Prosperity Ritual

hello everyone hello to all of my kings and queens my gods and goddesses I hope you guys are having a wonderful day I just woke up from a nap and I said oh my goodness it's been a while I haven't been on YouTube making any videos so I said I've just come on and talk with you guys a little bit what I want to talk to you today about is prosperity when I think of spring immediately think of money many of you probably do as well but prosperity entails more than just money you guys prosperity can mean get your press room and a good friendship prospering on your job prospering and go help your family line so many other different things but when we think of prosperity only immediately think of money okay well even this scripture says I would that you prosper and be in good health and being helped so we know we want to prosper not only in money but also in our health and our relationships in our endeavors whatever we set out to do in life I just wanted to talk a little bit some ways that you can do some you know I'm gonna go back to my spiritual rituals some rituals that you can perform to help you impress pray okay husband and your everyday life okay there is a ritual that I do it i'ma tell you to some things that you're gonna need you're going to need your white candle of course and you're going to need some incense jasmine incense and you're going to need I guess about a half a cup of salt so what you're going to do is get into your sacred space well for your sacred space is if you see back there drawing or wherever your sacred space is get into that space I know you brought you in sit there long incense alone so you're gonna light your incense and gonna take a cup of salt and you're gonna make a circle with it just before not out of it you're gonna take just a little bit of the salt and we're gonna make a circle around the candle okay you have your circle around okay as your candle burned as your incense burning you're going to just quiet your mind quiet your mind took a deep breath blow it out and just kind of quiet your mind glad you're back alright anything you just want to stare at the candlelight stare at the candle lights okay now you can bring your all of your doubts into class for whatever it is that you want to come into your life and here is that you want to prosper in you can go ahead and start meditating on those things that this love help you get marriage or oh you know your family life when your job whatever it is just go ahead and meditate on those things meditation is the key to things that you want to have in your life you meditate on them anything oh you know you're gonna stick them into existence you meditate then you speak okay you just you know just sitting relax for two minutes you just meditate all those things that you like to come in to get night take her over long we would like to think on those things and once you've done I'll meditate on those things you're gonna speak out so it is so shut it deep so it is so shall it be so it is so shall it be a shape just repeat those words and we always say a shape which means that it is it is done so it is okay now with the rest of the salt that's left in the cup after you've done your meditation you're going to take that cup of salt leave your candle do you pick incense make sure it's in the safest place because what you're going to do now is you're going to walk around you know if you live in an apartment and you don't want to walk around the whole building need to just take this off and just put it in the four corners sprinkle some in the four corners of your home but if you're in a house what we're gonna do is we're gonna take the remain now this up we're gonna sprinkle it sparingly because we're gonna have enough to go around the whole your house so we're gonna start out in the front of your home and you're gonna drop that so this is securing this is keeping out on negativity things that might keep you from possible and prospering you're gonna find all that negative energy of negative things or you know different things that not going well in your home you're gonna buy them and that salt is gonna be a protective barrier so you good things that you wished to come into their life you know the areas that you want it to prosper once you've done this this is your prosperity ritual you have completed it once you finish doing yourself and you come back to the place you first started in front of your house we've done a full circle all the way around and then we'll complete your prosperity ritual okay you guys I hope you understood what I was trying to convey to you guys oh that's about it for today I just want to come in and talk about price printing and some of the things that you could do to help yourself you know we always look to others to help us or you know we want to ask people in church or they gonna exit god or you know it's okay to ask but it's not okay to just be dependent on others we can do things to help our own selves in our spiritual journey we can speak to the universe excuse me I just woke up I know you guys could hear my voice excuse me oh we could speak to the universe we have power that has been given to us from our ancestors we have power that has been given to us from the universe and we can just we have a power to speak things into existence the things that we want in our life we don't have to be you know sad and weird and lonely and depressed and all of that those are evil entities that try to come in into your life into you know keep you down and keep you sad and you know keep you penniless and all of that so we have the power to drive that out we have a power given to us that we can speak the things that we want in our lives and we can do our own personal rituals to help those things come to rotation okay so you guys just remember if there's things that you want in your life that that you desire always you know think of try to get in go online and look up different things that spiritualists do all you can look up different things that some of the gods and goddesses do some of the rituals that they do for different different things that they desire in a life and cannot you know just put your mind on those things and lot of my really good they've helped me on my journey it's been a year now that I have been spiritually enlightened and it's been one whole year and the right has been beautiful and I am grateful I am thankful that I came out of the man-made church and now I live by the universal universal laws I am free I am a free spirit I do the things that pleases me and I those around me I respect them and I'm good beautiful yes yes yes okay you guys that's it for right now hope you guys have enjoyed this video I will be back to bring to another video later on tomorrow have a great one in a mistake

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