Prosperity Mix vs SamE (the runback)

hello plane Sammy for the alright um plane Sammy for the final losers finals of the prosperity mix tournament the winner of this will go on to play cyclomatic for the grand finals yep so that's what we're doing this board has got page line and terminal draw which is typically a thing and big payload and huge all VP so you uh you know you sort of absolutely have to build you're gonna be a bit at the mercy of how your page draws go here unfortunately this is not trashing there's not as far as I can see any real tricks to make it work better for you it's just like buy a couple and pray more or less I guess the question is whether you want to get them I always see me get a marauder I mean the ruins will still be a bit of a pain if every card in that stack was around library it won't be as big of an issue but so so the top one being around library does make Marauder a little bit less appealing here but I don't think significantly he does go for the quarry I think that's totally a reasonable opening as well I'm not you know I don't feel highly confident and the marauders of that is why I'm leaning there's just not me go Paige Paige that's also possible actually or I guess you probably would take one silver with that I'm gonna try it you know what I don't know what I'm doing but I'm gonna try so this is gonna be man I D D is also a thing here maybe you just go for IG geez maybe I should have bought a marauder I'm gonna try the IgG I didn't actually see IgG until I drew five you know I don't know that that's gonna be the play but it might be the play of course if they get think if their hunting grounds up then probably they just draw through it all it's still not necessarily unreasonable to buy a one i DG to be honest just that it's of somewhat limited they really just need one big turn and like a crypt you're probably not going to be able to three pile them on anything fast enough that's the issue right it's like you could probably slow them down quite a bit but once they have the champion they are going to start drawing some stuff now if I have ten curses but if they have you know if they have ten curses you have ten IG G's they have ten hunting-grounds I kind of would probably prefer their deck particular they can get crypts going but anyway I don't know I'm doing I bought a crib because why not he is swapping their which I think it's fine I'm a swap here actually this is pretty okay shuffle for me I can take a hunting grounds at the expense of buying a copper are gaining accomplishment pardon he did get a quarry down with his Dukat so he's gonna gain two silvers here hopefully ideal thing is my warrior but to but the you know for treasures or something into my crypt hand but that's far from guaranteed yeah I'm gonna go ahead and take one to get the hunting grounds but um this could be quite nice that was pretty nice for me I think Silver's okay I mean that's that's all right the warrior missing there is fine so long as I played one I would say this is a great crypt though unfortunately I miss pardon me I miss six so having missed six the taking the silver now it doesn't do a whole lot for me assuming I want to buy I mean one of the fives could be okay I would have obviously much preferred getting another hunting-grounds in here but getting several in the next shuffle is also okay it's actually a little hard to play your terminal draw here or you can't really play your terminal draw here because you might might hit your hero though I'm gonna play it with a Crip just because it's too good not to though there is like a real risk of things going very very bad but I'm a gambling man and aren't not really and no this just looks like a pretty clear just one hunting ground script everything a sign kind of turned to me just like an incredibly fortunate turn for me this is going to be a hop game and then another hg by now they're hunting around by um what it is warrior do nothing he doesn't have a hero yet he'll have one he'll go on into the shuffle my shovels are just a lot smaller than his because of the crip look so this is a really good crip turn for him though so he has it he's still in this for sure I would say well that has to be silver I could do a little bit of counting here to see if there's some other nice thing I can buy like with eleven taking like Crypt and hunting grounds is reasonable so I have one two three four five six seven eight I don't want to do caught them but the silver is flying I can double hunting grounds also which seems pretty good I can't even play this warrior I mean I can it's not very but not very high odds of it really backfiring on me but there are some otherwise it's kind of a nice shuffle to trigger the estates and those Silver's aren't particularly good for me I think I'll just take the bike ripped and goodbye abandoned camp if I draw the hunting or the champion like at the top of the shuffle with maybe that Dukat should be more strategic to keep for them this really would be a pretty nice shuffle to trigger but I'll I'll just buy something nice the bank camp is okay ish it potentially is nice just in the shuffle and the triumph aspect of it is okay it's not like super good but it's okay crypt is like crypt eyes like more upside but more potential upside well that's not necessarily true like if I had a bandit camp in here at hand here that would be pretty good so I really really cannot draw or play these and risk missing the champion and so much of this swings on when you draw the champion how fast in this shuffle you draw that champion which is just the way these things tend to go like he get hit here and be off to the races but it could also be a couple shuffles down to like if it's in my hand here then I'm gonna draw a lot of deck and be crazy but but as is it looks like we're gonna wait another turn hopefully well he's gonna at least by age hunting-grounds here maybe two which would give him maybe a six for split on those not really sure how big of a thing that treasure hunt triumph thing is it might be important at some point you can get big triumphs regardless but so he plays that strange heard that seems strange to me I mean I hope he drew it but I guess he's got a crypt in hand maybe if he felt like he had to do that in order to win I don't think that was true but if it paid off for him he'll be in you know really great shape like if he didn't draw the champion then he'll be very very very good position if he did draw the champion well then that's not quite sometimes I guess I'll get the ducat and get a token and put the thing back mmm okay I don't know if he has any warriors see me it could still be bottom three the fact that he's not you know Auto clicking champion tells me it's oh he's making crypt choices oh no that's not good he's making crypt choices that's scary so we'll see he could flip my champion still which I would just cry we'll see now he's now a Crip stuff so okay he didn't have it you he gets another horn our piles are not quite there yet there's something to be said to considering getting a ducat over a horn to be honest if you are just going to take a straight-up treasure like that because there aren't actually like hop was okay while they're hunting grounds left because you could you utilize those pretty well obviously a province game potentially is nice it's just not that likely to be a big deal it's not as likely I should say yeah I guess I'll take the IgG I don't think it oh well I don't think it matters to be honest any significant amount okay so if I can draw kripp this turn I don't have a kripp not mine I guess I draw on I mean there's stuff to draw for sure I don't know if it helps me to trash his cartoon on it maybe it's war like I can't still know I don't know if it helps me to trash his cards on huh potentially the answer to that is no it's it would be crazy if I had a kripp spill then I would just be one more alas not not completely that was a good flip for me I didn't have any draw left so it wasn't like I was okay so what's four six on that I can get quite a few triumphs here if I want though you know not all of them you and I can also just build some it's hard here to get everything you want you may want to take some Duke cards right because you crypt isn't so good if you think you're gonna win on your next turn then it's you'd be better off with a bandit camper another hop I also don't really have like enough money to buy a whole bunch of triumphs necessarily hi Gigi pile out is not very likely to work if he tried to do that that would be just too much money he with help from heroes and hops I think I don't think I'm gonna be able to finish on my next turn so in that sense I probably want a crypt right so it could be like hop Dukat Dukat triumphs get encrypt that's not too crazy can also delve I don't think I'll delve them well time to see if we draw any hunting grounds in there these are all like I'll make exchanges if I draw again I'm gonna take one treasure hunter here in case there's an opportunity to just do really massive massive single treasure hunter but otherwise I would like to maximize my like little drawing which I'm very bad so probably once that again but could so he did draw us champion here but no draw and I know I flipped to his hunting grounds so here he may just take Duke on it's a little risky cuz you don't know exactly what I can put together although I guess if I put my turn together I'm probably won anyway fairly likely to anyhow I know I flipped to his hunting grounds but there's still a bunch in there and some warriors you may have another hop in hand this is tough well I mean yeah like if he takes a ducat sand he can probably pile out on his next turn if he's playing for me to have it done I guess I have enough gains at this point to actually I'm I don't think I quite I have enough games to pile if he doesn't take any new cards maybe if he takes one then I can so maybe trying to think what do I have I have four do cuts right only life five new cards okay five new cards so he's just going for it because I guess I probably have the win anyway if I get there and he's just counting on essentially me him drawing before me right to get the estate finish which will have enough gains to do that with those two cards i think which i think is like a a totally reasonable play probably his best out big silver i guess take igg i mean it doesn't matter here i can if he draws i'm lost and if he doesn't draw then i probably win there's no like me taking an estate here doesn't help me at all I can take a page I guess but that del Sol of course doesn't help me in any way to see who draws which probably is him yep so he'll just pile of stakes he doesn't even have to and I'll let him buys the states cuz I know they're so precious to him now that no I'll let him buy the states but not as prominent say in the state's the I don't know why I put it in there that's an S so the discord oh I put so he went first that time we've got the goat this time okay so this also has triumphs now you have to build to getting groundskeepers or yeah some mix of good stuff Nobles is pretty important council room is pretty good too so what do you buy probably Ford your forager it's okay I would think you could get a fool or you could get pixie but double foragers also pretty okay I like thrashing fast when you have the coin because then you will be able to buy 5s pretty much anyway as you can of Silver's yeah I would I would consider the fool maybe but I think I'm just gonna go with the forager could be sacrifice of course – I know maybe it should have been put and also like a silos is reasonable ish we'll see I don't know what there's just like a lot of different kind of things mixing up the openings to some degree so it's not it's not clear to me it's not like normal kind of standard opening stuff this probably double pixie I assume double pixie for him – he might take that I don't know it depends on what his hand is of course but he did just toss three copper so it's not the most likely thing that he would still have targets for it hmm I probably would have taken it I don't know when he's gonna buy but I probably would have taken it to kill those coppers because I take that uh and I guess I take that I mean it's just well that's not that's not automatic anyway oh that's the bye sorry I thought it was a nurse I guess that's I don't know there's probably I mean I get it you get to replace the pixie they you trash so in that sense it doesn't change your deck composition there may be cases where you think it's better for you to have the pixie pile be higher lower but it's probably flying here or it probably doesn't matter hearing us is what I meant to say what did he buy he bought a counselor that's okay I can counsel him double pixie I can also noble single pixie I'm gonna try this one I guess so it seemed we get twist I wouldn't and wisps wisps are nice here I think I mean they're not like the OB labs that often but they'll probably draw an extra card or two from them the real dream would be like to get your yeah this is totally fine and trigger no okay let me look at this probably not right probably I'm gonna go council room Nobles here that's I don't have that much money but anyway sacrifice might be okay at some point you don't really need the forgers forever so now would be maybe time to consider it I think I'll keep it there's gonna be no no do I have seven dollars how much money am I gonna have one dollar two dollar three four five six dollars so I don't hit seven unless I trash the lucky coin which I could do but probably isn't great yet I don't have to have this pixie that's not have to buy this pixie that's not a big deal I get no silver doesn't do it lucky coin ergo trash would do it feels like the lucky coin is still pretty useful though like you're buying I could not trash a copper with go to gas one to you and then I would be able to do pixie no well just a little trash we got a trash I'm gonna stay dedicated to the trashing see there's whispered drew nice wisp now would be good to get groundskeepers I think some anyway so he got the nobles in the pixie which is a nice pic of RAM I will trash that pixie hopefully we draw another copper so we did that was pretty bad as far as I think there are additional treasures down there well there's for sure lucky coin right hmm so there's some consideration to picking up groundskeepers here or some consideration should be given to picking up grass over here would be nice to have drawn that lucky coin I think the last one is a silver to like I almost have it almost has to because like I surely played the lucky coin three times groundskeepers okay though nobles is a little more likely to draw on the decks are a bit messy to be fair mine is a little less messy but well how many more coppers I trash five coppers to his – so I guess significantly less messy but he has silos to help with that a bit I only managed groundskeepers you might score point off the nobles you buy on the next tournament that's not that big of an advantage I don't think we'll find out I'm probably gonna be angling a pump forage or up pretty high probably two four eventually but five seems pretty safe I guess I could have considered an IgG I don't know because foragers for me may be a little bit better triumphing than they will be for him foragers will surely get to three beyond that it's not so clear it's the last cars of foragers I will draw but see you again that's no good or you know not especially good that's gonna die I could take a fool myself we can get foolish there's a question they're that whisp dragon that's pretty cool for him soon he'll trash there how many Pixies are left for still I have one so just these three so we'll see I guess he didn't have the council room in Hanyang because otherwise you would like have definitely just played the you probably would have saved your pixie most likely well depending on I just depend on your action situation this is bad this is good this is bad so he got one good I mean the moon's gift is fine is just not like he can get the wisp and put it on his deck like that's nice but it's not the biggest deal you should do it oh he chose to make the swamp not quite as bad oh yeah he still do it I guess if he has another nobles or something he can put down on top of his back I don't know if he has anything else worth putting on top of his deck though to be honest sceptre forger could be interesting potentially I was like a Finnish kind of thing just one scepter would be able to do that trick basically and play from an empty hand potentially good though in these decks you sometimes just don't have an empty hand together you don't need to player council room or something I usually think about the IgG to be honest not just for I got to remember his money isn't actually quite this high it's a little bit lower cuz one picks it was blown up for cash and also he you just won't always draw that well when I do you may be nice just for trying aspects and for your food aspects I don't I'm not a big believer in forger food in general but I guess here you should like probably most of the time you want to play the nobles first actually here one gold is ok I don't know that I'll try if I find it counts the room in my I guess there's like no way I can try right well I'm in a three and then I can't drug part of me I can't draw everything right even if I take the gold then I put four cards in my discard I can draw three here and then I can draw you know four on the counter so I won't draw most of this if I will we'll keep it for now I mean if the goal is be okay but alright so this could be done one of two ways basically it can either hold for the basically I can hold for C's gift or the action one right I think C is left but well he took C right so she's not in there and neither is wind but the plus action one is in there so it may be better for me to take the full first I don't think the boons were shuffled I don't know does it does it annotate shuffling the Boone deck and he took I have to count backwards then and so he got three from fool and he took and he got one two three four Pixy plays so he took seven bins which means it did shuffle somewhere right cuz three I don't even know what the I don't even know what this stack means I guess he didn't shuffle it right he took seven there ain't gone there four remaining now I just gotta figure out if I'm four or something I probably do don't discard I don't think it's worth it what am I gonna draw here it's like counseling forager and a silver but I want the silver potentially you may want to discard one of these alright if I draw it all I'm gonna have one two three four five six mine which is not a really special number or anything otherwise I can have six and I can have a an additional card I mean I guess I might as well get it get the silver or sacrifice but I guess I'll go the silver I didn't even know for sure that that was my deck contents but oh it was eleven I miscounted something well that's not good cuz I would have much preferred to get a well I think I would have preferred to get a how much is this triumph that's okay you know whatever I don't I don't know if I play my council room yet maybe one time those are pretty good he did rescue my turn I say I'll get the rest last Nobles here I would have maybe like to have a groundskeeper better than that's another silver to be honest but I don't know what I'm doing obviously I didn't do some sort of math writers I just you know I counted wrong it hadn't updated for the Boone or something but probably I just counted her on two silvers they were no I mean I drew what I thought I just counted something wrong well he says go so he can get two sixes it's not that doesn't matter I think here you've got to be pretty willing to just take triumphs when they're decent if I get a miracle draw here where I hit nobles and councilor mall cry from happiness I don't know he's gonna buy probably I mean for sure the last Nobles I guess the question is like is he gonna get a groundskeepers you're gonna get another council room probably a council room is better right and then he could triumph right he could do nobles councillor and triumph if he wants to I mean that's gonna be okay so you guys are crowns keeping normals and he opts not to triumph I mean I'm okay with those buys but I think accounts room is maybe a little nicer I mean I'm good yeah well okay I'm still still living I didn't draw that I didn't draw the thing unfortunately the state or the Boone's men question is whether I want to keep two foragers I feel like I'm just gonna like hit the triumphs pretty hard so I was pretty rotten no I mean I I can't complain like that my turn was rescued was fantastic I was very fortunate the exact hits on the once given that I did try bottom decking all of these was not the best thing but I can't really complain because I drew dak so I should not complain in tempt fate and to give me an even more garbage hand so I could copper and take a triumph that's pretty darn greedy and of course it's just an additional point and I already have sufficient targets for foragers I didn't get he gets lost in the woods which is pretty good for him and he already had rivers so that's also a really good Ram are you taking the coppers basically just the points play and sort of a payload blame it mostly a points play that big payload of copper you know on the other hand if I draw deck I might be just flying if I wrote lineup you know nobles counselor I can't take a copper that's silly this is looking pretty not good whoo sorry that was probably I did not actually mean to whistle there I just meant to exhale breath so I apologize if that was loud and uh that that fields gifts really really nice for him he maybe didn't need it but it's really nice just for making his turn sequence much cleaner as far as being able to counsel him first and then make some other choices like whenever these wisps continue to be godlike which is good he probably won't take that did he triumph last why does he have eight points other Nobles the nobles of course so he retained his Pixies this is a good turn for him he played his fool for some reason I guess he just had I guess he just had the actions it didn't matter though he did it before that's a little weird but whatever it didn't matter he I mean he had it in hand it wasn't like a I miss playing that sense in theory might want to forge the full at some point unless I have a noble's or you know whoever nobles or a counselor them on top or I have some sufficiently wild fools full reveal which it can't be that good because of well yeah wins gone it just can't be that good they're just not things in there when didn't feel are gone so they're just limited I assume he's going to take one triumph at least here but maybe not he doesn't have to he's okay that's reasonable I mean technically I don't have biases when between the foragers the council rooms and the well just between those and then potentially with the with the fool there's there's like outs where I just actually win on this turn but not not the case now I don't think I want to boost his forager here I think I'm just gonna play the fool see what we get I don't know that he technically picked up the game's rank he says the one council room like his Pixies can give him the games that would be the thing and the Pixies give him too so that would be the games either way whether I took it or not if he gets forest it was it was a little risky for him to not score anything there if I'd drawn I had a pretty easy win certainly with these boons being able to gain an additional state I would have needed very much money I can lower the estate's if I want but that's I'm not gonna cut it anyway if he draws I'm pretty much out of luck most likely I can take a sacrifice I can't remember what I decided as far as whether the triumph helps me or hurts me I think my main conclusion was that it didn't make a big difference so I'm gonna take it and we'll just see how it all goes down obviously the decks are huge so like you can whiff so easy but I've got another Nobles in the bottom here which is nice hopefully I just top-deck the counselor who on the shuffle I think I would pick C in here too I'm not sure I might have killed the pixie she's taking gold so he must be somewhat dotted okay I'm not actually sure if there's a worth of boon to be honest if I knew it was left I mean okay so one of them is forest I believe this guy's gone her fly mountains so it's like Sun and there's field again so I know that was from its like Sun in forest maybe I think it's not worth it Sun could be really good to be honest but maybe it is worth it's just carton hands could be the difference and like a trashing estate is a pretty good estate target I don't know how that could be just an awful mistake okay this is beautiful so we need to find that council room but we need to keep the foragers because they're gonna be useful well I don't need all the vines though I do need some of them so I need to keep one of these foragers in case I need a sacrifice it did he put the know if I find the fool that's good or advisor to find the counselor that's good of course I'm trying to think of their four cards if any if neither those are like guaranteeing without the bunch of money do I need to pile here just need to pay the debt back and then have four buys with six I just need $11 so I probably don't need to keep both forgers this looks fine this should be head so that was that was kind of a strange one well I mean whatever I don't know that it was strange we've had engines without great consistency so far I would describe it that way but it's all tied up not a goat but no fool their hunting grounds but no another no triumph this time you're gonna open quarry it's got quarry villa which is of course a thing to say to say the least you pull open quarry silver query Dixie really the only bad opening here is if you have five coppers or four covers with your go so you guys pageant which is also fine I think doesn't necessarily get you a what to start with I guess there's potentially higher up side with Pixies and if you can like stack the tech maybe silver I think the thing here is just to get lots of hunting grounds right then we're gonna pile so this is not an estate trash which is ideal and of course I also didn't Etta if gonna stay had been on that hand in that hand it would have been really good as it is I wasn't that good for me but that's okay because he got this second quarry that's no good he may just have the pixie or the villa pile right here okay he just has one quarry I assume otherwise but he had the other thing in hand so didn't matter he can just empty those now there's not really a reason not to I mean it just takes away anything I can do in the game I get doesn't make his deck very good but as long as he gets one more I mean he's gonna get another council or another hunting ground out of it so he should just empty the villas and buy a hunting ground there's like with the trash and we already have and having three hunting-grounds in that tech that's just game winning there's no reason not to do it all I completely disagree with that i 100% disagree with that i know you don't want like you don't necessarily want the deck to have Tyndall's in it right now but for me to have zero villages on this board that's just that's just not that's not right I don't know what else to say and I'll take them off if I have my query on top here or if I get you know wins gift or something which I guess for the like I just flat-out don't agree with him not doing this I'm not like one at all or anything but I just have way more gains and that's like what's gonna limit your your power here I mean he gets spices but if I had a hunting grounds in his opening hand I would just be wrecking I'm here there's no guarantee I'll win this because he did get some of them but it's still crazy to me did not have emptied those I'll probably buy a hunting grounds here well I mean I'll definitely buy hunting grounds here I may have enough confers to buy grounds keeper in hunting ground and I will be able to pick up a free pixie actually it's not clear whether I ought to take free Pixies I don't really want to rush piles particularly I can take a patrician that would be pretty safe probably one pixie is totally flying for me but I would like the game to last longer rather than shorter we'll see if he gets the spices I seem like you have to write you have to get a spices you don't have to get more but so this could be yeah something looks good probably Pixies okay like now I'm just gonna have a super awesome turn like maybe even gay money depending on like what he buys here like I can empty that I'm pretty sure maybe I don't have enough money for it but if I get a good boon I think I can just empty it I mean I'm not gonna draw everything I guess I'm probably exaggerating my deck to some degree but okay so this could be groundskeeper hunting-grounds again I could never of empty I would never had enough money hurt enough drawing either way but could be double hunting grounds that might be better I don't really need the groundskeeper unless he scores a lot of points on his turn which he could I don't know how much of the deck I had left I didn't have a whole lot of draw cards couple patricians are okay I want to lower anything too far but he doesn't have that many games right okay he stopped should have played the should play the pixi first this will be hit there's just that was really strange to me I almost I was playing around yeah I think he has a I think as a 100% win if he empties the villas all right so it's another page game but no terminal draw apart from warrior and no thrashing but there's Corey forum so I guess you open ferry on forum and buy a quarry and just see if you get to pile on how quickly you get to pile them there's not like a real reason to I mean the page lines okay but it's not amazing I mean it's good you can also wait on the ferry and you could get a page in a quarry and then take the ferry on your under shuffle because it's not like you have to you don't have to ferry it right away there's just a chance that if you draw your quarry well not a chance there's a guarantee that when you draw your quarry you can buy as many forms as you have plus coppers right so her plus money whatever so that would be the reason for taking it so that if you take that you know if you get that term for and you get it again turn five then you're just you're the person with the fairies are the with the forum's now but you can also just pick take a page and try and see by the treasurer okay I'll take a page here and if my quarry didn't miss and I'm gonna buy five of them he doesn't have a core yet five of a man a page of course cuz it needed to be even more broken than it already was this hand is more or less guaranteed to get the rest of the forums and another page but now I think it's pretty much his guarantee no don't to go probably don't want to trigger this if it states on top then this will be three only three but we know also we also don't like absolutely have to play the page we also don't have to have to take all the forms I don't think it's necessarily gay money he still doesn't have a quarry so it's not like he can threaten to take that many of them I can discard the page of court and then maybe I'll do that Oh give me well I don't I don't have to right I'm gonna get ya there's no reason to okay I mean if this stays on top then no I'd still just get it right yeah I don't know what I was really thinking about to be honest I guess he has a treasure hunter so he might be able to get a bunch of Silver's which is good here I don't have a terminal so it's well I will write who will have warriors eventually but I guess I want a farmers market question is how to build here then so he does get the silvers which are are good for him I think like I can get bandit camps he buys a relic which i think is it's good I could go like bandit camp treasure I guess there's a little trash in here isn't there I can also get 30 Silver's which i think is okay for me it's just like guaranteed Provence hands basically which is all you really want to do here it's not I have to start just iosef didn't remember here to start discarding some forms earlier on because there are just more forums down there we may have to do the silvers I should keep better track of these but so I think there's still a forum down there I guess the the farmers markets down there so we should get in I guess I'm gonna go delve a treasure I could take a relic I'm gonna go tell treasure and then I'm just gonna green sure I can take another page is fine see let's see if he grains I don't know if he has eight here or not okay he gets a band at camp I really want to play the warrior I don't think it does much for me versus a treasurer like heroes not that here's pretty good but there's not really incentive for me to cycle and maybe didn't you want to play that actually I needed to play the page but once I played the page I didn't really need to play a forum because I really want this shuffle to last a pretty good while right because it's got you know if I buy promised every turn thread or mouse turns through it if you can play a relic and take the key back then he might be an okay spot he provinces I mean we're just gonna counter province right I'm the only one with extra by I also don't need it that much if he takes a key back I can miss it for your relic place but I mean I couldn't obviously I have a million coppers so I could die yeah it's suck for him the five T like he just couldn't do the he couldn't do the play that you want to do I don't know what's left I should know that I can play this warrior probably but I just don't actually know so I'm just going to take the sure thing it's gonna be I mean how am I gonna miss oh he has a wine merchant I missed that completely I don't know what he picked that up but oh just somewhere recently he did take the key from me which made me miss province once but like any a farmers market or Treasury her treasurer or whatever its called it's gonna be good enough to make it here so that was lucky for me to have the opening verse soon or have the four three they're so good games to see him and I guess with playing psychotic sometime so tune in if you want to see that thanks for watching see

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