA to do well and prosper. I wish actual Americans felt the same way i do …………

  • Canada doesn't even make cars lol. Not Canadian ones we build them for you guys ….. how does that make any sense?

  • That line was HILARIOUS when he said, “you’ve been asking a question for 10 minutes, seat back down”. Omg! Best President Ever I swear!! Lmfaoooo

  • As a former US Army soldier starting during the German Occupation after WW II, the Korean era and the reserves during the Vietnam War; I watched and prayed for a president to lead my country "when our cause it was just". You have led us effectively while being dedicated to treasuring the lives of each and all of us in uniform. Mr president, you are one great and careful commander, who is leading boldly with skills that have earned both my praise and gratitude for being such a man. Thank you Mr. President.

  • The point is that I'm trying to design fashion, and when fashion for UFOs appears, and I design a UFO drone. I know NASA will put together, it will not help me (license). Remember that after one hundred years, no license is possible and my novelty is something else.

  • President Trump Hosts a Total Waste Of Time Conference, and uses up our precious oxygen blowing smoke up the asses of everyone in attendance.

  • DT claimed that Kavanaugh was one of the "highest quality people that I've ever met." He met Kavanaugh less than two months before he nominated him to the Supreme Court. He wouldn't be able to name ONE CASE that came across Kavanaugh's docket, and he couldn't name THREE things that make him eligible for the Supreme Court. And that's probably the LEAST egregious thing that came out of DT's mouth in this "press conference." He is an abomination to all that this country stands for, he has stained the Office of the POTUS, and he may have irrevocably damaged this country's standing on the world stage. It is a SHAME that ANYONE supports what this….person…. has done while in office.

  • CANADA LOVES TRUMP! THANK YOU FOR SAVING US FROM COMMUNISTS. I dont mind paying extra taxes on stuff if trump is on that wall protecting we the people of this continent

  • 32:31, I know many of the Democrats, they'll say things and then wink at me. And again it's the same old story, they'll say things they don't meant it, it's politics. The reason they don't want me is because they want to run the show, they want it, it's power, it's what ever you want to call it.


  • After watching this and listening to the questions and his responses i can say a few things that people on both sides might agree with

    1st Trump Brags way to dam much about things he does to the point he goes way off question
    2 Trump answers questions in a very vague way to the point it sounds like he does not answer any question being asked also he makes a speech to ever question making it hard to listen to it if you do not like the guy. I like the guy at this point but i do question his madness.
    3 To the questions Trump fully answers most of the time the reporters are too stupid to understand what he's even saying.

    Most of these questions were about Sexism. The rest of them were about Trade War and 2 that equaled to some rebuilding ideas.

    from this video you can make these short conclusions
    Trump basically see these women as paid con artist from the democrats as hes seen this tactic before in his life so its hard not to see it.

    Trump is not sexist. However he would rather not deal with women much as this cultural shift has effected everyone in power and in public for that matter. Women are suffering from this in a way they did not expect nor want. There are movements to total avoid women at all costs now. You really think someone like trump would not notice that?

    Something most people are confused with is. Trump talks Personal and as a Representative of the USA in his answers. Trump keeps saying he likes the leader of China. But in the same response he hates what is going on between the two nations. It sounds weird because most people dont understand what being a leader is. As a leader I could like you a fellow leader allot but your country is hurting mine and I will not stand for it and we will have words. If this means our personal friendship is hurt by that so be it but I represent my country and you represent yours. We hope that due to our personal relationship we can work something out but we both have responsibility to our nations. So we can just make a easy peachy deal with out allot of work. TO reporters and normal people who dont have to deal with this. IT does not make much sense but If you try you will figure it out.

  • I want to hear that you are going to stop the spraying of our skies.
    And do an investigation of FDA and their obstruction of health care cures

  • Yep the NO IQ moron talks out of his backside again. Just can't help himself. Chaos theory in action, all the worst people, blah blah blah. Idiot!!

  • Just watched ya tell the U. N where to put yo he told the whole damn world i run this bitch now and if you dont show the U. S some fuckin respect dont expect to get shit from us we been fair without the same trreatment that shit us over

  • What is wrong with the media ? Ask the same question 10 different ways and just change the angle to make him look bad lol idiots !!!!

  • What a JACK ASS!!! He says China is impressed with his VERY VERY LARGE BRAIN! That's like saying he has a BIG EMPTY HOUSE. The guy still doesn't grasp how tariffs work. He seems to describe getting billions & billions into the coffers from the country of origin. What a tariff does is it costs the importer (in this country) more & that cost is past on to the American consumer.

  • Locially thinking is basic on
    HUMANITY and FAIRLESS our President just waiting for the good deal better than a bad there's no rush we are holding the CARD

  • there has never been any president that has been this open with the american people. never and even more, very open to the american press. donald trump is solid and it is true he has brought back respect to the united states. indeed, he is a president for america.

  • So In TRUTH!





  • I love it how he starts off: a lot of media. Trump's thinking great, I got to put up with these lying idiots all in one room. Ugh.

  • Greate

  • President Trump is like an encyclopedia. He has answers for every question.What a brilliant mind!GOD bless him!

  • chosen one respect sir.. well said… God bless you sir..Amen 2020 sure GOD IS BEHIND YOUR ELECTION. AMEN 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • With OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST guiding President Trump , he is good in Negotiations whether China , North Korea , even Iran and Russia . Thank You LORD JESUS CHRIST for our President Trump . 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

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