Prime-Ark® Freedom Blackberry

[Guitar Music Playing] This is Prime-Ark Freedom The newest variety from the Division of Agriculture’s
Fruit Breeding Program. Prime-Ark Freedom is special. It’s the 4th in our Prime Ark Brand Series
from the Division That exibits primocane fruiting. Prime-Ark freedom is the first thornless primocane
fruiting blackberry. A blackberry is a perennial plant, meaning
the root system lives year after year. Blackberries produce biennial canes however. The first year canes are known as primocanes. Most everyone has seen floracane fruiting
berries. Where the primocane grows vegetatively the
first year, flowers in the second year And then dies after fruiting. In the 1990s University of Arkansas Division
of Agriculture scientists Created the first primocane fruiting blackberry
varieties And this has a trait known as primocane fruiting Where flowers are borne on first year canes. Primocane fruiting allows production of berries
both in the summer and fall A unique trait discovered by the Division
scientists some years ago. Prime-Ark Freedom is exceptional in many ways: Large berries, good flavor. The floracane crop ripens 7 days prior to
Natchez, exceptionally early. The fall crop on the primocanes has the potential
to produce large berries well into the fall with the appropriate climatic
conditions. Prime-Ark Freedom, it’s really a breakthrough. The first of its kind ever developed in the
world. [Guitar Music Playing]

20 thoughts on “Prime-Ark® Freedom Blackberry

  • I am in Columbus Ga and mine are doing wonderful "videos are uploaded".

    They grow very fast and mine sent up new canes with in 3 months.

    Amazing growth!

  • My plants keep growing long branches…I've cut several back, but the rest are very long and have produced zero flowers even though I've fed them twice monthly…Should I prune them back, they have branches at least five feet tall all of a sudden? What can I do to get them to flower and should I prune or just stake them?

  • Help, I have two and they're have branches that have gotten very long, over 5 ft. and no flowers and therefore no fruit. The branches are flopping down and so should I stake them, prune them and also what should I do about not getting flowers? I have fed these plants twice monthly with fruit and vegetable food. Please help.

  • I planted 3 from starks (I am in south Louisiana).  No Flowers or Berries yet.  I ordered 3rd year plants also.   Plants are about 5 feet tall right now.  Any advise on anything to help them flower/Fruit?

  • wait what? a 1st year fruiting blackberry cane? very skeptical, def going to buy some cuttings and see what these are really about 🙂  pretty exciting though

  • The four 1" tissue culture "Freedoms" that I received in June 2015 have already become eight primocanes that are 5' tall and each with 7 to 12 branches after pinching off the top 1" at 2' and then again at 3'. Tipping and especially double tipping the primocanes is the secret for a great primocane harvest. I am in zone 10 with 150 chill hours and only 2 miles from the beach in Southern California. I'm still waiting to see how good the fluorocane crop will be with only 150 chill hours.

  • My second year with this berry. I have found they are bad to blow over in any good wind and break at the crown if you let them get over 3ft tall. Not so self supporting. They do make fairly good berries in spring and fall and tipping at a short height helps with them to stay erect.

  • This is a fantastic blackberry variety. I planted two of them last fall, and they are now producing large blackberries this first summer. Big fan of them!

  • So what are the right "climatic conditions" to get a fall crop? I have harvested my summer crop off the floricanes and pruned my new primocanes to promote branching growth. What can I do to promote a fall crop? I'm in zone 8 northeast Texas about 60 miles southeast of Dallas.

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