Protective Life and Liberty Learning Foundation | Lady Liberty

The folks at Protective Life, they
help bring this program to life for these kids. They are the ones that help
us get to these events, set this up and provide this amazing presentation for
these kids. When the students see Libby Liberty, it’s phenomenal what happens and not just with the students with the adults as well. I think what captivates
these kids the most and what gets them excited is the fact that Libby comes to life. It is very moving to be face to face with them after a program and feel like a tug on my robe and their eyes are wide and excited and it moves me. These kids can make a difference in their home and in their community and in their
schools and over the next ten weeks these kids learn about civics about financial responsibility and character and their freedoms. These are lessons that she’s making make sense in their heads and that’s super powerful. Sponsors like Protective make these programs come alive because they make a way.

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