soon enough I began a bit of genetic experimentation of my own you engineered these David idle hands are the devil's workshop can't you see captain my work has been frustrated by the lack of an essential ingredient half of this same not sure hey guys what is up new at here with film comics explained and today we'll be taking a look at the proto morphs also known as the planet for xenomorphs which were a variant of the xenomorph x x12 one species the proto morph was essentially created by David who had been experimenting with the destructive and metamorphic black liquid that had been developed by the engineers using the pathogen as a catalyst on multiple tissue samples harvested from Elizabeth Shaw the deceased engineers and the new your morphs that were native to Planet four David was able to affect this designs until he was able to create the first over morph containing the all-too-familiar facehuggers from the alien series two of these were able to implant embryos and two members of the Covenant crew who later birth the first versions of the xenomorph areand due to the fact that these were both essentially progenitors and precursors to the xenomorph xx one to one they've been named proteomics though the proto morph was identical to the xenomorph xx one to one variant it possesses notable differences that set it apart for starters its limbs were slightly longer thinner and appeared to be skinless which exposed its muscles and blood vessels its shoulders and dorsal tubes were also much smaller than its xenomorph cousins it also featured a thinner sleeker tail that ended with a small barb much like the Xenomorphs they begin in their face hyper form which is relatively the same though after implantation we start to see noticeable differences between the two beginning with its chest burster form which emerges to almost fully developed and appears to grow much quicker than the Xenomorphs just like the Xenomorphs the proto Spurs estin inner pharyngeal jaw which is capable of shooting out from the mouth like a piston with sufficient power to smash through bone they also featured the acidic blood that made the xenomorph so hard and problematic to kill as any injuries made to the creature would subsequently cause its blood to eat through the hull although the proto morphs appeared to possess more or less the same intelligence as a xenomorph variant they were evidently more tenacious for example the Xenomorphs preferred the store can hunt their prey in the dark choosing to attack when its prey least expected it while the protein loss was more aggressive choosing to chase its prey out in the open in the film we see one jumping onboard a lander determined to take out the crew and although it had been burnt by the ship's thrusters it continued to relentlessly pursue Daniels I honestly thought that the proto Maus were a great addition to the law though it's likely that we saw the last of the mammalian covenant as I presumed the next step for davidís you used the colonists to create the first generation of Xenomorphs with a queen that can continue the development of the species independently I've had conflicted feelings about this film but upon re-watching the movie I realized that this conflict stemmed from my anticipation and desire to see a direct continuation of the David and Elizabeth storyline I mean Elizabeth sure was a complete badass in Prometheus the strong lead that mirrored Ripley from the original alien series with the introduction of the engineers I was thrilled at the end of the movie hoping that we would see some type of discourse between Shore David and the engineers in the sequel but we got nothing of the sort is that a bad thing no not really but it did make many people including myself feel a little shortchanged the pre-course have been about exploring the origins of how the Xenomorphs came to be creation is an important and reoccurring theme in both prometheus alien covenant and presumably the final film in the prequel trilogy the engineers created and recreated life as they saw fit a result of it was the human race though they did seem to despise us perhaps due to the fact that we stopped worshipping them as gods like our ancestors had done and insulted them with the direction we had taken humanity this is an idea that is alluded to by Weyland himself in his speech about Prometheus the creator of man Weyland did the same thing with his androids creating and recreating life in his image to produce the David line of androids the first of which was emotional and the closest thing to human that he could chief though Weyland understood that what he had created was incredible he was still resentful towards David for being able to live forever while he was approaching his death a prospect that he feared most you seek your creator I am looking at mine I will serve you yet you are human you will die I will not and just like his father Weyland and his forefathers before him David shared the same desire to create and recreate and much like the engineers had planned on wiping out the human race David repaid the attempted favor in kind he then subsequently began a journey of discovery and experimentation which led him to the creation of the proto morphs and presumably the yet to be seen Xenomorphs after taking control of the Covenant its remaining crew and thousands of colonists David had transmitted the records of his experiments to the weyland-yutani corporation expressing his intent to continue his experiments using the colonists and the crew to create a queen that would change everything although there were a few things missing from alien covenant like a sense of family and friendship among the crew before they all perished and there were some silly decisions made by the crew like deciding to walk on an unsurveyed planet without helmets it ultimately serves as a good prequel exploring the origins of the titular xenomorphs that we've grown to love and fear of the decades since the release of the first alien film in 1979 well that's all for today folks thanks to you guys who suggested we take a look at the prototype or seen an alien covenant if there's any other content you'd like me to check out please do not hesitate to ask as always it's been a pleasure knee out here with film Comics explained thanks for stopping by you

47 thoughts on “PROTOMORPHS (ALIEN COVENANT Explored)

  • The idea that David, a human built android, is the designer and creator of the Xenomorphs we all know makes no sense as there is already established ancient history with Xenomorphs and Predators.

  • The Shaw angle was a complete letdown for me. It *did lower the quality of the movie. Like you said, a bad ass, ripley like character. In some ways, more bad ass lol. Then, just to see her ripped apart and dead, with no real course to have it happen, was a waste of character and script. Should have left his damn head on the planet at the end of prom.

  • I didn't like the movie. I was hoping to see an actual explanation to where the Xenomorph came from, possibly see the Queen of Queens and her bad ass royal guard. Instead I got a cheap ass write off that some android created them. Which doesn't make sense at all. Considering how old the derelict ship was when Ripley's crew found it that means androids should have been around long enough to be far more advanced than David, who was already more advanced than the android Ripley's crew had. Even Bishop is a little behind. The movie wasn't bad itself but I didn't agree with the direction one bit. It's nice a one off story … but it shouldn't be canon. Predators have been hunting xenomorphs longer than humans have been a thing. Humans created androids. So how the fuck did an android create the xenomorph?

    How do we know Xenomorphs have been around far longer than humans? Because ancient human civilizations worshiped Predators and Xenomorphs were very much a thing back then. They really didn't think this plot through.

  • I hate this alien and xenomorphs antics, they are just aggressive primitive creatures. Nothing more. They can be different, made cool or important. But the Engineers are the enigmatic characters who are more interesting.

  • The thing I don’t get is why David can go Against his programming, his rules that he cannot create anything. I understand he appears human but he is not he doesn’t have the drive or function to do so. Let me define what I mean, as shown in the movie David has done terrible things at first no reason, he was following his ‘fathers’ orders and then decided to play god. I still have to think that David creates the protomorphs but not the xenomorphs as a whole. As in many other works. Xenomorphs are older than humans or to be believed. The protomorphs do t have a desire to reproduce just kill. To me they more resemble the K-series xenomorphs in actions, to a point.

  • I still don’t think David actually invented them, I think he just experimented with existing materials and got similar results. I still think the engineers created the aliens as a bio weapon millions of years prior and the key to starting the alien life cycle is having that black goo interact with life forms. In Prometheus there’s a carved portrait of a xenomorph on the wall of their ship in a scene. It’s hard to make out because the wall is all the same color and textured, but if David was the original creator why did the engineers already know about them?

  • I fucking hate how they explained the xenomorphs were a product of David. When i first saw the movie, the revelation felt like a massive middle finger to fans of the original movies. Goddamn i could believe they went there.

  • Let's be honest well always consider the prequels not cannon because it's fun but it's also fun to think about Hollywood's cannon universe

  • It makes no sense, I believe the predators created the xenomorphs as the perfect prey. It really explains them as much as nessecary. Either way, xenomorphs were a bio construct, not a natural lifeform. How else could they survive in the void.

  • How does this and Blade Runner co exist when two huge aspects of those stories, Davi series and the replicants, are supposed to be the first.

  • Ridley wanted to stp doing alien, nad wanted to go in the A.I. way, but i am happy he changed his opinion and rethinked it, hope we will see the last step, to the Xenomrph we all love and fear ! And thanks to this great videos know i understand it mutch easyer the ideas behind the Neomorph and all this other creatures in the movie, so i finally decided to complete my movie collection, and went to buy the blue ray of Alien Covenant 😀

  • Hugh gap in btw promethus n covenant regarding shaw n david. After covenant, another hugh gap left to cover before bridging cov to the 1979 alien timeline…and weyland is like cloned a dozen time, he appear in most if not all timeline, including predator…unless weyland is not the same weyland the film maker r refering to…these sounds like the X Files saga..massive confusing..

  • Well I loved the movie… But, then again I consider Alien to be far superior to Aliens… I think that's the general rule amongst fans… Some are into Ridley others want Cameron style…

    Don't shoot me with a pulse rifle, but Aliens was a war movie – the Aliens weren't frightening (dumbed down to ants) as much as in Alien (sinister and intelligent), but it was one hell of an iconic blockbuster

    And ONCE again, Ridley get's the design RIGHT!!! Not, since Alien has thé Alien looked RIGHT from a Giger perspective.. Ridley get's the design perfectly !!

    Stop bashing Covenant… It has its errors, but David is a monster… and Fassbender is perhaps the most talented actor we have today…

  • One must ask themselves. If Weyland wanted to live forever why didn't he just find a way to move his brain into an android body meant to approximate his?

  • 0:20

    … Wtf? Why would you trust that creepy bastard?!

    'Perfectly safe, I assure you.. Can you also give me a loan? I'm good for it I promise. Oh and can you let me borrow your car? Don't worry I'm a great driver "

  • David isn't in the original alien movies so he must die or get destroyed at some point and the engineers ever destroy earth so david must succeed in wiping them out right? @filmComicsExplained

  • I have a question though. If the protomorph is the precursor to the classic xenomorph, then what was on the walls of the Engineer ship in Prometheus? Archeo-morphs? Paleo-morphs? Makes you wonder about the evolution of the Aliens and where they originally came from.

  • Give me millions and Irl make a movie were wee see more of enginiers and david what he did on The planet All thoes years 😂😂

  • My problem is that how can a creature with exposed physical structures be able to take the amount of damage that they take?

  • Ok, so they have country music in this universe but not sci-fi horror?
    Why in the hell would you idle above what is obviously an egg after you just killed an alien eating your crewman and talking to a suspicious sounding android?

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