Profile in Leadership: Tammy Richards

Hi I’m Tammy Richards Chief Operations Officer and EVP for loanDepot I’ve been in the mortgage industry since 1983 and what attracted me to loanDepot was the leadership and the vision. The mello ecosystem makes it so easy for our sales team and our consumers to put a loan on the system and digitally document it. I look forward to being part of the evolution of that. Here at loanDepot we have a vision of the future and we’re making the future become the present and Anthony is leading that way. He’s different than any other leader that’s out there in the industry today and he’s gonna lead loanDepot to number one. So the first person that I talked to about loanDepot was Jeff Walsh and I was so impressed. He explained to me the plans for loanDepot to be the fintech leader in the industry and it made me so excited because I love technology and I wanted to be a part of that fintech journey that he was talking about. It was really exciting. Chad’s such a dynamic leader and I love what he’s put together his his sales team is second to none when you get up on that sales floor you can just feel the electric energy it’s fantastic. My oldest son actually created an artificial intelligence for the legal community and so I watch what he does and then I see how it can apply to what we do here. I can use what they’ve learned and the most recent technology advances in helping further our operational efficiencies here. I am from a military family. I love the commitment that loanDepot has to the veterans it really is another thing that inspired me to come it’s so fun to be able to do the right thing and be rewarded for that. The culture is fantastic here and loanDepot really has made me feel like part of the family right from the very start it’s been fantastic it really has.

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