Property Management: The Ultimate Guide

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  • Awesome video! One question, do they charge first month fee and last month fee when they get a new tennent?

  • you guys have a very good show I really enjoy it and I was wondering how many rental properties that you guys are going to get as your goal and stop

  • volume could be a little better . im struggling to hear this on my phone… great advice as always though

  • the security deposit is easy you simply open up a landlord tenant account …only you have control of the account but you must furnish the tenant the information pertaining to the location and account number

  • I am sure you have probably answered this but, "When did you decide you needed a property manager?"  How many properties do you think one should own before seeing the benefit of a PM?

  • The problem with expensive software is that you often have to dedicate time and money to learning how to use it. Often the software is too complex and you will need to send someone off to take classes at the company.

  • Who's responsible for things like cutting the lawn? General upkeep of the grounds. Is that the tenants responsibility or us the owners? And if its the owners responsibility, do you factor that in to the rent?

  • In NY if you only work for one owner you can manage all their properties, if you work for more than one owner you need a Real Estate License. At least that is what I've heard.

    Do you guys keep an account for repairs and misc items that the property managers can access?

  • I invest t in Pennsylvania probably same areas as you guys do. Schuylkill, Carbon, Berks County. Basically open to just about anything in that are surrounding area. I am not having luck finding a property manager in the area though. Would you be able to recommend something if I emailed you? Thanks

  • Did you guys ever accept people with eviction? Like these guy claim to do?

  • What do I do with renters from hell? Single person rented my home, brought in three other tenants that were not approved, damaged the inside of home, doors missing, windows smashed, spray paint on walls, refused to pay rent for over four months. The state I live in, favors tenants. Every time I try to evict them for non payment of rent every month for the past five months, the government requires that I give them a thirty day notice, then they have to appear in court and they get another thirty days, after that you have to file again to evict them via the sheriff, he charges about another seven hundred and I have to pay for storage for all items and give the tenants another thirty days before the sale of their goods to collect rent arrears. Should I fail to do anything out of order, I have to start all over. There has to be something to get these people out of my house they are destroying.

  • +morrisinvest Question. If I have a property manager and the house they are managing is vacant and then someone breaks into the house, is the property management company responcible for the damage?

  • Myself and my father own 5 rental properties in Connecticut. While he has been doing his own rehab and maintenance for years, I sure as heck don't want to deal with that much longer with how big I intend on expanding our business. Plus he isn't getting any younger and he's currently retired. How would I introduce the idea of hiring a property management team to someone like him who has been doing it himself since he was my age (mid 20's).

  • Thank you both for this sharing such information! We learn a lot from you guys! Goodluck and we wish you guys much success!

  • Hi Clayton, I hired a property management company in Houston. They charge 8% which is fine. However, I think they kind of overcharge for all the repairs. What can I do to deal with that. Thanks!

  • Is it typical to receive receipts for repairs performed on the property from your property manager along with the monthly statements, or do you just have to trust that they aren’t charging you for things that weren’t actually done?

  • Exorbitant water bill may be due to a faulty water heater. Once I got a $900 water bill and found out that water was gushing through the water heater. Excellent video btw!

  • As always excellent video. As a turnkey provider do you recomment the property management companies to the investors who purchase property from you guys?

  • Why do your property managers not keep owners of property informed on what is going on? You managers are very bad at keeping in touch with owners.

  • How do you know if properties are vacant or not. Will the PM send you an email or call you or is it up to you to find out what’s going on.

  • Where do I get a black-market washing machine?
    I kid…
    I love all this advice you two give in this video and the others I've seen. Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

  • Do tenants provide there own water and electricity? And what happens if a tenant stops paying there bill and it goes to collection. Will the electric company or water company stop servicing that house till that debt is fulfilled even if its a new tenant?

  • First let me say that I love the content this channel produces! Next, I have a question; since you properties within NJ would you be able to recommend a management company in the Toms River area?

  • Hello,
    I have a property management that only pay me only if I email to request the renters payment every month. Is that shady? I requested to automatically pay me but they refused to do so; but only if I email to request the payment. What are your thoughts???? Thanks in advance!

  • Any recommendations for a property manager in the Pittsburgh area? Specifically, McKees Rocks! I would greatly appreciate any recommendations.

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