Protesting Freedom – Proud to be Mentally Unstable

Hello everyone Robert Vaughan from Just Right Media here taking a break from setting up inside of Mohawk College for
the Hamilton Ontario event uncensored fighting for free speech in Canada put
on by the People’s Party of Canada starring Dave Rubin Maxime Bernier
Frank Vaughan David Haskell and Salim Mansur let’s see what’s going on outside
though there’s a bit of a protest going on here they’re playing a bit of Queen I
want to be free well come on inside we’re talking about freedom but no they
want to stay outside lots of police presence here that the PPC had to pay
for I understand Dave Rubin may have picked up the tab for that I counted
about twenty five police officers oh an intellectual giant here F’ the PPC
Canadian culture is indigenous mm-hmm Canadian values equals white supremacy
patriarchy something or other blah blah blah oh look at all these brave souls
with their faces covered brave brave indeed yes resist hate I think she hates
us she should resist that feeling come on inside immigrants welcome here yup
People’s Party agrees fight against racism yep can’t fight against that
don’t like racism ourselves way too many Nazis in the PPC name one name one
member of the German National German Workers Party go ahead white supremacy
is terrorism they’re just throwing out these political terms that they glimpsed in
political science class or sociology class put them together in some sort of
mishmash of intelligence Ah getting his funk on there what else
we got ah revolutionary student movement let’s see what are you against
colonialism imperialism and capitalism dare to struggle dare to win uh-huh yeah
against capitalism look at all the clothes and their cell phones and how
did they get here if not through the benefits of the profit motive uh-huh idle no more says the man standing up doing nothing immigrants
welcome here yeah yeah I think I’ll let this one speak for itself wave for the camera you did your duty
you’re out there changing the world ah now look at this piece of work here you’ll see
her later in other videos accosting a little elderly lady trying to cross at
the crosswalk autism is not equal to mentally unstable and fascism is equal
to many unstable so a doctor and a political science professor all one
great look at this Smurfette there doing his little bump and grind doing
his bit for the anti-fascist movement all these people say that they have the
democratic right to protest but they’re on private property Mohawk College they
should not even be allowed on the property they should be charged with
trespassing Mohawk should have said to the police if you’re not here for the
event get off our land but no they think that and the police think too and the
governments said they have the right to protest yeah sure not on
private property when we have the event Ah there’s Bob Metz hey Bob I’m fed up
too and the old chant of Nazi scum off our streets hey Derek Harrison (*Rants Derek*) it’s cute that they’re singing and everything but they’re gonna run outa energy in no time there’s no meat on those bones I don’t even think they know what a Nazi
is do you Derek and here we have a union flag okay local
1005 of the steelworkers union good to know where their union dues are going
into what wonder of that union actually supported the accosting of that little old
lady crossing the street there’s got to be about as many interested
People’s Party supporters or just people who want to go and listen to the event as
as there is cops as there is protesters you’ll see all the media there the CBC
are embedded in there and they didn’t report on the event per se they had a
photographer there getting in the way of everybody inside but they didn’t film it
they didn’t archive it they didn’t talk about it in any neutral sense all they
wanted to be is embedded in this particular crowd getting their footage
and then saying that it’s an altercation between People’s Party supporters and
“peaceful protesters” I think they called them there you go there’s the Union
again I wonder if I was a member of that union if I’d have something to say at
the next meeting about their participation in this rabble we’re about to have an arrest here
here we go didn’t get a good view of it it may have
been that fella in the red shirt that people have seen in other videos good to see the police do it though some
jurisdictions they’ll just let it let them destroy vehicles assault people
but the Hamilton police did a good job making some arrests I love with everybody saying let them go
do you know why he’s being arrested you know what I mean are you judge and jury
right then and there the police are making arrests obviously have some
grounds to do so and yet you’re saying let him go did every single one of you
see what happened I certainly didn’t see what happened that I’m right there and I
didn’t see it in the meantime there’s about a thousand
people ready to fill that auditorium at Mohawk College in Hamilton to watch
Dave Rubin from The Rubin Report Maxime Bernier
Salim Mansur spoke first great speech you can watch it all on our YouTube
channel I recorded the entire event I’ve got three cameras going in there a
couple microphones got some great video and audio apparently the only one
besides The Rebel The Rebel we’re in there and a couple of other private youtubers
we’re in there as well recording the event see this is a diversion this is
where the CBC is out here and this is all you’ll see on the mainstream media
is this Antifa nonsense rather than the event itself
ah see there’s the CBC reporter right there with that big camera right in the
middle of Antifa that’s all she’s interested in I gotta cut this short get inside finish
setting up so that we would actually record the event what we all came to see
is that a bongo bongos oh we’re back to 1950s gonna read some poetry later man if this is the face of the
opposition why oh why are we battling these people anyway gotta go better
things to do watch the video on our YouTube channel search our videos it’s
all there take care Cheers you

20 thoughts on “Protesting Freedom – Proud to be Mentally Unstable

  • Those severely misguided ''brave'' masked sheeple standing outside are gonna learn about REAL LIFE , once they leave mommy's basement for FREE! They are what they chant!

  • PPC for me, Canada, Canadians and our sovereignty!!!!! Go MAX Go 👍👊😎🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • That guy at 1:00 looks exactly like the same guy that assaulted Sheila Gunn Reid of Rebel Media at a pipeline protest in Alberta. I am a former Mohawk College graduate nearly 20 years ago, what a shame it has become.

  • Right out of the antifa handbook…it's the same thing at every event they attend…same chants, same, same, same…except you can't ignore them, you might be next.

  • Wish I was there. I do not even think they know how to read, if they read the policies PPC is far from racist. Cant fix stupid.

  • Only one leader and party will fully restore freedom of speech for Canadians and that's Max*ime Ber*nier and the PPC!

  • I don't object their pride to be mentally unstable. They may enjoy their condition, I don't mind. But I truly believe that mental illness should not be a political platform in an electoral campaign, not even in Trudeauistan. Unless we witness the revolution of the insane, where every man can become queen.

  • I came to Canada as a refugee and I am really scared of this lefties. They attacked me for spreading PPC pamphlets.

  • I voted for the PPC candidate in St Catharines ON at the advance poll today.

    Unfortunately foolishness is humanity's easy out option.

  • When one comes into the public eye, they must possess a strong immunity to withstand scrutiny of all kinds while being under the amplification, magnification from the microscopic lenses effects * Greta did tell the world that she has been identified as an " asperger " person which in turn comes under the radar of * emotional-mental compromise , " unstable condition ~ nothing wrong for anyone to say that " they dont want to FEEL AS ALARMED AS SHE DOES !!
    Just like our immune system must fight back what seeks to destroy it = EXTREME FEAR IS TOXIC }}}

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