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I have been writing for as long as I can
remember I had always written growing up and I was always writing and so I
decided to move to New York and pursue a job in magazines I’d been working at the
news magazine for about three years and it was such a general-interest magazine
that it was hard to kind of zoom in on one topic or another that I wanted you pursue a freelance writing career and be able to work with different clients whether
they were magazines or brands or artists and I realized that that would be
very difficult in New York because rent is crazy it’s a hard city to freelance in
and not know where your next paycheck is gonna come from so I thought I would live in a different city for maybe a year and kind of do all the writing I every wanted to do and then move back to New York and get my next magazine job I was definitely very nervous to move
to Atlanta I didn’t have a lot of friends I didn’t have a lot of job leads but
I knew I really wanted a change in lifestyle within six weeks of living
here in Atlanta I just realized I really loved it and that I wasn’t going back the
biggest difference between Atlanta and New York is that here in Atlanta if you
buy you find that the mortgage is oftentimes a little even cheaper than
rent so it’s very comparable and once I realized that I just knew I wanted to
buy I wanted to be investing in something that I could own and
eventually not pay mortgage on one day I think moving to Atlanta turned out
infinitely better than I thought it would I think just the community that
I found here of fellow writers and people who are really supportive of
people going out on their own and doing their own things has been remarkable
living closer to my parents has been really special and owning a dog has been
fun cause I couldn’t do that in New York either I didn’t even realize at the time that I
moved how many different parts of life would change for me and positive ways

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