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hi guys welcome to a new which is moon unboxing just a couple of things before I start I've decided because I now receive four subscription boxes three of them being from the witches moon thank Bella but I'm going to put them into one video I'm gonna try not to make it too long of a video the first section of the video will be unboxing each individual box then the last part of the video will be a ritual using items from all of the boxes so I filmed unboxing the first two boxes before I had decided to do this but I figured I might as well just start putting them all in the same video in now first I'm going to show you the video I already filmed unboxing the witch's roots and then which is bounty and then we will unbox this one hi guys today we have true witches moon unboxings this is the witch's bounty and they're witches roots boxes oh my god it's tricked on nothing but sugar confessed I think real dude oh my gosh though which is B on C so tricky for us this one's already covered in glitter so I don't know there's gold glitter I don't know then what we call glitter within the box we'll find out well it's definitely gold oh it smells like sexy fruit there is the pamphlet that tells us what is within the box I'll see that here golden drusy a sternum vitality drusy naturally amplifies the effects of gold where to draw in light joy prosperity and abundance golden drusy repels negative energies and combats lethargy and depression oh that is sorry what I need right now always always one point with what I need now getting into be a main part of the boss okay so the first thing is the little necklace that our pendant grows on this one is brown I'm not really a brown person though I could get into it with a more like Viking Norse look I think I think this one is actually shorter than they normally are which I like I prefer shorter chokers next is the candle and it is green with the gold sparkles that we saw on the outside of the box so I'm guessing that through all the sparkles are coming from well yes definitely there's a gorgeous green and gold candle they're actually Australian colors true green and gold they're also colors for success and prosperity anything with glitter I absolutely love it will be great for prosperity so I have coming up the next item is our incense and this one's actually a different color so what we normally get normally it's a black incense but this one is brown oh my gosh it smells like mmm no those like heart-shaped lollies with like the words on them it smells like those like I want to eat this next isn't oil this one oh I think old bits oh this is the sun's eye that is absolutely stunning or there's going to be put to good use I will show you doing a ritual using these items not in this video but I'll do a separate video using these items in a prosperity ritual this is absolutely stunning mmm smells everything smells like lollies in these spots it smells like orange and something maybe a bit of lemongrass I don't know but it's absolutely divine two more items left in the box will open this little brown sachet I'm gonna assume this is the crystal is it looks like a tiny tiny little piece of citrine it is for cute it's like a tiny little citrine generator that's absolutely adorable I don't actually have many phases of the Train I would like a bigger face and the pas de la Rose is long all however you say out pendant oh wow I like this okay I'm definitely gonna have to do like a golden warm sort of like Viking look I think this is desert drusy rosette sterling silver pendant that's absolutely stunning it looks very similar to pyrite it's absolutely gorgeous and it definitely looks like a gold rose I love the back detail as well that's absolutely stunning alright I put a styling challenge with this one but it's definitely something I'll wear and now moving on to the witch's roof local one more yellow how about pamphlet explaining what everything is oh I think the paralyzed one must quickly do that okay so quickly right through for the pamphlet for the witch's bounty golden attraction so received our 24 karat gold plated desert drusy pendants suns I'm magical anointing oil make champion ritual incense a whole of no Champa pot of gold mini sell candle it's a tree and Crystal point and our golden drusy goddess outlet now jumping in true the witches roots so we have our pamphlet our hip or our plant is calendula we really feeling like funny yellow flowers that lately life I don't know that's just cuz I've been following Luna sunflower and she's oh she's also just they follow luna sunflower what on YouTube I'll put a link down in the description box that she's so gorgeous and definitely give her full of she's such a beautiful lovely like I always feel cheery whenever I see her or listen to a talk yes I think that's why I'm feeling yellow flowers at the moment is because I've been following Luna sunflower but this is a calendula artwork and it's got all the elements the colors the animals magical properties its native origin and I love these little cards they're perfect for your book of shadows or your grimoire now going into the main part of the boss look at this okay so the first thing I see is lemongrass right incense I love work incense this is handmade in Nepal aroma is strong sweet and lemony do I really like that it's got that like classic incense you smell but with a hint of zest it's our body oil I love these for the oil this is solar sight well that is ChaCha's full of lovely yummy herbs mmm so zesty and vibrance I think both these boxes together are gonna make a really good ritual next is the pipette that goes with our body oil I love tea we have a solar plexus of herbal tea and a muslin bag to go with it oh my gosh hmm it smells zesty and fruity and comforting all at the same time I am so keen to try all of this out okay then we have the spell candle I think this one's yellow well of course it's yellow everything in here is yellow this is a gorgeous bright yellow candle covered in calendula that is so gorgeous and we will definitely be using this alongside our gold candle our green and gold candle I think that's absolutely stunning in my last which is known unboxing I demonstrated how to hand roll herbs into candles and also how to make a ritual tea so definitely go check that out I think this tea will be good to do divination with like tea red tea leaf reading I'm not good at it but it's something that I've sort of started to enjoy trying to do so I think maybe we can do that with this one next if they have to lend you a lot packets I was actually thinking about calendula list yesterday beautiful bright yellow it smells so sweet it's gorgeous to have NT like jasmine and calendula tea amazing we have three more items one thing in this little orange J I think it might be a crystal hmm so it is a beautiful red tiger's eye crystal that's gorgeous deep deep red on the outside and that's got the sort of cat's eye effect in through the middle it all looks like a sandwich maybe I'm just hungry this is sorry cute so this is a little like candle holder oh it's so adorable I think this would be a good one like a good permanent ultra paints it feels really well made – I don't think it's a standard which is no the standard are actually if you like set it in there really well it does work as a candle holder for the standard which is moving candles looking forward to playing with that too and then we have one more item in this little orange box and it feels like it might be a pendant yes it is oh I love it it is a beautiful sunrise above water it says my spirit is strong and shines like the Sun I love that so much I really need extra pepper at the moment and this is exactly what I need I love these few dependents that have been coming with the witch's roots boxes I just love jewelry in general but I especially love these okay and now we are going to open their main box the witches moon so I haven't like taken it out of its main box this is how I receive it in the post but I just wanted to point out that it has been opened and inspected by Australia Post which is really strange because I've been receiving these for a long time now and they've never been opened before this is the first time I've had this happen so hopefully nothing's missing or damaged as you can see we have the main box inside waste bunch of paints try and get it out of this boss oh my gosh I struggle with this every time okay we are yeah okay so the main I handle also just drop the box it should be fine after that so it's the main box let's open it up alright so far it seems everything is presented as usual stag moon okay sit right here the first thing I can see our Oracle reading this is the ablation of positive thoughts I'll just quickly show that to you now that's the card and that's the back then there is the pamphlet that explained it's inside the box and as usual we go through that last X we have two tips this time there's a couple of boxes we've received true what do we call it to print seems so this is for the stag moon and I'm pretty sure the northern hemisphere moon's addition to the summer southern hemisphere moon so it wouldn't be correct for the summit southern hemisphere but that does not mean that this is moot you can still use it it has a beautiful design of a stage with a filigree antlers and it has be magical beings animals botanical stones and crystals everything that corresponds with that moon and the next print is cleansing man truck the name of the divine I am aligned and then it goes on with a man try and it has a little illustration of a shell with a smudge stick or sage stick whichever you prefer to call it okay and then getting into the main part of the ball well very clear and oh no it feels very cleansing we have three herbs we have his sight one I don't believe I have ground sage an absolute essential and elf left and I might be incorrect but I do think oh this is rosemary for some of the worm is out of the way actually of interesting things in here the first thing I can see is our usual sacred salt this is the consecrated sacred salt it smells absolutely gorgeous as they always do next is a smudge stick and I do believe that this is a rosemary it smudge stick or cleansing stick there's been a thing about white people using the term smudging so I'm trying to correct myself search cleansing stick I'm not sure about the ins and outs but I'd rather not ruffle any feathers so to speak will correct myself and it is a where else do we have any hangout one of the essential is a beeswax candle it's a lovely a simple light candle and it says the silencing and it's been rolled in rosemary but you can still roll your own herbs inside it if you wish I did do a video on candle rolling and doing ritual tea and I'll show you how I roll the candles in that also has the amana on the outside the monthly oil I once think I say oil funny Spanish oh this is all gonna be start handy with the new moon coming up oh it's beautiful it sort of has like it's got a really fresh smell it smells like it has rosemary in it but it also smell like it smells like oh I haven't mint or something well what is this now this looks like I'm confused but like that is impressive so there's no joints or anything that I can see so I'm assuming it was made like carved like this I'm sure someone knows what it is oh oh maybe it's a stache do we think that maybe what it could be a stand like like that mate I don't know we'll see it like that and we'll see then I feel like this might be a crystal always one of my favorite things because I love crystals oh I think it might be so delight don't think it's lapis because I can't see any pyrite specs but I definitely could be wrong but we did receive Lucky's lazuli like a tumbled piece in a recent box really nice refreshing feeling story then I can see two more items well it feels heavy oh and they are infants of course oh well what zesty and fresh mmm that is really nice okay so we have a shell oh well this is a solid shell so I could be interred interactive I could be interact but it looks like there is coral growing on the side of this show and on the inside it's so smooth and it has this like orange ring around it is absolutely beautiful and my guess would be that it sits on this stand maybe it looks like it fits there really nicely and there's one more item in here so that's or that's so much okay so the last item is it a pendant oh I love oh it's double sided but normally there might be a picture on one side and then a saying or a mentor on the other but this one has true pictures on it and I love both of them I think my favorite one would be oh I don't even know where it with yes you can totally wear that now yes those let's go through the pamphlet and double check three items I'm sure to show everything is yeah so this book is called the cheering spiny oyster show large handcuffed tripod pedestal so yes it is a pedestal rosemary sage bundle finding mantrap Book of Shadows artwork the three rays of which cut witchcraft pewter pendant with chain I am NOT speaking wrong today silencing rolled spell candle vanish magical anointing oil consecrate sacred salt clarity incense sticks blue sodalite crystals so yes it was crisp up crystal of course it's crystal it is so delight heystop ground sage elf leaf stag moon s fat full moon book of shadow its artwork personalized Oracle reading and the single piece of parchment paper that we can use in what else fell work okay you think these items and items from the other two boxes alright half the items from each box in front of me as well as a few bucks are things on the side here from the witch's roots I'm going to use the calendula lemongrass incense I think we'll use the red tiger's eye and use the candle folder from the witches mirrored box we will use the stand and the shell will use the rosemary stick we'll use our Oracle reading and from the witches bounty we will use the oil the candle the stream and the incense the next items I have this candle hold it from a previous which is moon box I chose this one cause Pentacles represent money and the ritual we're doing is well I've just changed into a new salon room for my business so I'm out of the house now and have like my own special little area where I can go it's like within another salon and this ritual is for the success and my own enthusiasm and joy for work whenever I do a spell a ritual for money I don't do it asking for money just to come to me I basically asked for my motivation and willingness and to grant me the ability to work to earn the money I need to earn I don't ask for money for free I ask to be able to work for that money anyway so yes pentacle represents money in a lot of cases frankincense resin also representative of money good fortune good luck protection and also helps brew success of spells and rituals at this offering Bowl also from a previous which is moon box so train good to promote money and success pyrite also go to promote money success and prosperity I have this gorgeous little tumbled and requires my kite is good for enthusiasm in the workplace so bringing back that joy to work and I have this little orange orange this little yellow chime candle from juniper moon yellow is the color for happiness success and prosperity greens also good for money but I just felt like I wanted to boost the happiness and joy so that is why I am using yellow so to set up place the shell in the dish first thing I'm going to do is just light a candle on underneath its flame to light everything else I'm going to light the night Champa I'm gonna place the candle holder and put the candle in that trim the wick a little bit the other candle hold on also have a cauldron for a charcoal disc first thing I'm going to do is like that charcoal disc this little candle before I start anything I'm going to cleanse the area so I'm going to use that rosemary and it cleanse myself and a lot being Lebanon for our sins going to place the Oracle card here the blessing of positive thoughts placing frankincense on the charcoal disc thinking about the success of this ritual prosperity and just general thoughts of joy happiness and loving my job making money from my job and being successful then using the sun's oil I'm going to anoint the green candle thinking of prosperity success financial success and then anointing the yellow candle thinking of joy and loving my job and my passion for my career on my workspace I'm going to draw a pentacle the representative of money I'm gonna sprinkle some calendula around the pentacle I'm going to place the crystals each crystal I'm going to cleanse in the smoke of the frankincense and calendula thinking about my success pyrite cleansing in the smoke it's a train and some smaller pieces and the mere cut okay so here is all the crystals placed around the pentacle the candles and the incense and then as usual I'll meditate with this and leave it sit for about a week thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye

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