Prosper With Purpose: A prosperity more valuable than money

before you lie is a beautiful and generous life you've come into this world bringing with you a hope that you can make it a better place we'll make this journey with you we'll laugh with you and cry with you teach you how to cultivate your dreams build a secure future for your own family we'll walk with you along the path of happiness where your opportunities are sure to be endless and your success is bountiful and Sun will always be there when you fall so you can learn that love has the power to heal that giving to others can make you happy fill you with a joy that is immeasurable it's a lesson you'll carry close to your heart we hope you'll always choose the path of good and work to better the lives of those around you and my sweet boy never forget always do good when you're fortunate enough to do well sometimes when you expect at the least and when you need it the most all the good you've invested in life will come back to you I have some good news everything's gonna be okay with your mom she's gonna be just fine yes really I would like to go ahead and talk

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