16 thoughts on “Prosperity Gospel Nigerian scholar

  • Thank you for sharing. I will share this to support the body  of Christ for the glory of God.  The abuse  must stop now!

  • This man is 100% correct, the prosperity gospel had brought a lot of pains and emotional trauma, unnecessary burden to the African continent, in Nigeria today there is a church in every street yet the level of crime is so high, the churches are full to the brim but the amount of righteousness in the land is very negligible, many pastors and prophets and bishops etc have erroneously assume the position of an emperor ruling their own domain seeing congregants as their subject and personal property, preachers don't see themselves as servants in Gods kingdom anymore they use the Lord's names as a tool to create a brand for themselves, today in many churches across the world there is no genuine love among brethren, worldliness, greed, covetousness and vanities with no substantial progress has become the order of the day yet countries like China Japan, Dubai that does not believe much in the Lord Jesus and his Kingdom are advancing forward everyday. Something is seriously wrong somewhere, many industries built by the founding fathers have closed down and the building converted to churches unemployment is high and believers have become impoverished because of this disgraceful pulpit extortion.

  • Praise God for you pastor and this bold message. Not everyone will take a stand against the prosperity gospel and i am thankful to Jesus for those who will, including yourself. You're going to save a lot of people from spiritual abuse.

  • Sound message! Sound doctrine. Thank God for stirring up the courage in you to share this message. The prosperity gospel is a false gospel and is deceiving the many.

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