Proactive Contribution to Peace: Japan's Efforts for a Better Global Security Environment

in recent years the security environment surrounding Japan has become even more severe Oh hiya little claim wall eco Quebec today hey ol mama didn't say there are MFM in response to the changing security environment Japan is further strengthening the japan-us alliance the cornerstone of peace and stability in the asia-pacific region Japan is also promoting trilateral frameworks such as Japan US Australia Japan u.s. India and Japan u.s. Republic of Korea and multinational regional cooperation initiatives including least Asia Summit in the ASEAN Regional Forum Japan has actively participated in many international initiatives these include participated in the fight against terrorism through replenishment support activities in the Indian Ocean and contributing to the rebuilding of Iraq with humanitarian and reconstruction assistance Japan is also cooperating with other nations to combat piracy Japan provides assistance to refugees who have fled from conflict zones and humanitarian aid to victims of natural disasters to date Japan has participated in 13 UN peacekeeping operations including Cambodia the Golan Heights East Timor Haiti and South Sudan new security legislation has now been developed to allow Japan to further contribute to global security second oh hey Otto I'm Tina comment yeo-hwa when a mother is Jonny kool changed ahjumma

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