Purchasing a Home or Student Annual License via the Freedom Scientific E-Store

Hello and welcome!
[Intro music fades out] This short demonstration will walk you through
purchasing a Home or Student Annual License via the Freedom Scientific E-Store. Let us get started by visiting the E-store. It is easy to find when you visit the Freedom
Scientific home page. We are here on the FS home page and there
is a link right at the top, “Shop Online.” I will click that now. Welcome to the Freedom Scientific online store
where customers in the United States can shop and purchase products 7 days a week. If you are here looking for a Home Annual
license for your own personal computer, you will want to choose the software for home
option. If you work for a school and are looking for
a Student Annual license to install on school equipment, you would choose Software for School. I am going to choose Software for Home. Here on the Software for Home page, you find
both Annual licenses and Perpetual licenses. Since you are looking for the Portal solution
with the lower priced Annual License options, you will select either a JAWS or ZoomText
Home Annual license. I will go ahead and order a JAWS Home Annual
License. You are now ready to determine the term of
the license you are going to buy. You have a choice on this page to choose 1
year for $90, 3 years for $270, or 5 years for $450. If you have a discount code designed for any
of these 3 choices, you want to select the best option now, since your discount code
will only work for one purchase. I have a 20% discount code I received at a
show so I will purchase a 3-year JAWS Home Annual license. You will apply the discount code later, so
you are ready to add this to the cart now. Click the “Add to Cart” button. If you are a user who is planning on owning
both JAWS and ZoomText using the same discount code, you will need to add both products to
the cart before checking out of the store and paying, since the code will only work
once. There is a link near the bottom that you may use, “Back to Software for Home.” OK, I have my product and I have added it
to the cart, and I am ready to check out. Locate and select the link for Cart on the
top right of the page. After you review the cart you are ready to
select the “Check Out” button at the bottom. If this is the first time you have purchased
in the store, you will be asked to register. Please take a minute to fill out the contact
information on the left accurately as this is how we will locate your account in the
future. If you are making the purchase on behalf of
someone else, you should still register with your own email here in the store. The receipt for the purchase will come to
you and you will have an opportunity to forward the product license and software to someone
else’s email address at that time. Remember, Annual Licenses are limited for
use within the United States. Now, for anyone with a Discount Code comes
a very important time. Prior to selecting the Continue to Payment Method button, you will need to enter your discount code in the field on the right side of the screen. Once you enter the code, select Apply, and
the price will be updated to reflect the new amount you will be charged. Next, click the “Continue to Payment method”
button at the bottom of the page. Next, you will need to enter your credit card
information. Since these are annual licenses, your credit
card information will not be stored, and you will not be billed in the future without your
consent. You will receive notifications when your annual
license is about to expire, along with instructions on purchasing a renewal. I have entered the payment information and
will click the Pay Now button. After you have completed the purchase you
will receive 2 emails. One is a confirmation of your order and includes
a summary of your purchase. Please keep this for your records. The second email you receive has the subject
“Software Installation Instructions”. You will use this email to manage your license
in our Software Licensing Portal. [Outro music]
Freedom Scientific, a Vispero Brand
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