Pups of Liberty: The Dog-claration of Independence – Main Video Preview

After the Boston Tea-Bone Party, the Royal
TomCat wanted the dogs to pay for what they did. He ordered that the following laws be
taken into effect: The port of Boston will be closed, any doghouse may be taken over
and used by RedCat soldiers, all disobedient dogs will be sent to Catland to stand trial,
there are to be no more canine gatherings, and finally there is to be no freedom of the
press. In Philadelphia, the dogs formed a Continental
Congress to govern themselves. The Pups of Liberty in Boston were sending dogs to represent
them. For Anne’s safety, John sent her with them, so she could be apprenticed to Bonejamin
Franklin. Meanwhile, the RedCats were on their way to
seize powder and guns from the MinuteMutts in Concord. They knew Anne and the delegates
were on that road. Orders were to arrest them all before they reached Congress in Philadelphia. The Pups had eyes and ears everywhere, and
sent Paul Ruffere to warn everyone that the RedCats were coming. The RedCats are coming out!

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