Prophetic Cartoon Warning of Socialism and Communism

America is many things to many people to a 17 year old kid it's the malt shop on the corner to Grandpa it's the front porch in the cool of the evening to mother and her family it's Church on Sunday morning and to death it's his favorite relaxation it's the Cracker Barrell ossifer Xin fab tree corners and it's the tombs in Wall Street it's all races creeds and religions it's freedom to work at the job you like freedom of speech and to peaceably assemble freedom to own property security from unlawful search or seizure where's a one flatfoot the right to a speedy and public trial protection against cruel punishments and excessive fines the right to vote and to worship God in your own way it is these freedoms that have made America strong okay okay so we got our freedom but managed miss Lawson of everything labor is at fault it's ruining the country my constituents as your elected representative I can assure you Labor's right management's right I'm strictly neutral labor management politicians phooey well they can't tell corn promotes every sip right up folks here's the answer to your problems dr. utopia sensational new discovery isn't ism which or in the ailment of the body politic it's terrific it's tremendous once you swallow the contents of this bottle you have the bountiful benefits of higher wages shorter hours and security enormous profits no strikes remember you're the big boss government control no worry about votes name your own salary bigger crops lower costs why ISM even makes the weather perfect every day and now then because we are introducing this amazing item for the first time in this country it isn't going to cost you one cent all you have to do is sign this little scrap of paper and you get your bottle absolutely free I hereby turn over to ISM incorporated everything I have including my freedom and the freedom of my children and my children's children in return for which said ISM promises to take care of me forever pardon me pardon me and who are you my good man I'm John Q public Oh my fine friends you're just in time to share this generous in gigantic offer sign right here mind if I read it first your shirts on boys you know including freedom freedom well sign away my freedom why this is ridiculous don't be corny brother sure our system of free enterprise is imperfect but before we throw it away for some imported double-talk let's turn the clock back a few years to see what it's done for us for example back in the 1890s Joe Doakes was just a guy who liked to tinker around his barn some people thought Joe was lazy some even thought he was nuts but one day he had an idea and because he was free to dream his dream and tinker dough had a chance to make something of himself his idea so of course some people didn't think so much of Joe's idea but that didn't stop so Joe got some money from young Aunt Minnie and uncle Angus and grandpappy and mr. Titus when Joe's friends and relatives use their savings to help him buy tools and property they were capitalist don't flush folks it's nothing to be ashamed now naturally Joe needed some help so he hired Willie Lumpkin who was out of work anyway and before long will they had the know-how and became skilled labor because capital management and labor worked together Joe's idea grew it grew and did things even he never dreamed of today the automobile industry provides millions of jobs that never existed before and remember this is a story of only one industry there are thousands more scattered all over the United States whose history of development is pretty much the same we've built a country under the American system that sends more young people to high school and college than all the rest the world combined why even in the depression are equations bought more food clothing travel and entertainment than the wages of any other people in the world our country as a national income equal to the total national income zuv any other six nation world with only 7% the earth we dry out any percent of the world's automobiles that's just a sample of the things the capitalistic system has given us in only 160 years before signing up you boys ought to try a little taste of dr. isms formula to see what you get in exchange for your freedom go ahead try it you can't do this to me I'll strike the state forbid strikes we're over Union is about this is the Union welcome to our ranks number 13 13 I'll take this case to the Supreme Court the state is the Supreme Court our decision is as follows no more private property no more you and if I'm votin put a stop to this farmers don't vote anymore what did I do for save next year you won't have to worry about next year the state will do your planning from now on we must fight to regain our freedom or everything is lost everything everything is fine everything is fine everything is fine everything is fine everything is fine when anybody preaches disunity tries to Pit one of us against the other through class warfare race hatred or religious intolerance you know that person seeks to rob us of our freedom and destroy our very lives we know what to do about it and now didn't remain Oh Myron's knees it'll blow bubbles working together to produce an ever greater abundance of material and spiritual values for all that is the secret of American prosperity

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