Property and Finance Chat with Ben Everingham (Ep566)

Hi Guys, running here from on property and
today I’m joined by Ben from pumped on property and we thought we’d just have a little chat
today because I’ve been mia for a while and we wanted to put something out there for you
guys talking about lifestyle design, financial freedom, property investing, which is kind
of hitting record and seeing what happened. I’m super excited about this. They’re like,
we just went for seek woke up of age and we’re kind of like, we love talking about property
investing, RBC, but there’s this whole lot of cool stuff going on in their lives and
it’s kind of Nice to start getting a bit real again. Yeah, just getting back to our rates
and like really enjoying what we’re creating you guys. And then I’m also talking about
things outside of property in terms of lifestyle design and financial freedom because I guess
what I’m starting to realize is that, well I always knew it was property investing isn’t
the only way to achieve financial freedom. Like, there’s so many other ways to do it
and now that I’m in a situation where I’m not currently financially free anymore because
meaning kill, have separated, um, I’m looking at, okay, well how am I going to create financial
freedom again and property is in there, but property is not the only way to gather and
property is a slow way, you know, I’ve been in property army for nine years and like Brian,
like I created financial freedom and then having three children and buying an expensive
home is taken away because of that, but medium term over the next eight years I should be
there again or sooner than that. But it’s a longer term strategy where some of these
other things that we don’t talk about it as much likely businesses that we’ve run can
also be part of that. Or you know, friends that do shares or down and all those other
like exciting and different things too. I think for both of us, most of our financial
freedom has come through our businesses. I know you achieve financial freedom through
your properties without business when you’re an employee, but that was like baseline financial
freedom like one child, carly dyck every expensive, but I was like, you could just get by and
you will be alright for eating and had brief every and find plans. It’s basic basics. Yeah.
And you were on the trajectory that if you hold those properties for 10, 15 years and
paid them off, then you would’ve had a better financial freedom, but then you expanded into
business and then grow your portfolio that way. And then the same for me was I developed
a passive income streams online and achieve my financial freedom that way. Not necessarily
through property. You know, it’s, it’s an interesting thing like the whole journey because
you know, when I was working for someone else, I Read Rich Dad, poor dad, which you’ve talked
about before, and I, I, I related to property and businesses just because businesses, how
my brain just naturally works and property. It was like, okay, here’s a way that I can
get an income stream whether I get out of bed or don’t get out of bed, but I’ve had
other friends that at the same time read the same book and have done exceptionally better
from applying business earlier. Or they’ve gone into shares or commodities earlier and
harder and it’s kind of, you know, 10 years down the track and interesting way of sort
of reflecting back. You’re going, there’s not just one way. Although I love property
because it is a little bit more stable, but it’s got a lot higher entry point and you
know, it’s a lot harder to get stuck into it. Right. That’s the problem that I have with my businesses
is that I achieve financial freedom and I’m saying to you have launched a financial breakdown
plus a tiny bit more so I will have more income coming in than my expenses. But then my expenses
went up because now we have two houses to pay for. Not One, and then also business income
dipped a bit and so all of a sudden are going into this position where I’m not financially
for anymore. Whereas property is so much more stable where if you’ve got that income coming
in, assuming it’s in a good area, you can rent it, you know, it’s just so much more
stable. And so that’s my goal now. And when I was looking at, okay, well how am I going
to create long term financial freedom because they don’t want to be in this position again
where I was financially free and now I’m not. And I’m lucky like the deficits and not huge.
Like if we cut back massively and lived in worse houses, we could back to your baseline
level of financial freedom. We could. But at our current life, soul level, we’re not.
And so my goal and my strategy, what I worked out is that I will focus on the business and
developing passive income through the business to achieve financial freedom again. But then
what I did last time was I just stopped there. Sure. And I just lived. Um, but what I want
to do is kind of push beyond that, increase the income, take the extra income invested
back into the business to grow the business income again. And then when you’ve got this
like excessive amount of money coming in above your lifestyle, that’s when I’ll take that
money invested into property investing, deposit your cash flow property and get that longterm
stability. What connected the dots for you because you know, a lot of people with, you
know, like myself included sometimes go, well, you know, that’s easy for Ryan to do because
he savored, it isn’t, it’s just like if I’m going to turn on the tap that side of things
out. But what was the dot connecting point there for you to just go? You mean like recently decided to start investing
in business recently because you know, like the 10 year
things a hell of a journey. But yeah, like recently, like outside of the physical financial
aid for a little bit more cashflow. When was it like, all right, I’ve kind of built a very
successful series of businesses. Then I’ve peeled back and raise my children and had
a epic lifestyle and now I’m kind of ready to put my head down. I was already on that trajectory anyway, so I had the extra.
So I had financial freedom plus a bit more and I was saving that money to then invest
into property. And so the goal was always were already financially free. You were making
a little bit more. Um, I don’t really want to work heaps more, so we’ll just be saving
that extra. Then when we get enough deposit then we’ll invest in property and the financial
freedom through property kind of becomes an insurance policy in case you businesses fail.
So it’s rather than needing the property portfolio in order to be financially for a property
portfolio, is there as long term stability and an insurance policy in case my other incomes
go away. So we already had that and it was really just the trigger of like separating
expenses going up and then realizing, okay, you’re not going to have to work anyway if
I’m going to do it, let’s do it properly rather than just bridged the gap. I like because
I got into this position, I’m like, Oh, I’m not there anymore on now in a stressful situation
where I need to find out how to earn more money. I’m like, yeah, just rather not get
in that situation and so if we’re going to be working anyway, let’s work towards it.
And then I thought, okay, what was the problem with my old business model that like got me
into this place and how can I fix that moving forward and create a business that will be
long, more longterm sustainable. It’s so epic, man, I’m so many things have happened to both
of us I suppose over the last four or five years that we’ve been doing these videos and
these podcasts and we’ve both grown so much, but we’ve also saying the good and the bad
in different types of opportunities and always catching up with my cat and recently and you
know, basically said the same thing to him. I’m like, I’m so grateful that everyday I
get to do the work that I love doing and some days like every other job it’s bloody hard.
Like, let’s just get fully real about it, even if you’re doing your passion, which is
property for me daily, some days a real hard, some months are really hard, some years or
even harm, but you know, when you enjoy what you do, it’s easier. But I sat down with my
accountant and sort of said, he said, Ben, I think it’s time to start buying some more
property. He’s like, get back to doing what you know,
which I’ve bought a lot of properties, but he was kind of like in terms of all of my
clients on my book, plus all the businesses in the county that I worked with before. He’s
like, you’re the lowest risk investor that we’ve ever seen. And I said, well, I don’t
see the properties as this building an empire, like innovate some young guys in Sydney and
Melbourne that are kind of like proud of the empire and let’s see what happens in the next
recession. But let’s see what happens in the current market to market. Um, and he sort
of said, you know, some start spending some of that money. And I said exactly like you,
but I didn’t know how to word it because you’re always working. I was Kinda just like, I want,
I like the idea of having some properties paid off even though I might be paying fifty
cents in the dollar tax now if everything falls to pieces and the income stops, then
I’m not paying fifty cents in the dollar anymore and all of a sudden it is, I, you know, figure
stuff out period. Like it gives me a gap. Same as what you’ve
done with businesses. Like you’ve got different income streams and now you can pump them up
a bit or not. But yeah, it’s just that, that feeling. And um, I’m still not there yet either
because later on I bought like an expensive home that sucked all the best things out of
our properties. Um, but you know, we’re, we’re sort of back on working towards that, if you
know what I mean. He’s going to be so sweet when she finished the renovation. Oh yeah.
Renovation. I’ve been living at my in laws it aren’t awesome, but I’m grateful to be
there for a roof over our head that say that the most of those situations we’ve all lived
with a point in time. I’ve lived with my mom five times now because I’ve built houses and
like we just keep going back, but now I’ve got three kids, a dog and a cat and it’s like
they’re waiting anything. Yeah. I live with my in laws once and then
like with my family with Kell once, but I think that was before the kids on our. We
had Sasha at the time. One cute, but let’s try and do it now. I just always fall back
on our families probably like I’m always like, are you don’t want to see how I will be moving
in when we renovate. This is the constant battle I had with my father in law for six
months and then he’s like, now you’ll be finding your own air day in day. I’m like, yeah, now
will be living here and then. And then like the day count exhibits like less. You have,
if you had an airbnb and he’s like, ah, fuck yeah. All right. The stuff’s in the car at
the front. We already have a plan. Never left the place and that’s 800 bucks away. Could
like live in a furnished home on weekends. Um, yeah. So something also that I realized
through this transitional period in my life is that one of the things that I’ve always
been passionate about with positive cash flow property is that it gives you options and
like we’ve had arguments in the past where like because you’re so logical and can see
like the obvious, like best steps forward if you invest in this property versus this
one overlay if 15, 25 year period, which one’s going to be worth more? And then unlike. Yeah,
but life happens in that 10 to 15 to 25 years. And that’s happening for me now. And to have
a level of passive income through the business has been a godsend. But if I had an invested
in negatively geared properties in the idea that yeah, like I’m always going to be making
cash. Like even like even I’m always going to be married. Yeah. And questioning that
like now that we’re living separately, it’s like well if you mortgage yourself to the
hill and you’re getting that like extremely difficult position and I’m really fortunate
that mean Kelly is still on really good terms, will still be working together and stuff like
we’re still really good and so we can manage finances together, but I can imagine like not everyone’s properties and stuff is a punishment.
Yeah, and if you’re in a situation where it’s only working because you’re living together
up and you’re in a negative cashflow situation and then life happens and you have that split
income goes up and you can’t afford those properties anymore. Like at the top of this
edema up here and it’s gone down. They can’t offload it and you can’t rent it. It’s, it’s
dangerous. Yeah. And so the way I’ll be thinking about investing moving forward, again, it’s
that insurance policy, but it’s giving me options so I can, no matter what happens,
whether it happens in year one, when that happens in year 10 or year 25, then I’ve got
options there that I’m not forced into a position that I don’t want to be in very. Like on the
flip side of that, like I’ve learned so much from like five years of catching up with Eli. And one thing that I’ve learned as well is
that, you know, for a property to be a success for me, I need, I still need longterm capital
growth. You’ve taught me the value of cashflow in a huge way and I and I still like to be
draining a little bit in the first couple of years by doing something active, ran out
or whatever. But where my personal portfolio has gone much, much more towards in recent
years, particularly the last three years, same thing man. Like if businesses, networking,
added relationships don’t work out. If the wind changes, I know that my properties carry
themselves showing. That’s one thing that I just don’t even have to think of it and
I think it gives you a peace of mind because the income isn’t dependent on, you know, the
portfolio or your ability to hold it. Where I think in the old days I was kind of just
like buying and holding in Sydney and luckily the timing was good and everyone made money. But thinking about holding those types of
properties, now I’m just don’t have the stomach for it anymore. You know what I mean? Like
I want the passive income to be as high as it can possibly be without sacrificing the
great longterm grave. I think you want longterm growth because why the hell, not like we’re
not done with your money. Take the time to find a property that generates cash. Flow
ends is in a good area. I’m like, that’s a no brainer which you’ll do to like. I know
you’ve got a positively geared Ben, the same as I do, but I know that you’re going to need
some buyer’s agent by the good special for rack rates. Um, but I think different people
in different phases of their life can take different investment approaches and if you’re
just going after that negative gearing and capital growth, there’s certain people who
can do that. Like if they’re in a super stable place with
their job or if they’re young and they’re willing to take more risks or they’re climbing
the corporate ladder in the early more money and can do that because as the capital growth
is, is great and he can make heaps of money over a number of years. It’s just those people
who get into it get themselves into heaps of debt and then have to exit quite early
that I really worry about it. Me, you know, like, because there’s a fair bit of that going
on. Like people particularly in Sydney and Melbourne in the last three years have kind
of gone hard on negatively geared dead. And so your million dollar properties and renting
for $500 a week. And that’s okay. Well, unemployment rates for like Lowe’s, but when the employment
rates get to 10 percent or money gets more expensive or know as my friend calls it, like
he is not a property guide or he hates it, but he’s, he’s made some coin in bit coin,
like let’s just leave it at that. Um, he goes, he goes, property investment
globally, the hot potato, he’s like the hot potato works as long as someone else is there
to catch it. But he’s like, when you throw the hot potato and there’s no one there to
pick up, you know, there’s, there’s a loss there like any other market in the world.
And so you just don’t want to get yourself in that position. And if anyone watching this
is there, you know, savings buffers are the giving yourself time because there’s nothing
that you can’t figure it out in six months, but if you don’t have six months breathing
space, you make harder decisions a lot faster. Yeah. And I think that’s one of the benefits of
will, the way that I want to achieve financial freedom. And then longterm, when you’re investing
in property as an insurance policy, a longterm insurance policy, you don’t have to be as
greedy about the short term gains. And I have to be like, okay, well I made 100 grand in
equity growth this year because she’s like, well I actually don’t need that money yet.
So you can be more conservative and more risk adverse in the way you invest. Like you say,
you’re the most risk averse investor and the accountants books because you don’t need it. Yeah, it’s just, it’s just the recession playing
in an opportunity to do something different down the line. But then I guess a lot of people
who listen to us and what should they do want to achieve financial freedom through property
100 percent and they do want to accelerate that and you can do that. I guess that’s just
not. I’ve done that and I also help people do that everyday. Like I just got a valuation
back on a client that we help build something for in Brisbane eight months ago. This young
guys, any ct five k a year, the property just rebounded and 85 grand more than you paid
for it because he got the land at the right price and we introduced him to a buildup.
It’s like that. He’s made more inroads on that. Then he would
make an instance here a year and a half of after tax salary in a day because
it was just one day of education for him. But what I’m saying there is like we do that.
I just don’t measure my portfolio based on quarterly, annual or even five year performance.
You know, I have finally got out of this life. I’m trying to get rich quick thing and just
it’s gonna happen if I’ve got the right strategy and sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not
and you just, you just roll with it. You’ve seen in businesses as well, like sometimes
it’s really good and you make hay while the sun shining and other times it’s a bit quieter.
We both felt bad and you know, next time around you learn from it. My re-read reached out. I would add just the other way because I want
to do a review on it for the site, but then also because I’m in this situation where I’m
like, okay, I want to get back to financial freedom and just the idea of constantly living
your life, looking for ways to generate passive income is such a powerful thing and that might
be through property or it might be through something else, but I feel like so many people
just live their lives looking for earned income, looking for like to increase their employment
income and they’re not looking for ways to increase that passive income and live. Some
people might buy one property and then they’re done some like we’ve had the privilege of
working with so many people who aren’t like that and who do focus on passive income and
buy property two, three, four and stuff like that. But even just looking in your regular
life at different ways to generate passive income and that might be in small ways through
like little side businesses. It might be through like investing in dividend paying stocks.
It might be through property. Like once you start looking for the passive income opportunities, then they’re there. Then they’re like, well,
you have to look for it and you have to be laser focused on it. It’s like when you’re
trying to buy a new car and then you’re like, I’m thinking about buying this guy, and then
all of a sudden you see it everywhere, everywhere. It’s the same with passive income. You need
to force your brain to be like, I’m only going to look for passive income opportunities and
then you see so many of them. Whereas if you’re not thinking about that, it’s not just going
to happen naturally. Not going to get to a point of financial freedom by accident, but
no one gets there by accident and you had to be so deliberate about it. It has to be
a design and then there has to a discipline surrounding that. For years and years. It’s
so interesting to stories like this way. Like I said, like hopefully on Sunday coming
down for the workouts fast on a session that named my friends have started like it really
plain on, but we’re sitting in bring some clothes and he is lack of persuading star
like bobcat system. All teams like you walk in and you almost get knocked out from the
event. It just smelled like whatever they’re claiming. That’s the wood sitting in there
and look out for the next episode of property. Let’s doing it from this conversation is going
on in this sauna or everything from how can we get like passive income? How can we get
food out? How can we better be better people to. Do you reckon if we’d like tipped beer
into the sauna, it became steam. We’d get drunk in here and how much fuel we have to
like how can we make this one or is there how long? Like against real, but my brother in law’s
like he’s really looking for passive income opportunities and now he’s starting to find
them in one that he can swayed. Was this car companies, this advertising companies that
if you’ve got a car, we’ll pay you $100 a week, 400 bucks a month to wrap your car in
whatever brand you know and that, and that’s the outside of Moscow, but I’m thinking about
someone in a pressure situation with two cars. It’s 200 bucks a week extra cashflow, which
might just be enough to pay for the cars or take the edge off the expenses in someone’s
life or if you’re a single person, you know, actually 5,000 bucks in the hand takes all
of the expenses away from owning a car. It’s kind of like there’s all these little niches
out there that can become solutions if you need them. Yeah, well that’s the thing, like I’m looking
at renting out the camper van through Airbnb or maybe through somewhere else for extra
income. Now that’s not technically completely passive because you’ve obviously got to meet
the people when they come. You know you’ve got to clean the then after like the used
it and stuff like that. So it’s not completely passive, but it’s an extra income stream in
my life that didn’t exist before and whether or not I do it, I’m not sure I need to look
into it more, but now that we’re going to need to buy a separate car and don’t really
want to sell the camper van, that’s a way to get income that will probably pay for like
all the regular insurance and petrol on the camper van and probably like Reggio and insurance
on the other cars as well. It’s a huge amount of pressure up and then you can always sell
it if you wanted to in the future anyway. Yeah. And just to be able to get an income
stream from that thing that we invested into. When you’re looking for those opportunities,
they exists and you might not have a camper van, you probably don’t know, but that was
just something in my life that’s sitting there costing you money that I can turn around and
it can make me some money. You know. So funny man. Like I’ve, I’ve been really looking at
Lisa to record a video on it yesterday and like, because I’ve, because of our good business
and property income for a while now, like my accountant always says it to me, it’s like
the energy and a little bit more, you’ve got to be careful that they’re safe at the bottom
isn’t increasing and I was kind of blaming the CIF is like where the money’s going out
at the bottom, you putting sand in the top or and it’s coming out the bottom and I for
the first time in a little while looked at everything in my life and by looking at those
things from an I took my phone bills from 140 bucks a month to 40. Yeah. And like check out this awesome fun.
Ben Has the latest technology guys. I think it’s got an apple iphone for us. I’ve got
an idea person thing. This is just my work. I am still really cool guys outside of all
this stuff. That’s all right. One. But that’s the thing. Like I’m, I’m rocking an iphone
six now because I had an iphone seven and I went swimming with it and it didn’t survive
that and rather than get it fixed, I went back to my old six battery was dead, so I
think I paid like a hundred, 150 bucks to get like a fresh fresh battery and fix her
up. And then I’ve got mates who have just gone out and dropped 1500 bucks on the brand
new one that they couldn’t really afford. So funny thing man, like I looked at that
and I saved myself 60 percent. I did the same thing with energy. I went to
click energy and now I’m getting 40 percent off my energy bill. I’ll put solar on the
roof and the I don’t pay. It was a no brainer like when your own crazy man, like if you’re
staying in a place, Seoul is so cheap now. I worked out the return on investment. It’s
a year and a half now it’s your money just to pay it back. I looked at because I’m renting,
I looked at how can I run solo? Like, how can I hack it together so I can run solo on,
like, because I could set up, set up a rig in the backyard, I get heaps of Sun, but you
can’t wire it in, you’ve got to get the meters change. It’s just a lot of stuff. Um, and
then it’s all don’t know. Um, you know, and then I went across like my insurance for my
properties and then the big one for me as someone who has a timeline, plotting desperate
lines, I caught up my banks and got my broker on it cause to desperately fighting for business
right now. So it would have saved 20 drain a year in
interest. Like I paid off my car line, which is again another couple thousand bucks a year
and I’ve, I’ve looked at all these scenes and there’s not a single part of my life where
I couldn’t say 30 to 50 percent and I’m like, how many other people are sitting out there
just burning through cash. You know what I mean? And I’m not saying like everyone needs
to go do that. It’s just, it was so easy to find that money. Just by spending a tiny bit
of time on it. Yeah. Well that’s the thing. Even my phone bill, I’m still paying 120 bucks
a month on my bill. Like my 24 month contracts ended last month, so I like need to get onto
of 45 bucks. Unlimited calls, texts than 30 days. It’s Telstra. Then it says Telstra on
my phone. Okay. That’s sick. You know there’s a plan or is it. It’s month to month and you
just. If you want to pull up anytime, there’s no contract, no plan. Rhinestone getting negative. I’m talking about
it. The sheet or whatever that was going on. I tried that for awhile ago. Yeah, I’m going
to do that. Then I can just cancel with Telstra and then go with the. I didn’t get my phone.
I ordered the addy sandwich, took a week and I’ve got John my office to roll it out. But
that day straight across some old number that easy. You know, I’m just. This is where I’m
getting at like as someone that’s just been so focused on earning extra income and investing
that income for so long. I forgot that there was this whole other thing that I used to
do which was saving money on everything and budgeting really well and I’ve just gone back
to some of those characteristics and it’s incredible and I think it’s particularly around
anyone that owns property that’s listening to this right now. Like you can save yourself
a fortune are. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t save yourself two to three grand on your line
right now just by getting on the phone, your bank or threatening them to leave and going.
Finding and bill. Enter raising money. Well, that’s the thing. Get on the bank or go to a mortgage broker and work with them and get
them to help you get a better interest rate on your line and then save that money and
then what most people would do would save that money and then just be cheering and live
a more expensive lifestyle. But if you can save that money and take that extra five grand,
10 grand, 20 grand, and then put that into the offset account or pay off your line or
invest that money. Then you can start building your portfolio even more rather than just
spending that savings, reinvest it or pay down debt. Look, the thing about these costs that I’ve
saved in my life, I’ve probably saved myself 35 grand, which sounds insane, I know, but
it’s kind of luck of just been living like a bit silly for a bit, particularly with the
bank lines. That 35 grand is 50 percent of the deposit for another property. It’s just
insane. You love the names of the Audi plans as well. Like it’s like the lodge, the xl
xxl lack the xxx out. These pain plans. They get to that later. Um, but yeah, so I
think moving forward guys, we will be talking more outside of property in terms of things
like saving money in terms of personal finance, in terms of different passive income opportunities
because that’s the thing. Not everyone can save that deposit easily. Not everyone has
a property portfolio like you and I can say 35 grand on interests. Some of us are in a
position where we don’t have much savings, but we want to grow a passive income. And
so I would definitely love to start talking more about that sort of stuff. So let me know
guys, if you want to hear about that, just pop a comment down in the comment section
down below and say whether or not you want us to stick to property or talk about this
other sort of stuff. But I think that can be really cool to talk about so many hacks that you and I figured out in
terms of one speeding up the journey to financial freedom as well as simplifying and getting
lifestyle, happiness, health, like all those things at the same time as well as having
families and businesses, you know, like property is so exciting for me to talk about, but it’s
not very complicated and there’s so many other little things that we’re doing outside of
that, uh, that uh, like paypal, like, well how did you do that stuff so quickly? It wasn’t
just focusing on property, it was fixing some of the other areas about lives as well. And
I think pretending that it was just property that enabled us to get to where we are today.
He and I like it. It takes out all the hard work they’ve done over 15 years to educate
ourselves on so many other things. Yeah, and we do have so much to share around
that as well that I feel like we’ve been holding back because we just stopped to talking about
property and I know that like we’re still will talk about property because it was still
my passion was still passionate about it and still want to invest in it. Silly, great vehicle
for financial freedom, but it’s not the only thing and I think we’ve done. You guys are
just service by being so niche on property when property really is a small part of a
much bigger picture, which is that personal finance, which is financial freedom, which
is setting yourself up for wealth and being able to live your true self and live the life that you want. One hundred percent. Like for
me, that is all I want the next 10 years to be about is like living is treated me as I
possibly can and I was so grateful. Last week I went down and caught up or not caught up
with that. I saw Gary Vee with like 6,000 other people. I wish I caught up with him
because he like 100 grand, but I listened to the guy and I was just like, Whoa, this
is a person who’s just so excited about what he does and having a contribution and he doesn’t
do anyone a disservice in any way. Like He. He was talking about his company that he built
for his parents. It was a $3,000,000 bottle shop sending to a $60,000,000 business on
stage. He said that he actually never got anything but why does out of it, and he gave
the business back to his pants were 60 mil that didn’t pay him anything out of it. He
had zero and shaping it and it was just not his true. He started vaynermedia from scratch
with no money. Well, that’s the thing. He left one library.
We didn’t leave, but he started like logging at 30 and then left the business to start
vayner media in his early thirties. And so he was like starting from scratch basically
in his thirties, but had built up all of this knowledge that have no business and stuff
like that. Yeah. And people go, oh, Vaynermedia, if I
didn’t know his background of like grinding away for 15 years before that. And I think
that’s what we sort of done with talking about property. We’ve gone, our, Ben’s got financial
freedom through property, Ryan’s got financial freedom through businesses. Cool. That there’s
a whole lot of stuff there that we just haven’t gone into that it’s like, well this happened
and enabled us to do this and then that. And these were the lessons. And if we could do
it again, you know, I think I could save the average person seven years. Imagine if we
can go back over the last five years of content
that we’ve created together and actually talk about some of the personal stuff that was
happening in our lives and like personal finance staff and decisions that we made back then,
you know, and like how that’s moved out trajectory forward and change now income and stuff like
that. We never talked about any of that stuff. Personal
stuff as you know, like because it’s. Yeah, I’ve just always been like, that’s a lot of
neighboring driving that like you’ve asked questions off camera a lot and I’m like yeah,
I just didn’t want to get on camera and I’m not. I don’t like talking about that stuff.
But like I’m not saying like talk about like what happens in the master bedroom, but I
just mean like, I don’t know. We’ve made different decisions.
Like sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that you make that have a huge impact on your
life, like decisions to change jobs or decisions to focus on different types of income or to
let opportunities go and you know, different like little tweaks in the way we think about
money that happened on like a weekly or a monthly basis where I just read rich Dad,
poor dad. Again, as I said, and one of the things that I realized from reading that book
was that if I want to take my wealth to the next level that I need to learn how to be
good at managing people, which is something that I’m not good at, don’t really enjoy,
which is why I kind of just run my own show and now realize that I need to get good at
that and so just little things like that, but that’s probably not the best example because
not everyone’s going to go out there and need to learn to manage people, but like there’s
always little monetary things that we’ve learned about finance or about our lives. We probably
shouldn’t be sharing. I think with what you just said, like there
are certain skill sets that we both know that enable you to go from a 50 grand income to
a hundred grand income to a half million dollar income to whatever. The Sky’s the limit. How
far you want to push it. And I think again like a disservice has been like not talking
about that. Like management is one of them. Like if you want to scale from a couple of
hundred k a year to a male, you have to have management skills and I’ll look at. But I
did our journeys like with yours, you’ve had the most incredible lifestyle over the last
four years. Like people would be, I’m Indian. I’m like Holy Shit, you’ve had life as sick
time and I’ve, I’ve been working my butt off for four years. Like let’s get real about
that. And it’s just now that, you know, as your ramping up. Like I’ve got myself in a position through
my team where I get to do the fun stuff with clients like strategy, like finding the diamond
in the rough property and you know, just taking on really cool people that align and then,
and doing to the content but to love. And then there’s nothing else in the business
that I do. And so it’s like I’m in a point where I’m almost like put myself out of a
job three and a half days a week and it’s only because of those other people that it’s
allowed me to do that. Well, that’s because you’ve learned how to
manage people and you’ve got an epic team. It’ll be funny because me working extremely
hard and you taking the brakes off. We’ll probably do the same thing like this and like
you’ll take the brakes off. I’ll work harder. I’m like, like the same amount, like also
do 43 days a week. You know what I mean? I mean like it’s just, it’s just a whole lot sokal
thing here and I suppose, you know, it’s easy to get caught away with like their whole like
looking at other people’s stuff and going, oh man, like that’s cool, that’s not cool
or whatever. I really want to start getting super real with people about not just the
personal journeys that we’ve been through and all the good and the bad stuff that we’d
both been through. Two really liked the tactical little things that have like 10 x. The ability
to have better lifestyles really quickly. Yeah. And that’s
the thing. I want to get people to a point where they can achieve financial freedom,
whether they do it through property or not, or even if they don’t achieve financial freedom,
but the finances are in a way better position that they’re not living paycheck to paycheck.
They’re not stressed about it. Like reading barefoot investor and setting up our bank
accounts that way and it’s been so good for us to just put us in a position where we could
save and invest and not be stressed because we knew exactly how to manage our money, which
we struggled with for years. And I want to help people, you know, like with tactical
stuff like that. So that even if the step. Because for some people that leap into property,
it’s a giant gap from where they are to invest into property. But there’s all those little steps on the
way that make a drastic impact on your life and on your finances and then allow you to
invest in property and then use those tactics as you’re investing to accelerate it. And
there’s so much stuff that we can talk about and we will talk about that. Thinking about
that did like there’s so many little hacks that can really speed up the journey. Like
if you and I could sit down to ourselves 10 years ago, I reckon it would have taken four
years to achieve what we’ve achieved. You know what I mean? Like if we knew now what?
Like if we knew then what we know now, I want to pay that forward and pass that on. You
know what I mean? Yeah. So there’ll be more content coming now. Guys have been quiet for
the last couple of months as you’ve probably heard from this. A lot has happened in the
personal life that has changed and so I had to put the brakes on the business, but now
things are settling and we’ll be back into it. Me and then we’ll be catching up. I’m
excited to see Ryan from pumped on property back online. It looks good. I missed the homestead act to see that in
getting a good headspace APP. It all the crazy and vice versa. Like I been going through
some stuff too and he’d been my sounding board and a lot of that and appreciate it man. And
I’m like excited to be life working towards, I think. Yeah. So I think what you guys can
expect moving forward will be a lot more of this like relaxed, chill vibe, talking about
staff but also more practical tips will, we will still talk about property, but then we’ll
also talk about, um, finances and we’ll talk about ideas around that that can really shape
your life and change you and things that you can implement today rather than a property
that you might purchase in 12 months or three years time. So I’m excited to get really practical
and to help you guys and you know, to have a ball doing it to get back to that creative
place. So we’re just having fun making content. I’m this happy man. This is stating back and
it’s so good to have you back, man. Yeah, I liked that. Our styles are so different.
Why don’t white on white? We’re really diverse. Um, but yeah, we’ll leave it at that today.
Guys. You can check me out at on-property dot com dot a u or you can check out Ben and
his buyer’s agency [email protected] and so check out over there. Ben’s doing a
lot of awesome stuff on his youtube channel as well. He started a podcast. Go to long
form content coming out there, so in Youtube, type in pumped on property. Go ahead and subscribe
to Ben as well because he’s got some good shit coming out on back in design like I’m
just content loving, subscribe, and it’s like every day there’s something new that’s coming
in. So yeah, go ahead and check that out. Thanks so much for watching guys. We wish
you the best on your journey. We hope that you’ll join us over the next little bit to
learn more about finances as well as investing in property and until next time, stay positive.

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  • Hi Ryan,
    Sorry about the sad news mate, I have been watching your videos for years! Keep up the lifestyle and passive income videos!

  • Sorry to hear the news bud, talk about the other stuff. Because I’ve moved from property to shares and it’s opened me to a whole other world without having to deal with banks and so many other parties

  • Great video guys personal finance videos are a great idea. Have either of you read the book early retirement extreme?

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