Princess Latifa will taste FREEDOM soon- Her whole story!!

So what happened is very interesting back in 2008 Okay, it all started back in 2008 when Tina Juhainien and was hired By Latifah or by her father to teach her martial arts, okay So back in 2008, they hired Tina over the time Tina and Latifah. They became good friends Because Latifa did not have a lot of work to do obviously as Princess you do not expect them to do You know household work or things like that so Tina whatever she would teach or whatever she would ask Latifah to do she will become very passionate about it She will take that as a work okay, instead of hobby because Latifah
did not have anything else going on in her life, so Over the time they bonded very well. They became good friends and Latifah one day told to Tina That hey, look I’m not happy. Okay She said to Tina her martial art teacher that look I’m not happy even though I’m a princess even though I have all the luxury But I don’t feel happy So she did not say anything more to Tina Other than the fact that she was struggling with her mental Health and things like that She did not say anything more because she could not trust anybody Tina said that Latifah lost trust in pretty much everybody since what was happening with her for a long long time for many years they started to bond and over time Latifah opened up a little bit more to Tina her martial art teacher and She was telling her all the things that was happening with her until the year 2016 okay in 2016 that Latifah finally told what was exactly happening to Tina Okay, so Latifah it goes like okay. So this is what is happening I’m not happy and and I told you that before and the reason is because of the You know The treatment that I’m getting from my family, so she is obviously very upset about it And Tina said Tina Juhainaien and she said I indirectly asked Latifah. What is the solution? Okay, and do you want to run away or flee? But if I did not say anything right away, but obviously the idea was there that for Latifah to be free. This is What she can do is that you know, she has to plan a escape so in 2017 of August 2017 Tina Johainien, she mentioned to Latifah that hey look You know what? I know somebody who can help you. It’s just like, you know straight out of Hollywood movies She said I know somebody can help you So Latifah goes like really who is who is that person? so then Tina said I know somebody in Philippine his name is Harvey Jiuvert and He lives in Philippine. He has a boat Nostrum the name of the boat or yacht whatever you call it. It’s called Nostromo and She said he can help you. So she said Latifa said, who is that guy? Exactly? she said he is a French spy, so they said okay, so Latifah kept in touch with This guy Harvey Joubert for a long time for it says seven years. They were exchanging emails and they were Keeping in touch by the way this guy Harvey he wrote a book “Escape to Dubai” so Latifah was given this book and she read about this and She said well this book sounds pretty exciting. And this is exactly what I want to do then She was asked that if you want to escape Dubai this guy Harvey Joubert can help you So then she said okay. I will I will take his help and I will run away from the country So what Latifah did is that she offered this guy Harvey? 360 million dollar or Actually 390 million Dollar and that’ll be equivalent to three hundred and sixty million euro So all her life savings that Latifah had she said I’m gonna give it to this guy Hired him from Philippine and let me you know, get out of this country so last year, February of 24, 2018 They fled. what happened, Is that on that day Tina? and Latifah they Were going outside and they were having you know coffee together But that was actually a plan that they will go to a coffee shop have some coffee because you know, the the princess People, this is a public figure people know about them. So Obviously they were covered up so that people would not recognize them as clearly so they were , you know very, you know, well covered if you like Abaya in arabic is called and so they went to this coffee shop and they go like okay, so Today’s the day we’re gonna escape and that was February of 24th 2018. So was like, okay, so Let’s do it You know and then they go to the washroom They said, you know just like movies you go to the washroom and they were like, okay So now we need to ditch our phone because you know, if we keep our phone they will track us so they ditched the phone and they also took off the abaya the you know the covering and all that the clothes So that people would not recognize them as easily and then they hopped on a on a car they drove to They would they were driving towards Oman okay mascot omen and The plan was that was the reach to omen they will be going on a jet ski to the Island of Goa 1,700 miles away. Okay, I’ll go there will be a Yacht like Harvey’s yacht waiting for them and they will hop on the yacht and they will flee there was a and so they said Okay. Well they were driving to Oman and they reach there And then when Latifah went on the jet ski, it was very the waves in the ocean were very high Okay, and obviously that if I did not have experience with all this, you know waves and things like that in the ocean So she was panicking and johainien or Tina Johainien And she said I knew that we probably cannot make it to the to the boat. Okay? to flee to the yacht I should say and She said after 10 days on the ocean. He said that’s exactly what happened We could not make it to the boat what happened is that when they when they were hopping on the jet ski, okay, and they were going towards the yacht the Emeriti commandos an Indian Coast Guard remember it was of the Island of Goa 1,700 miles away They caught up with them and they caught and they caught them and they brought back both of them. Okay, and then they put Tina Johainien in a prison and they made her promise That you will never ever contact the royal family ever again You can never come back. You never took to the royal family and she was like Okay, you know do that I will not talk to them. So then They wanted to help Tina in the prison for a long time. But what happened? Is that if you remember that Latifah she recorded a video before her escape letting everybody know the reason of her escape So that video it surfaced and People and and it went viral actually people started to watch the video and the people and UK government actually, they got involved in that after the video was surfaced and then you know the government they were like, okay We cannot keep Tina because then it will be a you know, a problem for us it will there will be issues so they let Tina go but then Latifah was taken back and She only took some pictures like staged photographs Occasionally with other than that we do not really know anything about Latifah the good news is that about the whole saga is that we are coming to know that Latifah is going to be almost Getting her freedom because of the lawyer she hired and and Everybody’s involved. So right now we have this news that Latifah will be freed soon. That’s the good news But unfortunately what happened with her, obviously, these are the stories I do not know the the .. personally, so I cannot make any comment against him or for him I do not know Latifah. All I know is the video that was surfaced. She made the video It went viral people who are watching That’s all I know but I do not what I’m trying to tell you is that I do not know what happened in reality Okay, these are all stories. These are all what I have found information about that. I wanted to share with you Especially now that Latifah will be freed. I mean obviously that’s everybody wanted right so it’s all handy Dandy right now as it is at the moment But this is the moment when Latifah decided to flee and that was again happen in February 2018 24th of February They decided she and her martial art teacher Tina Johainien that it is time for me to run away from the country March 4th. They were caught they could not do it They could not reach to the boat the yacht To you know, the jet ski because of the high waves so they were brought back I hope that you will enjoy their story and I will keep you updated if I have any more information. But again, no Siding no taking, you know side. I’m not Biased I’m not with anybody. It’s just I’m just trying to be as neutral as possible Like you this video like the light this video subscribe to this channel share this video and leave your comment Don’t forget that I’ll see you next time —

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  • They did reach the boat but never made it to Goa. They were caught while on board the yacht. They were hiding in the cabin but were forced up to the deck when the commandos fillled the cabin with smoke. Latifa texted her family from the yacht, which led to her capture.

  • Totoo b. Npancn q din un s mga old videos nia nung nd p xa nglalayas eh. Tlg may struggling mind nia eh. Nd deprrssion eg. Nd aman totally pang mental n. Pr nkalimutan q ung tawag s ganun sket s mind. Ung imbalance. Un ang noancn q s knia. Nd depression. Mental problem pro nd need n ipasok xa s mental health. Pr lang may imbalance.

  • Nd xa need ipasok s mental health. S tingin q kung tama aq at now nga cnsv n may mental problem nga. S tingin q need nia lang ng someone n kaya handlin ang bawat pumapasok s icp nia. Kc may imbalance ang mind nia eh.

  • Bipolar ung s princess nto. Kung totoo ang cnsv n may mental issue xa. Npancn q din kc yan eh. Pro cguro iniicp q nung npancn q un. Baka nga kc dhil wl cl guidance at nd ganun s stable mind nia ky tlg pr ngstruggle. Kc she dont know how to think. Minsan tlg may mga bata n cguro nd aman mssv n mhina ang ulo to cope or to manage their own mind at need p ng guidance. May iba kc khit nga wl magulang n ngguguide kung tlg mtibay ang mind nl tlg nd matitinag utak nl eh. Pro may mga bata tlg n nd ganun eh. Ky baka ngkabipolar xa. Nd need n ipasok yan s mental. Need nia lang n may mageexplain s kania ng bawat maiicp nia. Kbuddy n mtyaga iguide xa properly pr s bawat maicp nia ipapaunawa s knia if mali un or tama. Pr mind nia p din gagana.

  • D_ont you heve anyting to do whit yorself she is kidnup buy her fuder mayby iwin kild her. Until yet so whte upend whit you!!!!

  • Bst wag nl ipapasok s mental ang primcess nto. Wl xang depression. Tlg pr bipolar ung s knia eh. Guidance lang yan. Ung may mgcocorrect ng mga naiicp nia. Tpos hayaan lang xa n mgicp on her own mind pro dpt may mpgssvhan xa ng mga naiicp nia pr maitama un. Napanuod q nga ung video nia s isang event n ngsalita xa eh. Tlg iba ung mind nia eh. Tpos shaky. Pr nd xa cgurado s bawat pumapasok s icp nia. Naicp q baka kulang xa s self steem. Or baka tlg may bipolar. Guidance lang tlg yan. Tlg obviously wl cl path n tinatahak. Go with the flow lang xa. Madali yan mamamanipulate pg ganyan. Ky dpt hayaan lang xa mgicp on her own tpos iguide lang. Baka pg dinala s doctor yan painumin ng gamot mpunta p s pgkacra ng ulo nia mga gamot n ipapainom s knia.

  • Syed, where you got the information from about the amount of money Latifa gave? It sounds unbelieveable amount, and can't imagine that you have some secret confidential sources to get to know that information ??

  • If your motive is really to help Latifa and see her free – pls demonetize the videos you make about her.

  • So, where did you get the info? She had the Richardson photos near Xmas last year, then rumor has it her maids murdered her on Feb 22, 2019 about a month after her sister Shamsa died of a drug overdose. REALLY, I think the death story is RUMOR made to get the Emir disrespected, but she isn't in the public eye still.

  • You are a very nice sensitive person. A good heart. Alhamdullillah.
    I live in Holland and as an arab dutch author have contacts. Real contacts. Every Royal family so Every one the Europeans are worse. But the emir of Dubai is a servant of saitan. When he sleeps the souls of people he killed join him. He killed his oldest Son. All his children have ptsd. Not only the daughters. And another thing: the real Royal cherifa Haya of Jordan fled Dubai in epstein period.
    She has never betrayed her husband with the bodyguard. Never.
    I know a lot since we share the same ancestor. Haya shares the same ancestors of Morocco and of former egypt Royal family and former Royal family of Saudi. I am idrissi like many all over the world and the real cherifs know, see and feel.
    I know a lot , so if you want the real story you can answer with e-mail.
    But first: do you feel the world is changing for the bad?

  • That's not true. She was taken by force off the boat. She made the boat. The captain was brutally assaulted and both him and Tina were were also taken. Your story isn't correct. She was home free on the boat when the commandos arrived and forcibly removed her. If anyone wants the real story, 60 minutes Australia has covered it very well.

  • I am so angry to read ugly coments that readers are,writting to you, and criticise innocent people that suffers from their familly, WHAT I THINK , IS THAT DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER THEM !

  • They did made it to the yacht
    Its proven beyond doubt via all kinds of sources.
    its a bit strange that you tell that they didnt make it to the boat, maybe that is a rumor being spread in Dubai to make what Dubai's Govt did seem less dramatic!

  • Most people overlook fundamental facts and this is very unfortunate when people believe such influencers. I have news, there are state borders, therefore authorities, state treaties, authorized action and unauthorized trade, what they have allowed themselves is treason regardless of what happens within the family, or not. This is not about friendship, this is about treasonand and money …. There also be people seeking asylum in Nazi Germany, one hears. Just for information Germany is an occupied war zone and not a constitutional state but a fragment of a state which is still occupied by so-called "social democrats". Germany is only in a ceasefire and has still no peace treaties with 54 countries. The BrD is a detention state, do you understand what I try to tell you?

  • Another question, how long do you think a princess like that will be free somewhere in Europe? How long do you think will it take until a princess is kidnapped and the family is blackmailed?

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