Project SEARCH – Students

I enjoy this! I really do! I really say
thank you tell the people who helped me get through this program, I love working
at this job. Lauren Kenny is one of the students from the Rankin County School
District participating in Project SEARCH. She and fellow Project SEARCH student,
Austin Tidwell, work in the supply chain and logistics area at UMMC. I unload
boxes from trucks and I taped the boxes and I delivered boxes. I like this job. I
like doing this job part. It just keeps me busy every day. It will help me get a
job one day, when I get, when I get through the this whole year. Developed at
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the early 90s’, Project SEARCH prepares young people with significant disabilities for success in integrated competitive
employment. Project SEARCH is now in Mississippi, thanks to the collaborative
efforts between the Mississippi Council on Developmental Disabilities, the Rankin
County School District, the University of Mississippi Medical Center and the
Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services. More than 10 students from the
Rankin County School District are interning at UMMC. As a parent gives me
an opportunity to see exactly how she can adapt to being around others in a
social environment as far as employment. Being able to stay on task and become
successful later on life. Austin Tidwell’s mom says this about how the
program has affected her son. She writes You all have made him feel worthy
appreciate it and like he is important. I thank you from the bottom of my heart
for making Austin a part of the team. This mama knows there’s a special place
in heaven for all of you. Your patience and kindness melts my heart. Christi
Tidwell. One of the biggest concerns a parent has with a child with a
disability is what’s going to happen to my child when I pass on. By having this Project SEARCH program it’s such a great opportunity, not only for the young adult, but also for the parents. This provides the parents with some hope that their child,
their young adult, is going to be taken care of in the future. They’re
gonna have a full-time job. They’re gonna make their own money. They’re gonna be
able to live independently as possible. Which is a huge thing for parents with young adults with disabilities. Thank you! For giving our kids this opportunity! If you are interested in learning more
about a Project SEARCH site in your area contact the Mississippi Department of
Rehabilitation Services at one eight hundred four four three one-thousand. Ask for the Office of Business Development.

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