Prosperity Preáchers Must Be Pút To Støp Before They'll Destróy Nigeria

prosperity past those nine core business didn't a pretty reality only how to prosper how to become in life how to do did how to do that all those bones didn't make sense to me me will not start only preach reality pastors of these people I start to me preach hello yes I come out to my youtube channel Coco mama thank you all for stopping by in case you see my video for the first time please don't waste time to subscribe I love you so much guys subscribe and share the video invite your friends or family these pastas make another c4 scream I want to talk we didn't make me do this McConnell it acompaña likes the idea i guest mean of course I know they are against men of God I can ever do against them if then do the right thing and mind you guys those pastors they are women being like course they are not untouchable you see this life in anybody can be untouchable it depends on witty the kind of the kind of character or the kind of pace maybe all the kind of our thickest dynasty you know go just beyond touchable because of see you don't get money or because I see you will be untouchable like let me use this gas example this the find out sariputta the presidency the defenders can't because of said these kind they know it's if you do they don't pass knowledge they know in reputation they know they cannot pay see maybe the guide man like liar for inside zoo for inside forest night big the Divis be afraid to bring this guy to make the de frida try by home estimation see this guy no goofy so see to be the president of nature because the most if is saucy Yama who got seriously so I just give that as example you can only be on tour cheaper if you respect yourself people who respect you respects not be seen because to be big place automatically you get respect respect that they will you live your life do we if you want people to respect you you will factor forgive us Princeton okay the winners pass toast our Nigeria pastors did behave they there they are nothing but some of they are not about criminals our Allah our Yahoo guys they use laptops our pastors they use Bible you know why I didn't want address this topic because they find that difficult to believe say pathos these days good just come only preach for church they be pretty like state to walk no they not be reality give me the reason not just to believe a miracle million OC believe it in Jesus name yummy Rikuo Khan so in see the five thousand I get twenty thousand we ain't I do account and this intact oh my god you know the preach pastors are no pretty reality and it will be preached it you need to walk or you need to boost to educate yourself come graduate on ghost Coon and Cohen gets job or learn something maybe they give you food or as family habbo t did you see pre-treating know the reality sauce gives seed of 20 million and you will still 20 and we're all dread video how do I did me happen which kind of preaching me that what kind of which kind of preaching with that prosperity pastors non-core dismiss didn't a pretty reality only how to prosper how to make him in life how to do this how to do that all those bones didn't make sense to me me will not start only preached reality pathos of these days we're gonna start to the preach we hardly see according to the book of Matthew chapter 7 verse 15 to 23 now go read them McKay those rich shots if they talk about all anything in fact we could have worried them because I know you like to waste much of that time March 2000 thing Latta chapter 7 verse 15 to 23 all this prosperity preaching prosperity kind of preaching you know the big sin segi is high time all these preachers supposedly tales in reality supposed to be tell us a you need to walk before you go see food not be give ten thousand and one meal your entire cuts not be good to your heart bring this hand meeting for your house what pray for anybody when you step on the Sun or fever you not be close the icons give to the church and believe for miracle not be give twenty thousand somewhat we don't forget see who call you and give you faithful others was the hold until all hear me in know possibly game you guys who start preaching reality all these fake promises people me don't give give give including myself when I do good like sama fauna I don't give all those and give and do this do that I mean I because the one might give no cleansing because man this they go for church now they will say if you won't give ten million on me five thousand coming to terms they could if they were different shaitana no no could not for the same place one will play a big different 200 pray at the different 703 a bit different maybe because the Malema gives no claims and am I gonna bust a answer my prayer my prayer still before Rudy come it took me a gift a video that time and nobody gives me out their life T form on my juice way of collecting money from holes if you are giving time in your home if I give me 500 comments I give me this different prayer God not this let's go we go bless tsuzuku bless because if we give plenty money you know make sense so all this fig fig pray our request I know this fake text American gift for church just to collect money for people it not make sense pastors makin a stop fake testimony fake prophesy to collect money for people don't make sense big enough preacher we're not doing with Jesus I did one before you cannot live on this kind of prosperity time of preaching no make sense you know many saints pastors Nigeria pastors Nadi doctor not be so greedy then he gave us fake promises fake preaching I would toss it somewhat less I said mighty Chaska when I didn't I did a mystical ago put miss number puts Manchester golden lunch another person phone bring my touch capitana combine your electronics and a god named wa fauna he often phone that kind signal we were chosen as they go give fine skin praise that law somebody does put you task of my soul merely tries to my church cannot vanish usually IP the book is testimony and some Hollywood church people good day for today they will be please go for her why me I be try now just be like rich ones when your child is quite back there that kiss on what you say that what they can do mommy the patient don't cry die will not the aficionado use that don't get the head voice on do money now so this church is this deeply that's a mystical ego pay money for your put money for our country so we don't refund your money back to the peasant you care about gift I'm giving for trusting God not put money and you're getting rain or angel Gabriel don't say money Tiger accounts why somebody did he cry will they try to reach you to refund the money you know called phony money goes in America code yeah why oh why oh because my people all these pastors that they are deceiving us one walk get your hand walk all these preaching preaching they are no real China India they know so they don't believe in God like like the way Africa believe in God we're not completely kind of similar those people don't achieve and compare we will be see see your see Jesus Christ or peb we we don't achieve they will not gonna say let me by preaching it by sleeping it just never been going to church every day man we could not walk teach your children are to walk out to get food like I say for white man country 18 years or ticketed a student parent oh sure Mikey go find deliberate I wanna I wanna Kibo Groupon pick a man and children children what they for house wouldn't because Hussein unloved pastor's could be preached they brainwash us we said go we never take action train our children not just to be good shot Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday goes enough for church that one all day and not sad god yes but walk because you need money to pay your tithe and offering on your seat you need money to take care of your children your family over yourself live with this preaching della they are mind going to church regular you know day and not for you know they and no phone now a buncha mechanical choco for Polly maybe the cocoa see the warden I don't own the container back off Gary said go nobody car for the chocolates of back off right now so I'm not too good is fun aunt I'll go fun boromma we go do fun funny when I use that technically stuff Ocho there in the big pasture do you reach one Parvati did plenty for the system nante iranai don't weigh what cup of profits now we pour pass still none of Axton guess I can leave enough for them because this video will not pass no I said I will talk past six mini night Doris Day means think I so for me I live when I'm in my home us happy people the people wasted he passed me and the one max I'm it passed laconic on shuttle people at Emirates in this topic guna for leave a call me me I go live on a forever now so much nakooma might be

7 thoughts on “Prosperity Preáchers Must Be Pút To Støp Before They'll Destróy Nigeria

  • Stop calling them men of God please, what do they know about God. Besides what they know is tithe, sowing of seeds, giving of first fruits, and deceiving people with their fake prophesies, and taking advantage some women in the name of Christianity. Pastors are lazy to work ,they depend on the deceived members for their living.

  • …these are the reasons why the Church of Christ is void of Power…compared to the times of the Church of the Apostles…God said, God said!!!… Our God is NOT a Talkative… Just like God is slow to anger…so He is slow to speak…I guess they don't know the meaning of Exodus: 20:7…

  • Nigeria pastors they are full of evils they we bn saying miracles money meanwhile they are diceveing all they collecting all there money

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